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What Is Rooibos Tea Good For

What Does Rooibos Tea Taste Like

Rooibos Tea or Red Bush Tea, caffeine-free South African herbal tea | Andrew’s Tasting Notes

Rooibos tea is naturally sweet, and has no bitterness. The flavor profile is slightly nutty and toasty with notes of honey and caramel. Red rooibos brews a rich infusion that makes a great caffeine-free alternative to black tea. It pairs exceptionally well with warming spices like ginger and cinnamon, or with aromatic citrus like lemon peel and orange. You can easily find all types of rooibos tea blends with other herbs and spices to suit any taste. And if you prefer a lighter brew, green rooibos will have a more delicate flavor profile. Whatever variety of rooibos you choose, you are sure to enjoy the smooth, sweet taste.

Improves The Immune System

A feel-good tonic loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and so much more those who feel their immune system needs a solid boost should make sipping rooibos tea part of their daily routine. When our immune system is riding high we are less likely to suffer from seasonal sickness like the cold and flu and our body is so much better equipped to fend off long term ailments too. If you want to give your immune system an even bigger boost, green rooibos tea is said to contain even more immune-boosting benefits than the red variety.

What Is The Rooibos Tea Good For

Although it has little nutritional value, rooibos tea is rich in antioxidants, which may benefit health. The antioxidants in rooibos tea are polyphenols, which are chemical compounds that allow plants to fight stress. When people eat foods rich in polyphenols, they are less likely to suffer from inflammation.

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Risk Of Deveolping Hepatotoxcity

Drinking Rooibos tea may increase the risk of developed Hepatotoxcity. Do you know what Hepatotoxcity is? Well, it is a substance that increases enzymes in humans liver that can damage the liver itself. There was a report made by the European Journal of Clinical Pharmacology which said that one of Rooibos tea side effects is risk in developing Hepatotoxcity in the liver.

You surely dont want this to happen to you, do you? So next time when you are suggested to drink this tea make sure that you have discussed this issue with your doctor to prevent damaged liver.

Where To Buy Red Rooibos Tea

Red Bush Rooibos Tea

It is easy to make this tea at home. All you need is either of these products:

  • Red rooibos tea bags
  • Red rooibos loose leaf tea

Both are available online or in gourmet grocery stores. You can also get flavored versions available in chocolate, vanilla, and so on.

If you come across green rooibos tea, dont get confused! Green rooibos tea is when the rooibos herb is steamed and dried immediately. It remains green in color and has a more grass-like flavor.

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Potential Health Benefits Of Rooibos Tea

Since it is an herbal tea, rooibos tea has no caffeine. Unlike green and black tea, it also contains no tannins, which can be bitter. Although it has little nutritional value, rooibos tea is rich in antioxidants, which may benefit health.

Anti-Inflammatory Effects

The antioxidants in rooibos tea are polyphenols, which are chemical compounds that allow plants to fight stress. When people eat foods rich in polyphenols, they are less likely to suffer from inflammation. Chronic inflammation has been tied to a higher risk of cancer, heart disease, and many other conditions.

Diabetes Control

Researchers are especially interested in aspalathin, an antioxidant found in rooibos that may have the ability to lower blood sugar. In lab and animal studies, aspalathin worked as an anti-diabetic. Human studies could verify that aspalathin works similarly in the body, but more research is needed. Itâs important to note that the fermentation used in the manufacture of the typical, red rooibos tea destroys much of the aspalathin. Those wanting to take advantage of any potential anti-diabetic effect would need to drink green rooibos.

Blood Pressure Control

Caffeine Free To Help You Sleep

We often get asked why we don’t sell a ‘decaf’ black tea, and quite simply, the decaffeinating process isn’t for us. In order to create decaf tea, harsh chemicals are used to strip the tea leaves of their naturally-occurring caffeine. Traces of this solvent might remain on the leaves, affecting their colour, quality and taste – something we’re definitely not on board with. That’s why we always reccomend a naturally caffeine-free herbal tea like rooibos – It can be enjoyed at any time of day and can be drunk with milk as an English Breakfast replacement for those with a night-time craving!

