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The Ginger Ale To Use

The PERFECT Long Island Iced Tea – Absolut Drinks with Rico

The ginger ale makes for a deliciously fresh Blue Long Island Iced Tea. In fact, we like it better than the standard version of the drink! You can use any brand you like, but here are some favorites:

  • Q Ginger Ale: This is our top choice! It comes in small cans so you only have to use a little at a time.
  • Fever Tree Ginger Ale: Fever Tree is made with real ginger and has no artificial sweeteners.
  • More Ginger Ale Brands: Heres a list of more top brands.

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Jameson Long Island Iced Tea Recipe Is A Mixture Of Jameson Irish Whiskey Absolut Vodka Bacardi Superior Rum Cointreau Peach Puree Sour


This post is sponsored by Musselman?s Apple Butter but recipe and all opinions are my own. Thank you for allowing us to share with you our favorite products that we love to use! With all the hustle and bustle of the busy holiday season, you need to have a couple of recipes that you can

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History Of The Long Island Iced Tea

The origin of the Long Island Iced Tea most likely lies in Kingsport, Tennessee. It was there, that a guy named Old Man Bishop made the first version of what we know today as Long Island Iced Tea.

Living in his community named Long Island in Kingsport, he created this boozy cocktail during prohibition. -That also explains the name. The cocktail was supposed to look like a regular serve of Iced Tea and definitely not like a boozy afternoon drink.

The recipe later got refined by his son Ransom Bishop. The result is a mix of Whiskey, maple syrup, and five other liquors of different quantities.

Heres his recipe to give you an idea of what the original version looked like:

  • Squeeze 1/2 Lemon & 1/2 Lime

Over time the recipe changed slightly. Todays version of the Long Island Iced Tea is better balanced. But it is still almost as potent as in the traditional cocktail recipe.

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What The Blue Long Island Iced Tea Tastes Like


The Blue Long Island Iced Tea doesnt have the cola from the Long Island Iced Tea. Instead, it has blue Curaçao. That means instead of cola flavor, youre getting orange.

That makes this a delicious and very refreshing cocktail. Its all about the orange and lemon flavors. Oh, yes it has lemon juice, too.

Although you can taste that this drink has alcohol in it, the liquors dont really add much flavor. The rum adds a slight caramel note. The gin adds hints of herbal notes.

The agave flavor of the tequila comes through ever so slightly. The vodka doesnt really add any flavor at all. Its just there for a little more kick.

The Blue Long Island cocktail is a very refreshing drink. But its also one that can easily knock you off your feet.

The alcohol taste is more noticeable than in the normal Long Island. And yet it still manages to sneak up on you.

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The Best Long Island Iced Tea Recipe Ever

The worlds best Long Island Iced Tea recipe are one of the quickest and easiest cocktails to make.

And while the name of this classic cocktail is misleading, very few actually liken the taste to a real iced tea.

Make sure you sip these babies slowly, they sure do pack a punch!

The tasty Long Island Iced Tea recipe is likely the strongest one you can mix up.

There is no iced tea anywhere in the Long Island Iced Tea. It is simply the color of iced tea.

Made with tequila, rum, vodka, gin, and triple sec. Served in a pitcher, this is the ultimate party cocktail.

The perfect Long Island Iced Tea recipe reads more like a frat house hazing than one of the worlds most popular cocktails.

Servings: 1 People

Skill Level: Easy

Whatever your view of the Long Island Iced Tea is, it is a popular drink and one that every bartender should know.

The best Long Island Iced Tea recipe is one of our favorite guilty pleasures!

Long Island Iced Tea Origin

A delicious Long Island Iced Tea recipe is a type of alcoholic mixed drink typically made with vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, and a splash of cola, which gives the drink the same amber hue as its namesake.

A slightly different drink is claimed to have been invented in the 1920s during Prohibition in the United States by an Old Man Bishop in a local community named Long Island in Kingsport, Tennessee.

The drink was then perfected by Ransom Bishop, Old Man Bishops son. This drink included whiskey and maple syrup, and varied quantities of the five liquors, rather than the modern one with cola and five equal portions of the five liquors.

A popular version mixes equal parts vodka, gin, rum, triple sec, with 1 12 parts sour mix and a splash of cola. Lastly, it is decorated with the lemon and straw, after stirring with bar spoon smoothly.

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How To Make A Long Island Iced Tea

These step by step photos and instructions are here to help you visualize how to make this recipe. Please scroll down to simply !

  • Start by filling a cocktail shaker with ice.
  • Add vodka, tequila, light rum, triple sec, gin, and sweet and sour mix. We use a jigger to measure everything.
  • Attach the lid and shake vigorously for 15-20 seconds.
  • Strain shaker over ice into a highball glass or Tom Collins glass.
  • Top the cocktail with your favorite cola and garnish the glass with a lemon wheel. Dont forget the fun colorful straws!
  • Remember, this cocktail packs a wallop, so consume responsibly and make sure you have a designated driver if not drinking at home. Theres a lot of alcohol in a Long Island Iced Tea, and if youre drinking it through a straw it will hit you a lot faster than you might think!

