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What Tea Is Good For Tension Headaches

Tea For Headaches: Final Thoughts

Use These Magical Herbal Teas To Cure Headache & Migraines Fast Without Drug

If you are unfortunate enough to have a headache, instead of instantly reaching for that Tylenol or Advil, maybe consider something more natural and safer for your body. The same goes for other ailments, like constipationread Why does tea make you poop? for more on that.

Like a relaxing cup of tea. Try some ginger tea, turmeric mango green tea, peppermint tea, or any of the other herbal varieties mentioned above. You may be surprised at how effective it is .

The Best Tea For Headacheseasy Choices

Plum Deluxe offers a nice selection of worthy choices that may help to alleviate some of your headache symptoms.

First up is our Cuddletime herbal tea which is a delightful balance of chamomile and minttwo of the herbs we discussed above. This is great at bedtime, as the name suggests, but when youre facing a painful showstopper of a headache, this may be just what you need!

Nightcap herbal tea is another one of our best teas for headaches. This blend features peppermint and valerian root. Both are known to be relaxing herbscalm the mind and body and let the relief begin!

A final recommendation of mine is our Calm Chamomile Bloom herbal tea. With a beautiful eye-catching color array, its just as good for the head as it is on the eyes. This is a caffeine-free mix of calming chamomile, rose, lavender, and lemon balm. Need I say more? Do yourself a favor and make a cup today!

*This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. All information and resources found within this article are based on the opinions of the author. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

How To Prevent Getting Headaches

If you know what triggers your headaches, then you can use that to avoid getting them in the first place.

I mostly get them from occasional stress, poor sleeping patterns, and spending too many hours looking at my computer screen.

Here is a list of common triggers for headaches and migraines:

  • Tense muscles in the neck, head, and shoulder area
  • Emotional/mental stress or depression

If your headache is caused by drinking too much alcohol, I recommend that you also read my guide with best herbal teas for treating a hangover.

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What Is The Truth About Caffeinated Teas For Headaches

For some people, green tea and other caffeinated teas provide amazing relief for migraines. Green tea contains powerful phytochemicals called catechins with significant health benefits. It also has a balanced amount of caffeine .

However, in other people, caffeine actually provokes headaches. Its a common trigger for migraines and it can also cause withdrawal headaches. If youre not sure in your case, keep track of what you eat or drink right before migraines appear. If caffeine seems to be the culprit, steer clear of green tea. Knowing what tea is good for headaches for you personally can help you experience the most relief.

Hello Herbal Teas Bye Bye Headaches

How to prevent a tension headache?

All in all, drinking a warm cup of tea made from ginger, chamomile, peppermint, feverfew, or willow bark may be just what you need to ease that headache.

While herbal dietary supplements are generally safe to consume, some may cause an allergic reaction or react with medications you are taking. So if you have some illness and are on medication, you can include these herbal teas in your headache management plan after you speak with your doctor or healthcare professional.

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Medicinal Properties Of Tea

For thousands of years, tea has been used for different medicinal purposes. The herbs in the tea have loads of medicinal properties which make it an all-natural remedy to cure headaches. A study in 2016 showed that tea has a great ability to soothe tense, nervous headaches. It also revealed that the caffeine present in tea can relieve you from aches and pains instantly just like a painkiller would do .

There are many types of teas – Green tea, White tea, Black Tea, Oolong tea and herbal teas. While some are caffeinated which help in aiding migraines, others are decaffeinated. In this article, let us discuss 7 different teas that help you relieve headaches.

If You Have Experienced A Tension Headache Lately And Have Resorted To Painkillers To Help Beat The Pain Here Are Some Natural Remedies That Can Help Too

Written by Editorial Team | Published : November 19, 2014 2:56 PM IST

A tension headache can be characterized as a mild to moderate headache that feels like a tight band around your head. It is also one of the most common type of headache whose exact causes has not yet been determined. Usually brought about when someone is stressed or tense, this headache usually radiates from the nape of the neck to the front of the head. While this sensation and its intensity can vary from one person to the next, the pain can be quite debilitating, causing sensitivity to light and fatigue in some people.

