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Where Can I Buy Butterfly Pea Tea

Color Changing Butterfly Pea Tea:

“I Didn’t Know” The Butterfly Pea

Follow the same recipe as before. Now for the magic part, add few drops of lemon and see the color change to beautiful purplish pink. If you add more of lemon juice it will turn fully pink.


  • You can use either use fresh or dried flowers.
  • This tea is full of antioxidants and has been proven through clinical research.
  • Add lemon juice according to your taste, the color change will depend on the amount of lemon juice.
  • If you have irritable bowel syndrome, drink it plain like given in the first recipe.

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Benefits And Uses

Memory: Historically, the most popular use of the butterfly pea was used to promote memory and intelligence. The butterfly pea is often used in traditional practices in a mixture called Medhya Rasayana that is thought to treat neurological disorders and intellect. Science has uncovered that there may be some truth to this claim. Three studies conducted in 2001, 2002, and 2005 showed that the butterfly pea improved learning and memory in rats. Two of those studies showed that the mechanism behind this may be that the butterfly pea improves and enhances growth of neurons in the hippocampus region of the brain.

Stress& Anxiety: In another study conducted on rats in 2003, it was revealed that the butterfly pea may have properties that relieve stress. Rats with stress-induced ulcers were given a treatment that contained 400 mg of butterfly pea per 1 kg of the animals weight. At the end of the study, the ulcers improved significantly, and the researchers concluded that the butterfly pea likely has an anti-stress effect and can promote the bodys homeostasis.

Convinced that Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is for you?

What Are The Health Benefits Of Butterfly Pea Tea

Butterfly pea tea doesn’t just sit and look pretty…

It features lots of health benefits if consumed regularly. These include:

  • This tea can alleviate inflammation and may prevent cancer. This tea is rich in ternatin anthocyanins that provide protection against chronic inflammation and are cytotoxic against cancer cells . These two benefits are further compounded due to the presence of other antioxidants including Delphinidin-3,5-glucoside, p-Coumaric acid and Kaemphferol .
  • The butterfly pea flower supports healthy skin by increasing hydration . However, this is achieved through a topical application instead of tea.
  • Butterfly pea tea may help with weight loss by controlling cellular mechanisms related to lipid accumulation . There have been some other studies done in animals however, further research is needed on how butterfly tea can be incorporated into your diet to help with weight loss.
  • Blue tea may help reduce the risk of diabetes by increasing antioxidant levels while reducing insulin and sugar concentrations

It has also been traditionally used to treat fevers, urinary tract infections, and digestive issues. It is also claimed this flower is a brain booster and can help you calm down.

However, further scientific evidence is needed to confirm these benefits.

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What Is The Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Sorry if youre perplexed. I know its not an easy choice! But its one of the most crucial choices youll ever make. If youre still unsure which type of butterfly pea flower tea is best for you, I recommend comparing the characteristics and functionalities of the butterfly pea flower tea listed above. Each has advantages and disadvantages.

How To Grow Blue Pea Flower At Home

Organic Healthy Butterfly Pea Tea Focus Tea Natural Color

If you plan on having butterfly pea tea regularly, I would suggest growing your own butterfly pea plant at home. You can easily buy young butterfly pea plants in most nurseries cheaply in India and plant them in your garden.

It can survive in almost all types of soil but needs good drainage. You can also grow them from the seeds too. To plant butterfly pea seeds, soak butterfly pea seeds overnight in water and plant them in small pots next day and water regularly. The seeds will germinate in 2 to 3 weeks time.

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How Much Is Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

butterfly pea flower tea come in a variety of designs and pricing ranges. Its difficult to predict product costs nowadays. You dont know how much something costs because the pricing range is so vast. For example, a pair of pants can range from $20 to $200 depending on where you buy them. Similarly, additional goods like as butterfly pea flower tea.

Does Whole Foods Sell Bulk Tea

Our premium teas and botanicals are also available for purchase on our website. Ive also found bulk tea, spices and some locations have bulk olive oil, honey and vinegar. For most items, I use a muslin produce bags and write the PLU on my phone. Butterfly Pea Tea Whole Foods Organic Blue Butterfly Pea | Etsy.

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Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Lemonade

This Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Lemonade drink is naturally purple because it is made with butterfly pea flower tea, a caffeine-free herbal tea. The tea is derived from the leaves of the butterfly pea plant that is common to South East Asia. Its a fun and refreshing drink to serve with dessert or at a party. You can also make a cocktail version by adding alcohol.

I was introduced to Butterfly Pea Flower Tea a few weeks ago at the new dessert shop Cake de Partie. I had never had it before but loved the natural purple color. After some research, I found the tea on Amazon. Of course I had to buy it!

