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Where To Purchase Matcha Tea

Ranchant Handmade Akebono Porcelain Chawan

Why Ceremonial-Grade Matcha Is So Expensive | So Expensive Food | Business Insider

One of the more important factors in making matcha is the sifting, says Jue. You can get around it, but having a sieve or sifter will make a huge difference, both in preventing the clumps that youll sometimes find at the bottom of your cup if youre making a latte at home and in achieving a light, frothy, ceremonial-style beverage. Use the back of a spoon or chashaku to help the powder through the mesh.

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Best Overall Matcha Powder

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How To Make Matcha Traditionally

Matcha tea powder offers greater versatility as far as recipes go. If you want to go the traditional route with your matcha tea powder, in Canada, most people have adopted to use a traditional Japanese bamboo whisk. To properly prepare, you can sift around 1 gram of matcha powder in 250 ml of water heated to 50C 60C . Whisk until you no longer see matcha tea powder chunks in the liquid and until a light foam floats at the top. While this may seem like the best way for some people, your options are quite unlimited.

Electric Whisks

If you are into gadgets that simplify life a little, you can buy an electric matcha whisk. It can be used for whisking and frothing and is a great tool for preparing matcha latte recipes.

Today, you can easily find matcha tea recipes in Canada, and it is a definite growing trend. If you want to buy this natural tea, you can easily incorporate it into a wide variety of recipes found online or here. You can try anything from matcha lattes to protein smoothies and a host of other ways to boost your health with matcha tea powder.

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As you can see form the image, matcha tea can be found in the tea/coffee aisle, next to other teas. However, since matcha tea is essentially green tea, youll find it closely located to other green teas.

You may also be able to find it in the international aisle, where teas of Asian origin reside.

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What Exactly Is Matcha

Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

Matcha is a type of green tea that’s easy to identify because it comes in powder form. Unlike most teas where the leaves are steeped in water and removed before drinking, with matcha you actually ingest a ground form of the leaf itself. It often has a rich umami flavor, but other tasting notes can include sweetness, bitterness, grassiness, earthiness, nuttiness, and more. Matcha is highly versatile and can be used for drinking purposes as well as a cooking ingredient. Accordingly, matcha is sorted into one of two categories: ceremonial grade and culinary grade. The former is best for tea and lattes, while the latter is better for recipes and baked goods.

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How To Use Matcha Powder In Baking

Here are a few of our favorite ways to incorporate matcha tea into your daily baking and desserts now that you know why you should use matcha powder for baking!

Pie crusts: Toss 1 spoonful of matcha tea into the flour mixture before adding the butter and water. 2 tablespoons for a double pie crust

Sift in 2 tablespoons of matcha to your flour mixture for a normal size biscuit recipe.

Cakes: For each tier of the cake, sift 1 tablespoon of matcha into the dry ingredients .

Sift in 1-2 tablespoons of matcha to the granola mixture before adding the wet components.

Icing, Glaze, and Garnish: Sift 1 teaspoon of matcha into powdered sugar glazes for a beautiful green color. Sift a tablespoon of matcha powder over your final baked products for colour and flavour or as a simple garnish.

Are you ready to try matcha powder of the highest quality for yourself? Now is the time to purchase matcha powder from us, and start enjoying everything that matcha has to offer, at home, at work or wherever you go!

How To Recognize Good Quality Matcha Green Tea

The matcha fever has hit hard, that is why many establishments offer matcha nowadays. However, not all matcha tea is created equal. The processing, the origin, the packaging, are just a few of the factors that will determine the quality of matcha tea. Here is what you should look for when you buy Matcha.

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Encha Matcha Organic Matcha From Farm To Cup

Image Source: Encha.com

Let me start by saying, Lis, Encha Founder, passion is so incredibly valuable and inspiring.I first became in touch with Li before Encha even started.

I remember he messaged me about a Japan trip he was planning and asked me if there was anything I wanted to know about Japanese matcha and organic farming so he could search for the answers for me.

Not long after his trip, Encha was born and it is one of my favourite matcha brands to support and indulge in. While Encha is superior quality matcha, I know that my matcha knowledge has expanded thanks to Li.

Thanks to him, I realized earlier years I was being overcharged for what I thought was high quality matcha.

All Enchas organic matcha has no pesticide, no synthetic fertilizer, no preservatives and is non-GMO.

When I first tried Enchas Latte Grade organic matcha I was impressed with how smooth it was. It had little to no astringency when prepared with just hot water. It is, however, not as delicate as their ceremonial grade.

