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Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set

All Our Teas Are Potential Gift Sets

Tea Forte Assorted Tea Gift Set, 28 Assorted Loose Leaf Teas,

Having said that, we just wanted to point out that all our teas in fact make wonderful gift sets or gift packs and you can customise them yourself very easily.

We are renowned for our super premium loose leaf Japanese green teas, black teas, Oolong teas and flavoured teas, all with exquisite taste and appearance. You can find many such examples all over our website, including Limited Edition teas as well. Choose a couple of different teas, add our gift wrap option during checkout and hey presto, you’ve created your own custom tea gift set!

How Do You Make Tea

The steps for making tea at home differ depending on if you use tea bags or loose leaf. With tea bags, the process is a bit easier. Start by filling a kettle with cold water, then heat it until it reaches the ideal temperature for your tea and pour the hot water directly over the tea bag into your mug. The amount of time it should steep depends on the type of tea you’re making. Lighter teas, like green, white, and oolong, only need about one to three minutes. Black tea generally requires three to five minutes, while herbal and rooibos teas should steep anywhere from five to 10 minutes. After the right amount of time has elapsed, take out the tea bag and enjoy.

For those using loose leaf tea, the steps are pretty similar: boil water, pour it over the tea, and let steep for the recommended time. The main difference is that you have to measure the right amount of loose leaf first. We recommend one teaspoon of loose leaf tea for every six ounces of water. If you’re making a full pot of tea, the general rule of thumb is one teaspoon of loose leaf per cup, plus one extra scoop.

Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set

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Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Lindsey Goodwin has worked in the tea industry since 2006. She holds tea lectures across the country, writes marketing and packaging copy for specialty beverage retailers, and is a consultant to companies ranging from small, local establishments to international beverage businesses. Her imbibing adventures have also included leading tea tours in New York City, visiting the tea estates of India, Taiwan, and Japan, and exploring the beverage cultures in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Vancouver, Toronto, Glasgow, London, and many major U.S. cities.

This piece was updated by Derek Rose, the coffee and tea expert for The Spruce Eats. He researches a variety of products and interviews field experts for their insight. After joining The Spruce team in 2019, he has also written about a number of other topics, including home goods, technology, and gifts. He received an MFA in Creative Writing from Columbia University and a BA in Communications from Marist College.

What’s Inside Our Tea Gift Boxes

Suki Tea Classic Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set

We sell only the most premium and delicious teas – loose leaf green teas, black teas, original tea blends, flavoured and herbal teas, organic teas and more. For those more inclined toward tea bags, we also offer a range of tea gift boxes featuring our super premium tea bag range as well .

Each set usually contains two tins of different teas, all premium loose leaf teas or tea bags, and come packaged in a special gift box, sure to please your tea connoisseur friend, loved one and/or family member! You can also choose to add additional gift wrapping during checkout.

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Can I Reuse Tea Bags And Tea Leaves

Usually, yes. There isn’t a set number of times you can reuse tea bags or tea leaves, but more often than not there’s enough flavor left to produce at least one more cup of tasty tea after the first steeping. Loose leaf tea typically provides more uses than tea bags, and some varieties even taste better after they have been steeped once.

How Good Quality Is Our Tea

Please read our About Us page, and our reviews on Google if you like.

You will discover we are internationally famous for premium quality tea from all over the world including delicious flavoured teas, tea blends, and all sorts of exotic varieties and more.

We believe you will be more than satisfied that a LUPICIA tea gift box set and perhaps a limited edition item will make an ideal gift for that hard-to-please tea enthusiast!

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What Water Temperature Is Best For Brewing Tea

The best water temperature depends on the type of tea you are making. Gentler teas naturally taste best when brewed at lower temperatures, while bolder teas require hotter temperatures. White tea, for example, is best brewed with water that is 160 degrees. Green tea ranges from 150 to 180 degrees. Oolong is best around 190 degrees. Moving into the stronger teas, black tea ranges from 180 to 212 degrees. Finally, herbal teas sit around the 212-degree mark. Many electric kettles can be pre-programmed to reach a specific temperature, and some even come with designated buttons for different tea varieties.

