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What’s In Chamomile Tea

What To Add To Chamomile Tea

7 Amazing Health Benefits of Chamomile Tea Dr. Berg

Chamomile tea has a fairly mild flavor, so you may want to make it taste better with the below options:

  • Citrus: You can add a splash of juice before serving. Or infuse extra flavor by adding the citrus zest while steeping the tea. Lemon juice, lime, or orange will work with chamomile.
  • Ginger: Add a few slices of fresh ginger to infuse it with extra zing.
  • Lavender: Add edible dried lavender to steep. Adjust the amount to taste. Or, sweeten the tea with a bit of lavender syrup.
  • Vanilla: Use around 1/8 teaspoon of pure vanilla extract to make a delicious honey vanilla chamomile tea recipe. Adjust the amount to taste.
  • Cinnamon: Add some cinnamon to the tea while it steeps.
  • Herbs: A small amount of basil or mint can be added to the teapot or serving glasses for a subtle aromatic flavor.

Simmer the water and any of the above ingredients on the stovetop for 10-15 minutes . Then add the chamomile and steep for 5 minutes.

May Protect Against Certain Types Of Cancer

The antioxidants found in chamomile tea have been linked with a lower incidence of certain types of cancer.

Chamomile contains the antioxidant apigenin. In test-tube studies, apigenin has been shown to fight cancer cells, especially those of the breast, digestive tract, skin, prostate and uterus .

Additionally, one study of 537 people observed that those who drank chamomile tea 26 times per week were significantly less likely to develop thyroid cancer than those who did not drink chamomile tea .

These findings are promising, but more high-quality, human research is necessary to make a conclusion regarding chamomile teas role in cancer prevention.

Summary: Chamomile tea contains the antioxidant apigenin, which may help lower inflammation and reduce the risk of several types of cancer.

Other Potential Health Benefits

The following health benefits of chamomile tea are mostly anecdotal and not supported by scientific research:

  • Boosts immune health: Chamomile tea is often promoted as a strategy for preventing and treating the common cold, but evidence for this is lacking. It has also been said to be soothing for sore throats (

Although these health claims lack evidence, that does not mean they are false. They simply have not been studied yet and may be in the future.

Summary: There is currently no strong evidence that drinking chamomile tea improves immune, bone and skin health. Additionally, research regarding its role in anxiety and depression is lacking.

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Unbelievable Benefits And Risks Of Chamomile Tea

The benefits of chamomile tea seem to be somewhat unlimited. And if you arent already on board the chamomile train, youre actually a few centuries behindchamomile has been used for its medicinal properties for centuries!

Chamomile tea a natural home remedy for allergies, inflammation, muscle spasms, insomnia, ulcers, chickenpox and the list goes on.

Despite chamomile being one of the safest herbal teas to drink, there are still some risks of chamomile tea to watch out for. Chamomile isnt like other herbal teas, hibiscus and yerba mate for example, which have a lot more potential risks.

So is it safe for you to be drinking chamomile tea? Lets find out!

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Is Chamomile Tea Suitable For Everyone

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is considered safe for most people, although some individuals have reported an allergy to chamomile, especially if they already have a daisy allergy .

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How To Best Enjoy Chamomile Tea

The last thing you would want before your head hits the pillow would be a perfect mellow cup to drink. Chamomile tea is one of the most renowned teas on the planet for its calming nature. It’s stomach-soothing effect makes it a precious bedtime. Ancient Greeks and Romans used chamomile herbs as a cure for digestive diseases and sleeping disorders. Chamomile is considered a staple ingredient in natural cold remedies in today’s time and is used to induce feelings of calm and relaxation.

Do Milk And Sugar Have An Effect

During follow-up, 29,783 people died. Researchers found that the risk of all-cause mortality decreased by around 12% as tea intake increased to three cups per day.

People who drank more than three cups of tea a day did not have a lower mortality risk than those who drank between one and three cups.

Adding milk or sugar had little effect on the observed benefits of black tea. Likewise, the teas temperature was drunk and did not affect mortality risk.

We found the association regardless of whether people took milk or sugar in their tea.

Dr. Maki Inoue-Choi , corresponding author, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics, National Cancer Institute.

Those who drank more than two cups of tea daily had a lower mortality risk from cardiovascular disease, ischemic heart disease, and stroke.

The researchers did not find any association between cancer and respiratory disease death.

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Helps To Sleep Better

Along with kicking out jangly nerves and putting you at perfect ease, sipping chamomile tea on the reg can also ensure you enjoy higher sleep quality. This is of course a natural side effect of lessening the grip of stress and anxiety, but it also contains a special antioxidant which can contribute to feelings of sleepiness. Apigenin is the antioxidant which binds to special receptors in your brain and reduces insomnia and other related problems.

Human studies showed that those who took chamomile extract twice a day for 28 days reported falling asleep faster and getting more quality shut eye than those who didnt take it. Those odds easily convince us to tuck up tight with a steaming cup of chamomile each night.