While you can pop a painkiller to beat the pain and power through the day, there are a few natural ways to beat the pain. Here are some quick and simple ways you can use to thwart the pain.

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Seven: Willow Bark Tea

Did you know willow bark is called natures Aspirin for headaches? It is an effective pain remedy for chronic headaches and migraine headaches. The compounds in Willow Bark help in lowering the blood pressure in the small capillaries and blood vessels in the head which in turn results in easing pressure and relieving those painful, debilitating symptoms.

A study showed that this bark which has been used since ancient times to heal pain can also relieve lower back pain and may aid in osteoarthritis pain as well . Since Willow Bark is as powerful as Aspirin, experts recommend not to mix it with the over the counter medications. It is also recommended not to drink this tea if you are taking medications for blood sugar disorders and blood thinners.

Next Time Your Head Begins To Throb Reach For A Glass Instead Of A Pill Bottle Try These Drinks For Headaches And Migraines For A More Delicious Way To Feel Better

GINGER TEA: Natural Remedy for Tension Headache

All headaches are not created equal. With tension headaches, caffeine headaches, sinus headaches, hangover headaches and full-blown migraine attacks, the causes and symptoms vary from headache to headache and person to person. If you are one of the millions of people who are prone to headaches or migraines, these drinks for headaches may help stop the pain and nausea.

The symptoms of a migraine or headache can be wide-ranging and debilitating. Sensitivity to light, sound and smell; nausea, vomiting, and constipation; brain fog and head pain are all ways migraines bring you down and ruin your day. Luckily, you may not need to treat milder headaches with an expensive medication or a prescription. Often, you can find relief right in your own kitchen with these drinks for headaches.

Most migraines are severe enough that doctors will prescribe a prescription medication, such as a triptan, to abort an attack. Triptans are highly effective, but people are often reluctant to take them. If you are one of the many people who gets frequent migraines or headaches, taking a pill each time can actually make them worse. Natural alternatives, like these 11 drinks for headaches, can bring you relief and help you save money and medication.

These drinks are safe with few or no side effects, too, so you do not have to worry about feeling worse before you feel better. Staying hydrated during a headache or migraine is crucial, and these drinks all help with hydration while treating symptoms.

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What Does Headache Pain Feel Like

Migraines are recurring headaches causing intense pain that can feel like throbbing or pulsing. They can also cause other symptoms, such as nausea, fatigue, changes in mood, sensitivity to light and sounds, and neck pain.

There are two main types of headaches:

  • Tension headaches cause mild to moderate pain. Symptoms include dull aching pain and tightness surrounding the head, irritability, and difficulty concentrating. Triggers usually include stress, poor sleep, diet, and caffeine use.
  • Migraine headache is more severe and can last for several hours to days. Symptoms of a migraine headache include throbbing pain, distorted vision, sensitivity to light, and nausea or vomiting. Triggers for migraines can be more complex and include hormonal factors, stress, eating patterns, and even weather. Some patients experience an aura before the onset of a migraine that signals the oncoming headache. Without an aura, it can be challenging for some people to predict a migraine.

Types Of Tea That Can Provide Relief From Migraines

By Pete Lane 9 am on September 7, 2020

When it comes to migraines, not everyone wants to turn to ibuprofen or aspirin to relieve the pain. Instead, many experts recommend drinking tea. Below are six tea blends that can offer the same pain relief for your senior loved one as some over-the-counter medications.

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Arvita Feverfew Leaf Tea Bags

Arvita offers individual tea bags that contain 100 percent feverfew leaves. The rich, herbaceous flavor also helps reducing migraine onsets and headaches.

The tea works quickly on chronic migraines, but the flavor is slightly bitter. You can add honey or lemon to counter the bitterness.

Peppermint tea and oil can relieve a tension headache. The chemical compounds in peppermint tea may help to relieve mild headaches.

The flavonoids and phenols in peppermint reduce the effect of inflammation.

