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Where To Buy Republic Of Tea

The English Tea Store

Republic of Tea Super Herb Nettle Tea review

The name of this online tea store is slightly misleading. You might imagine that they only sell orange pekoe and Earl Grey, but this could not be farther from the truth! The English Tea Store offers absolutely anything you could think of to host a wonderful at-home tea party.

Not only do they offer the highest quality english teas on the market, but they can offer beautiful teaware, sweets, chocolates, and savory appetizers as well. They offer international shipping, enabling the traditional english high tea tradition to be brought into anyones home.

Make A Difference Days

The Republic of Tea believes in making a difference within the community and compensates its Ministers while serving a beautiful expression of Ta Shun or, Harmony for the Whole.Ministers are encouraged to spend time volunteering and supporting non-profit organizations of their choice, bringing Ta Shun to their local communities.

What Is The Republic Of Tea

The Republic of Tea is a one-stop tea shop! It has a wide variety of quality teas, with almost every type one could look for.

Producing quality tea is not where it stops. The Republic of Tea goessteps ahead to ensure fair trade, a better life for its tea workers, andhealthy practices to save the mother earth. That is why its the customersfirst tea choice.

Based in Larkspur, California, a privatelyowned American tea company, The Republic of Tea is one of those who sell themost variety of teas across North America. It first came into being in 1992 bythe Zieglers, Mel Ziegler, and Patricia Ziegler, who are also cofounders ofBanana Republic and, along with Bill Rosenzweig.

Later in 1994, the infant company was sold to Ron Rubin, who then built an entire tea empire, which is now popularly known as The Republic of Tea.

This empire produces more than 300 premium teas for its customers, who are called Citizens in the realm of The Republic of Tea. Its stores are called Embassies, and employees are called the Ministers.

To add a cherry on the top, in 2005, thecompany adopted fair trade practices. The efforts were directed to establish atea estate that feels for its workers, cares for the earth, and provides thebest for its customers.

Which empire canprosper if its citizens and ministers are unhappy?

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A Mild Tea With Subtle Sweetness

What: Adagio Teas Silver Needle White Tea

Why: This is an elegant white tea with a delicate, honeysuckle flavor. It steeps at a golden color, and it is smooth, almost buttery, to drink. Although this tea is pricier than many others , you can re-steep it multiple times. White tea has been shown to have more antioxidants in general than green or other tea types. This makes it a feel-good tea in more ways than one. This is a little luxury for days when I want to treat myself.

Melanie Pinola, senior staff writer

Other varieties to try from Adagio: Fujian Silver Needle, an even rarer silver needle tea White Peony, a mellow tea that gets better with each sip

Other notes: Adagio Teas offers free US shipping over $49. It also has a tea of the month club for discovering new teas.

How To Choose The Best Tea Brands

The Republic of Tea Sonoma Mulled Zin Hot Tea, 6 Large Tea Pouches / 6 ...

Tea is more than a beverage, its a feeling, a mood, and a moment. Used in ancient medicine for hundreds of years, over time, tea has become something drinkers turn to in times of solace, for energy, comfort, or the simple pleasure of sipping something hot.

From health-boosting varieties to new-age dessert-inspired flavors, people around the world flock to the beverage and stock their cupboards with stashes of their most treasured blends.

Today, tea is an experience akin to that of candy, of course, with less sugar and more antioxidants. Thanks to the way modern brands have created a culture around tea, the market is booming, and tea houses, shops, and boutiques are opening around the world to offer their take on the traditional drink.

This best tea brands list will feature our top 13 picks, showcasing how they began, what they have to offer, and why we think they deserve your attention.

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Why Trust The Spruce Eats

Lindsay Boyers is a certified holistic nutritionist with extensive food and drink-testing experience. Shes developed over 1,000 original recipes and is constantly on a mission to find the best options across all food and beverage categories.

This piece was updated by Derek Rose, the coffee and tea expert for The Spruce Eats. He researches a variety of products, from tiny tea infusers to high-end kettles, and interviews field experts for their insight. He is especially a fan of matcha, enjoying it in everything from lattes and smoothies to the traditional form.

Shunan Teng is the founder and CEO of Tea Drunk and an avid tea educator. Tea Drunk was founded in 2013 and has a brick-and-mortar tea house in New York City. Its teaware and Chinese teas can be purchased online.

A Black Tea For Those Who Like It With Milk

What: Taylors of Harrogate Scottish Breakfast Tea

Why: My daily morning teapot is filled with this black tea from Taylors of Harrogate, based in Yorkshire, England. This tea isnt as smoky as my old favorite, the Scottish Breakfast from Peets Coffee . I drink whats known in the UK as builders tea . The Taylors blend of Assam and African leaves is robust and malty, and it holds up quite nicely to 2% milk and sugar. Ive been seeing Taylors of Harrogate teas appearing more often in regular supermarkets here in the States but usually only in tea bags. Happily for my morning caffeine habit, the loose tea is available online.

