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What Do You Put In Long Island Iced Tea

Tip: Use Quality Liquor

The PERFECT Long Island Iced Tea – Absolut Drinks with Rico

Want to avoid a hangover after an afternoon of sipping some Long Island cocktails? Make sure youre using quality liquor. Mixing liquor can often lead to a headache but this is even more true when drinking cheap liquor. Theres no need to reach for top-shelf bottles but definitely dont use the cheapest bottles possible.

Which Rum Is Suitable For Cocktails

The biggest differences are between matured and unmatured rum. Actually, rum gets its brown colour from storage and the maturing process in wooden barrels. With cheap rums that have not been stored in barrels for a long time, it is quite possible that brown rum was simply coloured with caramelised sugar.

Of course, cocktails only become particularly good if you use high-quality ingredients. That’s why I can only recommend to make sure that you don’t just buy the cheapest rum when you buy it.

Medium-matured white rum is best suited for Long Island Iced Tea. This is first stored in wooden barrels and then filtered to make it clear again. Aging in wooden barrels makes the rum spicier but at the same time milder. A variety that is perfectly suited for this is the white Plantation Rum.

Brown rum, unlike white rum, is not filtered after storage and therefore has an even stronger and more complex taste. Often there are also notes of fruit, chocolate or vanilla.

As the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail contains many different spirits, I would rather use white, milder rum to keep the taste of the drink light.

Classic Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

Is there a cocktail more infamous than Long Island Iced Tea? This classic cocktail is a feisty one, with five different liquors and just a splash of sweet and sour mix and Coca-Cola.

While this isnt typically a cocktail that most people enjoy daily, it IS a fun one and since it contains almost every type of liquor, a lot of drinkers wont turn one down, no matter what they usually drink. Its especially refreshing on a hot day, so try making a big pitcher of this for your next pool party or BBQ!

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Why Is It Called A Long Island Iced Tea

When you add a dash of cola to a Long Island iced Tea, it gives the drink the appearance of a classic iced tea, which is how the drink got its name.Surprisingly, this beverage does not include any genuine tea at all in any form.The hamlet in New York that is credited with being the birthplace of the Long Island recipe is said to be the inspiration for the dishs name.A variation of this story may be found on the internet.

The Long Island Iced Tea was initially created in 1972 by a bartender by the name of Bob Rosebud Butt, according to popular belief. According to the legend, Butt was tending bar on Long Island, New York, when a friendly competition prompted him to develop the beverage, which has the appearance of iced tea but is actually rather potent this is where the name comes from.

The Cocktail College Podcast: How To Make The Perfect Long Island Iced Tea

How to Make a Long Island Iced Tea: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

On this episode of Cocktail College, host Tim McKirdy breaks down the Long Island Iced Tea with Nicholas Bennett, beverage director at Porchlight in New York City. Since its inception in the 1970s, the Long Island Iced has broken every cocktail rule out there, and has gained a bad rap. But that doesnt mean the LIIT cant be well balanced and delicious. Bennett shares his breakdown of the classic eight-ingredient cocktail, and how he upgrades it to fit modern standards. Tune in to learn more.

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Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

Packing a serious punch, this classic Long Island Iced Tea Recipe is made with five types of alcohol including tequila, rum, vodka, gin, and triple sec. Surprisingly delicious, serve this simple cocktail in a highball glass for one, or mix together a pitcher and make it a party!

What’s In A Long Island Iced Tea

Some people have asked, does the Long Island iced tea have alcohol in it? Boy does it ever!

The Long Island iced tea is the liquor-cabinet equivalent of what the kids once called a “suicide soda” . On the face of it, the Long Island Iced tea doesn’t seem tenable: Vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec all mingling in the same cocktail glass, tempered only by a dash of sweet and sour mix and a splash of cola. Sounds like trouble. And obviously it can be.

But it’s undisputable, this cocktail proves itself an unlikely success, and a prime example of when the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. Tossing all of these strong spirits together somehow softens the edges off of each individual spirit. It’s a marvel of science, frankly. Somehow this cocktail, seemingly of odds and ends from the liquor cabinet, manages the impossible: it actually tastes good. Very good. So be careful out there, folks.

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Breaking Down The Long Island Iced Tea

T: Thats amazing. Looking at those ingredients then, and I dont typically have to do this, but I have written them down here because theres a ton. Just to reiterate, we have vodka, gin, tequila, rum, triple sec, simple syrup, lemon juice, and Coke.

N: Yes, theres a lot.

T: Lets look at spirits first.

N: Sure. I do want to just dial back on that one. The current version of the Long Island Iced Tea that we serve at Porchlight is actually on draft. But were going to go with the first version, where we do a simple syrup and the fresh lemon juice.

T: Yes, so we will chat about that. We can chat about that version after. But when it comes to that template with four base spirits, and then on top of that triple sec, where do you go first? Is there an anchor to this drink? Where are you looking first, or are you trying to think of four components that will work together?