When the tea is brewed, its a really deep indigo blue color. But when you add lemon juice it changes the pH level and it starts to turn purple. Im all about purple drinks.

This drink is so easy to whip up. You just need to brew the tea and add sugar and lemon juice. I plan on serving a cocktail version at my next house party. I also cant wait to experiment with the tea for desserts, as I love the idea of being able to create colorful desserts using natural colors.

If youre looking for other ways to dress up drinks and cocktails you might like my Edible Flower Ice Cubes.

How To Make Nam Dok Anchan

Passion fruit blue tea

Nam dok anchan is a refreshing drink made from butterfly pea flowers that are common in Thailand. In the West, itâs usually known as butterfly pea tea lemonade. Itâs usually served over ice.

Itâs easy to make and weâll show you how!

What you need

  • In a small pot boil the water.
  • While the water is boiling, juice the lime .
  • Once the water starts boiling, remove it from the heat and transfer the water to a heatproof jug.
  • Add the butterfly pea flowers to the jug with the hot water. Let steep for 5 minutes. Using a strainer or a spoon, discard the flowers. You have now made your butterfly pea tea.
  • To the tea, add the honey and the sugar and stir. Let the tea cool.
  • To your favorite glass add 3-4 large ice cubes.
  • Pour the cooled tea into your glass to about 1/3 its height.
  • Get your camera ready because itâs magic time. Add 2 tsp of the lime juice. Admire how your drink turns purple.
  • Top off your drink with soda.
  • Add one flower on top for garnish, and to maximize the Instaworthiness of your drink.
  • Pro Tips:

    Donât worry too much about the proportions. Everybody has different preferences, just experiment with the level of honey, sugar, lime and pea flower tea! This will also change the color of your drink, so itâs fun!

    If you are using fresh flowers, cut the green tips of the flower. If using dried flowers, there is no need.

    For a different feel and taste, use water or ginger ale instead of soda water!

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    Enjoy The Colors And Taste Of Blue Butterfly Pea Tea

    So now you know you know where to get some blue ternate flowers and how to make tea with them.

    If you can find fresh flowers, they can also be used as a beautiful addition to salads, desserts, and other dishes. The dried ones work also, but their color is not as rich as the fresh ones. However, when making tea, both fresh and dried flowers create equally deep and vivid blue color.

    And its not only the color that the flowers add to your drinks and foods they are also loaded with healthy antioxidants.

    You can easily brew this tea without an infuser or a teabag. Just add the flowers to a glass with hot water and scoop them out with a spoon when the tea is ready.

    Here is one more interesting thing you can do:

    Make some blue tea and let it cool down. Put in an ice tray and place in the freezer to make ice cubes. Use the ice cubes to bring life to different drinks and watch them slowly release blue color as they melt.

    I think that the most fun part is trying out different ingredients to create hot or iced drinks with fascinating layers of colors and interesting tastes.

    So feel free to experiment and enjoy!

    What Other Drinks Use Butterfly Pea Tea

    Butterfly pea tea is not only used in nam dok anchan, but there are many other butterfly pea tea recipes out there! Drinking blue tea has never been this fun.

    Some of our favorites include butterfly pea gin and tonic, and butterfly pea iced teas.

    You can make amazing iced teas with blue pea. By this, we mean true teas from the Camellia Sinensis plant.

    Try using different types of black tea, or you can also create an amazing-looking concoction with matcha or green tea.

    Another eye-catching drink is pea tea latte. The cloudiness of the milk blends beautifully with the blue tea. Simply froth some milk, and slowly add it on top of your iced pea tea. Do not stir!

    Iâm sure this would also go really well with bubble tea. So Iâll be experimenting and reporting back to you once I come up with a beautiful and delicious recipe!

    When I have time, I could even try to make some popping boba and see what happens when I drop them in an acidic drink!

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    Reviews For Butterfly Pea Tea

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Nicole McKinney December 18, 2019

    So, ordinarily Im not the biggest fan of Butterfly Pea tisane. But this one stands apart for several reasons. First the shape and condition of the flowers is perfect. Not just pretty, but picture-pretty. Exactly as shown here. This is different from other brands Ive purchased which arrived a little mangled. Perhaps thats why these also taste better.. fresher, sweeter . Other Blue Pea Pea tisanes have been spinachy at best, bland at worst for me. But this one is easily drinkable and absolutely great with a mixer. Considering the health benefits, thats a win in my book.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Rebekah Markewich December 19, 2019

    Amazing! The color is so vibrant!

