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Where Can I Buy Nettle Leaf Tea

Nettle Tea Hair Benefits


Individuals lose roughly 50 to 100 hairs on a daily basis. An estimated 85% of men will experience balding by 50-years-old. Meanwhile, more than 50% of women will face similar issues. Hair loss affects not only your physical appearance but also your confidence and self-esteem. Some consider it a source of great embarrassment, despite typically it being a natural occurrence.

The good news is that were not just talking about the benefits for men. Were talking about benefits for hair loss, regardless of sex. There are several ways it can provide assistance. For starters, its anti-inflammatory properties reduce inflammation of the scalp – long recognised as an instigator of chronic hair loss. Furthermore, according to a 2010 study, the minerals in Nettle Tea increase hair growth.

What Does Nettle Leaf Tea Taste Like

This unpretentious, smooth tasting tea presents as delightfully drinkable. Though its greenish-brown tint makes it appear like a cup of muddy water, Buddha Teas Nettle Leaf Tea most assuredly is not! We believe this elegant cup of tea expresses as refined a flavor as an herbal tea can. In the most humble way, our Nettle Leaf Tea tastes like a forgotten friend you came across on an unexpected lakeside stroll under a warm spring sky. Kind and startling familiar.

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Nettle Tea And Gout And Joint Inflammation

Gout is a form of arthritis that manifests itself as sudden and severe pain attacks, as well as redness and tenderness in the joints. It was once dubbed the disease of kings due to its association with overindulgence. Now, we know it forms when urate crystals accumulate in the joints, causing inflammation, swelling and intense pain. Here we are again: Is Nettle Tea good for gout?

A German study demonstrated that one of the advantages of it suppressed several cytokines in inflammatory joint diseases, including gout. Similar findings came from a 2013 study published in the Journal of Phytomedicine, which found that it reduced joint inflammation overall. Well return to inflammation to discuss its role in combating arthritis after examining its influence on diabetes.

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Stinging Nettle Tea Is Not Just For Bladder Infections

The medicinal properties of stinging nettle have been known since ancient times. You can use it as a home remedy for bladder infections or as anti-dandruff and growth-encouraging soap. And thanks to high amounts of iron, calcium , vitamin A, magnesium and protein, stinging nettles have helped protect people from malnourishment in times of famine.

Nettle Tea For Liver Health

Teacurry Nettle Tea Loose Leaf 50 gm: Buy Teacurry Nettle Tea Loose ...

We move on to the next question: Is Nettle Tea good for your liver? This cone-shaped organ, located in the upper right-hand portion of the abdominal cavity and roughly above the stomach, has five primary functions. These are to filter blood and break down harmful bodies aid digestion synthesise proteins store vitamins and minerals and metabolise and detoxify foreign substances such as alcohol.

It is the latter ability well be discussing here. Preliminary research shows that the health benefits of Nettle Tea extend to supporting detoxification. Also known as Detox Tea, the belief is that it works with the liver to remove these unwanted substances. However, large swathes of the scientific community are sceptical.

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Benefits Of Nettle Leaf And Its Side Effects

Even though nettle is often avoided and deemed as a useless plant, it has been the subject of numerous studies that prove its worth. Its scientific name is urtica dioica. Nettle contains impressive amounts of vitamins and minerals. Some of the vitamins it contains include vitamins A, C, D, E, and K. It also contains amino acids and antioxidants, which help in fighting off free radicals. Studies have shown stinging nettle has antioxidant, antimicrobial, anti-ulcer, astringent and analgesic capabilities.

What Is Nettle Tea

Nettle tea is made by steeping fresh or dried leaves of common nettle in hot water. Other names for common nettle are stinging nettle or urtica dioica. Although stinging nettle plant is technically a weed, throughout the history, it became an indispensable plant in traditional medicines and an important source of nutrients. Nettle is growing worldwide and is still used as a homemade remedy for many health problems.

Nettle tea can be made from both fresh and dried nettle leaves. However, dried leaf is more common for making tea. Unlike fresh nettle leaves, dry leaves wont cause a burning sensation on the skin. The less common type of nettle tea is a nettle root tea.

