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Where To Buy Tealeaves Tea

For The Most Reliable Supply Of Quality Tea Leaves Check Out These Outlets Around Vancouver

How To : The Art of Making Loose Tea | TEALEAVES

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Murchies Great selection of premium and herbal teas at very reasonable prices. The wooden drawers and analog scales make the process of buying tea very enjoyable. No decaffeinated black teas though.

825 W Pender St, Vancouver | 604-669-0783

161 650 W 41st Ave, Vancouver | 604-872-6930

825 Park Royal North, North Vancouver | 604-922-3136

Granville Island Tea The imposing shelves of tea tins are very cool. Good selection with a few black decafs, too. If you like the hubbub of the markets, its great but if you like to take your time choosing your tea you’ll need to pick your day carefully.

Granville Island Market | 604-683-7491

Urban Tea Merchant Very knowledgeable staff selling very high-end teas. I walked out very happy but very poor. 100 grams of Milky Oolong set me back $90, but I get so much pleasure from seeing the curled up oolong balls expand into whole leaves under the hot water. Not to mention it tastes incredible.

What To Look For When Buying Tea Online

When cutting through the digital clutter of online tea stores, it helps to have some guidelines. Here are mine.

Beware the chains. I don’t need to name names, but you know the ones I’m talking about. You see them in malls and major tourist shopping districts. They carry more chocolate chai or lavender-lemongrass blends than straight tea. By and large, these chains just don’t carry quality tea. They buy leaves in vast quantities through middlemen brokers, then add so many spices and herbs to their blends that it’s often impossible to taste the tea underneath . The straight tea these chains do sell tends not to be particularly great, either. Better than teabags to be sure, but hardly first-rate stuff. You can do better.

Instead, think small. My favorite tea shops don’t have huge selections. That’s because the teas they sell have been picked out by the owner or some stake-holding staff member who’s visited individual tea farms. Some of the best tea in the world is sold entirely through personal deals and never makes it to wholesale accounts.

When reading product descriptions, look for detailed descriptions of farmers’ methods for growing and processing their tea, evidence that company buyers have seen the tea fields with their own eyes and have a good relationship with their farmers.

Tea : How Is Tea Made

Although tea is consumed worldwide, most people are unaware of how the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant become the tasty beverage they enjoy so much. Whether crafted by hand or mass-produced, all teas undergo certain processes which take them from tree to cup. What follows are a few of the ABCs of tea, which will help you consider what goes into every cup you drink from here on out.

Orthodox Production

Traditional tea making is concerned with keeping leaves intact in order to maintain their natural qualities, as every action impacts the flavor of the final product . Leaves are treated gently to avoid breakage and tearing, which can compromise their integrity. Because these processes are often labor-intensive, a single batch of tea can require an entire day to make, if not more. Tea artisans may train for years to master the art of making specific varieties. While more time consuming than other methods, orthodox manufacturing makes it possible to obtain far more from every leaf in terms of color, aroma, and flavor complexity.

Crush-Tear-Curl Processing

Regardless of which method is employed, five basic steps are generally necessary to get tea from tree to table.

1. Harvesting

2. Withering

3. Rolling

4. Oxidation

5. Firing & Sorting

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How To Choose The Best Tea Type

The biggest disadvantage of online tea shopping is not being able to smell the leaves or take part in tea tastings, but that can be a big advantage too.

Choosing the best tea type can be difficult even in the regular shop. Although scents may help in making a buying decision, they should rarely be the only factor. Unless, of course, tea smells divine. All leaves change scent after some time , and some are often different from the flavor. They may give you a very wrong idea on what to expect, regardless where you are buying your tea.

To minimize the risk of buying the wrong type, try to rely on the following factors.

And The Whistling Kettle Because Why Not Fill The Coziest Corner Of Your House With An Aromatic Tea You Likely Wouldn’t Have Picked Off The Supermarket Shelves

nature Chai Assam Tea Loose Leaf Jasmine 50 gm Pack of 2 ...

Why they’re great: They have five various subscription box options in addition to their standalone teas, so you’re bound to find one that fits your needs. Many of them come in “basic” or “plus” editions. In addition to getting five different types of tea you’ll also receive a 20% off coupon you can use on other Whistling Kettle items! I’d also suggest trying their white peach tea â it’s made with delicate hints of citrus that’ll be nice for the warmer seasons.