It may bring you similar effects to paracetamol, and the refreshing but slightly sweet flavor will make you feel relaxed.

Recommended brands:

What Tea Is Good For Cluster Headaches

11 Headache Relief Tips We Swear By

Intense pain around one eye is what identifies cluster headaches. They come in waves and can seriously derail your day. One natural remedy for these attacks is ginger. While straight or concentrated ginger may act faster, a tea may be more readily accessible or easier to consume. It can also help with the other symptoms surrounding headaches in general.

Try the Coconut Ginger Soother Herbal Tea or any of the other ginger teas available at Plum Deluxe.

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Green Tea For Headaches:

Green tea has a great effect on headaches. The causes are numerous, but one of the trending factors is stress and tension.

All we know is that green tea has powerful antioxidants properties. This helps to reduce tension and is perfect for pain relief.

Some headaches occur because of adigestive problem or abnormal functioning of the sensitive system. Green tea helps to excite the nervous system and remove the free radicals from our bodies.

The caffeine present in green tea performs a vital role in enhancing painkillers effectiveness and in the fight against headaches.

Some people have a problem with green tea because of its caffeine. If you have some issues like it, try to avoid them. Rather than, this is a perfect tea for migraine headaches.

Green tea during pregnancyGreen tea is good, but it includes caffeine. As per the studies, not more than 200 mg/day. If you want to take it, always try to maintain your caffeine limit because excessive caffeine during pregnancy may cause miscarriage and stillbirth. If you maintain it, then green tea is perfect for headaches during pregnancy.

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Masala Tea For Headaches:

Masala tea for headaches is common and famous in India.The tea makes from various spices from the Indian kitchen like tea, milk, Bay leaf, clove, cardamom, cinnamon, and ginger.

The magic aroma that comes from these spices makes you feel relax and say bye to your headaches.The tea has health benefits due to its several spices.

Note: Masala Chai Safe for pregnant and lactating mothers.

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Is Chamomile Tea Good For Headaches

We all know about Chamomile tea. Chamomile has been used for anxiety and insomnia since traditional times.

Chamomile flower tea is great for its tranquillity and anti-anxiety qualities.

Apigenin is the main compound present in Chamomile, which helps get rid of headaches.Chamomile tea helps to reduce stress headaches, tension headaches. Know how Chamomile tea helps in headaches and its tremendous health benefits.

Note: As this is also a flowering tea, so those are allergic to flower can avoid it and However, chamomile tea safe during pregnancy, but it considers taking 1 to 2 small cups of tea.

8. Lemon Balm tea for headaches:

Lemon Balm relates to the mint family. We have seen it in Europe, Asia, Iran. Leaf use as tea.It is using from the old-time, manage depression, insomnia, anxiety.

Due to lemon balm has antioxidants properties. Lemon balm tea helps for tension headaches, anxiety headaches.Citrus scent makes it calm and relaxed.

Note:Lemon balm tea is caffeine-free and not safe during pregnancy. If you feel discomfort after taking this tea, discontinue immediately and ask your doctor.Suppose you have hypothyroidism , then avoid it, lemon balm can suppress the thyroid hormone.

What Are The Best Tea Brands For Headaches


The best tea for headaches can be yours including its benefits if you know how to choose the one thats right for you. Here are five of the best options you will find online.

Shifa Turmeric Headache Relief Tea
  • Delightful aromatic flavor
  • Guaranteed to soothe and relieve headaches.
  • All-natural ingredients
Sacred Tiger Migraine and Chronic Headache Herbal Tea Remedy
  • All-natural ingredients
  • Tea in its purest form
  • Calms stress and anxieties


This best tea for headaches helps relieve anxiety and stress, while also easing tension and sharpening your mental focus. It is rich in antioxidants, too. Additionally, it uses a non-drowsy formula, so you are guaranteed to stay awake even after consuming one cup or mug of this delicious tasting tea!

CUTEA Whooo Cares! Tea is particularly effective in easing tension headaches.

