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How To Make Homemade Milk Tea

How To Make The Best Homemade Bubble Tea

  • Make the boba. In a large saucepan, bring 8 cups water to a boil over high heat. Add the pearls and stir gently until they begin to float to the top. Turn the heat down to medium and cook for 40 minutes, stirring occasionally. Remove from heat, cover, and let sit for another 20 minutes. Drain pearls and transfer to a small bowl. Mix in the honey and fully coat. Set aside for 5 minutes.
  • Make the bubble tea. Divide the pearls into three tall glasses. Add in remaining ingredients:
  • For plain bubble tea: Add tea , ice, and lemon slice.
  • For milk bubble tea: Add tea, milk, and ice.
  • For fruity bubble tea: Blend fruit, milk, honey, and ice in a blender until smooth. Pour into glass.
  • Serve. Add a wide straw, and enjoy!
  • Make Tea With Milk Powder And Tea Powder

    Tea bags may be convenient, but sometimes, herbal powder brings more to the game.

    You will need:

    • 1 tsp Sugar
  • Boil 8 ounces of the water in a kettle or saucepan, and turn off the heat.
  • Add the powdered tea to the water, stir to combine, and let sit for 3-5 minutes.
  • Add the sweetener and stir until completely dissolved.
  • Combine the 1 tbsp of water with the milk powder in a glass, and then very gently pour the tea over, stirring until the paste dissolves.
  • Strain the tea to get rid of any lumps, and enjoy!
  • Milk Tea The British Way

    Sixty-five million Brits canât be wrong, and they believe thereâs only one way to make âa properâ cup of tea â and thatâs with milk. Whatâs more, it couldnât be easier. All you need is a kettle, a mug and five minutes to spare. Then just follow these few simple steps.

  • Add a Lipton® Yellow Label® Black teabag to your favorite cup.
  • Boil water and pour over the teabag.
  • Wait 3 to 5 minutes for tea to brew, without stirring or sqeezing the teabag.
  • Remove the teabag and pour in a dash of milk. Note: milk should act as a flavor-enhancer, so you only need enough to add creaminess. Too much milk will mask the taste of the tea. Judge it by the change of color as you add the milk and aim for an even tan shade â a very pale brown means youâve probably poured in too much.
  • Stir with a spoon to blend evenly.
  • For both of the above methods you can use soy or almond milk instead of cowsâ milk.

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    Keeps The Immune System Strong

    Black tea is full of good stuff. It is rich in polyphenols which are well equipped at fighting free radicals and support your health and wellbeing from tip to toe. The antioxidants found in black tea support your immune systemand reduce the risks of developing chronic illness. Stroke risk, cancer, and diabetes risks can all be reduced by drinking black tea on the reg.

    Questions You May Have

    Homemade Milk Bubble Tea with Tapioca Stock Photo by bhofack2

    Yes! See the step-by-step iced milk tea recipe.

    Can I add honey instead of brown sugar?

    Add any kind of sweetener that you like. I just prefer brown sugar. You can also try date syrup,maple syrup, or even a flavored simple syrup like lavender syrup.

    How many tea bags should I use if I dont have loose tea?

    Use 1 tea sachet or 1 tea bag.

    Whats the difference between bubble tea and milk tea?

    Bubble tea is milk tea with boba or tapioca balls in the drink.

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    How To Make Tea Latte

  • Add the teabag of your choice to a cup.
  • Boil the water, then pour it over the teabag.
  • Let the tea steep for at least 5 minutes to get the strongest flavor possible.
  • While your tea is brewing, heat a half cup of milk either by microwaving for 45 seconds or by heating in a pan until itâs steaming.
  • Transfer the hot milk to a jug and use a milk frother to get that extra-fluffy, foam effect. The desired amount should be about ½ inch thick on top of the milk.
  • Remove the infuser or teabag from your cup and pour in the milk.
  • Add an optional dash of honey or sugar for extra sweetness.
  • How To Make Taiwanese Classic Bubble Milk Tea

    What type of tea to use

    There are many different versions of bubble tea. Earl grey tea, matcha tea, other green teas, oolong tea, jasmine tea and even tea bags with fruit flavors. Some of these are mixed with milk to make milk tea, and others are served plain.

