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Where To Find Valerian Tea

Real Herbs Valerian Root Extract

Valerian Root Herbal Sleep Tea & Capsules | Dr Sebi Approved

Whats In It?

  • One Serving contains
  • 700 mg Valerian Root 5:1 Extract

Who Makes It?

Established in 2008, Real Herbs is a relatively young company. Their labeling truthfulness, quality of ingredients, and strict adherence to GMP guidelines have helped them secure a spot among the top dietary supplement manufacturers.

Where to Get It

This product is not available and will be replaced shortly.

When To Take Valerian As Part Of Your Bedtime Routine

When it comes to figuring out how to take valerian for sleep, there are a lot of factors youll need to figure out through simple trial and error. The best time to take a valerian root dosage for sleep is anywhere between 30 minutes and 2 hours before you go bed. Theres a lot of room for experimentation there.

After you take valerian, the unique substances and enzymes within the plant will work by binding to your GABA receptors. This should help you to feel calmer and more prepared for sleep.

The drowsiness caused by valerian root grows stronger over time, so the chances are that youll feel more sleepy after an hour than you would after 30 minutes. If you only need a slight nudge to get you to sleep, then you probably wont need to take your valerian root too long before you go to bed.

According to one clinical trial into valerian roots effectiveness for insomnia, GABA significantly decreases beta waves and increases alpha waves.

This is crucial to helping you drift off into a restful state of sleep. The findings revealed that valerian had the most significant impact on brainwaves after 60 minutes from administration.

Speak to your doctor or an herbal expert about taking valerian before you get started. Because most adult studies into this root have found that its more effective over an extended period. Researchers will often recommend using valerian root for at least a few weeks before you give up on it ultimately.

Is Taking Valerian Root Effective For Anxiety And Sleep

Many small clinical studies have been done to test the efficacy and safety of valerian root for sleep. Results have been mixed: In a 2009 placebo-controlled study, for example, women with insomnia took 300 mg of valerian extract 30 minutes before bedtime for two weeks.

The women reported no significant improvements in the onset or quality of sleep. Likewise, a review of 37 studies found that most clinical trials of valerian root showed no differences between valerian root and placebo on sleep. These studies were done in both healthy individuals and people with insomnia.

But the National Institutes of Health describes an old study showing that 400 mg of valerian root extract did significantly improve sleep compared to placebo in 128 healthy volunteers.

Participants reported improvements in the time needed to fall asleep, quality of sleep, and number of middle of the night awakenings.

The NIH also noted a in which 121 people with insomnia taking 600 mg of dried valerian root had decreased symptoms of insomnia compared to the placebo after 28 days of treatment.

Research on the use of valerian root in treating anxiety is somewhat lacking. One

  • stomach upset
  • restlessness

As with most herbal products and supplements in the United States, valerian root products arent regulated well by the FDA. Valerian root can make you drowsy, so dont drive or operate machinery after taking it.

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Are There Any Side Effects From Valerian Tea

Although valerian tea is used to reduce insomnia, excitability and restlessness, some find that it creates these issues. Typically, valerian has few side effects. These may range from headache and nausea to uneasiness. Since valerian causes drowsiness, you should not drink the tea before driving or operating heavy machinery. It is best to drink the tea before bed so you are able to relax. If you notice extreme fatigue or difficulty waking, please discontinue use and seek medical attention.

Valerian tea should not be mixed with anti-depressents or anti-anxiety medications. It also should not be combined with alcohol as both have sedative components. If you currently take a sedative to help with sleep or nerves, speak with your doctor as valerian may increase the effectiveness of the medications.

How To Prepare Valerian Tea

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Valerian root teaor valerian teais sold most often in tea bag form, but you can also find some vendors that sell the loose leaf variety. You prepare this herbal tea as you would prepare most traditional teas.

  • Place a valerian tea bag or a tea infuser containing about one tablespoon of loose tea leaves in a teacup. You can also simply place loose tea leaves at the bottom of a cup.
  • Heat water to 90-95º Celsius or 194-205º Fahrenheit. If you don’t have a temperature-controlled teapot, bring water to a boil and then let sit for a minute to reduce the temperature just slightly.
  • Pour eight ounces of water over the tea bag, infuser, or tea leaves.
  • Let tea leaves steep for as long as desired. Some drinkers prefer a lighter tea, so a two-minute steep is sufficient. A 3-5 minute steep will brew a stronger cup of tea that provides more intense effects
  • Remove the tea bag or infuser or strain loose leaves from the cup before drinking
  • Tea experts often recommend that you combine valerian tea with other ingredients to “soften” the taste. You may want to add milk or honey to sweeten the flavor. Some people also add mint or chamomile , but since those teas may also provide a calming effect, you may want to be cautious about blending them.

