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Does Matula Tea Cure H Pylori

H Pylori Testing: How Can We Find It


A number of H. pylori testing options are available for identifying the presence of an infection. We have listed the main ones below. In our experience, DNA stool testing is the most reliable but is also prone to false negatives – infections not showing up on testing – like all of the options listed.

How To Make Matula Tea

If you wish to create your own Matula tea at home, you can do so by combining the herbs and plants described previously, though doing this is not advised for anyone but an herbalist.

For the rest of us , use the pre-packaged Matula Tea.

According to the Matula Tea website, this is how it works:

How Long Should You Take Matula Herbal Tea

Matula herbal tea is to be taken for 30 days, twice a day. One cup took before breakfast in the morning and the other at least 2 hours after dinner before going to bed.

You might feel a lot better after a couple of weeks. But it is most important to complete the treatment course. You can continue taking Matula herbal tea after you have completed the 30-day treatment course. It is not a problem, as the tea is completely non-toxic. However, if you only want to eradicate the Helicobacter Pylori bacteria, a 30 days treatment course should be sufficient.

Get high-quality products at a much lesser price at our Matula Tea review! Shop and save at the same time with this Matula Tea coupon now!

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The Top 9 Alternative Natural Treatments For Helicobacter Pylori

1. Mastic gum

Mastic gum is extracted from the mastic tree, an evergreen native of the Greek Island of Chios. The Greeks have been using mastic gum for its therapeutic qualities for thousands of years. It is also used as a food additive and as a gum to freshen breath.

Mastic gum has antibacterial properties and among its traditional medicinal uses, it is eaten to remedy stomach complaints including peptic ulcers. The internet is full of glowing patient reports regarding the effectiveness of mastic gum in treating H. pylori with many people saying that they tested negative after taking it.

This all sounds extremely promising but what does science have to say?

In recent times, mastic gum has been investigated in clinical and laboratory trials to test its ability to eradicate the H. pylori bacteria. The research into mastic gum has been fairly extensive and of all the natural remedies that researchers have focused on so far, mastic gum has produced the most effective results.

Several recent studies have confirmed that mastic gum can eradicate H. pylori and heal ulcers and that mastic gum was a suitable potential alternative to conventional antibiotic treatment

Even a small of mastic gum taken for 14 days can be effective in healing peptic ulcers.. Researchers also state that mastic gum is a safe treatment none of the patients in any of the clinical trials have reported any side effects.

2. Matula Tea
3. Manuka honey

Ingredients Of Matula Herbal Tea

H. Pylori Natural Treatment Guide: Symptoms, Diet, Herbals

All the ingredients of Matula herbal tea are grown wild in various parts of Southern Africa.

The primary constituents of this herbal tea formula are as follows:

  • Oleo Europaea & Oleo Africana
  • Olive The Leaf of the plant are used
  • Liquorice
  • Wild Guava The Fruit & Leaf of the plant are used
  • Syzygium Cordathus
  • Wild Garlic The Root and Rhizome of the plant are used

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How To Eradicate H Pylori

Helicobacter pylori is a hardy spiral shaped bacterium which multiplies and colonizes in the stomach. H. pylori can survive gastric acids due to its ability to produce an enzyme called urease. Urease neutralizes stomach acid, making it easy for the bacteria to survive in it own acide-free zone.

H. Pylori is the only bacterial organism that can survive in the hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

The bacteria can easily penetrate the stomachs protective mucous lining. It can even trick the stomach into making more stomach acid which makes the stomach lining more susceptible to damage through exposure to acid and pepsin. This can cause stomach ulcers.

H Pylori Supplement #: Gastromend

Gastromend-HP is a godsend for any sort of gastritis or acid reflux symptoms. So including it in the h pylori protocol helps not only with eliminating the bacteria but it can help control your symptoms, fast.

This supplement is a specially designed blend of botanical extracts that helps to support gastric health.

The main players in this supplement are mastic gum and Deglycyrrhizinated Licorice .

Gastromend-HP is a little on the pricey side, but if you have a severe case of h pylori and your symptoms are especially bad, I highly recommend it!

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How To Prevent Future Infection

The source of H. pylori is unclear. There are no formal recommendations from the CDC to prevent it. In general, you should practice good hygiene by frequently washing your hands and properly preparing your food. If youre diagnosed with H. pylori, complete your full course of treatment to reduce your risk of recurrence.

How To Use It


To be clear, the recommended usage of matula is two cups a day on an empty stomach for 30 days, so this equals 60 dosages. First, bring filtered water to boil, place one matula tea sachet in a cup/mug and pour boiling water into cup. You may add 1/2 tsp of Manuka honey for additional flavor . Basically, youll want to drink the tea slowly in the morning ½ an hour before breakfast and at night ½ hour before dinner or 1 hour after dinner. In fact, youll want to swirl the tea in your mouth before swallowing. In terms of the taste, Matula is quite enjoyable, which makes it a great herbal remedy.

Since the matula is in liquid form, it can easily reach, cover and saturate the infected area of the stomach lining. Thus, this allows sufficient time to eliminate the H. Pylori bacteria and beyond.