Active ingredients include lemon grass, bean peels, gingko leaves, mistletoe, birch leaves, and nettle leaves. It does not contain artificial ingredients and chemicals. Mistletoe and lemongrass help calm the nervous system. Nettle leaves help ease headache-causing tension and contain magnesium and calcium. Birch leaves are rich in antioxidants and can help manage the effects of stress. Gingko leaves, on the other hand, support improve mental performance by sharpening your memory, brain function, and focus.

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What Is A Headache

The common headache is whats considered a neurological event. A published study entitled Types of headache and those remedies in traditional persian medicine reports that a headache is ranked as number five in the leading health complaints of patients in the U.S. A whopping 96% of the worlds population has experienced a headache

The study goes on to indicate this ailment isnt something new but has been prevalent most likely since the birth of mankind. Evidence of treatments for headaches was first unearthed with skulls dating back 9,000 years ago, which had holes drilled from a treatment known as trepanation.;

References to head-related conditions were discovered, which dated back to 1550 B.C. A very crude form of treatment in 129-199 A.D. was used, which included placing a torpedo fish on a patients forehead.

What Causes Headaches?

The Harvard Health Medical School lists numerous causes that bring on a headache. Typically, the pain we experience from a headache is because the arteries/vessels in our brain become dilated Other things can also cause headaches.

  • Allergies
  • Triggers: climate, food, drinks, smells, lights, medications, estrogen levels, alcohol, additives to food/drink, aspartame
  • Tumors

Research has been done on how caffeine helps to provide relief from headaches. Lets take a look at how caffeine intervenes when it comes to a pounding head.

Our Choice For The Best Vitamin C Supplement For The Immune System

For us, the best tea for headaches is CUTEA Whooo Cares! Tea. While all the other teas in this list have their positive effects for people with chronic headaches, this tea brand stands out because it promotes general wellness. It does not only work to alleviate headaches and their symptoms. It also helps improve brain focus and function leading to improved mental performance, something thats often neglected nowadays.

Moreover, when it comes to alleviating headaches, it does much good, too. It is the most efficient in the list. Also, it does not only come in excellent packaging, but it also tastes good.

Best of all, most of those who have tried it love its effects. So, theres no reason why you will not love it, too.

best tea for headaches

There are a large number of best tea for headaches an individual can take advantage of when trying best tea for headaches through the burning of fat and best tea for headaches, which are stored within best tea for headaches. The regular best tea for headaches and exercise has helped in laying best tea for headaches and improving best tea for headaches. One opportunity that presents a wide variety of best tea for headaches for any individual looking to improve best tea for headaches is found with taking advantage of the best tea for headaches that exist with best tea for headaches.

First Benefit on best tea for headaches: A Good Alternative to Water

Second Benefit of best tea for headaches: Helps To Increase Energy Levels

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Lemongrass Tea To Relieve Headaches And Migraines

MahaSheikh March 6, 2016Food335 Views

Tea lemongrass is effective to eliminate excess toxins and is capable of regulating our uric acid levels and even LDL cholesterol. The lemongrass tea is a natural remedy with high detoxifying, nourishing and well suited to reduce the headache associated with stress or even migraines power.

If youve never heard of lemon grass, you say that its scientific name is Cymbopogon and is also known as lemongrass or citronella grass. It is very common in India and Mexico, and its smell is very nice. According to a study conducted at Griffith University in Australia, the lemongrass tea would be adequate to relieve the headache of high intensity.

We find it very interesting to share with you this information that, surely, will be of great help.

Healthy and medicinal lemongrass tea

A curious fact tells you that the Australian Aborigines made use of lemongrass tea since time immemorial to relieve headaches and migraines. So much so, that several Australian universities were in the interest of discovering if their benefits were really authentic.

Discover the best natural remedies for migraine

The research was led by Professor Lyn Griffiths, Dr. Darren Grice and Dr. Kelly Rogers. And what were the findings?

Well explain:

Lemon grass very suitable in case of migraines

Its therapeutic properties we owe to eugenol, responsible for standardizing the operation of many of our basic functions.

Lemon grass works as an aspirin



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