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How To Use Loose Leaf Tea

Steep Time & Temperature

How to Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Pour in your water over the leaves. Make sure the tea infuser is fully submerged in the water so your tea leaves can properly expand. Steep according to directions on the package. Water temperature as well as steeping times vary by type of tea. For a general list of tea time and temperatures, see below:

Black Tea:Oolong Tea:Green Tea:White Tea:Herbal/Rooibos Tea:

How To Use Loose

If brewing loose-leaf is totally new to you, then its important that you purchase high-quality tea from a reputable company. You can feel free to experiment with new flavors and types, but in the beginning, I recommend the following:

  • Buy flavors that youre familiar with: If you normally drink green tea or English breakfast in bagged form, start off with these first. Once you become more comfortable using loose-leaf tea, measuring it out, and steeping it correctly, then youre ready to try new and exciting flavors.
  • Follow the instructions to start with: The instructions on the package are the best way to ensure good results to start with, but tastes differ. If you love stronger tea, use more leaves, hotter water or a longer steeping time. For milder tea, do the opposite.
  • Use a strainer: You can brew tea directly in the pot or cup without a strainer, but youll enjoy it more if you dont have to pick leaves from your teeth. Any of the infuser options I listed above work great.
  • Dont use too many leaves: Using too much loose-leaf tea is a common mistake beginners make. But a little goes a long way. Stick to the instructions. Many people tend to pack their strainers too full with the leaves because they think that the flavor will be more intense the more tea they use. But, thats not the case. In order to steep properly, the leaves need the ability to freely move around, which is why even just a pinch still result in a drink thats packed with flavor.

How To Brew Loose Leaf Tea Without A Infuser

Daily household tools or utensils that can be one of the great media of making tea and delicious.

There are many ways to brew a loose tea-like

The traditional way of brewing tea, which we all are much aware, and use to make.

However, there are some, which can be done easily and creatively –

wherein one the warm water is been poured with add up of tea leaves which is mixed properly and served in another cup in such a way that the tea leaves do not get dropped in the final cup. Likewise, the tea brew is ready.

With tea bags if out on a trip, caring tea bags and hot water flask is also useful. Where you just need to dip the tea bag on a cup of warm water and your brew is ready.

There are many more processes of tea brewing loose leaf tea with homemade creative ideas like tinfoil even with kitchen foil and so on can be ways of how to brew loose leaf tea.

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How To Steep Loose Leaf Tea Mistakes To Avoid

Proper brewing makes a good tea stand out. Although pouring hot water over loose leaf tea sounds very easy, there are a lot of things you should pay attention to when brewing your tea, if you want it to taste delicious. Becoming a tea master is a matter or time and practice and not something you can learn from books. We highly recommend experimenting with all tea types. If you have recently discovered loose leaf tea, this article should give you an overview of the basic brewing mistakes to avoid, teach you how to steep loose leaf tea and get you ready for experimenting.

Brewing With An Infuser

Brewing Loose Leaf Tea and Using a Tea Strainer

Infusers exist to replace tea bags but maintain the quality and taste of loose leaf tea. Even better, theyre reusable and easy to use!

  • Boil 8 ounces of water.
  • Place 1 tablespoon of loose leaf tea into your infuser. If you dont already have one, feel free to shop our selection of infusers!
  • Place your infuser inside of your cup, and carefully pour the hot water over the infuser filling up your mug.
  • Let the tea steep for the desired amount of time. If youre unsure how long you need to steep for, our packaging comes with recommended times!

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What Is The Difference Between Loose Leaf Tea And Tea Bags

Grades of tea can get pretty technical, but to save you time, weve simplified it.Dust & FanningThe teabags you buy at the grocery store contain dust and fanning grades of tea. Brands that sell this tea must crush the leaves when packaging into tea bags.Broken & Loose LeafYou can find broken leaf or whole leaf tea at your local health-focused grocery store or online. Whole leaf tea, also known as loose leaf tea, is your best choice for flavor, quality, and health benefits.Brands that sell broken leaf teas use a spacious tea bag. Tea is still broken, but less so than dust or fanning grades.Whole leaf tea, also known as loose leaf tea, comes in bulk form, such as a bag or tin. Loose leaf tea is better for you, the environment, and your wallet! Plus, its tastier!

Tea Bag Filter Method

As a fresh loose leaf appreciator, you might not have many tea bags lying around. Or, you may be reluctant to use a tea bag for your brewing.

But, trust me, we arent using any of the contents, just the bags itself. Andong gives a great demonstration of this method at 1:42 in his video:

Cut the bag open and dispose of the contents. Seal one side by folding over and creating a crease. Open up the bag and pour in your loose leaf.

Then, fold in half so both ends meet and secure with a tooth pick of safety pin. Place in your mug or cup, pour in the hot water and allow to brew.

Once brewed, remove and dispose.

