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Boba Tea Protein Discount Code

J Way Instant Variety Bubble Tea Kit

How to Make Boba at Home

Best Variety

This bubble tea kit from J Way Foods is the best variety pack option, and it comes with 4 different instant flavors to try out at home.

The box is quite colorful and could make for another cute gift for boba lovers!

What’s Included in this Bubble Tea Kit?

The flavors consist of 4 packets of classic milk tea, 2 packets of creme brulee, 2 packets of taro milk tea, and 2 packets of passionfruit pineapple green tea, totaling 10 drinks per bubble tea kit.

This bubble tea kit also comes with 10 paper straws, but unfortunately, it doesn’t come with any reusable cups.

What’s Involved in Making this Bubble Tea Kit?

Similar to the previously mentioned J Way Boba kit, this one can be prepared in only a couple of minutes and the boba pearls are flavored with brown sugar.

Buddha Boba Ultimate Diy Bubble Tea Kit

Best Value

With this boba kit, you will be drinking milk tea for months. There is enough to make 60 or more drinks.

You can make 10 drinks out of each flavor and top it off with the mini boba pearls.

What’s Included in this Boba Kit?

The bubble tea kit has 6 flavors, boba pearls, reusable boba cups, reusable straws, and a shaker, all coming in funky blue packaging with bright colors and multi-colored bubbles.

The 6 flavors are taro, honeydew melon, green tea latte, milk tea, Thai tea, and spiced chai tea latte.

The cups come with dome lids, so you can take them with you to work. The straws are bright, almost fluorescent colors. The shaker looks like a cocktail shaker and would be perfect for having friends and family over for a boba party.

What’s Involved in this Boba Making Kit?

This boba making kit is all powders, so that drink itself is pretty easy and quick to make. The tapioca pearls are not pre-cooked, so you would need to boil them, but only for about 5-7 minutes.

However, you will need to soak the pearls in a homemade or store-bought sweetener for about half an hour, the longer the better. Otherwise, they won’t have any flavor and flavorless boba pearls are just yuck…

and gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy this boba kit.

One of this kit’s highlights is the use of premium loose leaf tea!

What’s Included in this Bubble Tea Kit?

It contains 7 loose leaf tea flavors, boba pearls, straws, and recipe cards.

What’s Involved in Making this Boba Tea Kit?

Boba Tea Protein Black Friday Or Cyber Monday

How to make a good decision?Do you want to get a good choice for yourself between Boba Tea Protein’s Black Friday and cyber Monday?You are supposed to read the following points.Compared with the data of previous years, see which festival’s discount is bigger It is available for purchase on Black Friday. If the price falls on Cyber Monday, you are still able to make a request for a refund Before you buy the products, please make sure that you have inquired about the price guarantee policies.

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Our Top 3 Favorite Boba Tea Kits

  • Great classic and taro milk tea flavors
  • Includes re-usable cup and straw


Premium DIY Bubble Tea Kit

Best Loose Leaf

  • 3 types of loose-leaf tea
  • All ingredients are vegan

Ultimate Bubble Tea Kit by Buddha Boba

Best Value

  • Great value: it makes 60+ drinks
  • Includes 6 flavors – something for all tastes
  • Includes straws and a shaker

How To Make Pumpkin Chai Boba Tea

Here are Mr Bean latest


How to cook tapioca pearls:

Add water to a pot and bring to a boil. Gently add tapioca pearls and stir lightly. When tapioca pearls float to the surface, cover with lid, reduce heat to low and continue to cook for 2 minutes. Next, turn heat off and leave on burner for another 2-3 minutes.

Next, strain out water and add tapioca pearls to a bowl with cold water and let sit for 20 seconds.

Strain tapioca pearls again and add them to a bowl with one tablespoon of the pumpkin spice flavor syrup and let soak for at least 20 minutes, but up to 5 hours.

To a small pot, add 1/4 cup flavor syrup, tea, pumpkin puree and almond milk and stir together over low heat for 3 minutes.

Remove from heat and use a fine mesh strainer to remove any large pumpkin pulp

Strain boba pearls and add to bottom of serving glass.

Pour pumpkin tea mixture on top of boba pearls and enjoy!

For an iced version, you can let cool in fridge or add mixture to a shaker with ice, shake and pour out of strainer cap.

This pumpkin chai bubble tea is the perfect sip for chilly fall days. Snuggle up with a cozy blanket, some cookies and a good book or devotional and enjoy this seasonal boba tea warm or cold.



