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What Nursing Schools Require The Teas Test

How Do I Register For The Teas

Teas Test requirements for nursing school in the us
  • Click on the following link and follow the directions below to register and pay for the TEAS test on the ATI website.
  • Follow the instructions to register for the TEAS at an institution.
  • Select Maryland and Hagerstown from the appropriate drop-down menus and select NEXT.
  • You should then see the upcoming dates the TEAS will be offered through HCC. Click Register next to the date on which you wish to take the TEAS.
  • Follow the instructions to pay for your TEAS test date.
  • When prompted, choose ADN for the RN program and PN for the LPN program. Ignore the AH option.

Entry Vs Placement Testing

An entry test is part of the application process, and helps determine whether or not you can be accepted into the ASN program at Labouré. You must score at or above the minimum required score thresholds in order to be offered acceptance.

Labouré requires a minimum score of 69% in Reading and 60% in English and Language usage. There are no minimum score requirements for entry testing for Mathematics or Science at this time.

If you are accepted after your entry test, you will follow a My Academic Plan during your first semester at Labouré. MAPs are free online academic modules and resources that are designed by our academic advisors to help you check in during your first semester to ensure you have the tools you need to succeed in the program.

If you have been offered acceptance and you fall into the placement test range, you will take the TEAS during your first semester of enrollment at Labouré to determine your participation in the DSN program. The Student Success Center will provide information on the DSN program, testing dates, and more.

To test out of the DSN program, the minimum scores required are:


About The Ati Teas Test

The ATI TEAS is designed specifically to assess a students preparedness entering the health science fields. The ATI TEAS Test will be administered as a part of your basic admissions requirements. The ATI TEAS Test is similar to the SAT or ACT however, it is designed specifically for health science schools like Nursing or Allied Health. The score you receive on the ATI TEAS Test will help schools determine your readiness for a Nursing or Allied Health program.

The ATI TEAS Test is comprised of 170 questions set up in a multiple-choice format. Questions are designed to test the basic academic skills you will need to perform in class in the areas of: Reading, Math, Science and English and Language Usage.

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It Helps To Know Your Weaknesses

While it might be discouraging not to achieve the score you were aiming for on the first try, the silver lining is that you now know what to expect. The challenge that comes with doing anything for the first time is that you might not even know where your weaknesses lie. On a second go-around you now have a better idea of what areas to focus on and how to strategically plan your study approach.

If you havent already, check out the Rasmussen College School of Nursing Study Strategies and Testing Strategies guides. Using the strategies from these guides and pairing them with a clearer picture of what to focus on should help you feel much better prepared for test day.

Teas Reading 53 Questions In 64 Minutes

Applications, TEAS Exam, + Studying Advice

Youll have 47 scored questions with 6 unscored questions for a total of 53 TEAS Reading questions. You wont know for sure which questions are not scored. Your TEAS score will depend on 3 main types of Reading questions.

A TEAS Reading passing score is around 75%. Most schools have specific requirements for scores, so be sure to check with your program.

Key ideas and details 22 scored questions

  • Topic, Main Idea, and Supporting Details
  • Summaries

Integration of knowledge and ideas 11 scored questions

  • Types of Sources
  • Logical Conclusions, Inferences, and Predictions
  • Evaluating & Integrating Sources
  • Evaluating Themes and Arguments

For Reading, the hard part of the TEAS test for many students includes working with long passages, logical conclusions, and the time pressure of this section. To get a passing score on this section, its a good idea to plan for three types of questions.

First, youll have questions that require understanding the overall big picture of a passage. Youll need strategies to find the answer quickly so that you dont get overwhelmed by a giant passage.

Second, youll have questions that focus on specific words or details. Many times, you dont need to read the full passage. Instead, you can use specific strategies for specific question types.

Third, youll have questions that require you to use different sources, charts, and graphs. Memorizing types of primary, secondary, and tertiary sources can help you with these TEAS test Reading questions.

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Psb Aptitude For Practical Nursing Exam

The Psychological Services Bureau offers a variety of tests that are used for various healthcare educational programs. The Aptitude for Practical Nursing Exam includes academic subtests and a personality section to determine what kind of working environment is right for you.

  • Whos the test for? LPNs
  • Whats the format? 5 sections of multiple-choice questions
  • How many questions are there? 225 questions broken into the categories of vocabulary, math, analytical reasoning, spelling, natural science , judgement on practical nursing situations, and the Vocational Adjustment Index
  • How long does the test take? 2 1/2 hours
  • Whats a passing score? Acceptable scores are determined by each school. Youll receive a raw score and a percentile rank.
  • How much does it cost? Typically $25
  • Whats the best way to prepare? On the PSB website, find sample questions you can use to help study. Mometrix Test Preparation also offers a comprehensive study guide.

How To Prepare For The Ati Teas Test

ATI Nursing Education has developed several options for preparation of the ATI TEAS Test.

