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Best Teas Of The World

Best Instant: Waka Black Tea Powder

Best Places To Drink Tea In The World

The instant tea category isnt a large one unless you include the many pre-made canned and bottled versions out there, which would be a lot but its evolving. The folks at Waka, who make a mean instant coffee as well, have a nice product here, one thats easy to make as well as tasty, no steeping required.

Jinglong Tea Factory Pu


If youve never tried pu-erh tea before, youre in for a shock. This tea is actually fermented in bricks or discs for many years, giving it a very earthy aroma that you might find off-putting at first. However, the taste is divine, and the tea is known to help with digestive issues, too. In fact, the Chinese and the Taiwanese proudly sell pu-erh tea like fine wine in specialty shops. Older teas are displayed behind glass cases and can be very expensive. But, you can now enjoy this magical tea at home with the Jinglong Tea Factory Pu-erh Tea. Youll get several discs of tea in a bamboo tube. Simply break off a piece of the disc and brew it like a loose leaf tea. In total, this pack of tea makes 80 cups.

The 10 Best Tea Brands To Try In 2022 Reviewed

In this country, tea sometimes takes a backseat to its energizing and mug-friendly cousin, coffee. We love a good cup of coffee, but tea is equally appealing, with its vast spectrum of styles, origins, and flavors, hence the growing popularity of tea subscription boxes.

Theres much to explore and enjoy, from matcha and green tea to loose leaf varietals and even instant incarnations. Moreover, theres the ceremony involved, often inspiring small groups to gather around a warm kettle like moths to the flame. You sip, you converseor reflect, or read and you repeat. Its a tradition about as old as civilization and therefore deserving of some good tea in your favorite cup.

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Oolong Tea May Contribute To Healthier Cholesterol Levels

Have you always opted for green tea? Consider giving its cousin oolong a try. Oolong tea is a partially oxidized tea, in between black and green tea, and its concentration of polyphenols offers many health benefits, says Rahaf Al Bochi, RDN, the Atlanta-based owner of Olive Tree Nutrition and a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

Take, for example, oolongs potential heart health perks. One study found that drinking more than 2.5 cups of oolong tea daily was associated with lower LDL cholesterol levels, as well as a reduced risk of dyslipidemia . Other research supports oolongs impact on the heart, suggesting that drinking oolong or green tea regularly was linked to a lower risk of death from cardiovascular disease.

Drinking oolong also shows promise in helping people maintain or achieve a healthy weight. Another small study suggested that oolong tea extract could help reduce body fat and may help prevent obesity. However, more studies on the connection between oolong tea and weight are needed.

The research in the journal Aging shows a link between oolong tea and brain health.

If green tea is a little too mild for you, consider giving oolong a try because of the extra oxidization, it has a more robust flavor.

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An Herbal Tea Packed With Whole Flowers And Petals

Best Tea In The World: 7 Great Types Of Tea

What:Leaves and Flowers Turmeric Wellness Blend

Why: Every blend Ive tried from Leaves and Flowers has surprised me: Each tastes vibrant and complex and looks like the chicest, freshest potpourri. I particularly love making a cup of the Turmeric Wellness Blend as a nighttime ritual. I inhale the herbs and spices while the tea is still dry and watch the bits bloom and swirl as I pour water over it . This teawhich has rosemary, ginger, pepper, turmeric, and citrus peelis spicy, earthy, and a little tangy. It yields a deep orangey-gold liquid from the turmeric. Sometimes Ill add soy milk and honey to make it sweeter and a little more soothing. The fragrant, gorgeous teas from Leaves and Flowers make the tea process feel extra-special, and it helps that the packaging is really beautiful and well-thought-out. You can reseal the paper bags like a coffee bag, squeezing out the air and folding the top closed with built-in plastic tabs.

Anna Perling, staff writer

Other teas to try from Leaves and Flowers:Mintha, a verdant tea and just a touch sweet, like fresh mint picked from a garden

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How Is Tea Made

Did you know that all types of tea are made from the same plant? Its called the Camellia sinesis plant. No matter what type of tea youre drinking whether its black, oolong, green, white, or pu-erh it all comes from this plant, which grows different varieties of leaves in different regions.

Its the processing of the tea leaves that give it the uniqueness we associate with different teas. Most of the process comes down to oxidization. The more oxidized the leaves, the darker the brew will be. So for black teas, the leaves are heavily oxidized, while green tea is less so.

Almost every type of tea leaf goes through an extensive process of plucking, withering, rolling, oxidation and drying, or firing.

These are the things you would learn from a tour of a tea factory. Its much like the process for making wine or beer. There are steps that must be followed to make the perfect product.

Tetley Premium Decaffeinated Black Tea


The British know their way around a cup of tea. In fact, the country drinks about 60 billion cups of tea a year. And, Tetley Premium Black Tea stands firmly among the most popular brands in the UK. While you could buy normal Tetley tea, were partial to their decaf version, purely because finding a decaf black tea can be hard to do. The tea itself is robust and slightly on the bitter side. You may only need to steep the bag for a minute to arrive at a tea strong enough to tickle your tastebuds. If you really want to drink it like the British, add a splash of milk once youve removed the tea bag.