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Loose Leaf Tea And Its Importance

A cup of hot brew of loose leaf tea is a healthy and the best immunity boosting daily beverage. It is also stated to have the highest amount of possibilities to be the anti-viral aid against any viral disease such as the present pandemic COVID 19 commonly known as the Corona Virus as stated by UPASI tea research center.

The process of having a perfect cup of tea brew is very simple and fast which can be made with almost 10+ ways among which the best way of brewing loose leaf tea traditionally

Some Finer Teas May Be A Great Choice Too

How To Brew Loose Leaf Tea Teabloom

Teas like raw puerh, high quality Silver Needle can actually be brewedusing a very short 10-20 seconds steep with very hot water exactly how Keurig will steep your tea. Even the Japanese sencha may be a good choice, as you will compensate the temperature with steeping time. All of them would be good for re-brewing too.

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Tea Balls And Tea Pouches

Tea balls are classic and easy enough to use, but they are flawed. Cheap tea balls tend to fall apart after a short period of use. Invest a little extra in a good quality tea ball, teastick, or similar tea strainer instead of the dollar store varieties.In a similar vein, you can also make your own tea pouches or tea socks at home. Theyre basically teabags you fill yourself, so you can select the type, flavor, and quality level thats right for you.

Note: Dont fill them up all the way or tie them shut too tightly! It keeps the tea from unfurling as it infuses, negating much of the point of selecting whole-leaf tea over teabags from the grocery store.

Where To Buy Loose Leaf Tea

You can buy loose leaf tea in a supermarket, Asian grocery stores, traditional tea shops or online. The best loose leaf tea for Keurig would be regular every day tea, mostly black, including stronger and even flavored blends. Golden Mangalam, Organic Monks Blend, Acai Berry and Nuwara Eliya Estate tea all have broken leaves, unlike the Kenilworth Ceylon tea or Pettiagala Extra Long Leaf tea with beautiful unbroken leaves.

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Have A Hankering For Iced Tea

The key to brewing iced tea is to make a strong brew that wont get diluted by the ice. For a glass of Teatulia tea on ice, we recommend steeping twice as much tea as you would for a cup of hot tea. First, steep 4 grams of loose leaf Teatulia tea in 8 ounces of hot water. Next, pour the strong brew over a large glass full of ice to yield about 16 ounces of perfectly brewed iced tea.

Teatulia Loose Leaf ICED Tea Measuring GuideMeasuring different types of Teatulia tea by weight and volume to yield a single 16 oz. glass of iced tea.

What Type Of Tea To Drink And When

Brewing Loose Leaf Tea and Using a Tea Strainer

Some types of tea are better for certain types of tea than others. Teas with a high caffeine content are best earlier in the day, for example. But be careful. So many sources will tell you that black tea has the most caffeine and white the the least. This is completely false.

Caffeine content does not depend on the type of tea. Instead, it depends on many factors: the age of the leaves , the variety of tea bush , the processing , the growing conditions and more.

White teas actually have more caffeine than most types, especially baihao yinzhen tea . It is made from only young buds, comes from a variety high in caffeine and the growing area sees a lot of cloud and fog cover. It is also not roasted.

Later in the day or after dark, the best teas to drink are herbal infusions, which dont have any caffeine. For varieties made from the actual tea plant, your best bet is houjicha. It uses old leaves, grows in full sunlight and is roasted. It is often given to children in Japan, due to the low caffeine content.

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Where Can I Buy Loose Leaf Tea

Shameless plug, but we blend and ship our loose leaf tea in Southern Oregon! Were very proud of our teas. In fact, with over 10,000 positive reviews, were the spot for tea! You can check out our full catalog of loose leaf teas here.If youre more of an in-store shopper youll be able to find loose leaf tea at any natural grocery store such as Whole Foods.

Not Using Enough Tea Leaves

Every tea is different. Usually, 2 grams of tea will be enough for 200ml of water for western type of brewing. Eastern methods require much more leaves, sometimes even up to 10 grams, but steeping times are very short. Using too much leaves is also not advisable. Experiment with ratios until you find the perfect taste.

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Never Use Wet Tea Leaves From A Day Before

Never use the wet tea leaves that you left in your teapot from a previous day. Not only they can grow mold and bacteria, they will also give inferior flavor. If you want to reuse the same leaves later, take them out of the teapot and store in a fridge for a few hours. Although we are strongly against this method, it can preserve your leaves for a couple of hours.

How To Brew Loose

How to brew loose leaf tea

A tea infuser can be termed as a filtering medium mixing flavor of the tea in the warm water in a cup itself or a teapot without letting the loose tea leaves come across our pleasant drink of tea.

The infuser is mostly of two types

Disposable paper bags which are of only one-time use, cheaper and easily available

Another one is made of mostly stainless steel, which is a bit costly but can be used more than once.

Some of the teapots have an infuser available in it.