Christine Ryan, senior editor

Other varieties to try from Taylors of Harrogate: Assam, a full-bodied tea with the distinct malty flavor specific to Assam leaves

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The Republic Of Tea Online Stores

If you dont want to go into the peculiarities orif you dont want to search where can I buy The Republic of Tea near me, thenyou can directly hop on to their website ,for all products, details, and shipping. Besides, you can always order a teasample box first, if you are unsure of your choice. The Republic of Tea offersboth local and international shipping.

Where Can I Buy The Republic Of Tea Near Me

The Republic of Tea Thanks Mom 2Flavor Set

If you are that tea lover who is typing where can I buy tea near me in the google search box, but you are not sure which type of tea you want, or if you wish to try new kinds of tea, then you should instead type Where can I buy The Republic of Tea near me.

Why so?

All of us are aware of at least five names of companies that sell tea, all claiming to be the best, then why chose The Republic of Tea?

For that, you need to spend a couple of more minutes reading this guide! For all tea lovers, this is the right page, because here you will find all that you need to know.

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Is Organic Tea Worth It

Before we answer this question, lets start with the basics. When growing anything, bugs are inevitable. Just like how humans need food, so do little creatures.

Unfortunately, as much as we dont mind sharing our food with the creatures of the earth, they have quite the appetite and can totally destroy a crop.

As most plants are grown outdoors, stopping those creatures from making their way onto crops is pretty much impossible, so alternative measures must be taken. In modern times, pesticides are sprayed on crops to stop the little guys in their tracks.

But pesticides can lead to disease and illness when consumed regularly, and so now weve arrived at the importance of choosing organic.

Organic tea is free from chemical pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers, which not only benefits you, but the soil, ecosystem, and people in the bordering communities around where these crops are planted.

Another benefit of buying organic anything is that its higher in nutrients, vitamins, and minerals than chemical-laden foods are. And drinking organic tea should have more health benefits than if you bought the alternative.

Which Of The Best Tea Brands Offers The Most Variety

There are a few names on this best tea brands list that offer an abundance of teas, and launch new varieties each season. Harney & Sons and Republic of Tea both make over 300 tea blends and types, ranging from flavored to classic to wellness, and while DavidsTea offers just over 100, its variety is awesome.

When considering variety, we must take into account each brands selection. Though Harley & Sons certainly has a ton of types, its variation isnt as great as the other two.

DavidsTea offers an encompassing spectrum of classic tea types, as well as seasonal flavors, wellness blends, herbal mixes, organic, iced, and caffeine-free.

When comparing DavidsTea to Republic of Tea, the collections and variety are pretty close, but since the latter offers more teas, well have to give this one to them.

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What Are Some Retailers That Sell The Republic Of Tea Products

As of 2015, The Republic of Tea products are available for purchase from, Whole Foods Market and directly on The Republic of Tea website. offers the option to add tea to a users shopping list for use in store while and ship to customers.

The Republic of Teas products are available at over 20,000 retailers across the United States. The brand was founded in 1992 and sells a wide array of flavored and unflavored loose leaf tea, tea bags and single-serve bottled iced teas. The company also sells tea brewing equipment, such as pots and infusers.

A Smooth Ruby Black Tea With Honey Notes And A Good Caffeine Kick

Buy The Republic Of Tea Blueberry Green Tea Full

What: Us Two Tea Taiwanese Black Tea Manhattan Black

Why: This ruby black tea variety is unique to Taiwan and sourced directly from tea farms in Taiwans Nantou County. It brews a smooth, balanced cup with a lovely natural sweetness and notes of honey, and its great for the morning or an afternoon pick-me-up. Us Two Tea is an Asian Americanowned business.

Katie Okamoto, staff writer

Other varieties to try from Us Two Tea: Taiwanese Oolong Tea Homesick,a mild tea with a melon aroma and slightly bitter flavor Taiwanese Baozhong Tea Family Tradition,a creamy, robust oolong tea

Other notes: Us Two Tea offers shipping in the US for orders over $50 and a 5% discount on tea subscriptions.

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Delicious Versatile And Timeless

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the bestproducts youcan learn more about ourreview process here.We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

The Spruce Eats / Photo Illustration by Chloe Jeong / Retailers below

People have consumed green tea for thousands of years. In beverage form, whether hot or iced, it’s known for gentle flavors that range from earthy to sweet. On top of that, green tea can be used as an ingredient in everything from ice cream to cakes to smoothies. There are several varieties of green tea, two of the most popular being matcha and sencha.

We’ve rounded up our favorite green teas below and detailed what we like, and even dislike about each one. We researched top-rated options in a range of categories to ensure that all sorts of tea drinkers can find the right pick. After all, everyone should be able to enjoy the culinary versatility and delicious taste of green tea.Finding the right tea is only part of what it takes to enjoy a great cup. You’ll also want to brush up your brewing skills. “Mistakes with brewing tea usually involve time, temperature, or water-to-tea ratio,” said tea educator Shunan Teng, founder and CEO of Tea Drunk. “This means brewing for too long or too short using an incorrect temperature or using too much or too little tea. Being mindful of all three factors will help people develop their tea-brewing techniques.”