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    Valerian Tea For Anxiety

    During the Second World War , many people in England consumed Valerian to relieve stress and anxiety caused by air raids.

    Proof of its ability exists in a small 2002 study, whereby 36 patients with generalised anxiety disorder took it three times daily for four weeks. The conclusion was that it significantly reduced one measure of anxiety compared to the placebo.

    Consider Natural Ways To Tackle Insomnia

    There are other ways to tackle insomnia and ensure that you get a good night sleep every day. Some of the natural ways to tackle insomnia are easy to implement too. They include:

    • Exercise and weight reduction
    • Minimizing the use of stimulants
    • Minimize the use of alcohol
    • Making the bedroom comfortable for sleep

    These natural ways to fight insomnia among others are very effective if insomnia is not being caused by a disorder.

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    There Are Other Valerian Products Too

    Valerian Root Tea Sleep Remedy Review – Does This Herbal Remedy Work?

    Valerian is used in many different products and supplements. You can also find valerian sprays, capsules and so on. This is partly because valerian is also considered a potential remedy for other symptoms like anxiety and restless leg syndrome. Other forms of valerian might be just as effective for getting better sleep, but for many people, drinking tea offers a therapeutic benefit that eating a capsule just cannot match.

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    How To Prepare With Teabags

    If you go this route, the Valerian will probably be mixed with other herb which is completely fine. If you wish to only have Valerian, then get the root and prepare it your own way.

    My advice is to try both ways and see which you like better.

    Having the teabag makes the process even easier. All you have to do is add a cups worth of water thats boiled 1/3rd of the way to a cup with the teabag already in it.

    Cover and let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes and enjoy.

    Use Cat Toys That Contain Valerian

    In the same way that you can purchase pet toys that are filled with catnip to encourage your kitty to play, you can find toys that have valerian. You might also come across toys that contain a mix of catnip and valerian, so this is also an option, especially if you already know your kitty likes catnip.

    If you find it difficult to locate valerian cat toys from major pet supply retailers, you might be able to turn to independent sellers, such as those on sites like Etsy, who make valerian cat toys. Of course, if you are handy and the DIY type, another option is to make your own toys with valerian for cats that you purchase or grow yourself.

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    How To Use Valerian Sleep Tea

  • Take 1/2 tsp. of the tea blend and add it to a cup or pot.
  • Add approximately 150 ml of hot water to it and steep it for 5-10 minutes. If you prefer boiling then boil it for 3-5 minutes.
  • Strain the tea or you can also use it along with the herbs.
  • Add honey for sweetness .
  • Drink this tea at least ½ -1 hour before sleeping.
  • You can enjoy this tea on alternate days.
  • Can Valerian Root Be Taken Long

    Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night Valerian Tea, Organic ...

    According to Rosemary Gladstar, its important to Avoid taking large doses of valerian for an extended period of time instead, use modest doses for just 2 to 3 weeks, with a weeks break before you begin taking the doses again.

    However, according to the Mayo Clinic, Valerian seems to be most effective after you take it regularly for two or more weeks, so it seems like around two weeks may be the sweet spot.

    Some experts recommend taking valerian for 2-3 weeks, followed by a break of the same duration. I take this approach and rotate valerian root with passionflower.

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    Sundown True Tranquility Valerian Root

    Sundown True Tranquility Valerian Root is a solid valerian product from a reputable company. It is gluten free, contains no dairy or artificial flavors and is 100% non-GMO. However, it is not suitable for vegetarians or vegans since it comes in gelatin capsule form.

    Whats In It?

    • One Serving contains
    • 2,120 mg Valerian

    Who Makes It?

    Sundown is committed to providing products that are as natural as possible. Their entire product line is 100% GMO-free. Their 40-year history of making top-quality dietary supplements has earned them a loyal customer following.

    Where to Get It

    What Valerian Tea Is Made From

    Valerian, while often not the only ingredient, is at the center of valerian tea. Valerian tea is a type of herbal tea made using the root and stems of the valerian plant.

    If youre a keen gardener, then you can actually grow your own valerian plant.

    The valerian plant is a herb, scientifically known as Valeriana officinalis and is native to Europe and China.

    Valerian root is also known as natures valium or magic sleep potion. In Europe, its considered the number one non-prescription sedative.

    The sedative properties of valerian tea mean it has become a popular herb to promote tranquility and improve sleep. That is its main focus.