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Is Rooibos Tea Good For Your Skin

Our skin is the largest organ – one that requires plenty of care by us. Its a good thing, then, that Rooibos Tea benefits extend to topical treatments.

Its abundance in zinc and alpha hydroxy acid, when applied directly to the skin, can alleviate pimples, blackheads and even, to a lesser extent, sunburns. Then there is the fact that it comes with anti-ageing properties.

Researchers at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, can explain its potential here. They discovered the effectiveness of this herb in protecting against the degeneration of preadipocytes, which are cells found in fat tissue.

Fundamentally, what this did was to prevent wrinkles from forming on the skin. So, forget that £90 tub of face cream – try this beverage instead!

How To Make Rooibos Tea:

Is Rooibos Tea Good For You?

And there you have it: Rooibos Tea benefits and side effects with the science, where its available, to back them. You might well be thirsty for more, so lets now show you how to make Rooibos Tea ready for when you buy it and brew.

First, youll need either a Tea Filter or Loose Tea Infuser. Once you have one of these items to hand, just follow the steps below:

1. Use a Tea Infuser / Filter.

Put Loose Rooibos Tea into one of our Tea Filters / Infusers.

2. Boil the Kettle.

Brew fresh water using either filtered or bottled water.

3. Add Infuser or Filter to your Cup.

Place the Tea-filled accessory into a cup or mug.

4. Pour Freshly Boiled Water.

Fill the cup or mug with hot water straight off the boil.

5. Allow it to Steep / Infuse.

Let it infuse for 5-10 minutes

6. Time to Indulge

Your delicious, invigorating Herbal Tea is ready to enjoy at your leisure.

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More Rooibos Health Benefits

  • Rooibos is naturally caffeine-free .
  • Rooibos is low in tannin.
  • No negative effects of Rooibos have ever been recorded.
  • Many people report that Rooibos relieves allergies, sleep disorders, digestive problems and headaches. However, these claims are not yet supported by scientific research.
  • Many physicians recommend Rooibos to soothe infant colic, but no formal studies have been done on this.
  • Rooibos can be enjoyed by those who want to avoid the stimulating effects of caffeine, especially late at night. Because of its zero caffeine content, Rooibos is also suitable for babies and infants, as well as for breast-feeding mothers.
  • Rooibos is suitable as a fluid and electrolyte replacement for athletes.

Rooibos and honeybush teas provide a natural, rich source of compounds beneficial to your health and people should see these herbal teas as part of a healthy, sensible lifestyle that could alleviate the risk of cancer, and reduce its possible extent.

While Rooibos is not a medicine, it is an affordable drink with potential health-promoting properties. Research is ongoing to find all the answers about this unique South African product.

What Are The Nutritional Benefits Of Rooibos Tea

The main nutritional benefit of rooibos tea lies in its rich antioxidant content and it being a source of some unique polyphenols, including aspalathin. These protective plant compounds may help protect against the free radical damage that leads to conditions like diabetes, heart disease and potentially cancer.

From a micronutrient point of view and with the exception of fluoride and copper, the trace amounts of minerals in rooibos are negligible and are not going to offer the average consumer much, if any, nutritional benefits. There are anecdotal reports suggesting that if the tea is used as a fluid replacement throughout the day, it may help support electrolyte levels in athletes and sportspeople however, research does not support this.

A notable property of rooibos is that it is particularly low in tannins . This makes it a good choice for those who prefer a milder tasting tea or for those who experience digestive problems following the consumption of tannin-rich drinks.

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Why You Should Be Drinking Rooibos Tea

October 21, 2019) by Becca Stallings

This post may contain affiliate links which wont change your price but will share some commission.

One of the great pleasures of autumn is wrapping your hands around a warm mug and breathing the steam of a delicious beverage before you begin to sip. Many find relaxation in the simple act of holding the mug, which makes it a great habit before sleep.

Warm drinks arent limited to caffeinated coffee and tea or sugary hot chocolate. Ive been an avid herbal-tea drinker for years and have found joy in many hot drinks that have proven health benefits and no damaging side effects, like peppermint tea.