  • ATI TEAS SmartPrep PackageThe most comprehensive TEAS preparation package includes ATI TEAS SmartPrep, a self-directed online tutorial with over 65 Lessons and 650 practice questions two ATI TEAS Online Practice Tests and the printed ATI TEAS Study Guide. All mapped to the actual ATI TEAS Test, so you study exactly what you need to know to get the highest score possible.
  • ATI TEAS Basic PackageThis includes both versions of the ATI TEAS Online Practice Test and the printed ATI TEAS Study Guide.
  • ATI TEAS Online Practice TestsPrepare for the ATI TEAS with two different practice tests. Each test has 150 practice questions with detailed explanations on both right and wrong answers. These tests are patterned after the actual ATI TEAS Test, providing a realistic practice environment for test day.
  • ATI TEAS Study GuideThe TEAS Study Guide contains practice problems for each section of the exam in addition to two comprehensive paper/pencil practice tests. It also includes a detailed explanation of each exam objective in addition to two or more practice problems. Each of these practice problems contain solutions and explanations to help you understand the rationale behind the answers.

For more information on ATI TEAS test preparation products visit: .

TEAS Resources

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Are These Courses Accredited And Transferable

All courses offered through the OPEN program are hosted online.

No, as this is a non-degree seeking program, you will not be eligible for financial aid.

The courses are fully accredited and transferable. All courses are hosted by Columbia University faculty and transcripts are provided by the university.

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How To Study For The Teas

Passing the Nursing * TEAS TEST * on the First Try Resources LINKED BELOW

While the TEAS can seem daunting, ATI offers a wealth of test-prep resources. First and foremost, you should determine which type of test your school requires and register for a specific date, time, and location. Make sure to set aside at least six weeks of study time for the TEAS.

ATI offers study packages, study manuals, practice assessments, and tutorials for purchase through its website. Prices range from $25 to $249. Study packages provided by ATI include online and printed materials based on actual test content.

You can also find TEAS prep resources online including free material through sites dedicated to nursing programs and licensing exams. Note that although free test preparation may appeal to test-takers on a budget, these resources may provide less current information than ATI-sponsored prep material.

Regardless of whether you choose free or paid prep resources to study for the TEAS, taking practice tests is key. You should take multiple practice tests to better understand the format, content areas, and timing of the TEAS.

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Teas English & Language Usage

The TEAS English and Language Usage test section measures and tests your knowledge spelling, grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, and contextual words.

The three subsections for the TEAS English and Language Usage test section are:

  • Conventions of Standard English: 9 scored questions
  • Knowledge of Language: 9 scored questions
  • Vocabulary Acquisition: 6 scored questions

TEAS English & Language Usage Details

  • Total Scored Questions: 24 questions
  • Number of Unscored Questions: 4 questions
  • Maximum Time Allocation: 28 minutes

PLEASE NOTE: A tutorial content area labeled L I: 3 relates to the anatomy and physiology of the cardiovascular system and a test question labeled 1 II: 4 relates to basic atomic structure.

Everything You Need To Know About The Ati Teas Test

Most American nursing schools require you to take the Test of Essential Academic Skills , a standardized, multiple-choice test developed and administered byAssessment Technologies Institute to determine your academic readiness for nursing school. Some allied health or health science programs also require the ATI TEAS test.

Whether you are applying to an ADN, LPN or BSN nursing program , you will need to prepare and plan your admissions process. Start by researching and contacting each of your target schools for each programs admission deadlines and specific requirements.

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How To Prepare For The Teas Test So You Pass

Your TEAS score will make or break your application. Even if you have a great GPA, you still need a great TEAS score to get into nursing school.

Using reliable TEAS practice questions is a great way to help you see how to pass the TEAS test. Check out some of my best TEAS exam practice questions or read more:

Admission Information For Generic Bs Applicants

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Registering for the TEAS

Helene Fuld College of Nursing has a first come, first serve rolling admissions process. The admission application is an online process using Nursing Centralized Application Service via . Submitting a NursingCAS application early before the beginning of the start term is strongly encouraged.

As part of the application process, all applicants are required to a pass pre-entrance exam known as the Test of Essential Academic Skills , and provide official copies of academic transcripts in order to have their application reviewed. To view information regarding the application process . For additional information regarding your admission process contact the Admissions Office at: .

Applicants must provide complete and accurate information to be considered for admission. Deliberate falsification of information will disqualify an applicant. It will constitute cause for dismissal, if falsification is discovered after admission. The College of Nursing reserves the right to act as sole judge of the acceptability of an applicant to its program of study.

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Introduction: What Is Teas And What Does It Measure

ATI is the company that, among other things, constructs and authors the Test of Essential Academic Skills . The TEAS measures and assesses a person’s ability to be academically prepared to enter and succeed in nursing school. The data from this test is highly useful and helpful to those considering entering a nursing school and it is also helpful to nursing programs who use TEAS scores as part of their admission criteria. People who are interested in embarking on a career in nursing want to be able to successfully graduate from a nursing school without failure and schools of nursing want to provide quality education to those who are able to succeed in and graduate from their school of nursing. This standardized test also gives test-takers valid and reliable data that reflects their strengths, their weaknesses, their areas that need improvement and remediation, and their readiness or the lack of readiness, to begin nursing school.

