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How To Make Abortion Tea

Visit A Health Clinic To Safely Manage An Abortion

Get Abortion[Periods] Without Surgery[Top Ten natural Home Remedies ]

The FDA only has two approved drugs for medical-induced abortions: mifepristone used together with misoprostol. It was approved in 2000. Mifepristone works to block pregnancy-enabling hormones, while misoprostol causes uterine contractions. The two-drug method is most effective, at 98 percent, while misoprostol taken alone is 80 percent effective.

Visit a health clinic or an OB-GYN office to access an FDA-approved abortion pill. Since laws vary from state to state regarding your rights to terminate a pregnancy, the best place to start is by contacting your local Planned Parenthood for more information about where to get the abortion pill or visit websites like the Safe Place Project.

S To Make Valerian Tea

One youve chosen a type of valerian tea that works for you, heres how to brew the best possible cup.

Step 1: Measure the desired portion of tea. If youre using a preportioned tea bag, youll probably want to follow the instructions on the label and use one tea bag for each serving. But keep in mind that the amount of valerian in herbal blends varies.

If youre using loose valerian or a loose herbal blend, measure out the desired portion. You can follow the package instructions as a guide, but remember that, depending on your goal, the dose matters.

An effective dose of valerian tea includes 2 to 3 grams of the dried root, according to a review of studies for treating insomnia published in American Family Physician.

Step 2: Boil water and pour it for the infusion. But dont pour the water while its still boiling, since that level of heat may actually degrade the active components in valerian tea. Instead, wait a few seconds after the water stops boiling before pouring it.

If youre using an individual serving tea bag, pour the water into a mug containing the bag. If youre using loose valerian tea, you can use your own infuser or tea bag in a mug, or use a special pot designed for brewing loose tea.

Step 4: Drink the tea at the right time. For maximum potency, valerian tea should be freshly brewed right before you drink it. The longer it sits, already brewed, on the counter or in the fridge, the less effective it may be.

Lemon Juice For Natural Abortion

One of the common methods of self-induced abortion is by consuming increased levels of Vitamin C . Lemon Juice has an abundance of it. The ascorbic acid in the lemon juice elevates the production of estrogen and progesterone in the body. While progesterone doesnt necessarily have any impactful effects on the pregnancy, the elevated levels of estrogen in the body can induce menstruation, thereby causing a miscarriage.

How Much?

10-12 ml of lemon juice regularly


Either consume the lemon juice raw or dilute it with some water and drink lemon water every day

How Long Does it Take to Induce Abortion?

It is believed that the regular consumption of the lemon juice can effectively induce natural miscarriage 6 days since the start of its consumption. If the same doesnt happen, try out some other remedy.

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Brinjals Or Eggplants For Natural Abortion

The consumption of brinjal is assumed to be an amazing trigger for the induction of miscarriage in an individual. It is one of those vegetables thats loaded with beneficial phytohormones which are good in normal times but can inflict negative impacts on pregnancy by contributing to hormonal disbalance in the body.

Apart from this, brinjal also has menstruation triggering properties which are beneficial too if you are looking for ways to abort naturally. It also induces acidity and uneasiness in the stomach too. So, beware of such side-effects.

How much?

Eat brinjal in hefty quantities, baked, roasted or even in curries, whatever floats your boat.

How Long Does it Take to Induce Abortion?

Because of its multi-faceted effects in terminating a pregnancy, the consumption of brinjal in excess quantities can easily induce abortion in a pregnant woman, possibly within days of continued consumption.

Vitamin C For Abortion

Smurf" s Abortion

Vitamin C is a super healthy nutrient, having ample health benefits. It is abundant in many fruits such as pineapple, papaya, berries, etc. However, it has a flip side, in that it can be used as a home remedy for an abortion. You can consume it via fruits, or you can take Vitamin C supplements to terminate your pregnancy. However, if you wish to take supplements, it is recommended to get in touch with your doctor before doing so. Consuming high levels of vitamin C can prove to be detrimental and may cause kidney problems. Consuming Vitamin C increases oestrogen and reduces the progesterone in the body. Low levels of progesterone leads to bleeding and eventually causes abortion.