Rooibos, also known as African redbush tea, has become widely available in North America over the past 20 years. It became a staple in my kitchen soon after we first tried it. My kids love red tea with milk and honey, and Im happy to give it to them because it has no caffeine and much less sugar than hot chocolate!

Ive heard that rooibos is supposed to contain cancer-fighting antioxidants and valuable nutrients, but Id never investigated the details until now.

Lets learn more about this caffeine-free coffee alternative!

Rooibos Tea Benefits Go Beyond Its Nutty Fruity And Bold Taste This Herbal Tea From South Africa Also Has Numerous Health Benefits

Root Beer Rooibos Tea

You know what black tea is. And you’ve heard of green tea. But what about rooibos tea? And what are rooibos tea benefits?

Also known as red tea or red bush tea, rooibos tea is a flavorful, calorie-free and caffeine-free alternative to green and black tea that grows naturally in South Africa.

This herbal tea is gaining popularity for its delicious tastenutty, fruity and bold. Sweeten it with some milk and sugar for taste. Transform it into a cold iced tea. Or drink it hotplain or as an espresso, a latte or cappuccino. The longer it steeps, the more flavorful it gets.

Here are just a few rooibos tea benefits. And find out more about the best teas for weight loss, including drinking green tea for weight loss.

It may benefit people with heart-disease risk. Antioxidants in rooibos tea have been linked to a healthier heart. Studies have shown it may have beneficial and positive effects on blood pressure. It may improve cholesterol levels, decreasing LDL cholesterol and increasing HDL cholesterol.It has low tannin levels. Compared to black or green tea, rooibos tea has low tannin levels. Tannins are a natural compound found in green and black teas. They often get a bad rap since they can interfere with the absorption of nutrients like iron.

It lacks oxalic acid. Oxalic acid is an organic acid found in many plants. Consuming too much can increase your kidney stone risk.

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Does Rooibos Tea Contain Tannins

The usual Rooibos tea brew color.

No, Rooibos tea does not contain any tannins. This is because its not made from the Camellia sinensis plant , which naturally produces tannins.

No herbal tea contains any amount of tannins, since those are formed through a very specific process, and it does not happen in herbal teas.

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Weight Loss Benefits Of Rooibos Tea:

Just like black tea and green tea, drinking rooibos tea is a great way to enjoy a delicious beverage, however without packing on the pounds. Every cup of this tea contains just 2-4 calories so that you can drink it without worrying about ruining your diet. Make a note that adding honey, sugar or other sweeteners can increase the calorie count, so if you are looking for losing weight then keep the addition of sweeteners to a minimum amount.

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Rooibos Tea Benefits Diabetes

Statistics suggest that an estimated 4 million people, including those whore currently undiagnosed, are living with diabetes in the UK alone.

This represents around 6% of Britains population – or one in every sixteen people having diabetes . Rooibos Tea, similar to its use for cancer, is NOT a fix-all solution to diabetes. However, it might again help.

The aspalathin in this beverage, according to animal studies, MIGHT have anti-diabetic effects. One research project in mice with type-2 diabetes discovered that aspalathin balanced blood sugar levels and reduced insulin resistance.

This could support those at risk of developing diabetes. What it likely WONT do is have a significant impact on people already living with the condition.

Health Benefits Of Rooibos

Sports science | Potential benefits of rooibos tea
  • Antioxidant and anti-inflammatory: Rooibos tea is rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants prevent free radical damage, improving the health and functionality of the cells. Long-term use of rooibos tea may reduce the risk of developing diseases caused by inflammation.
  • Improves heart health: Antioxidants help reduce low-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels in the body and increase high-density lipoprotein cholesterol levels, thus reducing the deposition of fat in the blood vessels. Additionally, rooibos tea may reduce blood pressure by inhibiting angiotensin-converting enzymes that play a major role in increasing blood pressure levels in the body. These effects reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and improve heart health.
  • Reduces cancer risk: Some studies have suggested that antioxidants quercetin and luteolin in rooibos tea may kill cancer cells and prevent the growth of tumors. However, more research is needed to confirm these claims.
  • Lowers blood sugar: The antioxidant aspalathin has been believed to have the potential to combat diabetes. It may reduce high blood sugar levels in people with diabetes and prevent the risk of complications. One study suggested that aspalathin suppresses vascular inflammation caused by high blood sugar levels. Another study conducted on animals suggested that aspalathin reduces insulin resistance and balances blood sugar levels in type II diabetes, although more large-scale human studies are needed to support this claim.
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    Rooibos Has Raised Liver Enzymes In Rare Cases

