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What Tea Will Help Me Sleep

Gaia Herbs Sleep & Relax

3 Teas for the Best Nights Sleep Ever

Theres a big warning in bold on this box: KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN. So you know its gonna be good. Sorry kids, stick to your sippy cups of scotch, this is adult tea thats far from a placebo. Passionflower is really carrying the team, with lemon balm, licorice, and chamomile on the bench. With all those assertive ingredients, you would think that this tea for sleep would taste like…something. Anything. How can a tea taste like so much nothing? These are the stoner thoughts youll have when drinking this tea. If I had to say it tastes like something, Id go with hay or the color beige. Unoffensive. I didnt feel woozy or slightly dangerous the way I do sometimes with valerian teas. Its good to switch things up before your body starts building up tolerances.

Verdict: Very chill, but not chill enough. Is this the best tea for sleep? I dont know, but it packs a good sleepy punch and the flavor of nothing continues to mystify me.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra

If your mom microwaved Sleepytime for you when you were young and she needed you to go to bed already for the love of god, youll recognize the huge, snoring bear on the box from a mile away. Celestial Seasonings tried to rebrand, and thousands of calls and emails cried out UM, NO. So they brought the bear back, and the world is a better place for it. The herbs arent organic, so the yogi-wellness gurus I consulted dont adore this one, but I doand I think you will too. Theyve managed to cook up a flavorful herbal blend thats slightly sweet, minty, and chamomile-forward without any bitterness. Plus, its heavy on the most powerful ingredient of all: nostalgia. Well, nostalgia and valerian, which is what makes this Sleepytime EXTRA.

Verdict: You can consider this one the Coca-Cola of sleepy teas. The flavor is comforting, powerful, and downright good. Its a solid choice that checks all of the boxes and can be found at pretty much any grocery storeBOOM.

Can Herbal Teas Really Help You Sleep

Some people refrain from drinking any kind of tea at night. But the truth is that herbal teas are very different from regular caffeinated teas. They contain anti-anxiety ingredients that help your body relax and get to sleep easily. You must have heard of how valerian root can help people with sleep problems. Herbal teas contain the same ingredient as valerian root to soothe your physical and mental system and help you relax before you go to sleep.

The advantage of drinking a herbal tea instead of taking the raw supplement is that you dont have to deal with the stinky herb and bad taste. Moreover, taking raw herb with water isnt a soothing experience in itself. On the other hand, drinking tea at bedtime has an inherent relaxing effect on your brain, just like taking a hot shower helps you feel instantly relaxed.

Some sleep teas have ingredients that have a sedative effect, such as chamomile and valerian. On the other hand, some teas have ingredients that reduce stress and anxiety. Some sleep teas help ease digestion so that the body can relax and go to sleep.

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Have An Overtired Child Try This Sleepy Tea Mixture

From Nourished Kitchen

During my travels, I have encountered many overtired children and let me tell you something, it isnt a pretty sight. When my family members children get overtired, I cant help but wonder what can be done about it, mostly because Im sick of listening to the screaming.

One thing that can help an overtired child is an herbal tea mixture consisting of lemon balm, rose, lavender, peppermint, fennel, and licorice. This sounds delicious, I think I want to make a cup now.

Lemon balm is a calming sedative, rose and lavender support sleep and induce good dreams, peppermint, fennel, and licorice have soothing flavors and aid in digestion support and help with upset stomachs. You can include other herbs as well, but these are the ones that I think are the best for kids.

  • heavy cream or milk
  • Place a kettle of filtered water onto the stove and bring to a boil.
  • While the water comes to a boil, place herbs and spices into a mortar and crush with a pestle until roughly combined.
  • Transfer to a teapot, pour boiling water over the herbs and steep for three to five minutes.
  • Strain and serve with honey and cream, as you like it.
  • Homestead Apothecary Dream Time

    I Tried 4 Different Teas to Help Me Sleep and Here

    Packaged in an open-shelf-friendly octagonal jar, there was a big, green dried hop on the top of the tea when I twisted off the lid. What a nice touch! This is a very unique tea, with mugwort and hops, and I love anything that gives me Macbeth witch vibes. I used to make potions like this when we camped in the Michigan woods in my childhood, and this was the tea I was trying to make. Lots of dried pieces of actual nature, without the flavor of sticks, mud, and Off! Bug spray. After steeping the suggested 1030 minutes, the tea still had only a hint of rose-chamomile flavor. To bring out the floral notes, cold-steep the tea before you leave for work in the morning and then strain it to reheat before bed. You can drink it more concentrated this way, which means less liquid before going to bedif youre working hard to go to sleep, you might as well try to stay asleep. A note that this tea used to be called Sweet Dreams, but now goes by Dream Time. Same witchy stuff.

    Verdict: Pleasant, neutral flavor. After having a cup at 3 p.m. on a Monday, I felt a little dizzythis is definitely better for nighttime. Did it give me epic dreamtime adventures, as Homesteads website promises? Not really. As someone who sometimes would rather not remember her dreams, thats fine with me.