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Organic Nettle Leaf Tea

Caffeine Level: Buddha Teas Nettle Leaf Tea

  • Rich in Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • Natural Source of Protein
  • No Artificial or Natural Flavors
  • No Artificial Sweeteners
  • Rich in Essential Vitamins & Minerals
  • Natural Source of Protein
  • No Artificial or Natural Flavors
  • No Artificial Sweeteners

An Overview On Green Teas

STINGING NETTLE TEA BENEFITS + Nettle Tea Recipes (Nettle Benefits)

Sipping on a warm, freshly-brewed up cup of green tea is a relaxing ritual no matter what time of day. Green tea has a number of health benefits that make it a favorite of tea drinkers. Green tea contains a natural antioxidant called epigallocatechin-3-gallate , which helps prevent cell damage. Plus, it also protects against many types of diseases as well as aging. Green tea is also known for protecting against breast, prostate and colorectal cancers.

In addition to helping you feel alert, green tea can actually improve brain function. It includes caffeine, which helps fire neurons and neurotransmitters, which improve brain function, reaction time, memory and mood. Plus, green tea can also boost your metabolic rate and help you burn fat.

There are many different types of green tea available in varying grades and price ranges, each with its own unique properties. Sencha is a type of Japanese green tea with a long finish and a sweet grassy flavor. Another Japanese green tea is Gyokuro, which is exceptionally flavorful with a brothy feel. Longjing is a Chinese green tea that tastes rich and refreshing. It can be pricey as it is a prized variety. Another Chinese variety is Bilochun, which is fragrant and has a flavor that resembles edamame. There are several other varieties available.

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Potential Health Benefits Of Nettle Tea

Nettle tea may provide many health benefits. It has a high nutritional value and may provide very significant amounts of both macronutrients and micronutrients. Fresh nettle leaf contains chlorophyll, vitamins A, C, D, E, F, K, B, flavonoids, and large amounts of selenium, zinc, iron, calcium and magnesium . Nettle is a very good source of protein and fiber too.

Nettle tea benefits include:

  • Preventing degenerative brain disorders
  • Reducing muscle and joint pain
  • Treating urinary retention
  • Alleviating symptoms of hay fever
  • Although nettle leaf tea appears to be very safe for healthy adults, avoid drinking it in early pregnancy as it may cause serious side effects. However, nettle tea has traditionally been recommended in the third trimester, mostly to increase iron levels . Always consult your doctor if you have any serious medical condition. Nettle root tea, on the other hand, may cause more side effects than nettle tea, such as gastrointestinal problems and sweating .

    Stinging Nettle Tea Benefits

    Its all fair and well highlighting the claims surrounding Stinging Nettle Tea benefits. There are, after all, quite a few to mention. The trouble is that without research to back these claims, it is challenging to know what is true and what is merely speculation. Where possible, and where the information is available, we aim to support the below benefits with the latest scientific studies. And well tell you when we cant.

    The rest of our article will be dedicated to answering your most pressing questions. Is it iron, and good for digestion, and evenr inflammation? All will be revealed in due course, so please keep reading to find out the most up-to-date facts and figures. Just remember that we arent experts, and we will always recommend seeking medical consultation if you have concerns.

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    Tea Iron Content For Anaemia And Thyroid Issues

    Iron deficiency anaemia is when the body cannot produce enough red blood cells because of a lack of iron in your blood. Symptoms can occur gradually over time, ranging from shortness of breath to fatigue. Doctors and health practitioners recommend that people with anaemia take iron supplements and eat iron-rich foods. Is Drinking Nettle Tea good for iron deficiency? You can count on it.

    As established in the above section, an 8-oz cup of the Herbal Tea contains a considerable amount of iron. Its worth noting, too, that iron plays a vital role in a fully functioning thyroid, a small butterfly-shaped neck gland that influences your heart rate and body temperature. And good for thyroid health like it is for anaemia? Absolutely.