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    How To Make Long Island Pitcher

    Make the Best EVER Long Island Iced Tea

    If you are scaling the cocktail to serve at a party then add all the ingredients apart from the coke into a pitcher and chill. Add ice to the pitcher just before serving and give everything a good stir. Pour into glasses filled with ice and top with cold soda.

    This is an simple drink to scale up simply multiply 15 by however many servings you want. To serve a crowd of 8 for example you will need 15x 8= 120ml of each of the spirits, lime and lemon plus ice and coke.

    Its easy to pour very generous measures if you are making a pitcher so be careful when serving your party could get out of hand very quickly!

    By VinePair

    There are several different variations for the Blue Hawaiian version of the Long Island Ice Tea, but we like this one by VinePair the best. Blue curaçao is behind the blue color of this mixed drink, and in addition to the bright color, it is also an orange liqueur. So, here, blue curaçao replaces the triple sec in the classic Long Island Ice Tea recipe.

    Pineapple juice, fresh lemon juice, simple syrup, and sweetness to the vodka and light rum used in this recipe. Add all the spirits and other ingredients to a cocktail shaker with ice and give it a good shake or two. Add ice to a glass and pour. A pineapple wedge and a little umbrella are the perfect garnish.

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    Why We Love This Texas Tea Recipe

    • Quick and easy to make in 3 minutes.
    • Simple recipe combines 6 spirits plus a 3 ingredient mixer.
    • Only uses a cocktail shaker to create this delicious boozy beverage.
    • A tasty iced tea made without a tea bag.
    • Its the ultimate refreshing sip for summer!
    • Perfect cocktail for cookouts, backyard barbecues, and adult parties.

    How Do I Mix Long Island Iced Tea Without Orange Liqueur

    Orange liqueur is made by dissolving the essential oils from the peel of oranges in alcohol. This production process is not very simple, so it is difficult to make orange liqueur yourself. If you do not have orange liqueur at home, you can use one or two squirts of orange flavour instead, which you can find in the baking ingredients in the supermarket.

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    Is Long Island Iced Tea Also Available Non

    Long Island Ice Tea tastes surprisingly close to iced tea, although it contains five different spirits and not a bit of iced tea. This effect can of course be used if you prefer your Long Island Cocktail to be alcohol-free. Today I will present you with two recipes:

    Simple recipe for alcohol-free Long Island Ice Tea

    • 150ml Ice Tea Lemon Flavor
    • 3 cl Fresh lemon juice
    • 1,5 cl Sugar syrup
    • 1-2 dashes of orange aroma


    • The preparation of the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail is very easy. Put all ingredients into a glass filled with ice and stir a few times.
    • Garnish the cocktail with a few slices of lemon or lime and thats it!

    Premium recipe for alcohol-free Long Island Ice Tea

    Most types of spirits are now also available in non-alcoholic versions. You probably wont find these variants in your next supermarket. But you can order them in relevant online shops.

    • 1,5 cl Alcohol-free white rum
    • 1,5 cl Alcohol-free Vodka


    • The preparation of the Long Island Iced Tea Cocktail is very easy. Put all ingredients into a glass filled with ice and stir a few times.
    • Garnish the cocktail with a few slices of lemon or lime and thats it!

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    Non Alcoholic Long Island Iced Tea Recipe

    Club Long Island Iced Tea (750 ML)

    Long Island iced tea is a classic alcoholic drink that is known for its insanely high alcohol content. A traditional Long Island iced tea mixed drink has vodka, rum, gin, tequila and triple sec all mixed together. Maybe some people think it is delicious but all that alcohol mixed together makes us cringe.

    We decided to create a much better version of Long Island iced tea. We wanted to make a mixed tea drink that tasted good and one that you could enjoy without worry. Our virgin long island iced tea recipe is exactly what we wanted it to be! You are going to love it.

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    Variations Of The Cocktail

    There are many variations of a long island iced tea using different juices, fruit liquor, or whiskey in place of one of the liquors .

    For example, a Texas Tea just adds whiskey, and a Tennesse Tea replaces the gin with whiskey and does not use tequila. Blue Curacao can often be found in a variation of the drink, too, for a fun blue beverage.

    Looking to change this version up? Why not give strawberry syrup a try!

    The Club Long Island Iced Tea 30 Proof Can

    Long Island Iced Tea

    Liquor’s in it! The Club Cocktails have been produced since 1892. Enjoy these excellent tasting cocktails in a variety of classic flavors. 15% Alc/vol .

    Contains: Government Warning: According to the Surgeon General, women should not drink alcoholic beverages during pregnancy because of the risk of birth defects. Consumption of alcoholic beverages impairs your ability to drive a car or operate machinery, and may cause health problems.

    Simply chill or pour over ice. Refrigerate after opening.

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    The Boozy Ingredients Youll Need

    With so many variations, its no surprise that youll be able to mix and match and find a whole lotta variation out there. While this raspberry version isnt 100% an authentic LIIT , its very similar.