If youre new to matcha, I would say you could even purchase the latte grade, over the ceremonial grade first to give it a try and save some money.

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What Is The Genesis Of Purest Matcha Green Tea

How to Make Traditional Matcha + Easy Way to Make Matcha Green Tea

There is a unique association between people and tea. It is not just any drink for us but a ritual, a celebration, a way to divert from the daily mundane affairs, a staple to bond over, and that inalienable part of our lives that most of us cant be without. Being innately Indian is synonymous with commencing the day with a steaming cup of chai, it is our fondness for tea that secures us unequivocally as a nation, no matter what our dissimilarities may be. And with the stress of daily lives, high cholesterol, heart problems, there was always a need for a healthy tea which could be called the elixir of life. This is where green tea came into being and eventually prospered until buying matcha green tea online became popular.

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Davidstea Matcha Shop Prices Vary

We couldnt choose just one product here, as Davids Tea has over twenty different options for your morning matcha, making it one of the largest collections in North America.

Browse all the flavors, ranging from a tropical coconut or mango to dessert-like berries and cream or salted caramel. They sell both the super pigmented matcha powder and green tea matcha blends for a variety of flavors, concentrations and strengths, as well as traditional organic ceremonial grade matcha for the OG matcha lovers.

Personal Testimony From Our Founders

From Dr. Tuan

Why do I drink matcha?The simple answer is I want to live a long and healthy life. Matcha green tea is loaded with catechins, a class of flavonoids that are powerful antioxidants and anti-inflammatory phytochemicals. Epidemiological studies done in Japan have shown that drinking green tea is associated with better cardiovascular health.

I am usually up at the crack of dawn to start work early at the hospital. Matcha keeps me awake and alert. When I do a coronary artery bypass operation, my hands cannot have the slightest tremor. Matcha keeps me calm and focused, without the jitters. The combination of caffeine and L-theanine in matcha makes this possible.

From Bill, The Flavor Guy

I had a heart attack in my late 40s. The type of blockage I had is called the widowmaker. My heart disease could have killed me, leaving my dear wife a widow with four young children. I changed my ways immediately by cutting out refined carbs such as sugar and starches. Nowadays, I drink matcha, hoping I can cheat death from heart disease a second time.

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Jade Leaf Organic Culinary Grade Matcha


Culinary grade matcha can be enjoyed in traditional tea form, but it’s best for mixing into recipes: smoothies, baked goods, saltyou name it. Since the tencha leaves are harvested later in season and ground with more heat, the resulting powder has a darker color and more bitter taste. This helps it “stand up to the strong flavors in milk, butter, and sugar,” explains Puyane.

One of the most popular and highest-rated options in the culinary category is Jade Leaf’s Culinary Matcha. The flavor is rich and earthy, not sweet, and customers describe the powder as versatile and easy to blend. All Jade Leaf products are 100 percent organic and sourced from Japan, with this matcha farmed in the Uji region. It’s affordably priced and available in four sizes, starting at 30 grams and working up to 1 pound. The company also prints handy recipes on its bags for easy-to-make matcha treats.

Price at time of publish: $9 for 30 grams

Grade: Culinary | Origin: Uji and Kahoshima, Japan | Harvest: Second harvest | Size: 30, 100, and 250 grams or 1 pound

High-quality matcha comes at a high price point, of course. Ummon-no-mukashi is likely best for die-hard matcha lovers or those interested in trying premium matcha for the first time. The company sells a variety of products, including several lower-cost alternatives. Its website recommends new customers start with the more affordable Horai-no-mukashi.

What Exactly Is Matcha Powder

2 Pack Organic Matcha Green Tea Powder

People are often focused on health trends since they see them all over social media or hear a brief mention of them on the news, but they dont fully comprehend what is being addressed. When people come into How Matchas Marylebone cafe for the first time, we often find that to be the case.

For hundreds of years, many people in Asia have relished matcha, a rich green tea preparation. Buddhist monks brought it to feudal Japan and used it to stay alert during extended periods of meditation. However, it dates back to the Tang Dynasty in China. It is still used in the traditional Japanese tea ceremony called temae, and it is an important part of Japanese culture.

Today, matcha is popular not only among tea connoisseurs and gourmands, but also among health-conscious individuals who value its reported health benefits and low caffeine content.

Matcha is made from tea leaves that were partially shade-grown, steamed, deveined, and destemmed, and is literally translated as powdered tea. Matcha is a fine stone-ground green powder that is customarily made into a vegetal drink by whisking it with boiling water.