Items we love: the basic “adventure” box for $16 a month and the white peach tea for $4

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Where To Buy Quality Loose Leaf Tea Near Me

Today, buying tea is easier than ever. From specialized shops selling pure single-origin teas, to high-end department stores with luxury gourmet tea, big colorful traditional tea shops full of scents, to supermarkets and online shopping platforms tea is available almost everywhere. Thousands of options bring thousands of doubts. There is no easy way to know which tea would be the best for you, but there are ways to minimize the risk and get the best possible experience. High quality tea can be bought both online and in traditional shops. However, online shopping might bring some additional benefits.

Today, buying tea online is much easier than it was ten years ago. And its very safe too.

Japanese Chado Matcha Green Tea Ceremony #teastories

It is our privilege to film this beautiful Chado ceremony, which has been an important inspiration for TEALEAVES since our founding in 1994. We gratefully thank our friends Kazue Kojima, June Yoriko Tanemura, and Yasuko Takahashi who all practice the Japanese Way of Tea in Vancouver.

New videos weekly. Make sure to subscribe to stay in the know about future Tealeaves projects and collaborations

Learn about this ceremony & tea culture: the Nitobe Memorial Garden for an opportunity to experience the tea ceremony:

Where to buy:Tencha Matcha High Energy :

More on Tea Culture:A Russian Tea Samovar Story: Brazilian Yerba Mate Tea Story: Chinese Yixing Tea Story:

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Selection Of Loose Leaf Tea By Jing

We specialise in organic loose tea. From Japanese loose teas like our Organic Hojicha to Chinese loose teas like Wuyi Oolong, we are dedicated to sourcing only the finest leaves, including some very special loose green teas. Then its over to you How to make loose tea? Its easier than you think. On every packet, we put simple instructions, including how much loose tea per cup and the optimal time to let it infuse for the perfect cup.

Loose Tea Benefits: What Is It Good For

Finding the Best Green Tea and Avoiding Dangers

The benefits of loose tea are many. Right now, we all need to minimise our use of unnecessary packaging. If youre making tea at home, you dont need a teabag. Loose tea also gives you a better drinking experience. It opens up a whole new world of variety and flavour because so many of the best teas never make it into bags. Loose leaf teas also tend to cost less than the equivalent teabags, so youll save money too.

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Stash Tea Helps You Narrow Down What Kind Of Tea You Might Want To Try Next Thanks To Its Staff Picks And Bestselling Collections

Why they’re great: Stash’s website is *so* easy to navigate. You can filter their tea options by tea type, flavor, caffeine-levels, and packaging. I personally enjoy the fact they have staff picks and great sampler sets.

Items we love: a classic orange spice tea for $3.95+ and the chai tea experience sampler box for $19.95

Does Oolong Tea Help Lose Weight

Like a lot of tea, Oolong can help boost your metabolism, which in turn will increase the amount of fat you burn during exercise. Studies have shown that when you drink oolong tea, it can tell your body to burn fat!

There have been several studies done on the different affects oolong tea has on a person, one study of overweight and obese Chinese adults looked at the effect on body weight. The participants drank 300 milliliters of tea, four times a day. The results showed that more than half the participants had lost more than 1 kilo over a span of six weeks. It is suggested that you consume your oolong tea between 30 and 60 minutes pre exercise.

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Does Oolong Tea Make You Sleepy

Sleep is so important to us, it gives our brain time and a chance for our body to rest after a hard day’s work. We are always looking for ways to help improve our quality of sleep. Tea has been a part of bedtime routines for centuries, the slowing down of the day, taking time to enjoy a cup helps prep the body for a nice rest. Oolong tea can help stimulate the alpha brain waves that are responsible for a relaxed state of mind. Oolong also has less caffeine than your black tea, making it a lovely option for an evening drink.

Republic Of Tea Offers So Many Kinds Of Tea You Just Might Not Be Able To Choose Just One

Lephet (Fermented Burmese Tea Leaves)

Why they’re great: You can use their tea finder to discover exactly what flavor you might want to invest in. They also have a “Loyal Citizen Program” where shoppers can redeem “Tea Leaf Rewards” for free teas. Win-win!

Items we love: 50 bags of Earl Greyer tea for $11.75+ and 8 quarter pitcherâsized pouches of watermelon mint black tea for $7.50+

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Green Tea With Matcha Powder

In addition to the above variety, you can also find green teas that have added matcha powder in the mix. We call it Matcha Iri . There is even a bottled version of green tea with matcha powder.

The addition of matcha gives the tea a ton more flavors but since the flavor is so strong, it overpowers the true taste of the tea leaves. This is particularly true with Genmaicha which is made with lower grade Bancha.