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What Is The Most Popular Tea In The United States

Similar to the rest of the world, Black Tea seems to be Americans favorite tea. As already mentioned, Black tea utilizes the most caffeine of any type of tea. The increase in caffeine is a likely cause for its popularity among Americans. Americans also appreciate the bold flavor of Black Tea, as it also helps to wake you up in the morning. In addition to the Black Teas mentioned above, English Breakfast Tea and Earl Grey Tea are two other popular options commonly consumed in the United States.

Following Black Tea, Green Tea, and Herbal Tea are some of the other most popular types of tea in the United States. Green tea is prevalent in the United States for its association with healthier beverages. Green Tea is very different from Black Tea, offering significantly more antioxidants in place of the caffeine delivered in Black Tea. Lastly, Herbal Tea rounds out popular American teas as the least caffeinated of the three. Herbal Tea is made from stems, flowers, and roots in various plants and is usually served hot or in flavored iced teas.

Best Chai: Vahdam Teas Original Masala Chai Tea Loose Leaf

These are The 10 Best Tea Brands !


  • Caffeine content too high for some

Masala chai, meaning spiced tea, is an ancient drink that dates back thousands of years to the Indian subcontinent. Made from black tea leaves, its flavors can range from sweet to creamy to spicy. Today, the beverage and all of its wonderful variations, from chai lattes to dirty chai, are popular in coffeehouses around the world.

Those who want to make the drink at home cant go wrong with the Vahdam Teas Original Masala Chai Tea. This loose-leaf blend uses spices like cardamom, cinnamon, and black pepper to procure a bold and delicious taste. The item is typically sold in 3.53-ounce bags, which yields about 50 cups. Many happy customers recommend adding a splash of milk for the fully authentic chai experience.

Vahdam Teas was formed in India over 80 years ago and sells a variety of other chai options, including unique flavors like Ginger Chai and Earl Grey Chai. While prices vary, this Original Chai is the most affordable and most popular choice.

Form: Tea bags and loose leaf | Size: 3.53 or 16 ounces | Origin: India | Caffeinated: Yes

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Mount Nelson Hotel Cape Town South Africa

Cape Towns Mount Nelson Hotel serves up one of the finest afternoon teas youll ever set your eyes on. The cucumber sandwiches melt in the mouth, the scones rival those at Claridge’s, and the lemon meringue alone is worth the R135 price tag. Theres a local flavour too, thanks to the melktert, a delicious milk tart thats an absolute must-have. Every tea imaginable is on offer, even one made with rose petals from the Mount Nelsons gardens.

Twg: Best Luxury Tea Brand

Taha Bouqdib, president and CEO of TWG Tea could easily be described as the worlds biggest tea lover. And that, friends, is exactly the kind of reputation you want from your tea supplier. A true tea connoisseur, Bouqdib has traveled far and wide to source and sample the most delectable teas in the world.

Eventually settling in Singapore , but having accumulated an impressive knowledge through studying tea ceremonies in countries as contrasting as France and Morocco for upward of 15 years, Bouqdib is arguably the ultimate authority on all things tea.

Tea is his passion, and TWG Tea is the manifestation of that passion.Accentuating the absolute splendor of TWG Tea, they even use hand-sewn, 100% cotton teabags. Aside from being totally luxe, this actually serves to create the perfect environment for the whole leaf tea to move and expand, ensuring the perfect infusion. The premium quality, care, and love steeped in each TWG Tea blend more than justify the splurge. Because, well, if tea could earn a Michelin star

Our favorite tea: TWG Silver Moon

Sure to invigorate your tastebuds upon the first sip, Silver Moon by TWG Tea is both delicate and opulent in equal measure. An exquisite blend of green teas sourced from skilfully selected tea gardens, this luxury tea is perfect to complement those special moments. Although, enjoying Silver Moon tea is something of a special moment itself!

Best for: That indulgent moment youve been dreaming of.Price: $$$

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Discover The Best Tea In The World Plus The 5 Most Expensive Varieties

There’s something truly indulgent about a cup of tea. The subtle scent that wafts from a piping hot mug draws in the senses. The flavors ranging from robust to mild and fresh to piquant offer something for every taste bud.

Selecting the best tea in the world can be extremely difficult. The wide range of flavors and the influence of terroir make each different tea type unique in its own right. Here, we’ll highlight some of the best teas in the world and introduce you to the ones that are the most expensive.

Want to try some of the best teas on the planet? Check out our Premium Teas Bundle right here.

Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Herbal Tea

Where to Find the Best Tea in the World


As one of the most popular bedtime teas, Celestial Seasonings Sleepytime Extra Wellness Tea is a great choice if you struggle to fall asleep at night. The comforting tea is made from a blend of chamomile, spearmint and other herbs. Valerian root is also added to the mix to induce natural, sleepy feelings. Altogether, this tea is like a hug in a mug.

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What Is The Most Common Tea

Particularly in the United States, black tea is one of the most common teas. Black tea gets its name from the coloring of the leaves and tea after soaking the tea bags. Black tea has increased caffeine levels compared to other common types of teas, which makes it one of the most popular types of tea in American culture. For those seeking alternative solutions to coffee in the morning, Black Tea is a great option.

