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Where To Buy Bubble Tea Pearls

Wheres The Best Boba In Seattle

Perfect Boba Tea Completely from Scratch (2 Ways)

The answer to this question is very subjective, and based off the 100-plus responses people have strong, highly differing opinions. Before we get to the verdict, here are some basic criteria to help you judge what makes a good cup of boba.

  • How is the tea? Yes, you can get boba with nontea drinks, but the experts say that good tea is crucial to the perfect cup. Some factors to consider: How fresh does the tea taste? How strong is it? Is it bitter?
  • How is the tapioca? You dont have to get tapioca, but again, this is the topping integral to the classic boba drink, and thus one of the gold standard yardsticks. Good quality tapioca is fresh and elastic stale pearls will be slightly hard, lacking the signature chewy texture. According to my colleague and boba enthusiast, Seattle Times video journalist Corinne Chin, the BEST cup of boba will have a warm bottom, as it means that theyve very recently cooked the tapioca to perfection.
  • What do they offer? What are you looking for? Maybe the shop youre at specializes in a few types of milk tea. Or maybe they have a Cheesecake Factory-style endless menu with a vast variety of flavors, drink types and toppings? Not every boba shop will necessarily serve up exactly what you want.

If you want the perfect cup of tea, look no further than Chinatown International Districts Seattle Best Tea.

Other honorable mentions include Young Tea in the Chinatown International District , 20 Oz. Tea in Eastlake and Drip Tea on Capitol Hill .

Bolle Tapioca Pearls Boba

This brand has quality Tapioca pearls that are similar to traditional ones made in Taiwan. It takes longer to prepare than the other pearls featured on the list but that is because are similar to the traditional style pearls.

These Tapioca Pearls are made from almost all-natural ingredients such as with no gums, preservatives.

This brand of pearls has ) in each package. I saw many people complaining that the pearls disintegrate in the water but what they dont know is that traditional pearls will lose their shape in cold water.

The pearls need to added to boiling hot water and cooked properly so as to get their chewy texture. On average the pearls will take about 30 minutes to cook because these pearls are not the quick-cooking type.

To read more about storing and preparing Tapioca Pearls read this article Here.

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What Aisle Are Tapioca Pearls In The Grocery Store

The tapioca pearls are found in the baking aisle of the grocery store. You should find them next to cake mixes and puddings. Gelatins are also sold in this area, and you may notice the tapioca pearls and gelatins will share a shelf.

Locate the baking aisle, find the cake mix section, and when you see the gelatin and puddings section you should find it.

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Edibles Cocktails Skincare And All The Rest

Considering the amount of chewing already involved, its no surprise that boba pearls are now starring in a number of culinary applications, working their way into everything from souffle pancakes, sandwiches, hot pot soup, pizza, creme brulee, and of course the stalwart, shaved ice. Where to get it: Belle Époque , No. 23, Lane 52, Section 1, Daan Road, Daan District, Taipei also at Baoguo and Ice Monster, both with multiple locations across Taipei

For those who wish for their boba stiff, there are now boba cocktails, made with vodka, tequila, gin, rum, or bourbon. Bars throughout Taiwan and beyond are experimenting with these alcoholic boba concoctions, and Los Angeles even has a boba-centric bar dedicated to liquor-filled spins on traditional boba flavors. Where to get it:Chinese Whispers , No. 11, Alley 2, Lane 345, Section 4, Renai Road, Daan District, Taipei

And then, go ahead, smear boba all over your face if you want. Taiwan now offers lotions, facial blotting tissues, candles, and even boba milk tea face masks , all boasting the signature, sticky-sweet fragrance of boba milk tea. Gimmicky, sure, but anything in the name of beauty and boba. Where to get it:Annies Way Mask Gallery

What Kind Of Tea Do You Use

Black Tapioca Pearls for Bubble Tea  Where to Buy?  Pearls &  Jelly

The best kinds of tea to use are those that have a robust flavor, such as black or jasmine tea. Because you will water down the tea with milk and ice cubes, you want a strong tasting tea that will retain its flavor. I used Numis Chinese Breakfast Tea for the recipe, but any strong tea will work. Another tea blend I recommend is equal parts Assam and Ceylon tea leaves.

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So Who First Put Tapioca Pearls In Sweet Liquid And Called It A Drink

The delightfully chewy drink originates in Taiwan. In the 1980s a beverage visionary decided to put the pearls into a cup of sweetened iced tea, NPR reported. A number of tea companies claim they invented the beverage, but credit is frequently given to Liu Han Chie, the owner of Chun Shui Tang teahouse in Taichung, according to the Daily Meal.

The drink quickly became popular across Asia, Quartz reported. It took off in the United States in the late aughts, according to NPR in major cities, college campuses and places with large Asian populations. Now, boba is practically inescapable â not that that is a bad thing.