: ATI Nursing Education. Research Brief: Predicting RN Student Attrition using the TEAS V

TEAS is a predictor test that statistically predicts whether or not a person can pass and graduate from a school of nursing. This type of comprehensive test statistically measures the test takers knowledge in four academic areas or subjects which are:

*** While we provide this extensive study guide free of charge other professional guides and adaptations are available via . ***

Preparing For The Ati Teas Test

Most schools limit the number of times you can retake the TEAS. Other programs have a prescribed wait time between testings. Still, others limit the number of times you can take the test within a calendar yearwhich may force you to defer your college enrollment by an entire semester or academic year. Retakes cost you money, including the registration, travel, and transcript fees. Also, deferring your entry to nursing school or allied health program will delay your dream career and when you can start earning a salary.

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Ready To Find A Nursing School

Are you ready to get your nursing career started? It all begins with the right education. Use the widget to explore programs in your area, or head to our guide for tips on How to Choose the Right School. Youll find info on what to look for as you make this ever-important decision. From online program basics to making sure your school is accredited, everything you need to consider is right here.


Application Process For Transfer Students

HOW TO STUDY FOR the TEAS! | Nursing School Entrance Exam

Applicants will be required to submit an application to the University via Cal State Apply and complete SDSUs Supplemental Application in January 2022. The School of Nursing no longer has a separate application process. See SDSUs Transfer Admissions website for additional information.

Important Application Dates and Deadlines

Application Requirements

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Human Anatomy And Physiology: S I

Physiology is the study of the functions of the body. Anatomy and physiology, although technically discrete and different bodies of knowledge, anatomy, and physiology are closely aligned with each other. For example, the anatomy of cardiac muscles enables the physiological performance of the heart to fulfill the body’s physical need for blood flow and oxygenation and the anatomy of the digestive system enables the person to consume food and process foods so that the physical need for nutrition is fulfilled.

Some of the major physical needs of the body that are fulfilled with the body’s physiology and its physiological functioning are the need for:

  • Homeostasis and bodily equilibrium

Teas Exam Format And Scoring

The TEAS exam has four components outlined in the chart below.


When you take the TEAS exam, youll receive a Total Score, Content Area scores and Sub-Content Area Scores . Each score type ranges from 0 to 100%, but all are calculated differently.

Your Total Score is your main TEAS exam score. Your Composite Score is what most programs will look at to determine eligibility. Youll typically need to score at least 70% on your Composite, or Total, Score to be a competitive candidate at most nursing programs. Some schools also look specifically at your Reading Comprehension Content Area score.

Every school has different admission requirements, though, so its best to check to see what they are before applying.

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Dont Keep Score In Your Head

Dont dwell on the questions or ruminate over whether you got something wrong. At the same time, dont try to tally your victories while taking the test. That will take your mind away from the task at hand during the TEAS, youll need to give every question your full attention. This can be difficult. Youll want to think about your progress or how youre doing. Dont, though. Stay focused and remember what you studied. Be mindful of your task, and do your best in the moment.

After all, youll have to be focused, mindful, and good at recalling information when you become a nurse. The TEAS is just the beginning.

After the TEAS and nursing school, the NCLEX awaits! Be sure to download our free e-book, 49 Proven NCLEX Strategies for tips on mastering the biggest test in nursing. Good luck studying!

What Is The Difference Between Teas V And Ati Teas

62 best TEAS Study Guide images on Pinterest

Unlike the TEAS V, you will be provided with a four-function calculator and scrap paper to use during the tests. All scrap paper, used and unused, and the calculator must be returned to the test monitor, or proctor after the test is over.

The difficulty of the exams is on par with each other however adjustments were made in the ATI TEAS to align current academic standards and understandings.

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Application Process & Requirements For Ucf Bsn Degrees

Youve chosen the path to advance your career with a bachelors degree in nursing from UCF. Let us help you navigate the next steps.

Please note: admission statistics are for the limited-access, campus-based BSN programs. Online programs are not limited access.

Prospective BSN students are encouraged to attend a UCF Nursing Information and Advising session. RSVPs are required for all campus locations. Register now.

For students unable to travel to campus for an information session:

Seminole State/UCF Concurrent ASN to BSN applicants are also REQUIRED to attend an SSC Nursing Information Session. Get a head start by downloading the SSC/UCF Admissions Checklist.

Valencia/UCF Concurrent ASN to BSN applicants are strongly encouraged to also attend a Valencia Health Sciences Information Session. Get a head start by downloading the VC/UCF Admissions Checklist.

Students who have additional questions after attending an Information and Advising Session can schedule an individual appointment with a nursing staff advisor.

Applicants must earn a C or better in all prerequisite courses.

If courses were taken out of state or at a private institution or if not part of the state of Florida common course numbering, you must submit a petition to the College of Nursing for all courses you wish to transfer .

Science Courses:

Other Courses:

Seminole State College Concurrent ASN to BSN Additional Prerequisites



TEAS® Exam:



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