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H Pylori Supplement #: Mastic Gum

Mastic gum is the powerhouse of this h pylori treatment protocol.

This supplement has been shown to be effective in the eradication of h pylori in studies that compared its usage to pharmaceutical antibiotics.

And whats great about mastic gum, as compared to antibiotics, is that there are no detrimental side effects to the health of your microbiome.

Mastic gum is not an herbal antimicrobial, but its actually a resin that comes from the mastic tree.

So, if youre worried about the negative side effects of using antibiotic therapy to treat h pylori, trying out mastic gum first is a great option.

Where To Buy The Best Matula Tea

Having seen all the benefits of organic Matula tea, you might be wondering where can I buy Matula tea? Do you recommend any trusted sellers? For starters, you can visit the official Matula Tea website here.

A once-off treatment of Matula Tea will provide complete relief from ulcer symptoms by eliminating the underlying cause. This drug is more effective, easier to take, and much less expensive than other prescribed medications. Plus, it doesnt have any negative side effects.

You can get the product for a great deal at affordable prices because the entire process is transparent. Try to buy it in a whole box rather than in small sachets you will save money this way.

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Who Should Not Take Matula Tea

Pregnant and lactating mothers, however, must consult their doctors to find out if it suitable for them. This herbal beverage may not be suitable for children below 12 years of age.

Laboratory tests have proven that Matula tea doesnt contradict with any medicines. However, if you are under medication, please consult your doctor for appropriate guidance.

Other Supplements To Consider


Berberine a herb found in barberry, goldenseal and Oregon rape that has anti-microbial properties against H. Pylori

Deglycyrrhzinated licorice root flavenoid that shows anti-h. pylori activity, also heals the gut

Slippery Elm the use of this herb helps microbial substances penetrate the mucous lining of the gut, enhancing their ability to work against bacteria and parasites

Sulforaphane from broccoli seeds and sprouts. Has been show to have anti-h. pylori activity

Vitamin U from cabbage juice and used in Russia for ulcer and stomach-lining healing

L-glutamine primary fuel source of stomach cells and used in gut healing and repair

Mastic gum known to exert antimicrobial affects against h. pylori

Zinc carnosine anti-h.pylori activity and ability to heal ulcers

Bismuth citrate enhances the effectiveness of pharmaceuticals against h. pylori

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How To Eradicate H Pylori Naturally

Unfortunately, the bacterium is not easy to eradicate. There is no single antibiotic that can do the job alone, so multiple antibiotics in conjunction with proton pump inhibitors such as Nexium and Prilosec, are being prescribed which come with a laundry list of side effects.

Here are the most common conventional methods for eradication h. pylori:

Triple Theory uses 3 different types of medication to elminate h. pyori infections. It uses 2 different types of antibiotics together , along with a Proton Pump Inhibitor that stops the production of acid in your stomach to help the antibiotic work and relieve symptoms of acid reflux and heartburn. Studies show that is it 50-80% successful.

Sequential Theory involves taking one antibiotic for one week, followed by another for a week all while taking a PPI at the same time. One study showed a 72.6% eradication rate.

Quadruple Therapy 3 antibiotics are taken alongside the proton pump inhibitor. Often used when the triple therapy has not been successful. This can involve taking up to 20-25 pills per day. Some studies indicate that this method is successful whereas others show less encouraging results .

In addition, ther are many side effects of antibiotic use to consider. Dr. Alan Gaby, M.D. states that:

It is important to look at clinically proven natural herbal solutions that can be done without any negative side-effect.

The Top 5 Natural H Pylori Fighting Products

Special Notes:

This article is directly copied from Dave Hompes book, The H Pylori Diet

We recognise that it can be confusing for you as a consumer to know exactly which products, brands and manufacturers to trust when it comes to supplement quality and efficacy.

Two bottles of mastic gum, for example, may have completely different potencies, meaning that one may work and one may not. If you are going to spend your hard-earned money, its important that you do so on products that you know are effective.

The products listed below have ALL been tested in the real world with our clients, over a period of 4 years and we know they work, based on clients symptom relief and through repeat lab testing.

Matula Herbal Formula

Matula Herbal Formula is herbal tea comprised of a blend of herbs that grow in a small geographical area in the Cape Mountains of South Africa. The Matula is packaged into teabags. You simply make a cup of tea twice daily and drink it on an empty stomach. Because it is a highly specialised product, Matula must be ordered online and is not available in stores, unless the store has an agreement with the company to buy and resell the product. Unfortunately, due to AQIS restrictions, Matula is not allowed into Australia, so if youre in Australia please do pay special attention to the other products discussed below.

Gastromend HP



Putting It All Together

Please visit our Quick Fixes section for more details.

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The Importance Of H Pylori Virulence Factors

Basically, H. pylori infections carrying specific virulence factors, or genes, can lead to more severe symptoms and health consequences. Virulence factors are molecules produced by bacteria that allow them to increase their ability to cause harm by improving colonization, suppressing the immune system and obtaining nutrition. For H. pylori these include the following genes listed in the table below, including cytotoxin-associated gene A and vacuolating cytotoxin A , both of which can cause tissue damage and inflammation.