Our Loose Leaf Gift Packs Are The Perfect Thoughtful Gift For Your Tea Lover Friend Family Member Or That Special Someone

Vahdam Teas | Assorted Loose Leaf Teas Gift Box

The nicely crafted gift boxes and stylish tins inside present a standard of quality which can be expected from a world-renowned Japanese tea company, and this is further reflected by the wonderful aroma and flavour of the tea leaves inside!

Our range of gift sets includes many different teas, so there’s at least one to satisfy the tea lovers out there who you wish to send a gift to!Inside each box, you’ll discover individually packaged tins containing various ingredients – whole leaf loose tea options such as green tea blend, flavoured black tea and Taiwan oolong tea.Furthermore, we have herbal tea gift boxes containing quality herbs such as German chamomile. Basically, we have a tea gift set to suit everyone! We even have the very special “tea connoisseur set!”

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How Many Types Of Tea Are There

There are so many kinds of tea in the world and so many ways to classify them that it’s difficult to give an exact number. Even experts have differing opinions. Some put the figure around 1,500, while others say 3,000. Others still put the number upwards of 20,000 varieties. To make it easier, there are six main categories that many teas are sorted into: black tea, green tea, white tea, yellow tea, oolong tea, and fermented or pu-erh teas.

Looking For Tea Bag Gift Sets

Perhaps your gift recipient prefers the convenience of tea bags? At LUPICIA, we offer the exact same high quality loose leaf tea except packaged in premium silken pyramid tea bags.And of course we offer our tea bags in the form of gift packs or gift sets: all types of teas including herbal teas View our range of tea bag gift sets here.

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Questions Weve Got Answers

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  • What Types Of Tea Gifts And Packs Are There

    Loose Leaf Tea Gift Set Tea Gifts by Art of Tea

    Letâs see. The perfect gift for anybody and any occasion is⦠tea! Tealicious, tantalising, tastebud-tempting teas of all fanciful flavours make fabulous gifts. Beautifully packaged in a range of tea bag and loose leaf tea box sets, the greatest gift of all must surely be tea.

    Tea gift packs include all sorts of tea-rrific combos, from herbaceous herbals in a variety of varietals to specialist combos like gatherings of greens, blooming good blacks, charismatic chai collections and boxes of breakfast bombshells. When you lovingly give the gift of tea itâs sure to mean tea for you and tea for me, tea for all the family!

    Youâll think all your Christmases have come at once when you see our simply adorable gift tea tins in a kaleidoscope of Chrissie colours and dashing designs.

    Set your eyes on the prize when you spy the sure-fire winning gift â aT2 Jug-a-lot gift set, beautifully boxed with super chill tea sachets. The Jug-a-lot is the perfect way to make and serve delicious iced teas and who doesnât love a long, cool tea beverage on a long, hot summersâ day?

    Newbie tea-lovers will be gasping for a T2 Tea Kit with a scoop, infuser and two loose leaf tea and tisane mini cubes while assorted box sets complete with limited edition tea mugs and infusers are always welcome.

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    Collection: Tea Gifts & Collections

    There’s a perfect tea gift for every tea lover and occasion. Enjoy incredible value with these bundled products and the convenience of our address book to make gift giving easy! View our selection of gifts available in gift-ready packaging. We’re happy to help you find the perfect tea gifts for all of the tea drinkers in your life. Please email, call us, or Live Chat. We’d love to help.

    • Rise & Shine: Sip Well Gift Set
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    • Good Night, Sleep Tight: Sip Well Gift Set
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    • Level Leaf: 3-Tin Sachet Set
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    • Focus Fuel: 3-Tin Sachet Set
      Regular price
    • Wisdom of the Ancients: Single-Tree Pu’erh Cake
      Regular price
    • The Tea Spot Sipping Club
      Regular price
    • Herbal Tea Club – Quarterly Box
      Regular price
    • Black Tea Club – Quarterly Box
      Regular price
    • Green Tea Club – Quarterly Box
      Regular price
    • Organic Tea Club – Quarterly Box
      Regular price

    Limited Edition Tea Gifts & Gift Sets

    At LUPICIA we are constantly releasing one-of-a-kind unique limited edition teas, each which comes inside a tin with a beautifully designed label. Should you wish to purchase such limited edition tea gifts, we recommend you visit our Limited Edition Gift Teas page and see for yourself. Choose any teas you wish and then simply select Gift Wrapping during checkout to create perfect gift sets!