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    Traditional Medicinals Nighty Night Valerian

    If youre really serious about getting a better sleep fast, you need to skip over the plain Nighty Night and hit the Nighty Night Valerian instead. It gets me every time. After a 10-minute steep, theres a pleasant funky-earthy smell to this organic tea, with subtle notes of gym socks. But the scent is much stronger than the taste. This is a tea made from passionfloweran actual flower known to chill the nerves, not the name of a bath oil your mom bought from the last Avon lady on Earth. If youre the kind of person who lies in bed thinking about those lost USPS packages, your cats fading eyesight, and what will happen to your health care in the near future, well, this is for you.

    Verdict: Legit. Despite the scent, the flavor is mellow and perfect if you need to unwind at the end of a long day overthinking how to respond to that one email. I would recommend it.

    Herbal Tea With Lemon Balm

    The last of our tea-based suggestions is just about any caffeine-free herbal tea. When mixed with lemon balm, herbal teas can make a perfect sleep aid for anyone seeking a natural way to drift off. Lemon balm, which is also known as balm mint in some areas, is a fantastic option for busting stress, fighting off insomnia, and promoting healthy sleep.

    To make the best herbal tea, start by washing about 10 lemon balm leaves and adding them to your teapot with boiling water. Let the lot steep for about five minutes before adding a spoonful of honey and drinking it while it’s hot.

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    Drinks To Help You Sleep At Night

    If you prefer to listen to this article, click on the SoundCloud player below.

    Fortunately, what you drink before bedtime could help you enjoy a more restful night. Your mother likely knew what she was doing when she sent you to bed with a mug of warm milk, a range of other delicious beverages could help you if you struggle to find peace at night. Here are just 10 of the drinks you can make at home to help improve your sleep.

    Yogi Tea Soothing Caramel Bedtime

    Tea to help you Sleep

    Lets face it: Sometimes, youre just not in the mood for a floral tea, and who doesnt like the sound of a sweet dessert-like tea before bed. Yogi Tea Soothing Caramel Bedtime is the answer to our wishes. This soothing herbal tea has a sweet, indulgent taste of vanilla and caramel with notes of chamomile and rooibos. The sleepy blend of rooibos tea includes chamomile flower, skullcap, and L-theanine, with chicory, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, caramel, and sweet stevia.

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    Do I Have A Sleep Problem If I Wake Up In The Night

    We are evolutionary conditioned to wake up in the night, it’s completely natural. When you do, settle your mind and try to go back to sleep.

    Top tip: Meditating is a powerful way of silencing the worries rattling around in your head. Go beyond your brains noisy internal dialogue and enter into a more relaxed state. Try our free guided meditation.

    Clipper Sleep Easy Infusion

    Clipper Sleep Easy is a tea thats close to my heart, being blended in the UK, not far from where I grew up. I like how they point out that its made with organic ingredients and a clear conscience.

    Clipper says they strive to improve the welfare of the workers in the countries the ingredients come from.

    The tea has quite a mellow flavor, with just a hint of cinnamon and the rooibos coming through the standard flavor of chamomile.

    Its a wonderful tea to drink before bed, with a unique taste, and one of my favorites in the colder winter months.


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    Are There Other Teas That Will Help You Sleep

    A general chamomile or lavender tea that may not necessarily be advertised as bedtime tea can also work to bring on some zzzs.

    Although the evidence is limited, the relaxing aroma coming from a hot cup of freshly brewed lavender tea might help you unwind before bed, Martin says.

    Just make sure your tea is caffeine-free.

    If athletes enjoy a warm, caffeine-free tea before bed, I often recommend chamomile-based teas, or soothing flavor combinations like honey lavender or peppermint, says Schlichter. Additionally, tart cherry juice is known to help with sleep, as it contains natural melatonin, a sleep hormone, and can also help with recovery.

    One Of My Favorites: Chamomile Turmeric Tea

    Top Best 7 Herbal Teas To Help You Sleep Well {Infographic}

    From Green Kitchen Stories

    I absolutely love Chamomile tea. After drinking it, I feel restful and calm. It is the perfect way to wind down from a stressful day at work.

    Chamomile is beneficial for you because overall, it can enhance human health. It has antioxidant properties and antimicrobial properties. Not only that, but there is also a possibility that it helps reduce inflammation and lower cholesterol.

    If you suffer from diabetes, high cholesterol, or just want to lower your cancer risk, drinking Chamomile tea would be a good start.

    • 2 cups drinking water
  • Cover with a lid to steep.
  • Allow your tea to steep overnight if possible .
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    How To Sleep Better At Night Naturally

    A lack of sleep can leave the body and mind feeling exhausted, creating anxiety and stress. But even if you get to bed on time, it’s not always as easy as simply closing your eyes and drifting off.

    Fear not, our Senior Herbalist answers common questions about sleep, and explores little changes we can all make to our daily routine and night time rituals to help get a much better night’s rest.

    Side Effects Of Chamomile

    For those who are allergic to daisies, this flower is from the same family, so chamomile tea should be avoided. Being a herbal depressant, it can cause excessive drowsiness in some, especially when combined with the effects of alcohol or that of other sedative medication.