Process of how to use brew loose- leaf tea with an infuser-

Firstly while using an infuser you need to keep in mind that the best form of its usage is to not pour it in a teapot or the tea mug while the boiling process. Add the infuser when the boiled water is cooled and poured in a teapot or a tea mug.

Secondly, whether it is a hot or a cold brew do not suspend it more that 2- 3mins. Thus, it brewing with an infuser is more preferable.

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Utensils For Brewing Tea In A Teapot

A good teapot, a strainer and a nice tea cups are all you need for a proper tea session. Avoid old teaware with unknown residues and invest more in a piece that will last for years. Volume, material and type will make brewing tea either very easy or very difficult. The best teapot for one person is usually around 200-400 ml. Our choice is a Japanese kyusu with a removable mesh because its easy to clean and handle, will last for years, and you can use it to brew almost any loose leaf tea. If you are a beginner, avoid tea vessels without handles.

If your teapot doesnt have a built-in strainer, you will also need a strainer. Keep your teapots clean and empty the leaves after brewing.

Using A Slotted Spoon

If you dont have a sieve at home, a slotted spoon also works well for this method. Although, it can work better for some types of tea than others depending on how big the slots are.

For example, a fine black tea would might escape through holes that are too big, whereas green whole leaf would be fine. Use your own judgement as to whether this method will work for your loose leaf.

Just brew the tea in a mug and pour into another cup through the slotted spoon once brewed.

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So What Do You Need To Make A Cup Of Loose Leaf Tea

To make a cup of loose leaf tea, you will need:

  • Hot water, preferably heated with a kettle. The exact temperature will be discussed later
  • Empty teacup or mug, use that to measure out the water
  • Loose tea leaves
  • Some sort of strainer or paper filter to strain/filter the tea
  • A timer of any sort

Now, youre going to have some very specific tea on your hands, which is going to need specific brew times and water temperatures.

So first, make sure you know what kind of tea you have. Green ? Black ? Herbal ? A blend ? This matters.

Now, in shot this is how to make the tea.

Heat the water to the specified temperature. Using water too hot can result in bitter tea, and overextraction. Using water too cold can result in a very watery tea.

Measure out how much tea you want to use for a cup . Add it either to the hot water and strain later, or the tea ball or filter and dunk it into the water.

Let the tea leaves steep for as long as necessary, then strain or remove the tea leaves.

Youre done !

Sounds simple, huh ? Now lets get to the details.

Loose Leaf Tea Vs Tea Bags

How to utilise used loose tea leaves

Brew a teaspoon of loose leaf tea and one tea bag of the same type of tea, and you will notice the difference after the first sip. The loose tea will be more aromatic, richer in flavor, and will provide a better-tasting aftertaste.

It is no secret that the traditional tea bags prevent the tea from infusing its full potential. But the potency, quality, freshness, and taste are not the only difference.

Another thing that makes us loose-leaf fans for life is their zero waste use. While tea bags are hard to recycle, loose leaves are an eco-friendly option. You can store them in your glass jars, without having a bag to throw after each brew.

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Can You Reuse Herbal Tea Leaves

Yes, you can reuse from 2 to 3 time, but remember we consume herbal tea for its precise flavors and health benefits. So while reusing these, its flavors or health benefits will never be promising as the first brew. In fact, reusing can cause herbal components to blend improperly with hot water. Thereby, failing to give the intended health benefit or an unpleasing taste altogether.

Discover 100 Amazing Facts About Tea!

How To Cold Brew Loose Leaf Tea

Want to know how to cold brew loose leaf tea? In this article, well share the best methods for making cold brew tea with loose tea leaves.

Cold brewing loose leaf tea can be a little tricky but is not impossible. Any kind of tea can be cold-brewed, whether its black tea or herbal tea. Like cold brew coffee, cold brew tea involves stewing the leaves in cold water for several hours to allow it to infuse.

All you need to provide are some common household products, and you are already halfway towards a refreshing loose leaf cold brew.


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    How To Brew Sun Tea Step By Step

    Sun tea is a great base for making iced tea, especially because you dont need to bother with making a tea concentrate first then mixing it with water. Its almost effortless and the only thing you will need is a strong sun and a clean container. You can make a larger quantity of sun tea and store it in the fridge later.


    • Find a big glass container, either a glass jar or a jug with a lid or a special iced tea brewing jar.
    • Wash it thoroughly to avoid contamination.
    • Use about ½ 1 spoon of tea leaves or one tea bag per litre of water. If you want strong tea, add a bit
    • Add cold water and tea into the jug and cover with a lid.
    • Place it out in the direct sun, either outdoors or next to the window.
    • Steep in the sun for 2-4 hours and if needed, move the jug occasionally, so it stays in the sun.
    • Strain the tea into another jug or a pitcher or remove tea bags.
    • Add sweetener while its still warm. Stir.
    • If you want to enjoy it immediately, serve over ice and store the rest in the fridge.


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