What To Put In Chamomile Tea

How to Grow Chamomile From Seed (And Make Your Own Tea)
  • To a cup, pour in the liqueur, then add the honey and lemon juice. Stir well
  • Bring the water to a boil in a pot on the stovetop
  • After using a strainer with a fine mesh to remove the chamomile flowers, pour the resulting hot infusion into the cup containing the honey and alcohol.
  • Enjoy with a slice of lemon or a cinnamon stick, and feel free to garnish it.
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    And It Might Indirectly Help With Weight Loss

    There’s little-to-no scientific evidence proving chamomile tea can be effective for weight loss in humans, but it is a refreshing, calorie-free drink you can sip on throughout the day . So while there may be no magical fat-burning substance in the herbal beverage, theoretically it may be a useful pantry item when you’re trying to lose weight and want something a little more flavorful than water.

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    Plus, let’s not forget chamomile tea could help manage stresswhich, as a reminder, can contribute to weight gain for a variety of reasonsso by keeping your stress levels in check, chamomile may be able to indirectly help you shed pounds.

    What Are The Benefits Of Chamomile Tea

    According to Medical News Today, the benefits of chamomile tea include reducing menstrual discomfort according to a 2010 research, treating diabetes and decreasing blood sugar according to a 2008 study, reducing or preventing osteoporosis, decreasing inflammation, cancer therapy and preventive measures, helping insomnia and relaxation based on research conducted in rats, relieving cold symptoms, and even curing moderate skin problems.

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    Regulating Blood Glucose Levels

    As we mentioned in the beginning, chamomile tea has amazing benefits in regulating multiple chronic and metabolic disorders.

    If you are diagnosed with diabetes, chamomile tea can help in multiple ways. A few studies indicate that chamomile tea has the potential to regulate and maintain normal blood glucose levels when taken in conjunction with diabetes medication.

    Also, a pre-clinical trial found that the consumption of chamomile tea prevented unnecessary spikes in blood glucose levels, keeping ones health in check.

    There are not enough clinical trials to establish a concrete answer to chamomile teas benefits in managing diabetes. However, the initial reports indicate potential benefits in managing blood glucose levels in diabetes patients.

    May Help To Control Blood Sugar

    What Does Chamomile Tea Taste Like, Taste Of Chamomile Flower Tea

    Another lesser-known aspect of camomile tea is the part it may play in controlling blood sugar levels in the body. This makes it an ideal drink for those suffering from Type 2 Diabetes for example.

    There are studies suggesting that camomile could help the production of insulin, the hormone responsible for removing sugar from your blood, thereby lowering blood sugar levels and reducing spikes after eating.

    In one study of 64 diabetic people, those who consumed camomile tea daily with meals for eight weeks had significantly lower average blood sugar levels than those who consumed water.

    Research continues but perhaps this is yet another reason why many people like to drink Camomile tea after a meal.

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    Is Chamomile Tea Good For The Stomach

    Chamomile is indeed a tea that is meant to do good for your stomach. Chamomile tea benefits the stomach that is upset for a while. Harvard Health Publishing also recommends a glass of chamomile tea for medicinal use to ease your digestive tract.

    According to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health ,the main conclusions suggest that herbal mixtures, including German chamomile, could effectively treat stomach pain and diarrhoea.

    Fights Cold And Flu Symptoms

    A lot of people dont know, but chamomile tea is very good for treating colds and flu. This is because the plants properties help soothe irritation in the nose, throat and lungs .

    To do this, prepare the tea and, before drinking, breathe in the steam of the drink . This will help clear the airway , and will clear away sneezing and nasal irritation.

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    Recipe For Chamomile Tea With Cinnamon

    When it comes to chamomile tea, we cannot fail to talk about the most famous combination of this drink: chamomile and cinnamon!

    Put 1 cup of water in a pot and allow it to boil. Then turn off the heat and add 1 tablespoon chamomile and 1 cinnamon stick . Leave on for 10 minutes, until it gets warm. Drink without adding sugar.

    Cinnamon is an Asian spice that attributes many other benefits to chamomile tea. Being an extremely healthy and natural food, its use is very welcome in beverages such as chamomile tea.

    The addition of cinnamon to chamomile tea gives it thermogenic capacity. That is, it improves metabolism and accelerates the burning of body fat. Furthermore, the boost to the immune system doubles with the addition of cinnamon to the drink.

    May Improve Heart Health

    How to Harvest Chamomile and Make Chamomile Tea (Complete Guide)

    Consuming camomile tea is also believed to help reduce the risk of heart disease.

    This is in part thanks to its calming properties as increased stress and anxiety can also impact the risk of heart disease.

    It is also possible that the special antioxidants in camomile might play a role in lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, although a lot more research is needed in this area.

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    Why Might Black Tea Be Protective

    Tea is high in polyphenols, which are antioxidants found in many plant products. Green tea contains more polyphenols than black tea.

