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Where Can I Buy Pu Erh Tea

What Are The Side Effects Of Pu

Puerh Tea Top Buys!

Pu-erh tea is safe for most healthy adults when enjoyed in moderation up to four cups a day. Potential side effects or interactions with medications are commonly attributed to the caffeine, which is naturally found in foods and beverages such as coffee, tea and chocolate.

Most people can tolerate up to 400 milligrams of caffeine daily from pu-erh tea and all other sources. However, sensitivities can vary. When consumed in excess, caffeine can cause side effects such as headache, dizziness, shaking, difficulty sleeping, irritability and dehydration. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or concerned about your caffeine intake or interactions, please talk with your doctor before you buy pu-erh tea.

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How To Store Pu

Pu-erh tea is one of the most famous in an entire class of Chinese teas known as the post-fermented teas. These teas are becoming popular in the West because of their fascinating history and the unique depth and complexity of their taste. Like vintage wine, the taste improves with age but many tea drinkers also like the taste of young Pu-erh tea which has many taste characteristics of green tea. Aged Pu-erh tea is a highly sought after commodity and is the subject of much historical research. It is traded and collected much like vintage wine, with some rare teas fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The aged taste is the result of 3 factors working together over time. This article will explain how these factors affect the taste of your tea, how to store your Pu-erh tea to ensure the best quality and protect your investment, whether you are a casual tea drinker or serious collector.

Aging turns Pu-erh tea from bitter to sweet, from rough to smooth and from lightly fragrant to a distinctive aged taste. Aging works best with the best quality leaves but contrary to belief, cannot improve the taste of low quality leaves. However, not all Pu-erh teas age well and some can turn bad with age. Knowing something about the factors that affect the aging process can help you to know which Pu-erh tea to buy and how to store it to improve the taste.

Health Benefits Of Pu Erh Tea

A Chinese study conducted at Kunming Medical College suggests that Pu erh Tea could lower bad LDL cholesterol. It saw 86 participants with unusually high levels of blood cholesterol split into two groups.

The first group of 55 volunteers drank this beverage three times daily. In contrast, the second group received an unnamed cholesterol-lowering drug.

The results showed a 64.29% reduction in bad LDL cholesterol in the Tea-drinking group. The drug group, meanwhile, had only a minimal improvement at 66.67%.

While the cholesterol-lowering drug was proven to be more effective, the research also established that Pu erh could at least help.

Additional info

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How Long To Blend Pu

Raw Pu-erh tea is treated as green and white tea when brewed, so less temperature water and shorter time to steep saves tea to become coarse. For freshly brewed tea, water should be on 190` F, with Pu-erh Teas teaspoon and 3 minutes steep.

  • Put fresh and filtered water to boil at 212F.
  • If you want to preheat your cup, you can do that as it is not mandatory.
  • Put one teaspoon of Pu-erh Tea in a vessel in about 8 ounces of hot boiled water.
  • Allow the tea to steer about 3-5 minutes.
  • After that, enjoy your tea.

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Special Precautions And Warnings

Pregnancy and breast-feedingPOSSIBLY SAFEPOSSIBLY UNSAFEmiscarriageChildrenPOSSIBLY SAFEAnxiety disordersBleeding disordersHeart conditionsDiabetesDiarrheaIrritable bowel syndrome An eye disorder called glaucomaHigh blood pressureblood pressurehigh blood pressureWeak bones osteoporosissupplementsvitamin D

Birth Control Pills Interacts With Pu

The body breaks down the caffeine in pu-erh tea to get rid of it. Birth control pills can decrease how quickly the body breaks down caffeine. Taking pu-erh tea along with birth control pills can cause jitteriness, headache, fast heartbeat, and other side effects. Some birth control pills include ethinyl estradiol and levonorgestrel , ethinyl estradiol and norethindrone , and others.

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The Shapes Of Puerh Tea

Puerh tea can be found in many different shapes from loose leaf style to tea compressed into cakes, birds nests, mushrooms, and other shapes. Compressed types are available in many sizes, from mini cakes to bigger, over 300 gram bricks or cakes. But not only puerh is compressed some oolong, yellow or white tea can be compressed too.

May Boost Liver Health

The Magic Of Puerh Tea

Because it can help decrease fat accumulation, pu-erh tea may help prevent or reverse nonalcoholic fatty liver disease, a disease in which excess fat accumulates in your liver. However, this has only been noted in animal research so far .