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How Are Boba Tea Protein’s Products Lactose Free

Whey protein isolate is the highest quality type of whey protein that removes the foreign components that usually accompany lower quality protein. One of the things that is greatly reduced is the lactose content, a sugar found in most dairy and cheap whey protein products. Boba Tea Protein’s products are 99.99% lactose free, so it’s easy on the stomach for most healthy people and even most people who are lactose intolerant. Those allergic to lactose may want to avoid this product.

How To Enjoy Hot Milk Tea Protein

Step 1: Visit Far East Alchemy and use MEALPREP10 to save 10% off your favourite milk tea protein.

Step 2:Measure 250ml of milk in a microwave safe mug, then heat in microwave for 1-2 minutes

Step 3:In a shaker, add 100ml room temperature water with 1 scoop of protein powder until mixed Mixing with room temp water first allows the protein powder to have a smooth consistency, as mixing directly with hot temps will cause it to clump!

Step 4:

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Aussie Milk Tea Protein Brand Far East Alchemy Launches Two New Flavours

  • MEALPREP10 for 10% off

If you havent heard of Far East Alchemy milk tea protein boy are you missing out. An Aussie brand by founders Ophie Ho and Alric Wu, Far East Alchemy was born in 2020 when Ophie and Alric decided they wanted to create a brand that brought something fresh into the sports supplement industry. And so, they created a boba store for fitness enthusiasts where everything was actually healthy but tasted just as good if not better!

And the good news is preorders of Far East Alchemys latest range has just DROPPED. Ophie and Alric spent the last 6 months on hiatus working on our business strategy and reformulating their products, and have relaunched their entire whey protein range of flavours with new recipes as well as two new flavours:

You Asked We Listened

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Delicious Vegan Bubble Tea with all the Protein and None of the Sugar.

Here’s how compares to Tradition Boba Tea

Check out what our Boba Tea lovers are Saying…



Tastes Like Bubble Tea

Plant Based

MORE protein, LESS Carbs

Boba Nutrition is available in plant-based for a better source of fibre, vitamins and minerals. The wellbeing of our environment and just incase our Boba lovers have any allergies or special diets

We were tired of all the protein powder flavours on the market like Chocolate, Vanilla, Peanut Butter, etc. So we made this asian infused flavour to break the mould

Did you know most Boba Tea has an average of 40g of sugar and 240 calories? With plant-based Boba Nutrition Protein, there are 21g of Protein, 0gs of sugar and 150 calories per cup. Healthy and Tasty for you


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Is Boba Tea Healthy

Tea is full of health benefits and boba tea can give you a boost of energy, but its not particularly healthy.

According to the USDA, 8 ounces of boba tea contains 120 calories, 1.5 grams of fat, 28 grams of carbohydrates, 28 grams of sugar .

You can make your boba tea healthier by choosing different options. For example, choosing crystal boba instead of tapioca as it has far fewer calories.

Bubble Tea Club Brown Sugar Matcha Milk Tea

Best Matcha

This kit comes in either a 10 servings pack, 20 servings, or 40 servings. The kit uses 100% pure ingredients sourced from Taiwan, home of bubble tea, making sure you get the best flavor right at home.

Each drink has just 90 calories, making it a good choice if you want the loveliness of milk tea without feeling guilty.

This bubble tea kit is perfect for our friends down under since it is an Australian-based company that only delivers in Australia and New Zealand.

What’s Included in this Boba Kit?

Each kit contains specific servings of brown sugar syrup, matcha powder, tapioca pearls, and paper straws.

The paper straws mean you can only use them once, so once youve finished all your servings then you have to buy everything you need to make this bubble tea kit again.

The bubble tea kit contains matcha and brown sugar .

What’s Involved in Making these Boba Tea Kits?

The tapioca pearls are not cooked, and according to their instructions, it takes about 30 minutes to cook and soak them before you can enjoy them. And of course, the matcha is pretty straightforward to make!

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How To Get Boba Tea Protein’s Best Discount On Black Friday

It is possible to prepare a shopping list in advance and add products to your shopping cart on Boba Tea Protein.On Black Friday, Boba Tea Protein often provides Coupons with various amounts of purchases. So try more of these when you checkout and pick out the one that offers the most savings.It is still possible to save money by making separate orders if codes aren’t compatible.In addition, you also need to take postage, after-sales service, and other factors into account .Generally speaking, Friday is the best time to place orders. If you see the prices of something go down on Cyber Monday, you can return and repurchase it.

What Makes Boba Tea Protein Different From Other Boba Products

Amazon.com: LDD Reusable Extra Wide Metal Stainless Steel Smoothie ...

Boba Tea Protein is indeed the healthiest boba option on the market and is the first to do so. There has never been a healthy, protein-packed boba drink like them. They use only real ingredients, the all natural/zero calorie sweetener Monk Fruit, and are sourced from the healthiest cows in the world. All of this is done without sacrificing taste.