This is why advanced stool testing that allows us to identify the presence of these virulence factors can help prioritize H. pylori in the treatment hierarchy when correlated with reported symptoms. Virulence factors also explain why when a person is symptomatic, the theory that half the worlds population has it so it doesnt matter is neither accurate nor helpful.

H Pylori Triple Therapy

Matula Herbal Formula – H.pylori natural treatment – 8 months on

Triple therapy is another name for this treatment because this protocol consists of two antibiotics and a stomach acid-reducing medicine.

Antibiotics perform better when stomach acid is lower.

Here are the medications you may see prescribed:

  • Clarithromycin
  • Proton-pump inhibitor
  • Metronidazole or Amoxicillin

Treatment depends on your medical history and if you have any medication allergies.

More H. Pylori Sources: HERE, HERE, and HERE

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Should You Take Matula Tea For H Pylori

Of course you should talk to your doctor first before starting any treatment. Unfortunately though, most conventional doctors will just recommend that you take antibiotics. In addition to the issues with antibacterial resistance, there are plenty of reasons NOT to take antibiotics like that they may cause gut flora dysbiosis, may cause IBS, and because herbal antibiotics may be more effective in fighting infections anyway.

Matula tea isnt exactly the cheapest option for treating h. pylori infections. However, compared to the cost of antibiotics and the long-term damage they can cause, I found the price very well worth it .

H Pylori Natural Treatment Guide: Symptoms Diet Herbals

H. pylori was the first bacteria to be formally recognized as a carcinogen and is an underlying root cause of many gastrointestinal disorders. Researchers and sufferers have been wanting to find how to cure H. pylori since its role in stomach ulcers was discovered over 30 years ago. And with the conventional triple antibiotic therapy no longer considered gold standard because of low success rates, H. pylori natural treatment approaches have become increasingly well researched, effective and preferred in clinical practice in recent years.

Having helped hundreds of clients at The Functional Gut Health Clinic eradicate H. pylori in recent years using natural protocols, were excited to share both our understanding and current approach.

Heres everything were going to cover:

  • What is Helicobacter pylori

  • How do you catch it and how prevalent is it?

  • What diseases can it cause?

  • Symptoms of H. pylori infection

  • H. pylori testing options available

  • H. pylori natural treatment protocols we use

  • Using Matula Tea for H. pylori and other natural options

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Immune Response And Disease

The development of innate immunity depends on the hosts recognition of microbial pathogens through pathogen-associated molecular patterns , such as lipopolysaccharide , peptidoglycan, lipoproteins, flagellins or double-stranded RNA. These PAMPs are highly conserved molecular structures that are recognised by Toll-like receptors or by NOD-like receptors . H. pylori LPS and flagellin are poor activators of TLR-4 and TLR-5, respectively. H. pylori LPS has a weak endotoxic activity compared to Salmonella typhimurium LPS and is a weaker inducer of pro-inflammatory cytokines than Escherichia coli LPS. H. pylori flagellin is weakly recognised by TLR-5 and it is not pro-inflammatory. H. pylori evades an initial innate response by preventing intense immune activation thus, it can colonise the gastric mucosa. The H. pylori peptidoglycan is delivered into cells through the T4SS and the outer membrane vesicles. Once translocated, the peptidoglycan is recognised by NLR NOD-1, resulting in the translocation of nuclear factor -B to the nucleus and the activation of the immune response genes.

H Pylori Natural Treatment

H.pylori explained

If you are considering a H. pylori natural treatment protocol, here are a few product options and considerations:

Antimicrobials / herbals for H. pylori

For eradicating H. pylori we typically use a protocol that includes Matula Tea, Mastic Gum and/or Allicin . Since we started using Matula Tea for H. pylori in our protocols, we have had hundreds of clients complete a protocol with rates of successful eradication of H. pylori that broadly align with the in-vitro research on its effectiveness. Given Matula Tea for H. pylori doesnt have any side-effects , only takes 30-60 days and is in an easy to consume tea, it has been a real game-changer for our protocols. It might be about the worlds most expensive tea but including it in our protocols has certainly improved client outcomes. You can learn more about Matula Tea and H. pylori HERE. We always use antimicrobials in combination with a number of other support products so cant comment on the effectiveness of Matula Tea in eradicating H. pylori when taken on its own.

Biofilm disruptor

Like most bacterial infections, H. pylori is known to form biofilms as part of its survival and defense against eradication. As such, we commonly use a biofilm disruptor to help breakdown biofilm and assist with eradication. There are a number of products available, but the most well tolerated and effective in our clients is Biofilm Defense by Kirkman Labs. If recommended by your practitioner, you can find it on or iHerb.

Probiotics for H. pylori

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Olea Europaea & Africana

An olive tree species, this ingredient has antibacterial, antifungal, and anti-oxidizing properties. The properties of this product kill all the harmful bacteria in the body, as well as improving your immunity.

Furthermore, they relieve sore throats, headaches, kidney problems, eye infections, and bladder infections.


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