    Taiwanese milk tea is made with black tea. The strong tannin flavor in black tea is an important factor here.

    Chinese breakfast tea is the usual choice for this bubble milk tea, likely due to its Taiwanese origins.

    However, if you cant find Chinese breakfast tea, you can use a more robust black tea, such as Ceylon OP tea or Assam or a blend .

    Avoid black teas that are weaker than Chinese breakfast tea, since the flavor of tea would be lost with the addition of milk.

    Brewing the tea

    You HAVE to brew the tea properly! This is critical for the best homemade bubble tea recipe. There are two ways to brew tea.

    Hot brew tea This is the traditional way of brewing tea. For this drink, its important to brew tea that is stronger than regular tea. The hot water will help extract more of the tea flavor.

    But take care not to brew it for too long and over-extract the flavor, which would result in the tea being too cloudy, and also having too much of the tannin flavor. The tea being too cloudy is not necessarily a deterrent to making milk tea however, because once you add milk, it wont make a difference.

    What type of tapioca pearls to use?

    How to sweeten your tea

    Can I use other options besides milk?


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    How To Make Delicious Tea With Milk

    To most tea drinkers, the brewing process of their morning cuppa is almost mechanical. You steep the leaves, you add some milk, you sip. But why not shake things up a bit? Why not try a different approach to your tea-making routine?

    Here are some fresh ways you can take to reach the richest and creamiest cup of milky tea. Spoiler alert: they all taste darn good!

    Who Invented Boba Milk Tea

    Easy Caramel Milk Tea With Boba!

    For as popular as bubble tea is, its still a fairly new addition to the culinary world. The concept of boba originated in Taiwan in the early 1980s at a small drink stand owned by Liu Han-chien. His genius creation has since traveled the world, becoming an extremely popular drink in the west in recent years.

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    What Is Winter Melon Milk Tea

    Winter melon milk tea is something like a regular milk tea but with an exotic twist. Instead of your usual black tea or oolong leaves, you are boiling and infusing the fruit itself. Thanks to the unique flavor of the Asian fruit winter melon, this extraordinary beverage is like nothing else youve ever tasted.

    Originating from Southeast Asia, where it is a staple in traditional cuisine and an essential part of Eastern Medicine, this squash-like ingredient definitely has a mild taste but a lot to offer. But dont be fooled thinking that this long jewel is limited to Taiwanese tea enthusiasts. Also thriving on the Hawaiian coasts, winter melon is practically within reach.

    When combined with the smooth and creamy mouthfeel of milk, winter melon milk tea creates an explosion of taste on your palate, so irresistible that this beverage is practically intoxicating.

    Using Matcha Milk Tea Powder

    Using a pre-made mix of matcha milk tea powder has benefits and disadvantages. Let’s break them down a little.

    The main benefit of using powder is that it’s convenient. First, you only need to mix the powder with water. Then, you’ll be able to easily and quickly create the liquid content of the drink. You’ll need to add milk, though, which can be another inconvenient step.

    The downside of using some wholly pre-mixed powder is that you’ll lose out on some flavour. High-quality green tea powder is a beautiful thing – it can be delightfully flavoursome and fresh. However, you’ll lose a number of the flavours by using a poor imitation, so that’s something worth considering.

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    Best Authentic Milk Tea Recipes

    Is there anything more soothing than a cup of warm milk tea during cool autumn days? Or any days in fact. From China to Malaysia, India and Oman, Somalia and the tops of the Himalayan Plateau, milk tea is the ultimate warming and soothing drink in the world. Learn about different types of milk tea and try out our milk tea recipes to make the best authentic cup at home.

    How Do I Make Bubble Tea

    Homemade Milk Tea Recipe

    You can make bubble tea in 5 simple steps!

