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Where To Sell Silver Tea Set

Tips On How To Find The Value Of Antique Silver

Royal Windsor Sterling Silver Tea & Coffee Set

Once your silver has been thoroughly cleaned, you can begin to examine it for backstamps and hallmarks. If the silver is marked sterling you can start the process for determining a ballpark value however, an expert will be needed for an accurate appraisal and evaluation.

If you already know the manufacturer and pattern, you can check the retail price for replacement pieces at a website like This will give you an idea of both the age and the value of your silver.

If you don’t know the manufacturer or pattern, then you will want to find that first. Look on the back of your silver for a hallmark. It will be different from the sterling stamp. You can find a comprehensive guide at this online encyclopedia of silver hallmarks.

Once you find the manufacturer then you will need to find the pattern. This can be done by describing the pattern and manufacturer in a Google search. For example, if you type in Tiffany silver pattern vines and leaves you will find several images. If one of the images matches you will have found your pattern.

If that doesn’t work you will have a more tedious job but it can still be done. You can go to to the area designated to the manufacturer of your silver. Scroll through the images until you can match yours.

Sell Sterling Silver Flatware & Silverware For Cash Near Boston Ma

Do you have sterling silver flatware that is sitting around collecting dust? Are you tired of polishing your sterling silver flatware set after each use? Perhaps you havent used your flatware since the last holiday. The use of sterling silver flatware in the American dining room is waning. While many people know that they can sell their gold and diamond jewelry and valuables for cash, they dont realize that they can also sell their sterling silver items for money. We are a top sterling silver flatware Buyer. Sterling silver can actually be quite valuable. One of the great things about selling your sterling silver jewelry or flatware for cash or check is that there are so many different types of sterling silver pieces out there that can be sold. Here at The Jewelers and Loan Co., we can help you learn more about selling, exchanging and pawning sterling silver.


How To Identify Silver

Thankfully, silver-plate is almost always marked as such. The item might simply say silver-plate on the backside as shown above. Other markings that indicate silver-plate include plated,EP or EPNS .

However, the easiest way to tell if an item is a silver-plate is simply by a lack of marks indicating its silver purity. For example, there were several manufacturers who sold both silver-plate and sterling. They include:

  • International Silver Co.
  • W.M. Rogers
  • Rogers and Son

If your flatware or tableware has a makers mark from any of the above, check for the word sterling as seen below. If not there, the item is plated.

Note that if your silver flatware has no markings at all, its likely a silver-plated piece, as its very rare for sterling to be unmarked.

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Faqs About Selling Sterling Silver

Here at Jewelers and Co, we know that many people have questions about selling sterling silver flatware, jewelry, and antiques. In fact, many people dont even realize that they can sell their sterling silver flatware for cash. As experienced sterling silverware buyers, we have detailed some of the most frequently asked questions about sterling silver and how to pawn, exchange or get cash for these pieces.

How Do We Offer The Best Prices For Antique Silverware

Vintage Silver Plate Tea Set Coffee Service Set Duchess By ...

We have 40+ years of experience in buying & appraising antique silver. Whether you have a silver tea set that belonged to your grandmother or have decided to sell your entire silver collection, we can assist you in determining its value. If youre looking to sell sterling including Tiffany, Cartier, Gorham, George Jensen, and other antique pieces, youve come to the right place.

As one of the trusted antique silver buyers in the Connecticut, New York, New Hampshire & New England Area, once we make a purchase we sometimes sell silver pieces to our long standing clientele of collectors and connoisseurs through Auctions thereby offering the best prices for Antique Silver. We ensure careful examination of every piece and our auctions offer only the most outstanding antique silver items. The only way to truly know the worth of an antique is through an experts appraisal and with our decades of experience you are in great hands.

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Why Sell Silver Now

Most families have not used their flatware for holiday dinners for years. Cash out today and put the money to good use. If you are looking to sell your sterling silver, sterling silver flatware or sterling silver jewelry we will always pay the best price possible. The silver can also be tested by one of our experts to determine its content by using an acid test. Silver plate or electroplated silver has no resale value and the cost to refine it is too high, Sterling silver or pure silver is money in the bank and always can be sold.

Ready To Enter The World Of Antique Silver Buying And Selling

If youre ready to start collecting antique silver pieces or have a few youd like to part with, theres no time like the present. Silver is more popular now than ever, and with our leading appraisal experts and auctioneers by your side, theres never been a better time to start exploring this world.

We are the Trusted Antique Silver Buyers/Dealers in New York, Connecticut, New Hampshire & New England Area. If you are looking to sell your Antique Silver and the options to liquidating it. Call us today !!!