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Wufuyuan Boba Tapioca Pearl Bubble Tea Diy Kit

Best Tapioca Pearls

This bubble tea kit doesn’t have milk tea flavors, it just has boba pearls. So it is ideal for those who already have their own tea leaves and/or flavored powders. It is fairly simple and quick to make and it has one of the best tapioca pearls.

What’s Included in this Bubble Tea Set?

This tea kit comes with 3 bags of WuFuYuan boba pearls, 3 reusable stainless steel straws with silicone tips, a cleaning brush, and a canvas carrying bag.

The reusable straws are great and the silicone tips mean you wont hit your teeth against the steel. Theyre also dishwasher safe, saving you time on washing them.

What’s Involved in Making this Boba Tea Kit?

You will have to cook the boba yourself, but this will take just 5 minutes. Use 10 cups of boiling water for 1 cup of pearls. When the pearls float to the top of the pot, cover them and cook for 4 minutes. Turn off the heat and simmer until they are the right chewy consistency.

You can add flavors to the tapioca pearls after cooking, such as sugar or honey.

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Hows The Last 2 Years Been For Far East Alchemy

We launched back in June 2020 as one of the very first brands globally to offer boba tea ranges of protein, and the first 6 months of operation were amazing! We had a consistent flow of stock and were able to scale quickly during this period of time.

After that, unfortunately, we ran into a lot of COVID-related supply chain and manufacturing issues, which created long periods of inventory shortages and major delays in orders. Throughout this time, we experienced challenges with inconsistent ingredient quality and major price hikes due to the reduced global supply, with lead times suffering greatly. The challenges we faced here hit us hard, which caused us to completely rethink our business strategy as a whole.

Weve spent the last 6 months on hiatus working on our business strategy and reformulating our products completely. Were proud to have relaunched our entire whey protein range of flavours with new recipes as well as launching two new flavours: Thai Milk Tea and a limited edition Durian Milk Tea protein flavour.

Are There Real Tapioca Pearls In Boba Tea Protein

Taste Testing Viral TikTok Bubble Teas

They do offer their own tapioca pearls made in the USA. Other tapioca pearls are made overseas and require a long list of food additives to extend their shelf life to survive overseas travel. While Boba Tea Protein’s tapioca pearls have a shorter shelf life , they are proud to say that they do not include the laundry list of additives that other tapioca pearls contain!

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Boba Fit Milk Tea Protein Kit


It is low carb, low fat, with no added sugar, or artificial additives, and it is lactose-free …

They use 100% pure whey protein isolate, which is ideal for anyone who is trying to increase their protein intake while enjoying a delicious cup of bubble tea after working out!

What’s Included in this Bubble Tea Kit?

This bubble tea kit is great if you have specific dietary requirements and if you already have the rest of the stuff you need from previous bubble tea kits because unfortunately, this boba tea kit only comes with the flavors.

It does not come with any reusable cups, straws, or tapioca pearls…

What’s Involved in Making this Bubble Tea Kit?

If you already have the boba pearls or if you’re not planning to have them in your drink, then making this is pretty quick. Just add 1 scoop to your favorite drink, then mix and enjoy!

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What Is Boba Tea

Boba tea, also known as bubble tea or bubble milk tea, originated in Taiwan in the 1980s. It is tea with boba pearls and can be either hot or cold. Boba pearls come in several types but the most popular are tapioca pearls.

Milk tea is a refreshing drink that can be made with any flavor you can think of. The tapioca balls or other pearls lie at the bottom. When you bite into the chewy pearls, they give another flavor and texture, enhancing your bubble tea.

It is made with boba pearls, milk, tea, sugar, and possibly flavorings.

Get Your Hands On Free Protein Bubble Tea In Toronto This Week

Here are Mr Bean latest

The world of protein shakes and bubble tea has combined for a new and exciting take on the classic treat made for gym lovers.

Two things are for certain, Toronto loves freebies AND bubble tea. Good thing this new creation will be given out for free this Friday.

On May 14, Chakra Nutrition will be handing out free high-protein bubble tea at Aunties Supply in the stackt Market.

Theyll offer free samples, discount codes, and pouches for sale.

View this post on Instagram

Compared to an average cup of bubble tea, Chakra Nutritions bubble tea protein powder comes with half the amount of calories at 121, 27g of protein, and 1g of sugar, fat, and carbohydrates.

The brand offers three lactose-free flavours, their signature milk tea, taro milk tea and matcha milk tea. Theyll even have tapioca pearls available to purchase separately.

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For those eager to try but unable to make the event, the pouches will be for sale at Aunties Supplys newest location in Superfresh once it opens.

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