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    Premium Tea Gift Pack Offerings For Dedicated Tea Drinkers

    Not everyone likes coffee these days perhaps because of its high caffeine content, or maybe people just don’t like the taste. Also, as more Asians migrate and influence the global culture, they bring their own tea tastes with them. Some people simply love the flavour and overall experience and enjoyment of an exquisite, premium whole leaf tea!

    Such people we can truly call real “tea lovers”. Such tea enthusiasts will be well taken care of with our range of loose leaf tea gift boxes which also include low or no caffeine herbal varieties to satisfy those more health-inclined, including chamomile and rooibos tea.

    • L’Epicier Australia Pty Ltd trading as LUPICIA 14-16 Artemis Lane

    What Is Included In A Tea Gift Pack

    Celebration Teapot For Blooming Tea & Loose Leaf Tea Teabloom

    You can choose T2 tea gift sets guaranteed to have the giftee clapping with glee when they find their fave tea packs inside. Our assortment of tea gift packages is as broad as our herbie teas are healthy.

    We have collections for green tea gurus, breakfast tea enthusiasts, lovers of chai and fruity tea fashionistas. Fiendishly popular are our clever collaborations of everyoneâs favourite speciality teas, while our joyously dazzling Christmas gift packs never fail to take the cake.

    But why stop at just tea? Make your special peepâs day with tea AND a stunning tea cup, or tea mug with infuser. We also have all the bits and bobs to make tea-making rituals easy and fun because itâs the little things that count, after all.

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    Are Tea Gift Packs A Good Gift Idea

    T2 tea gift packs include gift boxes displaying not just fabulously fragrant loose leaf tea but teawares and tea-making accessories too! Gracious, gorgeous florals, exciting patterns and bold, beautiful colours adorn our tea mugs and tea cups in glamorous gift boxes. Your special someone can feast their eyes on these exquisite designs while the accompanying tea boxes let them sample a hot brew too.

    Not sure if your giftee is a big tea drinker? An assorted tea bags box is a wonderful way to introduce them to a range of styles and flavours of tea. Perhaps they didnât know they loved green tea until you introduced them to Gorgeous Geisha and Jade Mountain. Brownie points for you the gift-giver, right there!

    Loose Leaf Tea Gift Sets

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    Where To Buy Tea Gift Packs And Sets

    A visit to a soul-soothing T2 store is as much a gift for the shopper as the gift recipient! Lose yourself in the astounding array of tea collections where youâll not just every loose leaf tea you can think of, but also a range of gorgeous gift tea tins for stunning storage, assorted tea bags boxes, loose leaf teas and fruity tisanes, tea gift sets with handy inclusions and fantastic tea accessories too.

    If you canât pop in to your localT2 store, you can still have a great shopping experience browsing our tea gift sets online with free tea gift delivery on orders over $50. Surprise!

    How Much Caffeine Is In Tea

    Loose Leaf Green Tea Gift Set By Rare Tea Company

    The amount of caffeine in a cup of tea varies based on a number of factors. One factor is the way the tea is prepared. Everything from water temperature to steep time to the amount of tea used affects caffeine content. Another factor, and one that’s easier to identify, is the type of tea used. Keep in mind, though, that two teas of the same varietytwo black teas, for examplecan contain vastly different amounts of caffeine. On average, an 8-ounce cup of black tea contains around 50 milligrams of caffeine, which is roughly half a cup of coffee. Some black teas have as high as 120 milligrams of caffeine, however. Oolong averages slightly less caffeine than black tea at 40 milligrams per cup. Green tea ranges from 12 to 75 milligrams, with an average of around 30 milligrams. Some white teas have caffeine levels up to 75 milligrams, but the majority are between 15 to 20 milligrams. Finally, herbal tea is naturally caffeine free.

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