    Research suggests that a diet high in polyphenols may protect against many health conditions, including high blood pressure, some cancers, cardiovascular disease, and type 2 diabetes.

    Tea is very rich in bioactive compounds like polyphenols these have the potential to reduce oxidative stress thats the background mechanism.

    Dr. Inoue-Choi

    Research has indicated that polyphenols in the diet have many benefits, but excessive amounts, such as may be found in supplements, could have adverse effects .

    Black tea contains polyphenols called theaflavins and thearubigins. Studies have shown that theaflavins are powerful antioxidants and may also have anti-inflammatory, anticancer, and antimicrobial properties, helping to control blood lipids.

    What Makes Tea A Healthy Tea All About Herbal Teas

    People have been using herbs as a natural medicine for thousands of years. There are a variety of herbal teas, all of which offer different health benefits. Many herbal teas are great for digestive issues, to boost the immune system, reduce inflammation, and more. Plus, herbal teas tend to be caffeine-free, which makes them a gentle and calming option for a hot brew.

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    Chamomile Can Interact With Your Medication

    One of the main concerns with herbal teas are their ability to interact with other medications, and chamomile tea is no exception.

    There still isnt too much information about the interaction between chamomile and drugs, but its always best to be on the safe side.

    It may increase the risk of bleeding if you are on blood thinners, or ibuprofen or naproxen. If you take benzodiazepines, barbiturates, narcotics, anti-seizure medications, some antidepressants and alcohol it may cause increased drowsiness .

    If youre already on medication to control your blood sugar or blood pressure, there are added risks as well. For example, it can cause them to drop too low .

    Chamomile is also comparable to estrogen, so, it can interfere with the effectiveness of hormone therapy.

    If youre unsure about how chamomile will react with a medication youre taking, its always best to consult your doctor first.

    Chamomile Tea For Digestion

    What Does Chamomile Tea Taste Like â Everything You Need to Know About It

    Chamomile tea contains compounds that encourage the production of digestive enzymes by the pancreas, which are needed to break down your food. Thats why enjoying a nice hot cup of chamomile after dinner is a good idea.

    Plus, this healthy tea is a natural antispasmodic, meaning it helps with conditions that cause muscle spasms. Stomach cramps, menstrual cramps, and irritable bowel syndrome are examples for which chamomile tea may be helpful.

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    It Can Help With Digestion

    Chamomile can be clutch for problems in the digestive region because its antispasmodic, meaning it helps reduce spasms within the body, including the stomach and intestines, Kluge says. It also contains bitter compounds called cesquiterpene lactones, which trigger the pancreas to produce digestive enzymes needed to break down food, she explains.

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    And because of its calming effect on the body, chamomile can be particularly useful for stress-related digestive issues, like a nervous stomach . So many digestive imbalances are a symptom of stress, including IBS, reflux, or diarrhea, Kluge says. Chamomile is a perfect herb for gently managing our stress response, so you may not experience the digestive symptoms to begin with.

    How Much Chamomile Should I Use To Make Tea

    When using chamomile to create tea, the ratio of fresh or dried flowers to water should be anywhere from one tablespoon to four teaspoons for each cup of water. The ideal temperature for the water is around 200 degrees Fahrenheit, which is nearly boiling. Depending on how strong you want the flavor, steep the herb for three to five minutes.

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    What Are The Potential Health Benefits Of Chamomile

    Chamomile is renowned for its diverse health benefits Salazar says its used as a digestive aid, sleep aid, and an anti-inflammatory, to name a few. Here are some of the potential health benefits of chamomile that are supported by research:

    Additionally, there is some preliminary evidence that chamomile may have benefits for skin infections and wound healing when used topically, but most of the research has only been done in animals, so further study in humans is needed.

    While all of these findings are promising, especially for those who prefer natural remedies, more research is warranted to prove chamomiles efficacy in treating such a wide variety of conditions.

    Types Of Chamomile Tea

    Top 5 Best Chamomile Tea Review in 2022

    There are a few varieties of chamomile plants that are used for chamomile tea. One of the more common species is Matricaria recutita, which goes by other names including German chamomile, blue chamomile or scented mayweed. Then there is Egyptian and Roman chamomile species, both of which have different flavour profiles. Egyptian chamomile is highly regarded for its sweet and floral flavour. Roman chamomile leans towards stronger and more bitter tasting notes compared to the former two varieties. Each type has distinctive qualities and if you can source them individually they are worth sampling. Heres an overview of these three types of chamomile tea.

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    In Addition To The Calming Effect Chamomile Infusion Helps Relieve Pain Improve Digestion And Control Glucose Levels

    what chamomile tea is for benefits for health Matricaria recutita

    Chamomile tea is the main form of consumption of the properties of this plant. Considered a potent medicinal drink, tea can also be prepared with a combination of other herbs, such as fennel and mint.

    So, discover all the benefits and secrets of using this drink! This tea is so healthy and tasty, for sure, will bring numerous benefits for your health.


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