Another animal study also found that pu-erh tea extract may protect the liver from damage caused by the chemotherapy drug cisplatin .

This is a promising area of research, but human studies are needed before any claims about pu-erh tea and liver function can be made.

  • changes to your hearts rhythm
  • dehydration
  • diarrhea or excessive urination

Because fermented foods may affect your gut bacteria concentrations, pu-erh tea may also affect your digestion and potentially cause some digestive upset.

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What Is Puerh Tea

Although it looks like a black tea, puerh belongs to a group of dark or fermented teas. With a history of more than a thousand years, its one of the oldest types of tea in the world. In smaller amounts, fermented or dark teas are produced in some other countries too, such as Japan, Malawi or Vietnam, but Puerh belongs exclusively to the Chinese Yunnan province.

Just like all other real types of tea, puerh is made from Camellia sinensis tea leaves. Interestingly, puerh is made from assamica variety, same as the Assam black teas, but not from the same cultivar. Tea leaves are fermented either naturally by aging or by controlled fermentation. Except polyphenols and caffeine, puerh contains a whole variety of different fungi and bacteria, with raw puerh being more rich in fungi and ripe in bacteria.

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Weight Loss Benefits Of Puerh

Statins have hypolipidemic and anti inflammatory effects and may reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack by 25%. However, the levels of statins wont be the same in all puerhs, and may be much lower than the regular dose in a prescribed statins drugs. The mechanism behind puerhs benefits may be much more complexed. Another compound, theabrownin, may have a significant role in lowering cholesterol and lipids too. The most recent Chinese study on puerh compared this tea with green and black tea, and concluded that puerh is more effective for weight management than other types. Another study showed that the daily drinking of puerh tea is associated with significant weight loss, reduced body mass index, and an improved lipid profile.

Interestingly, puerh seems to be one of the most researched teas, and the one where evidence for the potential benefits is not lacking.

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Dosage And How To Brew It

Most people can safely drink up to 3 cups of pu-erh tea per day, unless theyre also consuming large quantities of other caffeinated beverages.

Research is lacking on how much pu-erh tea you should drink daily to experience its potential weight loss benefits, but 12 cups per day is a good starting point.

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Raw Pu

Where to buy pu erh tea when you live Europe? You can order from China and accept the long delivery times, custom fees and the impossibility to return items. Or you can order from! Were based in the Netherlands and ship within 10 days to any country in Europe. We source direct from factories and growers. Youll enjoy prices that are sometimes even lower than buying tea in China AND you can finally pay in your own currency, through your preferred local payment method and return orders within 100 days. All our pu erh teas are authentic and quality checked by our in-house tea professionals. Good tea, no surprises.

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How To Repair A Tea

Sometimes the elements are not kind to a tea or improper storage techniques were used. Teas are very effective at absorbing even subtle odours that we might not notice but can accumulate over a long period of time and ruin a good tea. Older Pu-erh teas may have changed hands many times before reaching you and each has a unique history. Early in a teas life, it may have developed some mould, or was stored in a musty old basement or sat on a grocery store shelf next to the incense.

To repair a tea, simply place it outside in a shady place on a mild day for a few days or longer if necessary. If it is badly affected, break it up into small pieces. This technique does not always work but is often successful at removing unwanted odours.

Tell Me About The Varieties Of Pu

Pu-erh tea is a big family with many varieties.

Pu-erh teas can be divided into the following two major categories based on their status of fermentation:

  • Sheng Cha : The tea leaves are harvested, withered, sun dried them compressed or left loose.
  • Shou Cha : Pu-erh tea leaves are harvested, O-Dui then compressed or left loose.
  • Based on the shapes and sizes, Pu-erh tea can also be in:

  • cakes/discs
  • loose
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    What Is The History Of Pu

    Pu-erh tea belongs to the Compressed Tea category – one of six main categories of Chinese teas. Named after its birth place, the Pu-erh village in the Yun Nan province south-west China, it was first traded in the village market during Tang Dynasty .

    Despite having been around for a couple of thousand years, Pu-erh tea has gained recent notoriety due to its exclusive ability to reduce body fat deposit and aid digestion. This is believed to the one of the reasons that Pu-erh tea has been widely consumed and highly sought after in areas like Tibet where high fat diet is consumed and vegetables and fruits supply is extremely limited due to the high altitude, prolong winter and the roaming nomads lifestyle. To the Tibetans, tea is their flesh, blood and life.