However, our family does enjoy Genmaicha and sencha with matcha. So its really a personal preference. If you want to add your own matcha to your green tea, start with 1 tsp per liter or a quart of water and adjust the amount based on your preference.

We hope this how-to cold brew green tea guide has been helpful for you to make your own at home. If you discover a particular green tea you really like, let us and other readers know in the comment below!

Japanese Ingredient Substitution: If you want to look for substitutes for Japanese condiments and ingredients, .

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The Crazy Teapot Shop

Sassafras Store – Click & Collect 10.00 am – 4.00 pm 7 Days.

Scoresby Warehouse – Click & Collect 10.00 am – 3.00 pm Monday – Friday

Shop Online with free delivery over $75.00.

Step through the door of Tea Leaves, Sassafras, and come to rest in another world. An Aladdins cave of wonders perched high in the rainforest, this tiny treasure trove is full to the brim with hundreds and hundreds of teapots. With such an astonishing array, from the most dainty of English porcelain to the most outrageous and outlandish of novelty pots, this astonishing emporium is certain to have a teapot to tickle the fussiest of fancies! The quirky little weatherboard shop is always fragrant with the rich aroma – warm, spicy and sweet – that drifts from the shops extraordinary variety of teas and infusions.

For two decades the imagination and dedication of the Abraham family have made the picturesque village of Sassafras a destination on the historic tea trading routes that span the far-flung corners of the globe, gathering together more than three hundred varieties, hand-selecting only the finest produce of an ancient craft. Its a heritage we love being part of at Tea Leaves and weve made the tradition of quality and service our own. A visit to Tea Leaves is like a trip to the little village shop of yesteryear our cheerful tea ladies greet regular customers like old friends and always have a warm welcome on hand for first-timers.

Phone: +61 3 9755 2222 option 1

Trading Hours:

Our Favorite Tea Leaves For Cold Brew Green Tea

How to make Soursop Tea (Where to Buy? What’s the Benefits?)

Here are the flavor profiles of each tea:

1. Gyukuro tea was very delicate and had a light aroma. The flavors were mellow and floral, not much of the bottled green tea taste. The texture was water-like with a clean finish.2. Tea leaves picked 88 days smelled like bottled green tea. It had a strong tea flavor, slightly tart, and fragrant finish. This was our favorite.3. Shincha had a very light aroma. The tea tasted medicinal and herby, slightly bitter with a tart finish.4. Ippodo Hosen tea had a light aroma and a very refined green tea flavor. It had a slightly tart finish but tasted really clean. This was our second favorite.5. Bancha was quite horrible. There was no green tea smell and the aroma reminded us of burnt leaves. The drink didnt taste like green tea at all and left our mouth dry.

So what did we learn from our experiment? Our preferred green tea for the cold brew method is Hachiju Hachiya Sencha that has had time to mature. Gyukuro and Shincha are both too light and lacked the deep green tea flavor profile. Bancha was quite awful and we wouldnt be able to tell it was even green tea.

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Can I Drink Oolong Tea Everyday

You can drink oolong tea everyday! It is recommended that a person should drink between 2-3 cups a day to benefit from the teas health properties.

Oolong tea has less caffeine than black teas, however tea can lower your body’s ability to absorb iron, as everything in life drinking tea should be done in moderation.

Where To Buy Tea In Hong Kong

Dive Head-First into Hong Kong’s Vibrant Tea Culture

  • Email

Hong Kong is a great place to buy tea. You’ll find everything here from cut-price oolongs to exclusive pu-erh’s aimed at collectors rather than your cup. Tea making is even taken more seriously herejust look at the Gongfu tea making method.

There are many types of tea, ways of preparation, mixes, and infusions. But don’t feel daunted. Most Hong Kong tea shops have owners who enjoy a full blown love affair with a good cup of leaves and they will be eager to walk you through the options and pick the perfect blend for you. If they’re not, you should find a better shop.

There are hundreds of tea shops in Hong Kong. We’ve tried to provide a list of locations where English is spoken and where the staff are prepared to deal with the tea novice. While you can buy tea to take away in all of the shops below, the true experience is in the sit-down tea ceremony.

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How Does Oolong Tea Taste

Oolong teas flavour and colouring can vary depending on the level of oxidation during processing. The color of the leaves and steeped brew can vary from green to golden to brownIts flavor isnt just one type, it can vary from light and floral to full bodied and grassy. Some oolongs are sweeter and others have more of a bite. If you would like to discuss what type of taste youd prefer, contact us to talk Oolong some more!

If oolong tea isnt to your liking, a lot of tea has similar benefits! Explore the benefits of green tea, soothing chamomile or a simple black tea.


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