T: I think thats amazing. With the base spirits as well, are you looking for brands or iterations that are true to their category, and not too left field? Or maybe that dont stand out too much, in a way?

T: Its so good, isnt it? But I definitely feel like that juniper can be very tricky. And when it works, its amazing. But maybe for this cocktail and some others, you just dont want it too juniper-forward.

T: I love that you have mentioned that this is essentially a sour. I had never made that connection.

T: Tell us about the cola that you would have been using. Are we talking Coca-Cola or Pepsi?

Nutrients Of Long Island Iced Tea

Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail Recipe – SO BOOZY!!

How many kcal does a Long Island Iced Tea have? You can find out here. One serving contains:

  • 150ml Cola
  • 5 Ice cubes


  • The preparation of the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail is very easy. Put all ingredients into a glass filled with ice and stir a few times.
  • Garnish the cocktail with a few slices of lemon or lime and that’s it!

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A Few Substitute Ideas

What if you dont have the entire laundry list of liquors on hand, but still want to make an LIIT? Here are a few ideas for some substitutions:

  • Vodka, tequila, or gin: Leave one of these out and double one of the other liquors. For example, if you dont have gin double the tequila. But try to have at least 3 of the 4 main liquors.
  • White rum: Use another type of rum if you dont have white on hand. Aged adds a sophistication to the flavor. Or again, you can leave it out and double one of the other liquors.
  • Cointreau: Want a Cointreau substitute? Use Triple Sec, Grand Marnier or Orange Curacao.

What Is Long Island Tea

Long Island tea is a mixture of ingredients including green and black tea, and natural flavoring. When making long island tea, you can add any herbs that you would like. But just as you might prefer sweetened iced tea to plain tea, you may find that iced long island tea is just as delicious as straight up hot long island tea. It can be used as a snack, or a bedtime drink to help you get to sleep. And its an inexpensive alternative to other flavored teas.

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What Is Long Island Iced Tea

So what exactly is in a Long Island Iced Tea? Lots of liquor. HA. The official Long Island Iced Tea recipe, which were making today, is made with 5 types of liquor gin, silver tequila, vodka, white rum, and triple sec. Then add a bit of sweet and sour mix and Coca-Cola.

The end result is a notoriously dangerous cocktail because while that mixture of liquor served up with just a splash of mixer may not sound great, its actually quite tasty! Strong, but tasty. And no, there is not actually any iced tea in any version of a Long Island.

More Cocktail Recipes You Should Try

Strawberry Champagne Cocktail
  • Mexican mulemade in just 2 minutes, this is a refreshing ginger fest!
  • Whiskey sourfull of bourbon flavor, this is a sophisticated sour and stylish cocktail.
  • Pornstar martiniyou have GOT to try this passion fruit cocktail, its out of this world!
  • Vodka sunriselight and refreshing, this 3-ingredient cocktail is so easy!

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Great History: The Origin Of The Long Island Iced Tea

The year was 1972. Archie Bunker was battling with his liberal son-in-law Meathead weekly on television. It was the longest year on record scientists actually inserted two leap seconds into 1972. The Joy of Sex was published and local nightclub legend Bob Matherson was cornering the compass with OBIs West, South and East .

It was also that year, at OBI East in Hampton Bays, that the Long Island Iced Tea was born. Or was it? Well get back to that later.

Now known popularly as Canoe Place Inn , Matherson had brought his successful nightclub east to the Hamptons and was battling an increasingly familiar war with local officials who took none-to-kindly to anything that had to do with the OBI when they decided for some reason there was just too much Triple Sec around the joint.

So to get rid of it, they held a cocktail-crafting contest. The only rule: Use Triple Sec in your concoction.

Bartender Bob Rosebud Butt dont ask, just enjoy it pulled together the legendary drink in one afternoon and single-handedly became responsible for putting Long Island on the map. Forget the Cradle of Aviation. Forget The Great Gatsby. Forget Amy Fisher. This is the one thing we are famous for on a global scale. Even JWoww drank Long Islands on Jersey Shore.

In an interview on PBS, Butt said that he was one of 20 other bartenders who entered the contest.

Did we mention it has five shots of five different liquors and Butts drink kicks your butt?

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What Is Triple Sec What Is Curacao

Curacao and Triple Sec, or sometimes even called Triple Sec Curacao, belong to the group of orange liqueurs.

These are made by first drying the peels of oranges and bitter oranges and then soaking them in alcohol to extract the aromas and essential oils. After a few days the peels are sieved out and spices are added. The product is then diluted and distilled. By the way: orange liqueur is colourless in itself, but it is often coloured for sale.

Curacao takes its name from the island of the same name, Curacao, where Dutch settlers first produced orange liqueur in the 19th century. From there the liqueur spread all over the world. Later it was often coloured with food colouring. This is how e.g. Blue Curacao came into being.

