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Is Tea Good For Asthma

Turmeric Treatment For Asthmatic Bouts

Is coffee good for asthma?

Asthmatic bouts are a difficult period, especially if they occur very frequently. Turmeric can be effectively used for the same.

A book by K H Krishnamurty, a well-known writer on natural cure and herbal remedies. He suggests the following use of turmeric for Asthmatic bouts:

  • Take 3 gms of turmeric powder and mix it with powder of 7 grains of black pepper. Mix this with pure mustard oil. The patient should lick this paste in the morning.
  • Grind ~110 grams of Calotropis and ~55 grams of turmeric. Use approx. Add 110 grams of any bitter oil in the mixture and then cook it till watery portion vanishes and only oil remains. Bring down the vessel and then let it cool. Strain the oil using a clean cloth and store the oil. This all has to applied to back, chest, belly and front throat through sprinkling it and through fomentation also.

Both of the above have to be carried for a week and monitor the condition. Several dietary precautions also need to be taken along with the treatment so to avoid any digestion related stress. Patients should:

  • Not eat excessively fried and spicy food
  • Should avoid consuming food such as jaggery, curd, black gram etc.
  • Should avoid eating stale food
  • Eat as much as green leafy vegetables, rice, wheat, etc. basically very light meal

Note: In case of an asthma attack, please consult your doctor asap.

Best Tea For Asthma/breathing

I have nocturnal asthma now. Tea often helps me to start breathing again after an accumulation of mucus. Currently, I find that green tea helps the most with this, but Im wondering which variety of tea is the best. Thoughts? Experiences? Anyone who has trouble breathing due to mucus or asthma, do respond, please.

I have seasonal allergies year around pretty much. i really like sheng with camphor notes. i feel like its opening up the passages. i have to think now which ones. ones i remember i will let you know.

They all pretty much help clear up my allergies, which are indoor/dust related. Camphor is wonderful!

I second sheng, Ive had the best luck with ones from Teavivre if you want to check them out! Caffeine is also sometimes helpful. If it is allergies, nettles are also sometimes good for me. However, I am on an inhaler, nose spray and pill for my asthma and allergies so it is tough to determine which is the most useful from those and tea.

I forgot to mention Mucinex. its over the counter. helps thin mucus

Im an extremely severe asthmatic and I cant say tea has ever helped my breathing in that regard. If my nasal passages are stuffy tea sometimes helps for that.

Do you have a good allergist or pulmonary specialst?

Doctors most often look at GERD as the cause of asthma when:

These hold true for me.Perhaps, I should cut out evening meals altogether What are your alls thoughts on that?

Chamomile Tea And Anxiety

Asthma is stressful. The mental burden and anxiety of knowing you have a debilitating condition that requires expensive inhalers is a lot to bear. And anxiety itself can be a major cause and exacerbator of breathing distress, making asthma symptoms worse. Therefore, managing stress and anxiety is critical to managing asthma.

Chamomile tea is a nice choice for asthmatics because it can help modulate the anxiety that is a natural part of the condition. People have used chamomile tea to soothe stress and anxiety for hundreds of years, and a more recent study showed that it can help people with generalized anxiety disorder .

So if you have asthma, consider adding chamomile tea to your daily routine, and dont forget to inhale the steam before you start drinking. I think youll find that making tea a part of your life can really help your symptoms .

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Why It Is Important To Do This Review

Despite the amount of information regarding caffeine and its potential effectiveness in obstructive airways diseases, no reviews have been conducted that examine the evidence in a systematic fashion. The results from such a review could have important implications for research and clinical practice.

Directions And Instructions For Use

Is ginger tea good for asthma?
  • Mix the essential oils with the carrier oils in a bowl or plate, whichever one you prefer.
  • Use a cotton pad to apply the oil blend to the areas of your body that need alleviation. Make sure to focus on areas like the neck and on/under your nose.
  • You can also apply this blend to your wrists and inhale the oils as needed.
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    Does Coffee Help Asthma Symptoms

    Many people ask, Is coffee good for asthma? or Is coffee good or bad for asthma? The answer is that coffee can be good for asthma, but it is not without some words of caution.

    One study found that people who drink coffee every day have 29% fewer asthma symptoms. This same study did not find the same results for people who drink tea, which typically contains much less caffeine.

    Also remember that caffeine acts as a mild bronchodilator. So, any caffeinated drinks may offer some bronchodilation. However, the bronchodilator effects may depend on the amount of caffeine in the drink. Caffeine also helps lower respiratory muscle fatigue and can temporarily improve lung function. These are all good things for patients with asthma.

    The Food and Drug Administration says that healthy adults may safely consume up to 400 milligrams of caffeine per day. This is equal to four to five cups of coffee per day. Used in safe doses, coffee can be good for asthma.

    On the flip side, high amounts of caffeine can be dangerous, even deadly. A toxic amount of caffeine is normally about 1,200 milligrams ingested quickly. There are products, mainly marketed for weight loss, that contain large amounts of caffeine that are very risky. Also, consider that an energy drink may contain up to 250 milligrams of caffeine. If you are drinking several energy drinks in a row, you are getting a lot of caffeine quickly. In large quantities, caffeine poses a risk to asthma patients and non-asthma patients alike.