This article was originally published on 9.1.2016

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What’s The Difference In Boba Pearls

If you want to separate yourself from the competition you need your store to stand out. We offer a variety of dried boba tapioca pearls to help you do that. As the American leader in tapioca pearls, we carry five varieties: standard, Grade A, white, instant 10, and tiny tapioca. Our tiny tapioca is a great solution for helping you to stand out, these can even be used in tapioca pudding or put in bubble tea drinks like the other sizes. Our white tapioca can add some color to drinks and have a very similar taste to the standard tapioca — feel free to soak these in honey for an added sweetness. The Grade A pearls are made slightly differently and provide a more high class bubble tea taste. Our standard tapioca pearls are found in shops across the United States bringing the taiwanese tapioca taste to cities across the US.

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Where To Get Bubble Tea In Westchester

Bubble tea, also known as boba tea or pearl-milk tea, is the international drink phenomenon originating from my hometown of Taichung, Taiwan. The pearls called zhenzhu, if on the smaller side, and boba, if a bit larger are traditionally made from brown sugar and tapioca, providing a bouncy, chewy surprise amidst a delicious blend of milk, sugar, and tea. The drink first debuted in the 1980s using black tea, but nowadays can be found in a variety of flavors. Here are some of our favorite places to find the sweet treat in Westchester.

Tapioca Pearls In Bubble Tea

Tapioca Pearls & Bubble Tea [Recipe]

Bubble Tea Topping Colorful Tapioca Pearl Ingredients of tapioca pearl are tapioca starch, sugar, caramel, water, preservative The way of cooking: 1. cook 7 litresr water untill boiling 2. then pour 1 kg tapioca pearl into the boiling water 3. turn the fire to middle stage, then stirring constantly 4. cook for 25 minutes 5. turn the fire off, cover the lid for 30 minutes 6. use strainer to strain the tapioca pearl, then rinse it with purified water until tapioca pearl can not stick together. 7.put tapioca into a container then pour sugar on it, then stir it. & amp gt & amp gt & amp gt Other Product Tapioca Pearl Fruit Jam SYRUP Powder Tea Leaf Paper Cup Bubble Tea Straw Plastic Cup Mochi

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How To Tell If Your Tapioca Pearls Have Spoiled

Discard any Tapioca Pearls that have changed color or show signs of mold. The Pearls should be firm and chewy and not soft and mushy. Any changes in texture and the pearls should be thrown out.

Also, any change in smell and taste such as sourness are also signs that the pearls are not good to consume anymore.

Flavors Of Bubble Tea

While all of the other ingredients form the base for bubble tea , the true flavor comes from the flavoring ingredient such as a syrup or powder. Just as coffee houses will have a line up of syrup bottles to flavor lattes, bubble tea shops are stocked with a great variety of syrups and powders.

Flavored simple syrups are the more popular flavoring option because they mix easily into the cold milk tea. Some popular fruity options include:

  • Honeydew

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What Kind Of Tapioca Pearls Do You Use For Bubble Tea Recipe

I typically use this brand of tapioca pearls, which cooks in about 5 minutes. I like that these pearls cook quickly, but the texture could be better. You can find these tapioca pearls in Asian supermarkets or on.

One important thing to note about these quick-cooking tapioca pearls is that you should only cook as many as you need. The pearls stiffen as they cool, so they do not keep well overnight. However, if you leave the pearls in their cooking water, the pearls retain their soft texture for a longer time. In other words, dont drain the hot water once you are done cooking the pearls. Instead, use a slotted spoon to remove the pearls from the saucepan, and leave any excess pearls in the saucepan.


I prefer using whole milk the most because the rich flavor makes the beverage tastier overall. I tried a version of the bubble tea with heavy cream. While the flavor of the tea was even better than the version I made with whole milk, it felt too decadent. Perhaps using half-and-half is a good compromise?

You can also make a dairy-free version with nut milks or soy milk. I tried using canned coconut milk once, and the coconut milk left a funny feeling in my mouth. It felt as if my mouth was coated with a thin layer of coconut fat.


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Low Carb Gelatin Boba Pearls

Black Tapioca Pearls for Bubble Tea  Where to Buy?  Pearls &  Jelly

But what about the boba, a.k.a the tapioca pearls? You know, the whole reason why we love this stuff?

To make this healthy Keto Caramel Bubble Tea actually healthy we serve up with our own sugar-free and low-carb HEALTHY DIY GELATIN BUBBLE/BOBA TEA PEARLS to replace the traditional carb and sugar-laden tapioca pearls served in bubble tea shops.

If you like, top it off with sugar-free whipped cream and caramel drizzle. Our new favorite drink, its so delicious that you wont believe its healthy enough to drink every day. And your body will thank you. See the recipe at the bottom!

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Where To Buy Tapioca Pearls

Many of your large chain grocery stores carry the tapioca pearls. You can find them in Walmart, Target, and are also able to order them from Amazon.

If you shop at a local grocery store, check the baking aisle and if you do not see them, ask a store representative if they stock them.

Walmart carries several varieties such as black, green and the wide straw bubble tea ingredients. You can buy this product as a single pack, in a pack of three, or in the 3-pack variety package.