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Matcha Is New To Youplease Visit Our Section Matcha For Beginners

The word matcha comes from the Japanese and means ground tea. Matcha is an extremely fine, jade green tea powder that is ground in granite stone mills. In addition to caffeine, matcha contains natural anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals that have an enlivening and harmonising effect on the metabolism. Because the tea is consumed whole, the body enjoys the full range of matchas valuable nutrients. L-Theanin, an amino acid contained in matcha, is typical for green tea and has a stress-relieving, relaxing effect alongside the caffeines invigourating one. Matcha gives an energy kick that lasts 3-6 hours.

Best Budget: Purechimp Matcha Green Tea Powder

Due to a brief harvest season and select growing regions , matcha powder can get pricey, especially compared to coffee and tea. But U.K.-based company PureChimp keeps its prices low, which is why its our best budget pick.

The product has solid online reviews, with many customers calling the flavor smooth, though slightly grassy, while others say that its an unbeatable value-for-money option. Keep a decent amount of skepticism, of course. The powder is duller than many pricier matchasâa sign of lower qualityâand the company does not indicate how the tencha leaves are ground, meaning a cheaper and cruder alternative to stone grinding might be used.

On the plus side, all of PureChimps products are sourced in the Kyoto region of Japan, and the company even sells flavored matcha powders, including mint, turmeric, rooibos, and lemongrass. As an added bonus, 5 percent of profits are donated to Save The Chimps.

Grade: Ceremonial | Origin: Kagoshima, Japan | Harvest: First harvest | Size: 20, 50, 100, and 500 grams

Culinary grade matcha can be enjoyed in traditional tea form, but its best for mixing into recipes: smoothies, baked goods, saltâyou name it. Since the tencha leaves are harvested later in season and ground with more heat, the resulting powder has a darker color and more bitter taste. This helps it stand up to the strong flavors in milk, butter, and sugar, explains Puyane.

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Where To Buymatcha Green Tea Powderoffline


Unless you live in a large, culturally diverse city, your options for buying matcha locally are going to be pretty slim. Here are some of the more well known retail locations that you may find in your area that carry matcha.

The important thing to remember when you are buying matcha is that you want to make sure that you know what you are getting. That is very difficult in the offline world. This is why I believe that the best place to buy matcha green tea powder is online where you can view thousands of reviews to take advantage of other peoples experiences.

Here Are The Do’s And Don’ts Of Buying Matcha Online:

How to Make Matcha

The “Do’s” of where to buy matcha green tea powder online:

  • Buy from a retailer that you know and trust! As I have said before, anyone can start a website and put there name on a product and make any claims that they want. After all, if its on the internet, it must be true. This is why we recommend the best place to buy matcha green tea is amazon.com, or buying matcha direct from a company that you trust. Amazon is the worlds largest retailer. They have a reputation to uphold and best of all, the matcha that you want to buy has been reviewed by hundreds, if not thousands of different matcha drinkers.
  • Do buy from websites that make shipping and returns easy. For example, at Hibiki-An, the return and shipping policy is strict and complicated. They claim to ship directly from Japan, where the best matcha is produced. While the latter is true, customers don’t need to pay the extra taxes, customs fees and international shipping fees when buying from big name companies, such as Amazon. Furthermore, on all prime eligible purchases, which includes most of the matcha for sale on Amazon. Not to mention that all returns include free shipping! The bottom line is customers can buy matcha that is from Japan, at Amazon, without paying tons of extra money, and waiting several extra weeks for their matcha to be delivered.
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    Matcha Tea What Is It And How To Prepare It


    • Matcha Tea What is it and how to prepare it?

    Matcha is an éminence grise among Japanese teas and the heart of every tea ceremony. Most of us are familiar with matcha latte, loved by those who spent years looking for a funky alternative to milk-based coffee. However, this tea represents so much more like a true aristocrat, it stands out in terms of its appearance, processing and meaning in Japanese culture.

    What Is Matcha Tea

    Matcha Tea, meaning literally ground tea, is a powdered form of green tea. Though its roots can be traced back to ancient China, the best matcha is now produced in Japan where this fine, deep green powder is traditionally ground using mikage stone mills. The green tea used to create our organic Ceremonial Matcha is harvested from tea bushes that go through an intensive shading for 30 days before being picked. By blocking out the sunlight these leaves are enriched with a deeper colour and intense flavour. Ultimately creating a super-rich, creamy and umami green tea experience like no other.

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