    Valerian tea is only an herbal infusion and is not made using the true tea plant Camellia Sinensis.

    So valerian tea, like any herbal tea, is free from caffeine, which supports and enhances its sedative properties.

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    How To Make Valerian Root Tea Recipe And Dosage For Kids & Adults

    If you keep suffering from some ailments, Valerian root tea is a good beverage you should make friends with. Heres how to make valerian root tea, the benefits, where to buy, reviews, recipe, dosage and side effects of valerian root tea.

    Valerian root extract, tea and supplements are some of the oldest home remedies found in ancient books. This medicinal root goes all the way back to the 4th century. It is believed, according to the books of history, that Hippocrates wrote about this herb, and also used it for various ailments.

    Below, we will look at the valerian root tea recipe and how to make valerian root tea, the benefits of drinking valerian root for sleep, its right dosage and some of the side effects you should anticipate if you use this herb to cure and treat your ailments. So, lets start by learning how to make valerian root tea with a recipe.

    Valerian Root Tea Benefits

    Best Natural Sleep Aid (Valerian Root Extract Benefits)

    Why should you try valerian tea? What are the benefits of valerian root tea? This herbal tea has been touted to have many advantages and health benefits. So, what is valerian root used for? What are the valerian root tea benefits? Here is a list you will love every time you take a sip:

    • Valerian is a strong sedative and can be used for sleep or treating insomnia as you will see below
    • If you suffer from anxiety attacks, a cup of valerian will help you relax
    • It is used to treat depression
    • Take the herbal tea to enjoy its benefits of relieving stress and headaches
    • Digestive problems? This herb can help, just like Bentonite clay
    • It is a strong tranquilizer and can be used for tension

    Now you know the health and medicinal benefits of making valerian tea. Being used for sleep is one of the most important and ancient utility of this tea. But how does it work?

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    Natures Bounty Valerian Root

    Natures Bounty Valerian Root is a unique product in that it contains a proprietary herbal blend in addition to the valerian. This blend consists of lemon balm, hops, and passionflower. The serving size is quite big though at 5 capsules.

    Whats In It?

    • One Serving contains
    • 2,250 mg Valerian
    • 500 mg Proprietary Herbal Blend
    • Hops , Passion Flower , Lemon Balm

    Who Makes It?

    Natures Bounty has been making quality products for decades. They combine nutritional science breakthroughs with top-of-the-line manufacturing to produce supplements that are trusted by many customers.

    Where to Get It

    Learn About Our Tea For Trees Campaign

    Our Tea for Trees campaign creates a sustainable model that restores one of our most precious resources while offsetting the paper used in our products. Weve partnered with The National Forest Foundations Trees for Us, a program that annually plants millions of trees throughout our national forests. By giving back whenever possible, Buddha Teas strives to honor the earth and its many blessings. Help us plant trees while enjoying an unadulterated tea thats healthy for you and our planet.

    By giving back whenever possible, Buddha Teas strives to honor the earth and its many blessings. Help us plant trees while enjoying an unadulterated tea thats healthy for you, and our planet. Read more about it here.

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    Is There A Proof Of Recommended Dosage

    Both supplements have a recommended dosage. It is important to always take the dosage of valerian root and melatonin as indicated in the labels. Overdose of either can have serious side effects.

    Both supplements have a well-known dose with determined upper and lower limits of dosage. It is also important to note that the period of uptake is recommended for both supplements.

    What Does Valerian Tea Taste Like


    The roots of the valerian tree have a strong, earthy and somewhat pine-smelling aroma. Therefore, the tea also has a strong aroma that leans toward a woodsy, evergreen taste. The longer the tea steeps, the stronger the odor and the more bitter the tea becomes. It may remind you of a strong essential oil such as tea tree.

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    Valerian Tea Benefits Side Effects And When To Drink It

    Valerian tea could be added to the same category as chamomile in terms of its calming effects. But taken differently, but with a few additions and tweaks, and a couple of occasions when you shouldnt drink it too. In this article, Im mostly focussing on valerian tea benefits, but including the side effects and more too.

    Heres a quick roundup of the benefits, side effects and when to avoid valerian tea, then well get into some details

    Dosage And How To Make Valerian Tea

    Add one teaspoon of dried valerian root, or pre-packaged tea to a cup of hot water. If you boil water in a kettle, let the water cool to below boiling before adding one cup of water to the valerian. This will help to reduce the strong flavor of the root. Let the tea steep for approximately five to 10 minutes. 7 minutes appears to be the ideal steeping duration. Remove valerian from the water immediately after steeping as it will become bitter if left to steep longer.

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