If you check a local Asian grocery store, you may find this product in the dry goods section where they sell spices, starches, and flour products.

It is much easier to find in other grocery stores, so if you go to the Asian market looking, you may want to check at the counter where they keep their tapioca pearls.

Now you know where to find the tapioca pearls at your local grocery store, will they be added to your next grocery list?

What Is The Best Flavor Of Boba Tea

Honeydew. Simply put, there arent enough opportunities in the drinks realm to enjoy the melon-y flavor of honeydew. Matcha. On top of the many health benefits of matcha, the Chinese green tea offers great color and flavor. Lychee. The sweet Asian fruit was built for a refreshing boba. Jasmine.

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The Story Behind The Boba

In the 1980s, one Taiwanese tea stand had the bright idea of adding tapioca pearls to their frothy tea drinks to create imaginative and tasty beverages. Since these drinks had bubbles at the top and at the bottom , they became known as bubble tea. Today, bubbles more commonly refers to the tapioca pearls in the tea. Bubble tea is especially popular in Taiwan, although it is enjoyed throughout the world. Its a favorite of many of our customers, who buy tapioca pearls from us knowing high-quality boba is the secret to making a perfect drink.

Boba tea can be prepared with almost any flavor, and served hot, cold, sweetened, with cream, with milk, or plain. However, the essential element of this versatile drink is the black tapioca pearls that sink to the bottom. Boba tea is known by many names, including bubble tea, black pearl tea, pearl milk tea, and tapioca tea.

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A Note From Our Founder


BUBLUV® Bubble Tea is a great-tasting boba alternative that was created to fit in with your healthy, on-the-go lifestyle.I have 10 years of experience working on iconic food brands like Green Giant, where I led the creation of over 20 healthier versions of American favorites like cauliflower pizza and riced cauliflower.My dream is to create healthier takes on Asian-inspired favorites.So I put my know-how to work and after 2 years and over 120+ recipes laterIm so excited to share with you BUBLUV® Bubble Teas in three super delicious flavors. I hope you enjoy them!

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How Are Your Products Sweetened

BUBLUV® Bubble Tea is sweetened with a blend of monk fruit extract and erythritol , so you get the taste of sugar but with fewer calories and negative health effects. Most importantly, your blood sugar wont spike like it does when you ingest any form of sugar. That means every person, regardless of sugar restrictions, can enjoy BUBLUV® Bubble Tea.

Where To Buy Bubble Tea

Whatever you choose to call itbubble tea, bbt, bobaalmost everyone who tries it agrees that this Taiwanese drink, which doubles as a snack thanks to the chewy tapioca pearls and lots of other toppings, is simply addictive. Because of this, many people are searching for where to buy bubble tea.

Since Pearl Lemon Tea has been serving bubble tea for a while, adding it to the menu at our Fulham headquarters Pearl Lemon Café was an obvious choice from the outset. More often than not, our customers grab some of our great coffee to get them going in the morning, but by midday, they are clamoring to consume bubble tea, and we are more than happy to accommodate that craving.

Whats All the Fuss About? Bubble Tea Explained

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What Is The Best Boba Pearls To Buy

Weve included simple pearls, bubble tea kits and options for tapioca pearls preparations.

  • WuFuYuan Store Tapioca Pearls.
  • Fusion Select Tapioca Boba Pearls.
  • NineChef Bundle WuFuYuan Tapioca Pearls.
  • See Smell Taste Tapioca Pearl.
  • E-Fa Brand Bubble Tea Black Tapioca Pearls.
  • Tea Zone Pomegranate Popping Boba Pearls.

How To Cook Tapioca Pearls Boba

Boba pearls Brown sugar tapioca Green tea regular Lychee

Empire Eagle tapioca pearls wholesale all know Tapioca pearl boba is the KEY to a cup of bubble tea. Everyone just wants a cup of appetizing bubble tea with QQ texture tapioca pearls boba! Whenever you want to drink a cup of bubble tea, you have to go to the bubble tea shop, stand in long queues, and under the sun patiently. After waiting for a long time, you get a cup of bubble tea, but the tragedy happened! The bubble is not soft and chewy the worst is the core of boba is powdering taste! Does it make you feel disappointed and unsatisfied? Lets do with us, Boba Empire, to teach you how to cook QQ texture tapioca pearls!


300g Boba Empire Tapioca Pearl Boba 50g Sugar 3000cc Water


1. Put tapioca pearl boba into the 3000cc boiling water and stir for a while to avoid sticky. 2. When tapioca pearls float, turn the heat to low and make sure water is still boiling. Then cover the pot for 23 min. 3. After cooking 23 min, turn off the heat without opening the lid, and stand it for 30min. 4. When 30 min is up. Rinse tapioca in cool drinking water then put it in a container. 5. Put sugar and mix with tapioca pearl boba well. 6. Now you can enjoy the QQ tapioca pearl boba.

  • Tips: When cooking tapioca pearl boba, remember to open the lid and stir it every 5 minutes to avoid tapioca pearl boba stick in the bottom of the pot!

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