Welcome Citizens Of The Republic

  • Ministers

    Ministers are our employees, serving our citizens and keeping The Republic running.

  • Ambassadors

    Ambassadors are our Sales Representatives, tasked with ensuring our teas are available to Embassies far and wide.

  • Citizens

    Citizens are our customers who have defected to The Republic of Tea those who eschew the status quo and pursue Tea Mind wherever they go.

  • Embassies

    Embassies are retail outlets to which Citizens can turn when they need to replenish themselves – either through tea or fellowship.

  • of our Ministers prefer tea over coffee. The other 8% are wrong, but we love them anyway.

    “The life of tea is the life of the moment. We have only Now, and we each sip it in our own cups.”

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    Best Organic: Buddha Teas Organic Sencha Green Tea

    • Available in loose leaf too

    • Boxes made from recycled material

    • Steeping instructions on box

    • Tea bags tear easily

    • Mild flavor

    There are lots of organic teas out there, but the Buddha Tea Organic Sencha Green Tea earned the spot of our best organic green tea for several reasons. The delicate and fresh taste is one of the big ones, of course, but its also a flavonoid-rich tea made without additives or artificial colors.

    Like many organic tea manufacturers, Buddha Teas uses 100 percent organic green tea leaves to create this item, but the brand takes it a step further by using bleach-free tea bags. As an added bonus, the brand’s boxes are made from recycled materials.

    Form: Tea bags and loose leaf | Caffeine: 30 milligrams | Steep Time: 3 to 5 minutes | Ingredients: Organic green tea

    Amazing Online Tea Stores From Around The World

    Republic of Tea Countdown to Christmas 24count Tea Sampl…

    This list of the best online tea stores bring you the finest teas from mystical places all over the world with only the touch of a fingertip.

    Whether you are aware of it or not, a lot of your routine is dependent on the fluids you incorporate into your day. Do you start off with a quick shot of espresso? Or is it a shot of juiced wheatgrass? Do you sit by the window and drink a smoothie, or have a cup of cold pressed juice? Do you grab a filter coffee from the gas station on the way to work, or do you prefer those delectable third wave cappuccinos from the place on the corner?

    Whatever your drink of choice is, its important to remember how integral these moments and routines are to us! Where would we be without our morning cuppa, or our afternoon get together with fellow coffee lovers. These routines are common ground for everyone, and help create communities.

    Today were going to focus on the beverage that can be had at any time of morning, day, or night. It can elevate, relax, excited, and entice you. You can drink it iced, shaken, stirred, or of course, hot. Yes, were talking about tea!

    In this day and age, with folks preferring to have things delivered right to their door, weve compiled an awesome list of tea shops and companies that will deliver right to your door. But not to worry, weve included places that ship domestically, as well as world wide!

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    An Elegant Light Floral Tea

    What: Bellocq Tea Atelier No. 96 White Wedding

    Why: I bought this tea as an engagement gift for a tea-loving friend, and it smelled so good that I had to splurge on some for myself, too. Its the kind of tea you take time to appreciate, not for everyday drinking. A blend of jasmine silver needle tea, lavender, red rose petals, and orange blossoms, it looks and tastes as good as it smells.

    Sarah Witman, staff writer

    Other varieties to try from Bellocq: Bellocq Breakfast No. 01, a robust blend of organic Indian, Chinese, and Ceylon black teas

    Other notes: In addition to teas, this atelier sells honey, mulling spices, candles, and other household items. US shipping is free on orders over $100.

    Excellent Offers And Prices

    Now that weve seen what the missions and principles of this company are, it is time to look at their actual tea offers and prices. The Republic of Tea offers around 150 teas and general tea varieties that include green, black, white, Oolong and Matcha tea. Moreover, they also offer decaffeinated, herbal, Pu-erh and Rooibos tea, as well as tea blends, Mate and Chai. They provide an incredible collection of flavor teas, that contain high-quality, premium spices and herbs. You can also choose the package type that suits you the best loose-leaf package, tea bags, single sips package, as well as glass bottled tea. The Republic of Tea has also recently expanded its offers, and now sells exceptional teaware that includes kettles, cups, mugs, accessories, and teaware specials. Heres a brief overview of their tea collection and the tea profiles

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    Trustworthy Places To Buy The Republic Of Tea Near Me & Online Options To Explore

    For U.S. residents, there are stores like Target, World Market, and Walmart,which give you the ease of ordering online through their website and also thetrust of walking in-store to get your hands on the diverse display of teas byThe Republic of Tea.

    Stores like these are usually found within a radiusof maximum 10 miles, making in-store buying accessible. Besides, the stores of The Republic of Tea arealso scattered over the U.S. You need to dial them up to get the location ofthe store nearest to you.

    Several local tea and coffee shops also offer tea products by TheRepublic of Tea. You can take a chance by asking them for the type of tea youwant.


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