Of the favorite teas shared in this article, Darjeeling is one of the most commonly consumed Black Teas, primarily for its light and nutty flavoring. Assam, Ceylon, and Keemun are other popular types of black tea as well. In general, the more crushed up the tea leaves are, the stronger the brew of black tea becomes. For those who prefer a stronger tea, buy Black Teas with more crushed-up leaves. Alternatively, look for brews with less crushed leaves.

Best Tea Traditions Around The World

A beverage which has its roots strongly fixed into the earth and dates back to the 2700 century BC and is still running strong in the game is none other than our most favorite, “TEA“. Tea is a widely accepted beverage which has been around for more than 4,000 years now. Different countries have their own traditions and histories with regard to tea. So, let us take you on a world tour and explore some of the best tea traditions in the world.

1. China

Gong fu is a very well-known Chinese tea tradition. It means’ making tea with skill. It is the process of making tea with precision. It is a five-step tradition:

  • Warm up: Warm your gaiwan, a lidded bowl essentially used for brewing, and the teacups with boiling water and then discard all the water.
  • Rinse. Fill the gaiwan with tea leaves in a ratio of 5g/150ml. Rinse the leaves with boiling water. Pouring will be done till the pot overflows, and then empty it immediately with the lid slightly open in order to not “cook” the leaves.
  • Brew. Pour water into the brewing vessel. As a loose rule on temperature, the greener and fresher the tea, the lower the water temperature. 80C for green, 85-90 for oolongs, and anything up to boiling for black and pu-erh. Depending on the tea, brew between 10 and 30 seconds
  • Serve. Pour the tea from the gaiwan into the tea pitcher with the aim of equalizing the strength of the brew, and then serve in cups.
  • 2. Morocco


    3. Tibetpu-erh 4. Iran5. Malaysia:

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    Things To Consider When Buying The Best Tea Brands

    Before we get into it, there are a few things you might want to keep in mind when shopping for the best tea bag brands. The first question you should ask yourself is, do you want tea, herbal tea, or something else entirely?

    Most brands on this list offer both herbal and classic teas, while some are all about flavor combinations that dont resemble either.

    Often, newcomers to the world of tea pick a classic tea but find it too powerful. What they really want is herbal or a blend. If youre unsure about your taste, read the ingredients and figure out what you like. Or, choose a sampler pack.

    After youre set on a type, consider the formatloose leaf or tea bags. Certain more commercial brands on this list also offer K-Cups or sampler pods, and while there isnt anything wrong with the last two methods, theyre not generally a go-to for hardcore tea enthusiasts who vote loose leaf all the way.

    And while were on the topic of enthusiasts, do you care where your tea is from? Certain names on this best tea brands list source their leaves from sustainable farms in special parts of certain countries. If youre a stickler for location, look out for the teas origin.

    Searching for where your tea came from? Youll probably find out whether its organic or not in the process. Most of the names on this list use organic ingredients, but not every product will. So stay diligent if thats something youre passionate about.

    Now that you know what to look out for, lets get things started.

    Fortnum & Mason: Best English Tea Brand

    Top 3 Teas for Newbies

    The English love tea more than the Italians love pasta, more than Americans love Taco Bell, more than Swiss love fondue well, you get it. Go figure.

    After tea was introduced to Britain by way of the East India Company , it became hugely fashionable. Obviously, it remains so today. At the forefront of this favorite pastime was Fortnum & Mason.

    Theres something so Ah-worthy about the vision of the smooth steam which emanates from a cup of Fortnum & Masons classic English teas. Sipping it from fine bone china is reminiscent of British royalty and efficacious of the inherent tranquillity.

    Our favorite tea: Fortnum & Mason Royal Blend

    Want to drink tea like a royal? An official English tea favorite, Fortnum & Masons Royal Blend tea is the perfect way to add a little extra English elegance to your morning routine.

    Best for: A royal-approved cup of tea.Price: $

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    Best Black Tea: Twinings Of London English Breakfast Tea


    • Medium-level strength

    Black tea is generally considered the most popular type of tea in the world, known for its bold flavor, variety of blends, and long shelf life. But with all those different black tea varieties, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s where Twinings English Breakfast Tea comes in. It’s a standard, straightforward black tea beloved by manyand for good reason.

    Twinings English Breakfast has a strong taste, and it’s available in both caffeinated and decaf varieties. Its sourced from a medley of top tea regions, including China, Indonesia, Kenya, Assam, and Malawi. And, like most kinds of black tea, you can store it in your cupboard for months without losing freshness and flavor.

    Twinings is easy to find online or at your local grocery store, and you can purchase its English Breakfast blend in boxes of 20, 50, and 100 tea bags. The brand also offers tea in loose leaf and K-Cup varieties, so you can enjoy a cup no matter how you brew.

    Form: Tea bags, loose leaf, and K-Cups | Size: 4, 20, 50, and 100 tea bags | Origin: Kenya, Indonesia, Assam, Malawi, and China | Caffeinated: Yes


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