  • Make your simple syrup by combining equal parts water and sugar.
  • Boil the tapioca pearls following instructions on the package.
  • Brew your tea to the desired consistency.
  • Add your syrup, ice, milk and tea into a glass
  • Add the boba and enjoy!
  • For a detailed recipe with measurements, refer to our easy boba tea recipe below!

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    Use Instant Tapioca Pearls

    Made of tapioca starch and sugar, the bouncy, chewy, slippery balls are the soul of bubble tea. As the popularity of this drink grows, it has become quite easy to source tapioca pearls nowadays. You can find them in most Chinese/ Asian stores, as well as online shopping platforms, such as Amazon.

    Tapioca pearls come in different sizes and colours. What I use for this recipe are large, black ones that have a hint of brown sugar flavour .

    The great thing about these ones is that theyre instant: the cooking time required is just a few minutes! The traditional type, on the other hand, needs about 1 hour to cook. So I suggest you look for the package that says instant , Ready in 5 mins, etc.

    Make Tea With Milk Powder And Loose Tea Leaves

    To make this, you will need:

    • 8 ounces plus 1 tbsp Water

    Just follow these simple steps:

  • Boil 8 ounces of water in a saucepan over medium heat.
  • Turn off the heat, and add the loose tea inside. Cover the pot and let steep for 3 to 5 minutes.
  • In the meantime, make the milk paste with the milk powder and remaining water.
  • Strain the tea and add the sugar, stirring until it dissolves.
  • Combine the milk paste and sweetened tea, stirring to dissolve the paste.
  • If needed, strain the tea through a strainer to remove any milk granules. Enjoy!
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    Prepare The Brown Sugar Syrup

    I like to do this simultaneously while cooking the boba, so its ready as soon as the boba is cooked. For more notes and tips, read this simple syrup recipe.

    Add the water and brown sugar to a small saucepan and heat over medium heat. Stir occasionally until the brown sugar has completely dissolved and is simmering.

    Then cook for a further 3-4 minutes to slightly thicken up.

    Transfer the cooked tapioca balls to the syrup and mix well.

    Making Iced Sweet Milk Tea With Tapioca Bubbles

    How To Make Homemade Boba Milk Tea/5 Minutes Easy Boba Milk Tea Instructions/3 Quick Boba Recipes
  • 1Boil the tapioca balls . Boil 7 cups of the water, and pour in the tapioca balls, stirring as you do. Let them cook for 25 minutes on medium heat. Be sure to stir every few minutes.XResearch source
  • Rinse off the balls. Also, wash out the pan. You need it to be starch free. Let the bubbles simmer for an additional 15 minutes or so.XResearch source
  • The bubbles should be chewy but soft when they are done. Drain off the water and rinse the bubbles and pan.XResearch source
  • 2Create a syrup. Boil the cup of water in a small pan with the 1 1/2 cups of light brown sugar. Take it off the heat once the sugar has disappeared into the water.XResearch source
  • 3Add the bubbles to the syrup. Stir the bubbles into the brown sugar syrup.XResearch source
  • 4Prepare each cup individually. Steep 2 or 3 teabags in a cup of boiling water. Do so for each serving you are making.XResearch source
  • 5Shake with ice. Add a tablespoon of sweetened condensed milk to a shaker along with some ice. Once the tea has steeped, add it to the shaker, and shake it until it’s cooled.XResearch source
  • 6Add bubbles to a glass. Add a couple of tablespoons of bubbles to a glass, along with some ice. Pour the tea over the ice. Use a wide straw to drink it.XResearch sourceAdvertisement
    • You can usually find fresh boba at local markets that sell Asian foods.Thanks!

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    How To Make Sweet Milk Tea

    wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 15 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 19,843 times.Learn more…

    Sweet tea is a simple brew of strong tea, some kind of milk product, and a sweetener. Many Asian cultures drink some form of this drink. For instance, in Tibet, milk, hot water, sugar, and tea leaves are all churned together and then strained for the drinker. You can buy it at local coffee shops or bubble tea shops. However, you can also brew it at home for a fraction of the cost.