    Is Nettle Tea A Diuretic

    Teacurry Nettle Tea Loose Leaf 50 gm: Buy Teacurry Nettle Tea Loose ...

    Diuretic activity refers to encouraging urine function in the body, allowing an individual to pass excess water. Bewildering though it may come across at first glance, it has its purposes, particularly for those with high blood pressure, heart failure, swollen tissues and kidney disease. But does consuming it for water retention have a way of supporting these ailments in practice?

    Robert Kachko, the former President of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians , says: Nettle is diuretic it increases urine output and removal of uric acid. The bottom line is that it is good for kidneys, the heart and more. Other choices for Diuretic Tea include – but are not limited to – Milk Thistle Tea and Fennel Seeds Tea.

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    Traditional Medicinals Herbal Tea Organic Nettle Leaf

    Herbal Supplement, Organic, Nettle Leaf, Tea Bags

    Herbal Supplement. USDA Organic. Certified Organic by CCOF. All ingredients certified organic. Caffeine free. Non GMO Project verified. Daily herbal. Herbal Power: Supports joint health and overall wellness. Taste: Earthy, fresh and grassy. Plant Story: In herbalism, nettle is the mother of all spring tonics. Known for its ability to support the whole body as well as joint health, this tea can help kick-start your body when you’re feeling stagnant. Some of our favorite nettle hails from the wild meadows of Eastern Europe, where collectors harvest it by hand. Herbs that Work: From field to cup, we make sure our teas deliver the benefits of these amazing plants. To deliver consistent high quality teas, we source organically farmed or organically wild-collected herbs from ethical trading partnerships, seeking out medicinal-grade plants. Only a small fraction of the world’s herb supply meets our high quality standards. Learn more about our farming communities and the work of our foundation on our website. Certified B Corporation. Reduce, reuse recycle 100% recycled carton . 100% Renewable Energy: This product is manufactured using a mix of renewable energy including solar. Compostable Tea Bags: Tea bags are compostable and non-GMO Project verified.

    Nutrition Facts

    Servings Per Container : 16

    Nettle Tea Pregnancy Considerations

    Is Nettle Tea safe in pregnancy? Is it advisable? The vast majority of medical professionals believe that any infusion created with Stinging Nettles can cause uterine contractions. Worse still, similar to the likes of Vervain, Sage and Thyme Tea, there is a reasonable chance of it leading to miscarriage. It is crucial that all expecting mothers avoid it. Consider instead Raspberry Leaf Tea during the third trimester.

    How about Nettle Tea for breastfeeding? It depends on whom you ask. Historically, women after childbirth had the beverage to treat anaemia and as a galactagogue – something that promotes breast milk production. Nowadays, health experts believe that it can cause breast engorgement and mastitis. The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company would urge breastfeeding mothers against it.

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    Side Effects Of Stinging Nettles

    Stinging nettles are medicinal plants, and should be consumed carefully. It is important not to exceed four cups of stinging nettle tea per day, and it should not be taken for longer than four to six weeks. Too much stinging nettle can cause an upset stomach, diarrhea, sweating and skin rash.

    Warning: Physicians are still debating, whether stinging nettle tea is safe to drink during pregnancy. If you are pregnant, be sure to do thorough research and decide with your doctor whether or not stinging nettle tea is right for you.

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    Used To Reduce Gastrointestinal Diseases

    Stinging Nettle Root Tea & Compost Tea (Harvest & DIY)

    Stinging nettle powder may promote healthy digestion and aid in stomach problems, such as diarrhoea. It also helps with gastrointestinal disease, IBS, and constipation. This powder is often consumed in the form of teas. Nettle also helps kidney function and even helps in breaking down kidney stones. It destroys intestinal worms or parasites. It also supports endocrine health by helping the thyroid, spleen and pancreas.

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    Nettle Tea Side Effects

    Anyone making homemade Herbal Tea from Nettles in the garden should be wary of handling the leaves and how long they are boiled to remove their sting. Remember that the hair-like barbs harm your skin when touched, releasing histamine, acetylcholine and serotonin, as well as leukotrienes and formic acid. Your safest option, therefore, is to buy Loose Tea from The Kent and Sussex Tea and Coffee Company.