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Chamomile Tea To Abort Pregnancy

Chamomile tea is a favorite among many tea lovers. The calming and sedative properties of Chamomile make it perfect for treating depression, spasms, and insomnia. This is because Chamomile promotes an oxytocin-stimulating hormone similar to thyroxine. This hormone helps to rejuvenate skin and hair while encouraging feelings of well-being. Chamomile has also been used to treat constipation and for cleaning wounds and cuts.

Pregnant women can take chamomile but in very low doses. A compound found in Chamomile named Thujone causes uterine contractions. To induce an abortion by Chamomile, you need to elevate the levels of Thujone in your body.


  • Taking 2-3 spoons of dried chamomile in a cup of hot water 2-3 times a day for five days ought to work.
  • You can also use five drops of Chamomile essential oil in a sitz bath or infuse Chamomile flowers and use them as a vaginal douche.
  • Herbalists recommend drinking the Chamomile tea and at the same time doing the vaginal douche to increase the probability of success.

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Theyre all here and ready to answer your questions online or by phone. Keep asking questions until you get the answer you need.

While for some people, the decision is simple, for others, it is rather complicated. Either way, such decision of having an abortion is personal, and you are the single one who could make it.

Making a decision to have an abortion does not mean that you do not want or love kids. Many people getting an abortion already have children and a lot of them decide to finish their pregnancy period to focus on taking care of the children that they already have.

To conclude, deciding whether or not and when to have a baby is a personal issue, and just you can know what the best for you as well as your family is.

When To See A Doctor?

If you think that you may get pregnant, then you should see a doctor as soon as you could. If you get pregnant, this is a crucial time to learn as much as possible about your choices. The earlier your pregnancy is, the more options you will have. Besides, the risk of associated problems will also be lower.

The doctor will ask about your own medical history and will carry out a physical exam. Perhaps, you will have lab tests to warrant that you get pregnant. Also, you may have an ultrasound.

How To Know The Right Decision For You?

  • Have a baby, raise and support him/her to adulthood
  • Have a baby and place him/her for adoption
  • Have an abortion

When Could An Abortion Be Done?

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The Availability And Use Of Medication Abortion

Medication abortion, also known as medical abortion or abortion with pills, is a pregnancy termination protocol that involves taking two different drugs, Mifepristone and Misoprostol, that can be safely used up to the first 70 days of pregnancy. Since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration first approved the drug in 2000, its use in the United States has quickly grown, with over a third of abortions at 8 weeks gestation or less being medication abortions. While this protocol involves taking two medications and does not involve a medical procedure, it is subject to many of the same abortion-specific provider restrictions as other abortion methods, at both the state and federal levels. This factsheet provides an overview of medication abortion, with a focus on federal and state regulations pertaining to its provision and coverage, and the role of the drug in self-managed abortions.

So What Does Marina Put In Her Tea

BPAS Abortion Treatment at Home Explained

Pregnant and desperate, Marina heads to the kitchen to make tea in episode seven. Marina adds dandelion, juniper berries, and more mysterious dried substances from ceramic pots into her cup. She crushes them with a mortar and pestle, boils water, and downs it.

It’s likely the unidentified ingredients were abortifacients or emmenagogic herbs. She drinks the tea to end her pregnancy, and she initially believes that it works. Common emmenagogic herbs include tansy, thuja, safflower, scotch broom, rue, angelica, mugwort, wormwood, yarrow, and essential oil of pennyroyal, per Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health.

Marina’s herbal concoction wasn’t uncommon at the time when women had no other options for ending an unwanted pregnancy. There are historical records of women using certain plants and herbs as a form of self-administered abortion. “For centuries, they have been colloquially defined as ‘herbs for delayed menses,’ sometimes a euphemism for eliminating an unwanted pregnancy,” per Botanical Medicine for Women’s Health.