WE BUY ALL TYPES OF ANTIQUES. Please fill out the request form below or call us at: 675 2549

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Selling Sterling Silver Flatware For Cash

There are many people who come to our Quincy, MA pawn shop wanting to know how they can sell their silverware for money. Whether you want to sell junk silver or sterling silver flatware, we can help you turn these unwanted pieces of silver into cash or help you exchange your sterling silver pieces for something valuable. Whether you want to pawn, exchange, or sell for cash, we are the pros here to help you with all of your sterling silver pieces.

Remember, you can make the simple choice to sell your items if you just want some cash. Or, you can pawn or borrow against your items and have the option of receiving your items later if the terms of the pawn agreement are followed.

There are so many people today who have sterling silverware sets, sterling trays, sterling teapots and sterling candlesticks on their hands. Maybe you received them as a wedding gift and would like to get rid of them because they are difficult to clean and care for. Sterling silver pieces cannot be put in the dishwasher and they must be polished to stay looking their best. While you could pass your sterling silver on to your loved ones, many kids dont prefer silver flatware because of its impracticable nature. This is why selling sterling silver instead of holding on to it is a smart option.


While we will take virtually any piece that is made of real sterling silver, here are some of the most common sterling silver pieces we see come into our store:

  • Candelabras

How To Keep Your Silver Safe

Sterling Silver Miniature Tea Set from our antiques mall.

When youve decided to bring your silver antique tea set to us, make sure you are careful to disguise it in some fashion during your travel. You certainly wouldnt place a stack of $20 bills in the passenger seat of your car in full view of other drivers or pedestrians and neither should you place $1,000 worth of silver there for prying eyes to see.

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Sterling Silverware & Flatware Items We Buy

  • Silver forks, silver spoons, silver knives, silver serving trays, silver teapots, silverware, and flatware sets
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Vases, sterling silver jewelry boxes
  • Silver mirrors, silver brushes, silver combs
  • Sterling plates, sterling trays, sterling bowls
  • Sterling silver cutlery sets, tableware, salvers, pitchers, and candlesticks

So Where Should You Sell Your Flatware Or Antiques

Silver Flatware can be quite valuable for its precious metal content if it is made of solid sterling silver. Note that most silverware we see is actually made with copper, nickel or brass plated with a very fine layer of silver over top. We are unable to purchase plated items due to the fact that refining plated items results in more fees than the plating is worth.

Electroplated copper and brass flatware IS however recyclable and worth cash at other companies. Capital Salvage, located at 1919 Triumph Street in east Vancouver will purchase these items. Copper is worth approximately $2.60/pound and brass is worth approximately $1.75/pound. Stainless steel is also accepted but worth considerably less. Contact Capital Salvage at 604 253 8481 for current values and more information.

Some plated flatware however should not be sold for scrap value. Depending on the age and condition, certain pieces could be considered vintage or antique and fetch considerably more than scrap value.

Rogers flatware is something we see on almost a daily basis but because it is plated it is not something we can buy. One style they made however, the Eternally Yours style, dates back to 1941 and is highly collectible.

Silver Antique Dealers in Vancouver

Panache Antiques & Objets DArt inc. 2212 Granville St. Vancouver Ph: 604 732 1206

Uno Langmann Limited-Fine Art 2117 Granville St. Vancouver Ph: 604 736 8825

Echos Discontinued China and Silver 121-1433 Lonsdale Ave. North Vancouver Ph: 604 980 8011

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The Smart Way To Sell The Family Silver For Cash

There are plenty of people who are willing to buy your silver and other valuables, but most won’t give you top dollar for what you have.

Grandmas silver was such a great gift. Until you realized you need to polish it. Gorgeous old silver flatware, trays, bowls, pitchers and tea sets may be more of a responsibility than many people today are able to take on. If you decide to sell it, youll want to get top dollar.

A wide array of businesses buy household silver, and many offer considerably less than your silver is worth.

It seems these days on every corner next to the nail parlor, you see a place with a sign: We buy gold, we buy precious metals,’ says Steve Yvaska, The Antiques Advisor. An expert in American silver, he appraises antiques and writes a column on antiques and collectibles for the San Jose Mercury News.

Dont just walk into an unknown business with your bag of silver and expect to get the best price. By the same token, you cant expect to get more for your silver than is realistic. Educate yourself to learn the value of what you have and maximize your profit, Yvaska urges.