    May Help Fight Viral Infections

    Some test-tube studies suggest that mullein may possess powerful antiviral properties.

    For instance, one test-tube study analyzed several medicinal herbs and found that mullein extract was particularly effective against the influenza virus .

    Other test-tube studies show that mullein extract may also fight pseudorabies, a virus in the herpes family (

    Nonetheless, human research is needed.

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    Can You Use Coffee As Treatment For An Asthma Attack

    You should always use your quick-relief inhaler to treat an asthma attack. While caffeine has mild bronchodilator properties, your quick-relief inhaler is more effective. Asthma attacks can be fatal if not treated properly. And they can sneak up on you, so dont be caught off-guard.

    Treatment for asthma must be directed by your physician. Work with your doctor to make sure your Asthma Action Planis up to date. With adequate asthma management, you may be able to limit the impact of asthma on your quality of life.

    Always carry your quick-relief asthma medications with you. And, as always, if your asthma symptoms are out of control or your inhaler is not helping you through an asthma attack, seek medical attention immediately.

    What Is Chamomile Tea

    Drink Oregano Tea To Heal Your Lungs from Cough, Asthma, Bronchitis, and Infections

    A soothing cup of chamomile tea

    Chamomile tea is made from a small white flowering herb also called chamomile. Because of its many healing properties, as well as its pleasing taste and aroma, people have been using chamomile medicinally for thousands of years. In fact, it was used by the Ancient Egyptians as well as the Romans.

    Chamomile contains flavonoids, sesquiterpenes and anti-oxidants, and it has antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, antimutagenic and cholesterol lowering properties . It has been and is still used to treat a variety of conditions, including eczema, skin irritations, various bacterial infections, arthritis, stomach cramps, irritable bowel syndrome and upset stomach. There is scientific research to back up many of these use, especially chamomiles impact on sleep and anxiety .

    You can take chamomile in capsule, tincture or liquid extract from, but it is most commonly consumed as tea. The steam from chamomile tea can have a positive impact on the upper respiratory tract, so this is what I recommend for fellow asthmatics.

    Chamomile tea has a nice, sweet taste, and asthmatics should feel free to sweeten it even more with honey, as honey is an asthma superfood . Added honey will be especially nice if you have a sore throat or cough.

    Chamomile tea is also caffeine free, making this a tea you can enjoy any time of the day.

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    Are Coffee & Tea Good For Asthma & Bronchitis

    In a person with asthma, irritants or allergens irritate the airways, causing them to contract and tighten. This make it more difficult for air to get to the lungs. Asthma patients may make a wheezing or whistling sound as they breathe, the result of trying to force air through these narrowed airways. They may also cough in an attempt to clear the airways. Bronchitis produces similar symptoms to asthma, but in bronchitis the air passages are inflamed and swollen, usually due to an infection. Immediate treatment aims at opening the airways to allow for a freer passage of air. This is usually achieved with medications known as bronchodilators. Caffeine, found in coffee and tea, can act as a bronchodilator.

    If you are experiencing serious medical symptoms, seek emergency treatment immediately.

    Vitamin Supplements To Consider As A Preventative Measure

    Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    Omega-3 oil supplementation should be considered essential when it comes to vitamin supplements, especially if you do not eat fish. This is because Omega-3 can help fight inflammation in the body and reduce the chances of having an attack. Studies have shown that children who eat fish at least once a week reduce their chances of having an attack by around a third.

    Vitamin C

    Adding a 1000mg dose of Vitamin C daily can assist by strengthening the body’s ability to resist the irritation caused by pollutants in the bronchial system. This, in turn, helps to reduce coughing.

    Vitamin E

    Getting enough Vitamin E makes it easier for phlegm build-up to be removed.


    Betacarotene could help to reduce wheezing overall. Yet another good reason to add healthy fruits and veggies to your diet.


    500mg – 1000mg of Magnesium, taken in divided doses daily, can help to reduce the frequency of attacks.

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    My Favorite Premium Loose Teas

    Sometimes I like to indulge and have a cup of premium loose tea. These teas are very high quality and packed with an enormous amount of nutrients. These teas come directly from Asia and require a tea steeper to prepare. Dont worry, the bagged tea above is excellent as well, but this is a different experience. I like to focus on the greens and white teas for their proven health-promoting benefits.

    /6herbal Teas For Asthma Relief

    Best Teas To Relieve Asthma Symptoms

    Asthma is a condition in which your airways narrow and swell and may produce extra mucus. This could result in difficulty in breathing and coughing, a whistling sound when you breathe out and shortness of breath. For some people, asthma is minor trouble. But for others, it can be a major problem that interferes with daily activities and may lead to a life-threatening asthma attack. Although asthma can’t be cured, its symptoms can be controlled. This involves taking your medications as directed and learning to avoid triggers that cause your asthma symptoms. Also, many precautions need to be taken to avoid any aggravation. Additionally, some foods and beverages have proved to be beneficial for those suffering from asthma.