These medicines were a sort of mid-pregnancy chemical birth control that induced uterine contractions and/or blood flow. “The term emmenagogue is used to describe substances that promote menstrual bleeding. A large number of plants are classified in this way, although their mechanisms of action are not well understood,” the publication says, noting that they could mimic the hormones that induce labor.


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Home Remedies For Abortion Naturally And Safely In Early Pregnancy

Here we introduce to you 25 best home remedies for abortion in early pregnancy safely and naturally.

1. Angelica Root

Among home remedies for abortion, this is one of the best which helps activate the contractions and monthly periods in a female. You should take it 4 times per day by putting 5-15 falls of the natural ingredient in a cup of warm water. Then, have it daily to abort a baby .

2. Parsley

To make use of parsley leaves as one of home remedies for abortion, you need to ingest their leaves in whole, but just a little at a time. The way this method works is rather similar to that of vitamin C. It will result in a combined action of contraction of uterus and dilatation of the cervix, resulting in an abortion. For quicker results, you can take supplement made from parsley leaves with vitamin C. Or, you could also combine parsley water with lemon, followed by lemon juice, and drink the mixture few times per day. Actually, parsley is the major regulator of your menstrual cycles. Thus, if you have been missing your period, have the solution containing this ingredient can abort a baby in early pregnancy .

Note: For safety reasons, you need to take far less amount than you normally would in case either vitamin C or parsley leaves were taken singly.

3. Cinnamon
  • Consume the dry powdered cinnamon by adding it to water
  • Or, you could also take it in the shape of supplement which is readily available on the drug stores.


4. Papaya
5. Goji Berry
6. Sesame Seeds
11. Angelica

Taking Aspirin For Abortion

If you are pregnant, aspirin is amongst the first few medicines that you will be told not to take. However, if you are dealing with an unwanted pregnancy, then taking aspirin may provide you with a solution. You may take an aspirin 5 to 6 times a day for a few days or till the termination of pregnancy. You may include other food items such as figs, ginger and cinnamon, which are effective in generating body heat and thus helpful in aiding abortion. It is recommended to take your doctors advice on taking aspirin for abortion.

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Laxatives To Get The Abortion Done

Use of laxatives leads to an upset stomach. It is an effective way that can be followed at home to get the abortion done.


  • Include the intake of laxatives in your daily schedule.
  • It will lead to increased stomach problem, and your belly conditions will not be favorable for the growth of fetus leading to the abortion naturally.

What Does An At

A doctor laced his ex
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It was the year 2000 in Derry, the second-largest city in Northern Ireland. The Good Friday Agreement had gone into effect two years earlier, bringing the Troubles to an end. The city seemed to be full of hope. But Abigail Aiken was full of dread. An academic star, she should have been focussed on the G.C.S.E.s, a set of exams that determine whether a sixteen-year-old in the U.K. will advance on a university track or end her education in high school. But as the exam date approached, Aikens mind kept wandering to something else: her period, which was more than a week late. Recently, her long-distance boyfriend had come to town for a weeklong visit, which had resulted in an unplanned romantic incident. Could she have gotten pregnant after her first time? That would be just her luck. She wanted to know, one way or the other, but this was Derry, a place where everyone knew everyone elses business. What was she supposed to do, walk into the pharmacy and ask for a pregnancy test?

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Home Remedies For Abortion Goji Berries

Goji berries are known as wolfberries. People often marked goji berries as dried berries. Some people like its sour and sweet flavor while some do not. Every part of goji berries including bark, fruit, and leaves has been widely used as traditional Chinese medicine for ages. After being collected, goji berries pass the drying process and then they are packed carefully in boxes before purchase. The drying process aims to preserve the optimum nutrients and benefits of goji berries.