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Kazi Sanjidah Alamgir May 20, 2022

    The tea this makes is absolutely stunning. Looks exactly like the photos! And you only need a small number of flowers for a brew so even a small pouch can last a while.

    However, Im not a big fan of the flavour, in that I dont get much of it. I prefer to use this to colour drinks, like in lemonade , with rose petals, or in a latte.

  • Rated 5 out of 5

    Will Brown

    This tea is amazing! My favourite way to drink it is with honey and lemon!Also, I sometimes add ice for a refreshing summer ice-tea version.

  • Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

    Butterfly Pea Tea: An Effective Detoxifying Tea  ROOSTERGNN Global ...

    Why not start the day off with electric blue? Traditionally known in Thailand as nam dok anchan, butterfly pea flower tea is used as a welcome drink at hotels and spas or as a nightcap at most homes. The drink is made with butterfly pea flower and lemongrass, with honey, lemon, mint, cinnamon, ginger, and passion fruit as optional flavours.

    A herbal tea, it has zero caffeine and can be enjoyed morning or night, hot or cold. The taste of butterfly pea flower is more earthy and woody, resembling green tea even though its herbal. On its own, however, it is very mild and almost unnoticeable. Its more for the eye candy!

    Like you would any herbal tea, you can steep the whole flower to get the bright blue colour. The longer you steep, the deeper the colour will get.

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    What Makes Butterfly Pea Flower Tea So Special

    Butterfly pea flower tea is made with the flowers of Clitoria ternatea, a perennial herbaceous plant native to tropical Asia. The Latin name Clitoria refers to the clitoris, as the flowers are thought to resemble the female genitalia.

    What really makes these flowers special is their vibrant blue color, which can be extracted for many uses.

    The deep blue color is a result of the flowers high concentration of anthocyanin compounds called ternatins.

    In addition to making tea, the flowers have traditionally been utilized as a natural food coloring and textile dye.

    In traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda, it is believed that the blue tea has many benefits including memory improving, antistress, antidepressant, and sedative effects.

    And indeed, recent analysis indicates that the flowers are rich in antioxidants and can provide many health benefits as they may help with losing weight, promoting skin and hair health, and improving cognitive function. The ternatins in the flowers are also shown to have anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties.

    Top Reviews From The United States

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    Can I Use It To Make Milk Tea

    As anyone who has ever had butterfly pea tea knows, this striking blue beverage can be enjoyed on its own or used as a colorful addition to other dishes. But what many people dont know is that butterfly pea tea can also be used to make milk tea.

    To do this, simply brew a cup of butterfly pea tea and add it to your milk of choice. The result is a delicious and with a beautiful ombré effect.

    Best of all, because butterfly pea tea is naturally sweet, theres no need to add any additional sweeteners. So, if youre looking for a unique twist on your next milk tea, give butterfly pea tea a try.

    Hindu And Buddhist Kingdoms Era

    Sangu poo face pack in tamil Butterfly pea à®à®à¯?à®à¯? ப௠face pack

    After the region came under contact with the Indian subcontinent circa 400 BCE, it began a gradual process of where Indian ideas such as religions, cultures, architectures, and political administrations were brought by traders and religious figures and adopted by local rulers. In turn, Indian Brahmins and monks were invited by local rulers to live in their realms and help transforming local polities to become more Indianised, blending Indian and indigenous traditions. and became the elite language of the region, which effectively made Southeast Asia part of the . Most of the region had been Indianised during the first centuries, while the Philippines later Indianised circa ninth century when was established in Luzon. Vietnam, especially its northern part, was never fully Indianised due to the many periods of it experienced.

    As Srivijaya influence in the region declined, The Hindu Khmer Empire experienced a golden age during the 11th to 13th century CE. The empire’s capital hosts majestic monumentssuch as and . Satellite imaging has revealed that Angkor, during its peak, was the largest pre-industrial urban centre in the world. The civilisation was located in what is today central Vietnam, and was a highly Indianised Hindu Kingdom. The launched a massive conquest against the during the , ransacking and burning Champa, slaughtering thousands of Cham people, and forcibly assimilating them into Vietnamese culture.

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    Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Side Effects Safety Dangers And Warnings

    Studies have confirmed that dosages upwards of 3000 mg per kg of body weight have no side effects or toxicity. Despite this report, possible side effects and drug interactions have not been thoroughly investigated. Because of this, it is not suggested for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. Additionally, since side effects are not well known, it is not suggested to ingest the tea or use topical treatments for an extended amount of time.

    Due to its effects on blood sugar, it is best to consult with a doctor if you are considering regularly incorporating butterfly pea flower tea into your daily routine.


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