    Bubble Tea Three Ways

    Making bubble tea at home is easy! This recipe introduces three popular versions, as well as tips on sourcing and cooking tapioca pearls, sweetener options, vegan alternatives, etc.

    Originating from Taiwan, bubble tea is a popular tea-based, milk-flavoured, sweet, non-alcoholic drink. What makes it special is the bouncy, chewy tapioca balls in the drink that offers another interesting dimension in texture.

    Its original Chinese name Zhen Zhu Nai Cha literally means pearl milk tea. Bo Ba Nai Cha , translated into bubble tea, Boba tea or simply Boba, is a more popular name nowadays.

    With different ingredient combinations and ratios, bubble tea can be created in many different ways. In todays post, Im introducing three of my favourites: the classic version, the brown sugar version and the matcha version.

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    Can Boba Be Healthy

    With any food or drink, the question of whether its healthy is so subjective. Personally, I enjoy drinking boba tea, and I give myself permission to drink it! No, its not hydrating like water, and it isnt a rich source of nutrients like a breakfast smoothie might be. And yes, it tends to be higher in added sugars and starchy carbs . Overall, bubble tea has a place in my life because I enjoy it, though its not something that I typically enjoy every day. Only you can decide whats right for you when it comes to boba!

    In my own relationship with food, Ive let go of labeling foods as good or bad because of the stress these labels create. All too often, we come to see ourselves as good or bad based on what we eat, leading to cycles of bingeing and restricting, or over-exercising trying to compensate. Plus, all of that stress about what were eating takes a toll on our bodies and minds. If youre interested in diving deeper into your own relationship with food and eating habits, check out my Food Freedom course!

    How Do You Preserve Winter Melon

    How to Make Bubble Tea (Boba Tea, æ³¢é¸å¥¶è¶/ç??ç? 奶è¶)

    The most appealing thing about winter melon is that it can actually last a pretty long time if stored properly. If you find a dark and dry place for your newfound tea, you dont need to do a thing to preserve it.

    Thats right, a whole, unpeeled winter melon can actually last 5 months if you keep the humidity and temperature in check. That can be a dark corner in your basement or a root cellar if you have one.

    Of course, if your conditions dont allow such storage or you live someplace tropical, you can always just peel, deseed, and chop the fruit, then place it into Ziploc bags and inside your freezer. Frozen, it can last you months, if not a whole year. Make sure to chop into equal-sized pieces, though, to ensure even defrosting.

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    What Kind Of Tea Do You Use

    The best kinds of tea to use are those that have a robust flavor, such as black or jasmine tea. Because you will water down the tea with milk and ice cubes, you want a strong tasting tea that will retain its flavor. I used Numis Chinese Breakfast Tea for the recipe, but any strong tea will work. Another tea blend I recommend is equal parts Assam and Ceylon tea leaves.

    Does Taro Bubble Tea Have Dairy

    The short answer is it depends.

    Taro bubble tea will have dairy if and only if you have chosen to add creamer or milk that is considered dairy.

    Many times if you do not opt-out for non-dairy milk youll end up having a taro bubble tea with 2% milk. Or another variation of cows milk.

    Of course, if you want non-dairy taro bubble tea, opt for oat milk, almond milk or any other non-dairy milk.

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    How To Make Bubble Tea

    Quick Links:What kind of tapioca pearls to useMake ahead tips

    Bubble tea is one of my favorite things to sip on during the summer. Originating from Taiwan, bubble tea usually consists of sweetened tea with milk and the characteristic chewy tapioca balls, also known as boba . Bubble tea comes in many flavors: plain tea flavors such as black or jasmine tea fruit flavors such as strawberry or honeydew and even taro, which is a root vegetable commonly used in Asian dishes. .

    While I enjoy drinking bubble tea, I dont particularly like the ones sold in the teahouse chains because they contain too much sugar. The good thing is that you can make bubble tea at home easily! In this bubble tea recipe, all you really need is tea, tapioca pearls, milk, and a sweetener.


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