    Heres what goes into this easy cocktail :

    • Raspberry Simple Syrup: make it ahead of time and you can make a long island iced tea whenever the craving strikes! This is where this drink gets both its raspberry flavor and its hint of sweetness.
    • Vodka: any vodka youd make a mixed drink with can be used.
    • Rum: use a white or light rum.
    • Gin: again, use a gin that you would enjoy in a mixed drink. Gin can be quite pine-forward, so keep this in mind and use a more neutral brand if you dont love gin. Lets be real though, they all kind of blend together anyway!
    • Tequila: use silver or Blanco tequila in this drink for best results. Were also using a little less tequila than the other liquors because otherwise, it can be overpowering in the cocktail.
    • Fresh Lemon Juice: in place of sweet and sour mix, were using fresh lemon juice. I highly recommend squeezing your own from a lemon for the best flavor.
    • Cointreau Orange Liqueur: or substitute triple sec tested both with and without, the winner included this orange liqueur, however, it was a close decision. So in that case, feel free to omit it if needed.
    • Black Iced Tea: refreshing, light, and perfect for summer, a splash of iced tea rounds out this cocktail.

    Coco Fresh Tea & Juice

    Top 5 Long Island Iced Tea Cocktails – Easy Cocktails

    CoCo is a Taiwanese bubble tea franchise thats been around for over two decades, and theyve got 4,000 stores worldwide.

    They opened their first shop in Toronto back in 2014, and theyve now got 50 stores across Ontario!

    My go-to order is always the Red Bean Matcha Milk Tea its so dang delicious.

    You can find them at Yonge & Weldrick or at Commerce Gate in Richmond Hill.

    LOCATION: Various locations

    This locally-established bubble tea shop is fairly new to the GTA, and you can find them at Commerce Gate in Richmond Hill.

    Try their Rose Oolong Milk Tea or Purple Rice Milk Tea!

    LOCATION: 505 Hwy 7 #61-63, Thornhill, ON

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    How To Make A Great Long Island Iced Tea

    I said it already, but I cant emphasize it enough. The key to making great cocktails is using great products. That means no sweet and sour mix from the supermarket.

    To make an authentic, delicious Long Island Ices Tea, you need:

    Thats quite an extensive and alcohol-heavy list that turns into a sensational cocktail when done right.

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    The History Of The Long Island Iced Tea

    When it comes to tracing the history of the infamous cocktail, piecing together its past proves to be just as difficult as piecing together memories of your night if you indulge in more than just one.

    The first variation of what we now know as the Long Island Iced Tea cropped up in the 1920s, when the United States was deep in the prohibition era. At the time, many resourceful Americans at the time tried their hands at crafting their own cocktails, and Old Man Bishop from the Long Island community in Kingsport, Tennessee was no exception. It was at this time he skillfully combined tequila, vodka, gin, rum, whiskey, and maple syrup, calling his concoction the Old Man Bishop. It is said that upon his death, Old Man Bishop passed the recipe down to his son, Ransom, who transformed the concoction into what we now recognize today.

    While its difficult to corroborate this tale, the drinks outward appearance passes for just a regular old iced tea, which made it easy to enjoy outside the privacy of ones own home during an era when alcohol consumption was highly illegal. Moreover, as drinks were highly restricted at the time, the 22 percent ABV of what we now know as a Long Island would certainly keep the party going, even if the number of drinks was restricted to one.

    The Long Island Iced Tea also appeared in two publications from the 1960s Betty Crockers New Picture Cookbook, published in 1961, and Virginia Habeebs 1963, American Home All-Purpose Cookbook.

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    Red Lobster Drink Recipes Flashcards

    Start studying RED LOBSTER DRINK RECIPES. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Home. LONG ISLAND ICED TEA TOP SHELF. 14 oz mixer ½ oz Tanqueray gin, ½ oz absolut vodka, ½ oz Bacardi silver, ½ oz Patron Citronage, 2 oz sour mix, coke lemon RED LOBSTER ENTREES. 30 terms. jessicarind. RED

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    How To Make Johns Long Island Iced Tea

    Club Long Island Iced Tea (200 ML)

    It really is simple recipe. John likes to start with a cup of ice in a large pitcher. Then he adds 1/2 cup each of vodka, white rum, triple sec, 3/4 of a cup of tequila, 1/4 cup of gin, 2 1/4 cups of sour mix and 1/2 cup of cola such as Coke or Pepsi. Stir and pour into high ball glasses filled with ice and enjoy!

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    How I Made My Keto Version

    Because most hard alcohol does not have any carbs, I kept the standard vodka, rum, gin and tequila. However triple sec is an orange liquor and has about 11g of sugar so I eliminated that completely from the drink and instead used an orange extract and a sugar free simple syrup which has no carbs.

    To make the sugar free simple syrup, you add equal parts Swerve sweetener and water to a pan. Bring the two to a simmer until everything dissolves and let cool before using.

    I also used Realemon lemon juice that comes in the bottle because it doesnt have any carbs either. While fresh would be nice the juice of 1 lemon has roughly 3.3g net carbs so I figure why not save a few with the bottled. I did use it as a garnish though.


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