    The air pollution in Delhi NCR region is no secret for us. It is effecting everyone and resulting in many different health problems. Moreover, it is even more dangerous for those who suffer from asthma. Here is a look at 5 teas for asthma relief.

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    Irritation On The Skin

    Have you ever had irritation on your skin before? Skin irritation is one of Rooibos tea side effects and not only it is itchy it is also annoying that you want to get healed soon. The symptoms of this problem are showed by appearance of rashes on your skin. But the symptoms do not stop there there are more symptoms that you will feel which are red hives, itchy skin patches, redness without itch, and swollen skin.

    Those symptoms will appear only if you consume the Rooibos tea in such a large amount. If the symptoms appear after one drink, it means you have allergic to Rooibos tea or any specific substance of the Rooibos leaves. When these symptoms appear, make sure you seek medical treatment immediately. Also, stop drinking this tea dont risk your heath.

    The symptoms also may occur if you dont even have any allergy to Rooibos tea. In fact, like what have mentioned before this tea may trigger allergic reaction and even if you dont have allergy to this tea leaf, the rashes may still appear. Make sure you discuss it with your doctor first if you still want/need to drink this tea.

    The Caffeine And Asthma Connection

    There is one component of certain tea varieties that has been studied for its respiratory effects: caffeine.

    According to Karina Keogh, MD, a pulmonologist with the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, caffeine may help relax smooth muscles, like those in the lungs, and act as a bronchodilator, helping open airways.

    In fact, caffeine shares some similarities with a drug called theophylline, used to treat asthma for years before the development of the drugs primarily utilized today, says Dr. Keogh.

    Though caffeines impact on lung function seems to be modest, research has identified it as legitimate. One prior study published in the Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews, for example, concluded, Caffeine appears to improve airways function modestly in people with asthma for up to four hours.

    The study found that even a low dose of caffeine had a noticeable impact on asthma patients performance in lung function tests, starting with amounts as low as 5 milligrams of caffeine per 1 kilogram of body weight.

    But although the researchers considered 340 mg to be a low dose of caffeine, thats around three 8-ounce cups of coffee or seven cups of black tea which may not feel so low to some people.

    The researchers note that while caffeine may mildly improve short-term lung function, more evidence is needed to understand whether this small improvement is associated with a better quality of life, and to see how caffeine tolerance changes this impact over time.

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    Ingredients And Directions For Lung Support And Wellness Tea

    I use the traditional parts method of measuring herbs. This means that you can use any kind of measurement you choose as one “part.” You just add the herbs in the correct ratio!

    For example, if I only want to make a small amount of blended tea, such as a pint or so, I might choose to use a tablespoon as a part measure. If I plan to make a larger batch, such as quart or more, I might use a 1/8 cup or 1/4 cup measure, or perhaps one of the scoops that comes in some mixes. You get to decide how much or how little you’d like to make!

    You can find directions for brewing this blend just below.

    Here are the herbs I used for my Lung Support Tea Blend—They are soothing to the lungs, promoting healing, while calming a spastic cough, including those annoying dry coughs.

    Top 5 Essential Oils For Asthma Symptoms

    Drinking two cups of green tea per day can reduce COPD risk by nearly 40%

    By Annie Price, CHHC

    Have you ever tried using essential oils for asthma? Asthma disturbs normal functions of the airways reaching the lungs that allow us to breath. If you struggle with asthma symptoms and are looking for natural alternatives to improve how you feel, you may want to consider essential oils.

    According to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, asthma is more common in young boys than young girls, but more common in adult women than adult men. When used appropriately, essential oils can be a really effective part of a natural treatment plan for asthma.

    Given its anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic, expectorant and anti-congestive properties, oils like peppermint have been used for breathing difficulties in traditional herbal medicine for centuries and now recent research is showing that peppermint isnt the only essential oil that may help you to breathe easier!

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    Lack Of Research And Approval

    The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America say that there is no evidence to prove that essential oils can help people with asthma.

    In fact, some may be dangerous and trigger symptoms in the same way that air fresheners and other chemicals do.

    The AAFA do not recommend using essential oils to treat asthma.

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration do not regulate the use of essential oils for any conditions, including asthma, but they have issued warnings about some products.

    Since the FDA do not approve their use, there are no regulations to control what an essential oil contains. As a result, users cannot be sure that the ingredients are pure.

    Breathe Easy With Breathe Easy Tea For Asthma

    Ive already written about how much I like this tea .

    I stumbled across it one day in my local grocery store. I think they were having a sale, so I figured Id give it a whirl. And Im glad I did.

    Breathe Easy Tea is a combination of traditional Chinese medicine, including licorice root, peppermint and eucalyptus, meant to help relieve chest complaints.

    I find a cup in the morning, especially if I take a few minutes to breathe in the steam, helps clear up any congestion. Ill also use it if Im feeling stuffy or tight chested.

    And I know Im not alone the reviews from fellow asthmatics could not be more glowing.

    But really, this is my favorite tea for asthma because it tastes good and is relaxing. I think my morning ritual alone, sitting quietly with a cup of tea, is a big help.

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