It is easily understandable when goji berries is used to treat many health problems because it has a great source of antioxidants, 18 amino acids, carotenoids, vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin E, B vitamins, omega-3, and omega 6 fatty acids, protein and 21 essential minerals such as zinc, iron, selenium, copper, germanium, calcium, phosphorous, magnesium, and manganese, etc. Moreover, goji berries are rich in anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties.

Pregnant women often eat goji berries for two reasons. Firstly, it is considered as a healthy food that contains a lot of health benefits. Some people believe that pregnant women should eat 10g of goji berries on the daily basis because of their nutrient and vitamin content. Moreover, in the end of the pregnancy, goji berries consumption can induce as remedies for abortion by increasing uterine contractions. This is because goji berries contain compounds that have abortion-inducing properties.

Black Cumin Seeds For Natural Abortion

The use of black cumin seed for inducing abortion dates back in history. If you are looking for a safe way to abort an early pregnancy, this is definitely an easy way to do so.

Consume the black cumin seeds in favourable quantities to actually witness its effect relating to miscarriages and abortion. It has uterine contracting properties which is what contributes to the process of abortion of the fetus.

How Much?

The requirement of dosage varies from person and person and you need to consult a medical professional to understand its effects.

How Long Does it Take to Induce Abortion?

Because of the lack of studies, it is often very hard to deduce how or when the black cumin seeds actually abort an unwanted pregnancy.

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Safest Natural Abortion Methods & Causes Of Abortions

Aspiring mothers welcome pregnancy. But sometimes, a woman may dread getting pregnant. Those who dont want a baby may think of natural abortion methods.

Pregnancy is not only a blessing it is a responsibility too. And hence it is essential that a woman makes up her mind thoroughly before going ahead with a pregnancy.

We dont advocate or are debating any ethical concerns about abortion being the right of a woman or not.

Indeed abortion is considered as the killing of a life. At the same time, it is worse to bring life to this world and not fulfill your responsibilities.

So here we have enlisted and talked about everything regarding natural abortion methods.

The ways of natural abortion are nothing but causes of spontaneous abortion if unintentionally done to you.

  • Footnotes
  • Fenugreek Seeds For Natural Abortion

    Self-Managed Abortion: Abortions with Mifepristone and Misoprostol | Episode 4

    Yet one of the common home remedies for natural abortion includes that of the fenugreek seeds. It is necessary to know that fenugreek consists of compounds that often mimic the chemistry of the female hormones, known as the phytoestrogens.

    While these hormones dont negatively impact the body if the fenugreek seeds are consumed in considerable quantities, the excess can definitely cause natural abortion at home. The irregularities and disbalance in the hormonal levels end up causing a quagmire in the womens body.

    How Much?

  • Steep 1-2 tablespoons of fenugreek seeds in a glass of water.
  • Leave it overnight and drink it, seeds and all, the next thing in the morning.
  • How Long Does it Take to Induce Abortion?

    The exact time frame is not known by anyone but because of its pronounced effects, even the slightest changes in the hormonal levels can effectively contribute to natural abortion.

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    Remedies For Abortion Evening Primrose Oil

    Evening primrose oil is extracted from the seed of its plant. Evening primrose oil is used for different health benefits. Using evening primrose oil can treat many skin disorders including psoriasis, eczema, and acne. Moreover, this oil is also effective in treating weak bone, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Raynauds syndrome, Sjogrens syndrome, high cholesterol, leg pain, asthma, chronic fatigue syndrome, diabetes, obesity, whooping cough, irritable bowel syndrome, ulcerative colitis, and peptic ulcer disease.

    Primrose oil is useful for pregnant women too. It avoids high blood pressure, prevent late delivery and shorten labor. More importantly, you should mention the benefit of evening primrose oil in inducing abortion. If you plan to have an abortion, here are ways you can do with evening primrose oil.

    • Massage a sufficient amount of evening primrose oil on the cervix
    • Consume evening primrose oil in form of pill

    However, before taking primrose oil pill, you should consult your doctor first.

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