    Research shows that in rare cases, rooibos tea has had a hepatoxic effect. In plain English, this means that rooibos has caused injury to the liver.

    Two separate case studies, of a 42-yr-old woman and a 52-yr-old man, suggest that rooibos intake significantly increased liver enzymes and led to symptoms such as jaundice .

    In both of these cases, liver enzymes normalized after the patients stopped drinking rooibos tea.

    While this sounds scary, there are only two reported case studies, and millions of people have drunk rooibos without issues.

    Key Point:

    Increasing Irritability And Anxiety

    Believe it or not, drinking excessive amount of this tea will trigger one of Rooibos tea side effects which is a feeling of increased irritability and anxiety. The feeling will be temporary, but having the feeling of irritability and anxiety for some time will surely turn into bad experience. This side effect will last for few hours and will be gone afterwards.

    This side effect might not seem dangerous to humans health, but have you ever felt anxiety or irritability before? Those feelings are bad experience, arent they? If these feelings do not last in few hours, go seek professional medical help immediately. Also, stop drinking this tea bfore you get other Rooibos tea side effects.

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    Things You Need To Know About Rooibos Tea

    In the tea world you’re going to find all kinds of tea, including Rooibos tea. You might also know it under the name of red tea, though there might be some confusion in the East regarding that. I’ll touch on that as well.

    This post is meant to give you the basics on Rooibos tea, where it comes from, what it tastes like, how to brew it, and so on. If you can ask it, it’s probably in this post.

  • Final thoughts
  • What Are Some Rooibos Tea Side Effects

    The Rewarding Health Benefits Of Rooibos Tea

    Very few side effects have been found for Rooibos tea, and it’s really one of the safest teas out there.

    However drinking large amounts of Rooibos daily seems to have a slight effect on hormones, so those with hormonal imbalances could possibly see an effect form Rooibos tea. Those were rare cases, but still worth mentioning.

    Very few people go overboard with tea, so you’re most probably safe.

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    May Help Control Or Prevent Diabetes

    Drinking rooibos tea may help to keep diabetes in check or to prevent the onset of Type 2 Diabetes. A 2013 Tokyo animal study showed that polyphenols in rooibos tea work to regulate blood sugar levels and increase glucose tolerance in diabetic mice. Even though rooibos tea won’t cure diabetes, it may help decrease insulin resistance and improve symptoms when consumed regularly .

    Specifically, the polyphenol aspalathin works to increase glucose uptake and suppresses the increase in fasting glucose levels that can lead to blood sugar spikes in diabetic individuals. The mice in this study were given aspalathin in levels similar to those present in rooibos tea for five weeks. The mice were also shown to have lower levels of expression in genes that have been connected to hereditary risks of diabetes.

    What Is Rooibos Used For

    One of rooibos’ main traditional uses was soothing colic in babies. It was also used for wound healing, allergies, asthma, and sore throats.

    Some of those uses are starting to gain a level of scientific backing. Researchers have delved into an array of other possible uses as well. However, studies so far have primarily been done in labs or on animals. Large human trials are needed to confirm what rooibos may be beneficial for.

    Several important properties of rooibos have been discovered. Studies suggest it’s a/an:

    A 2018 review said rooibos clearly has benefits as a therapeutic food for preventing and treating heart disease.

    Rooibos is generally fermented, which gives it its characteristic red coloring. “Green” rooibos is often what’s used in studies. The two forms appear to have some different qualities but the extent of these differences and their effect on medicinal uses isn’t yet clear.

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