Triple Sec originally comes from France. There are some myths around the name, because nobody knows exactly where it comes from. Triple Sec is usually drier and less sweet than Curacao. But the production is similar to that of Curacao. Examples for Triple Sec are Cointreau or Combier.

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Tips For Making The Best Long Island Iced Tea

In order to make the best Long Island iced tea, you dont have to follow blindly the classic recipe. There are many twists to the drink, as well as varieties that you can use to enhance your drink and make it even better. Here are some tips you can use the next time you go for the wonderful Long Island iced tea

  • Good quality ingredients sometimes people dont care about the quality of each individual alcohol they use to make their Long Island, when in fact, the quality of the alcohol can make or break the drink. Therefore, always make sure you use good quality alcohol it doesnt have to be expensive, and you dont have to you Grey Goose or similar brands to make an outstanding drink. Simply make sure that the quality is there.
  • Experiment with other ingredientsone of the reasons Long Island iced tea is such a great drink lies in the fact that it is forgiving when new ingredients are added. This makes it a perfect drink to experiment with. So, next time you make Long Island, try adding ingredients like whiskey, actual cold-brewed tea, pineapple or cranberry juice, lime or lemon soda, different types of tequila, etc.
  • Avoid using the sour mix by using the store-bought sour mix you can be sure that your drink will have a mediocre if not bad taste. To avoid such results, make sure to omit sour mix in your Long Island instead, use freshly squeezed citrus and simple syrup as these will make your Long Island unforgettable.

What Is The Strongest Cocktail

How to Make a Long Island Iced Tea

The strongest cocktails contain a high percentage of strong spirits and only a few so-called ‘mixers’ such as fruit juices or cola. Often spirits with an alcohol content of more than 40% vol. are also used. Here are five of the strongest cocktails:

Wears his name because the first person who drank him felt like a zombie after the cocktail! The Zombie contains various types of rum, including high-proof demerara rum with 75% vol. alcohol. Due to the sugar from different syrups and fruit juices the alcohol also rises quickly to the head. By the way: In the restaurants of the inventor Donn Beach, only a maximum of two zombie cocktails are served per guest!

  • Death in the Afternoon
  • This cocktail was invented by Ernest Hemingway, who was not known to be a great friend of permanent abstinence. His original recipe reads: “Pour a measuring cup of absinthe into a champagne glass. Add ice-cold champagne until it reaches the right opalescent mildness. Drink three to five of them slowly. That sounds like a strong cocktail!

    This cocktail contains no non-alcoholic ingredient. Gin, vermouth and Campari are added in equal parts to the glass and stirred. so, you should not drink too many of this cocktail!

  • Long Island Iced Tea
  • This notorious cocktail consists of five different spirits and comparatively few mixers. This makes it one of the strongest cocktails. Although miraculously it doesn’t taste much like alcohol, it’s a very strong cocktail!

  • Aunt Roberta
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    Want More Cocktail Ideas

    Now that youve learned how to make a Long Island Iced Tea, do you want more cocktail inspiration? I got ya covered! Check out our cocktail recipe page.

    Here youll find over 100 different cocktail recipes for you to try, for free.

    ALSO, we have an entire page dedicated to rum cocktails. And Im talking rum cocktails of all kinds:

    • White Rum.
    • Spiced Rum.

    What Can You Mix With Captain Morgan Long Island Iced Tea

    Captain Morgan Long Island Iced TeaFood NetworkCaptain morgan, cola, triple sec, sour mix, cuervo especialLink: cuervo especial, captain morgan, cola, triple sec, sour mixLink: morgan, cola, triple sec, sour mix, cuervo especialLink:

    Black Tea + Rum. Black tea, whether you reach for classic English breakfast tea or orange pekoe, is the perfect accompaniment to rum. Green Tea + Whisky. Mint Tea + Rum or Bourbon. Chamomile Tea + Gin or Vodka. Chai Tea + Rye Whiskey or Irish Cream. Earl Grey + Bourbon.

    Dautre part, What can you mix with tea?

    Citrus. PIN IT. Berries. PIN IT. Cinnamon. During crisp, fall afternoons or winter, snowy nights cinnamon in your tea will create a spice to the drink. Honey or Honeysuckle PIN IT. Lemon Verbena, Lemon Basil or Lemon Thyme. Mint or Peppermint.

    De plus, What tea is good with whiskey?

    Irish whiskey and Lipton Yellow Label. This is my classic starter pairing. Whiskey and Cold Green Tea. Bourbon and Darjeeling. Scotch and Gunpowder Tea.

    Ensuite, How can I make tea taste better without sugar?

    How do you make tea taste better?

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    Did Tgi Fridays Invent Long Island Iced Tea

    Fridays is a chain of American casual bar and grill restaurants that was established in 1965 in New York City.As of now, Fridays has more than 900 locations in more than 60 countries and is recognized as a market leader in this category.Carlson pointed out a number of iconic firsts for TGI Fridays, such as the establishment of the first Happy Hour and the invention of the Long Island Iced Tea.


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