    Why Does My Pu

    TIPS on BUYING PU-ERH Tea (How to Buy for Aging)

    Pu Erh has been packaged and sold in stacks of seven cakes since the beginning of the Qing Dynasty . Each cake weighed 7 Liang . Packaged and transported per 7 in a bamboo tong, the tea weighed a total of 49 Liang. These numbers were probably easy to use in the times tax system and are still maintained.

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    Where To Buy Pu Erh Tea Cooked 201202


    7 years Yushang gongpin Bulang Camellia Qizi cooked pu-erh tea.

    If you are looking for an answer to ,where to buy pu erh tea near me or where can i buy pu erh tea, then you are at the right place, as it is one of the regular products of Leming Tea Factory. This product is made from the third-level sun-dried green tea of Menghai Tea Area, which is fermented by moderate fermentation and high temperature. Because of the selection of three-grade raw materials, the buds of the cake face are strong and the shape of the cake is even. The tea soup is red and bright and the aroma is pure.

    • Ingredients: Yunnan big leaf seed sunning green tea fermentation raw materials
    • Shelf life: 9999999 days
    • Packing type: regular cotton paper packaging
    • Pu-erh tea vintage: 5 years -10 years
    • Special product category: Pu-erh tea
    • Tea area: Menghai Tea Aera
    • Net content: 357g

    How To Brew Pu Erh Tea

    Usually, brewing pu erh tea is an intricate process and need a lot of equipment. It would be hard for a beginner to learn the whole process and to get the complete list equipment.

    So, lets see the easiest way to brew pu erh tea with just three basic household equipment.

    Things you will need:
    • A teapot or a brewing vessel
    • Whatever you prefer to drink from like glasses, cups or any vessel
    • Hot water
    Step 1: Boiling the water

    Firstly, bring water to a vigorous boil until you see the bubbles. Bring the water to boil with a temperature of around 95 degrees.

    Step 2: Break the tea leaves and place it into the pot

    Pu erh tea is actually processed, moulded to a cake or bricks and then stored for ages. So, you need to separate the leaves from the moulded piece. I know it may seem quite hard to tear the leaves apart. But do some magic!

    Now, add those leaves into the pot. You can add leaves approximately up to 1/3 or 1/4 of the pot. But dont add too much because the dry leaves will expand upon brewing.

    Step 3: Rinsing tea leaves

    Its the time to rinse the tea leaves with some boiling water for 10 seconds. Rinsing the leaves with boiling water is certainly a mandatory step to not avoid. Rising of leaves will open the leaves, washes off any dust particles, primes the leaves for steeping and loosen the leaf from moulded or crammed state.

    Then pour the rinse water into some glass or vessel. This water can be completely discarded.

    Step 4: Steeping the tea

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    Diabetes Maintenance And Prevention

    The journal Food & Function published a study in 2015 demonstrating that pu-erh tea in vitro and in mice. This has incredible implications for those with diabetes and individuals considered pre-diabetic, meaning that they are at a high risk of developing Type 2 diabetes in the future.

    Try Bulang 17: the smoky pu-erh

    Medications For Diabetes Interacts With Pu


    Pu-erh tea might increase blood sugar. Diabetes medications are used to lower blood sugar. By increasing blood sugar, pu-erh tea might decrease the effectiveness of diabetes medications. Monitor your blood sugar closely. The dose of your diabetes medication might need to be changed. Some medications used for diabetes include glimepiride , glyburide , insulin, pioglitazone , rosiglitazone , chlorpropamide , glipizide , tolbutamide , and others.

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    What Is Pu Erh Tea

    Pu erh tea, also written a puer , is a special type of tea that originates from Chinas Yunnan province. This tea category is named after the city of puer. It was around a 1000 years ago when the people and horses carried lots of tea bricks and cakes from puer to nearby regions including Bengal, Burma, Tibet and Central China. This trade link is also called the Ancient Tea Route or Tea Horse Road.

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    Caffeine Content In Puerh Tea

    Its difficult to say how much caffeine puerh has. One research showed that Puerh has similar levels of caffeine as Chinese sencha or other Chinese pan-fired teas, and less than white or black tea. With 12.59 mg of caffeine per gram of dried leaf, puerh may be among teas with lower caffeine content. Another study examined the caffeine levels of 7 different puerhs and concluded that on average, puer contains 37.1 mg of caffeine. Every tea is different and the final amounts will depend on many factors, but its likely that a cup of puerh tea will have around 30-50 mg of caffeine. However, use this only as a reference number as your tea may have more or less caffeine.


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