    Even then, there could still be a small risk of experiencing side effects. In the rarest of instances, people have reported it causing headaches, mild stomach upset, fluid retention, sweating, diarrhoea, hives or rashes. If you suffer from any of these issues, regardless of the severity, it is paramount that you avoid consumption and seek medical consultation immediately.

    Product Review: Buddha Teas Chakra Tea Blends

    Let me tell you two things you may not know about me. The first thing is that I have always been a reluctant tea drinker. The only time I ever drank tea when I was younger was when I was sick and my mother forced me to. When I got older, I liked the tea they served in Chinese restaurants but other than that, I preferred coffee to tea. More recently, however, I have come to like tea more. Maybe its living up in Hudson Valley where its colder or maybe its because Ive gotten to experience teas that are made from fresh tea leaves rather than supermarket brands. I still prefer coffee but I drink tea more often now.

    The second thing you may not know about me is that I am a certified Crystal Healing Practitioner. I liked crystals back in my younger years but they came back into my life recently. I help out a friend of mine who has a lovely store with unique, handmade and one of a kind items called Woodstock Reveries . The store has a big collection of rocks, minerals and healing crystals so I made it a point to learn about them. Well, long story short , I was hooked. I came to love the crystals and set about to formally study the art of crystal healing and now I am certified .

    So when I first heard about Chakra Teas made by Buddha Teas, I felt like two parts of my world converged into something wonderful. I wrote to Buddha Teas and they generously sent me the entire Chakra Tea Bundle 7 types of herbal tea, each related to a different chakra.

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    Nettle Tea Benefits For Skin Health

    Acne is a skin condition brought about by hair follicles becoming clogged with dead skin cells and oil. Developing on the shoulders, upper back, forehead and face, a common misconception is that it affects only teenagers when, in fact, it happens in people of all ages. Treatments include over-the-counter gels and creams or prescribed medicines and antibiotics. Does stinging Nettle Tea help acne as well?

    Anecdotal evidence suggests that for acne is an excellent choice. Several of the vitamins and minerals in this Tea have potent anti-inflammatory properties. Therefore, when applied topically , its ability to reduce inflammation – alongside its antimicrobial properties – alleviates mild acne.

    Nettle Tea Helps With A Uti

    Nettle Tea

    A UTI is an infection that affects your bladder, kidneys or the tubes connected to them. It can often lead to a sudden need to pee and pain or a burning sensation while urinating. The most common treatments are pain relievers, drinking plenty of fluids, and, if the issue persists, visiting a doctor who may prescribe antibiotics. Enter Nettle Tea benefits for the last time in our article.

    The condition often goes hand in hand with Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia , where the prostate is bigger than usual, limiting urine flow and increasing infection risks. In one clinical trial, 287 BPH patients who had been treated with it showed a significant reduction in prostate size. Its diuretic activity, too, could positively influence UTI symptoms .

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    Before You Consume Nettle Tea Know About Its Side Effects

    Nettle tea is widely used due to the large range of benefits that it provides. However, are there any nettle tea side effects? This article will enlighten you further about this tea and its side effects.

    Nettle tea is widely used due to the large range of benefits that it provides. However, are there any nettle tea side effects? This article will enlighten you further about this tea and its side effects.

    They say that the stinging nettle can be poisonous, but the fact is that once it is boiled or dried, the nettle becomes a great herb, which has a variety of health benefits. Particularly, the tea made from nettle leaves is known to help ease a lot of problems. It is pretty easy to make this tea, where all you need to do is boil a few of these nettle leaves in water and drink up. You may even get a ready product in the market, which will save you the effort of having to scour large areas in search of this plant. Common uses of this wonderful herbal tea include warding off insomnia, itchy skin, indigestion, and constipation. But then again, before one consumes nettle tea, it is always better to know whether the substance has any side effects.


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