    Additionally, the chemicals in chamomile are known to act as anticoagulants, interfering with blood clotting. So, those on blood thinners like aspirin or warfarin should definitely avoid chamomile tea or any other product that has chamomile as the key ingredient.

    A study conducted in the Middle East indicates a high risk of miscarriage or preterm labor upon consuming chamomile tea. So, chamomile is also not recommended during pregnancy. Mothers who are breastfeeding are also advised not to drink chamomile tea as the depressant effects may pass on to the newborn and may cause medical complications.

    Since chamomile also has a sedative effect, it should not be consumed alongside anti-anxiety or antidepressant drugs that help with insomnia.

    In conclusion, chamomile is a daisy-like flower that can be dried at a specific temperature and brewed into a tea. It is a common herbal medicine that has been used for centuries by ancient Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.

    Chamomile tea has numerous health benefits. It helps to relieve stomach cramps, menstrual disorders, muscular spasms, and more.

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    Should You Go For Loose Tea Or Bags

    If youve heard that some tea bags contain microplastics, you might feel a little alarmed by the thought of drinking bagged tea.

    Many tea brands have shifted to newer, biodegradable tea bags, or are in the process of doing so. For the time being, experts still consider tea bags safe to use, so you dont need to completely avoid bagged tea.

    That said, many people prefer the taste of loose tea steeped in a teapot rather than directly in the mug. Tea bags can be convenient, but loose tea also helps reduce packaging waste.

    If you prefer loose tea, youll need a teapot or tea ball, along with a kettle to boil water.

    Other Natural Sleep Aids To Try

    Herbal tea to help you sleep

    If you are having trouble falling asleep, a relaxing routine at the end of the day is helpful. This is part of the reason why a warm cup of chamomile tea before bed is recommended, especially in place of unhealthy sleep habits like drinking alcohol or scrolling through your phone.

    “Take the hour before going to bed to take a hot bath or drink a cup of chamomile tea, which can be helpful in slowing your mind and body down,” says Nate Favini, MD, Medical Lead of Forward, an online primary care practice focused on preventative medicine.

    In addition to drinking chamomile tea, there are other natural sleep aids that might help induce sleepiness before bed. These include:

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    Bedtime Tea Ingredients And How They Work

    Some bedtime teas, also called sleepytime teas, have an actual sedative effect that induces sleep. Others work to relieve the stress and anxiety that can cause insomnia and othersleep disorders. While studies show that bedtime teas all help to promote sleep, the exact nature of their calming effects has not been conclusively identified. However, there appears to be consensus on the working theories.

    Does Drinking It Calm People With Anxiety And Depression

    No matter what type of decaffeinated tea you choose, there is evidence that supports the fact that drinking tea will help calm those suffering from anxiety in depression.

    There are three reasons why this is the case:

  • Routine Having a bedtime routine naturally calms your nerves. Its predictable and something you can control. It especially helps if you combine this activity with something enjoyable like reading a book or chatting with a loved one.
  • Slow Down Since you cant easily run around the block or vacuum the living room with a piping hot cup of liquid in your hand, by drinking tea you force yourself to take a break. By its very nature, this activity is calming.
  • Hydration Not many people know that dehydration increases anxiety. By consuming more water, even in the form of tea, you can ease anxiety and depression symptoms.
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    What Should I Eat And Drink To Help Me Sleep Better

    Nutritionist Cassandra Barns says: foods rich in a natural chemical known as tryptophan can help support the bodys circadian rhythms.”

    “These include foods such as oats and oat flowers, walnuts, pumpkin and sunflower seeds but also natural proteins.”

    “Herbs that help to relax the nervous system or influence a slight sedative action can also help smooth out any residual tension left over from the day.

    Top tip: Drinking alcohol to help you sleep can actually inhibit a restful night. Try calming herbal tea blends such as Three Chamomile, Relax and Night Time in to unwind.

    Numi Organic Tea Sweet Slumber

    Can Drinking Green Tea Help Me Cope with Shift Work ...

    Numi Organic Sweet Slumber is an organic, caffeine-free, non-GMO, bedtime tea made with Fair Trade Certified ingredients. It contains a pleasant mix of sleep-inducing, relaxing herbs such as chamomile sourced from Egypt, soothing lavender flowers, and lemon balm leaf, an herb said to induce drowsiness and aid sleep. Sweet Slumber also harnesses the sleep-supporting power of valerian root. It steeps for 8-10 minutes and has a distinct floral flavor.

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    The Republic Of Tea Get Some Zzzs

    The Republic of Teas Get Some Zzzs No.5 Rest Herbal Tea lives up to its long name, helping you drift off to sleep soon after your head hits the pillow. The base of the tea is organic rooibos, which is then layered with calming orange peel, spearmint leaf, chamomile flower, and passionfruit. It also contains stevia leaf for calorie-free sweetness and valerian root extract to induce drowsiness. The tea steeps in 5-7 minutes and has a pleasantly sweet, floral, and herbaceous flavor.


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