Sell Sterling Silver Flatware

silver plated coffee tea set

South Bay Coin is known as the premier buyer when you are looking for the best place to sell sterling flatware. We will pay cash for sterling flatware. Sterling is 92.5% silver and usually is marked or stamped .925 or it may say Sterling. The word Sterling originated from Great Britain. If the piece does not say sterling or .925 it is likely not sterling and our company would not be interested in buying your items. English or foreign made sterling will have what is referenced to as a hallmark. One example in determining if the piece is an authentic piece of English Sterling would be a stamp of a lion with its right paw raised in the air.

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How To Get The Most Money For Your Sterling Silver Tableware

Make a spreadsheet of your sterling silver tableware, noting how many of each piece you have, and list three prices. For example, the single demitasse teaspoon we sent to the matching services for a quote can be sold:

  • On eBay for $15 to 24.99
  • To a service for $9
  • To a Cash for Gold shop for $5.15

As you can see, selling privately nets you the most cash for your items. However, selling on eBay is time-consuming youll have to polish, photograph, and list each item.

And dont forget about taking multiple trips to the post office you’ll have to take, as well as the money youll spend on the packaging.

How much effort you want to put into selling is up to you. However, to maximize your profit, we recommend the following:

How To Sell Your Silver Tea Set

To sell your silver tea set there is one option that is sure to get you the best value possible, Burlingtons private buying service. We buy your silverware, and other antiques, and place them within our network. This means that your tea set will always fetch the best price it possibly can, without any annoying auction fees.

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Where To Sell Silver Tea Sets Online

We are authorized silver tea set buyers and will check the value of your tea set based on various factors to determine at a fair price. We buy them such items for auction and resale and do not make use of the silver for other purposes. Hence by selling to us, you will be putting a precious heirloom into the hands of the right people, who will maintain it very well and give it off to a buyer who respect its real value.

A fabulous vintage silver tea set comes with many pieces such as a one or two pitchers, a cream bowl, a sugar bowl and also a waste bowl. It has ornate carvings which bring out the beauty of the silver metal. When polished, pieces of the set simply gleam in the sunlight. A well-maintained silver tea set will fetch you a nice price, giving good cash in return. You can get the best price for your antique silver tea set from us as we determine silver tea sets value by looking into various factors such as year of manufacture, quantity of silver used in it, detailing work etc. Even if your tea set is not in such a good condition, dont worry, we will offer a fair price, after examining it in detail.

How The Process Works

We buy Sterling silver flatware, hollowware, tea sets and mo

Are you local to New Hampshire and looking to come to us? Or out of State and need to Ship to us?

Please call or email us to set up an appointment time for you to come by!


How much do you have to sell?

Due to shipping costs, sending us your items may not be worth it. Since we pay by the pound what we would pay for your few items may not cover shipping costs.

Still want to ship anyway? Fill out our Get Started Now form

Due to shipping costs, sending us your items may not be worth it. Since we pay by the pound what we would pay for your few items may not cover shipping costs.

Still want to ship anyway? Fill out our Get Started Now form

Please Fill out our Get Started Now form and we will send you a discounted shipping label via email

Once your items have been shipped and we have received them our silver specialist will go through all your items and then issue you either a check or Paypal payment depending on your preference.

Give us a call or send an email so we can discuss your details further!


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What Is My Sterling Silver Worth

If you have inherited an old tea set or have unused flatware collecting dust, you might be wondering if it might be worth it to sell. Old silver tea sets, flatware, bowls, and trays need to be polished regularly, which may be more of a responsibility than most people want to assume. If you decide to sell it, youll want to get top dollar for your heirlooms.

Trusted for over three decades, Glenview Coin & Collectibles can help you evaluate the worth of your sterling silver pieces. Our experienced and honest appraisers in Glenview will help you determine the value of your sterling silver, without the pressure of a hard sale.

If you are unsure whether you have a full set of high end silver worthy of Antiques Roadshow or a battered old set of flatware, well help you get a sense of your sterling silvers worth.

Sterling Silver Vs Hollowware And Silver Plated

While Sterling Silver Tea Sets do exist and can be quite valuable, and can be identified with such Silver Marks as “925” or lion passant for genuine English silver, many Antique Silver Tea Sets are made with Sheffield Silver, which describes an English silver plating technique developed in the 1740s. However, despite being silver plated, or hollowware, these pieces can still be quite valuable.

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Auctions And Price Guides

Websites for international and local auction houses may list previous sale prices. Large auction houses include Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Bonhams. These auction sites display sale totals, including recent values for sterling-silver tea sets. Compare your tea set to those listed in an antiques guide such as Miller’s Antiques Handbook and Price Guide. This guide comes out every year and lists approximate values. Keep in mind, however, that trends and values can change rapidly in the antiques business.



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