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Dr Ming Tea Weight Loss

Dr Ming Tea Customer Reviews & Results What Users Are Saying

Dr. Ming’s Herbal Tea Review of Weight Loss Results

Dr. Ming Tea reviews on the official website are all positive, meaning that a good number of customers trust the brand and are happy with Dr. Ming tea results.However, the brand has also received some negative reviews from previous users siting severe side effects after using some of the products from this brand.

The Bottom Line On Dr Ming Pineapple Tea

So, whats the end take on this one? Diet teas and herbal beverages for internal cleansing have certainly gained a great deal of popularity. While we appreciate that Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea only contains natural ingredients, we have reservations about recommending this product for serious weight loss. After all, there is no science to support this tea. Furthermore, we can see from customer reviews posted online that it does not work for a number of dieters.

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Dr Ming Slimming Teafactory Price Negotiable

Dr. Ming Slimming TeaFactory Price Certification
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Compared to all the new weight loss supplements that full of chemicals and synthetic compounds, Dr. Ming Slimming Tea–Chinese herbal tea, is a perfect and healthy way to lose weight.

Product Description:

It is different from other slimming product because it is 100% natural and activates mechanisms in our body that allow us to be healthier and more relaxed individuals while we lose weight in a healthy natural way. All you have to do is drink a cup of Dr. Ming’s Chinese Tea in the morning before breakfast and a second glass before dinner. Follow these instructions for 20 days and you will begin to notice accelerated weight loss.


1. It was created in the Far East to help purify and free the body of toxins and impurities. This delicious and unique combination of green tea & natural herbs was originally used by monks and their apprentices to aid them in their relaxation exercises by reducing anxiety and eliminating toxins from the body.

2. Drink and enjoy the benefits provided by the ancient oriental formula of Dr. Ming Tea. A new weight loss and calorie burning system that reduces your appetite and helps to eliminate the compulsion to eat obsessively. Dr. Ming Tea will help you achieve the body you’ve always wanted faster than ever.


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Negative Dr Ming Pineapple Tea Reviews

We encountered numerous negative user reviews regarding Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea. One dieter said, It gave me anxiety.

Causes diarrhea! No, thanks! said another customer.

The extensive research weve done has shown that if a particular facet of a product or program is very troublesome , the real chances of long-term weight-loss success are minimal. Therefore if Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea does result in numerous customer complaints and bad reviews, this could be a big problem.

What Are People Saying

Dr. Ming Slimming Green Tea for Weight Loss (60 Bags)

There is a lot of love for this product. The overall rating is four and a half stars from reviews on the official site. It is not sold anywhere else, and many comments on other sites are about the tea by a similar name.

Dr. Ming Tea had a strong base of fans from the original product, who were automatically sent free samples to try. Based on the comment, the new flavor is far superior. The taste is the first thing most people mention, saying it genuinely resembles a pineapple, unlike the other teas claiming to mimic the fruit.

Testimonials say the results were great but took four to six weeks to show. If you are in it for the long run and serious about making a change, then that is not so long to wait. The advice of several users is to detox the first four weeks, then half the intake for two weeks, and follow that cycle going forward.

There are a lot of mentions about the effect it has on your bathroom habits. As expected, trips become more regular, and some say they experience diarrhea during the detox. Overall, this seems to be a product that people stick with for a long time. Loyalty is a testament to the brand.

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Is Their Pineapple Tea Better

Weve thus far reviewed Dr. Mings Green Tea, but they have another product called Pineapple Tea. Three of the Pineapple Tea ingredients are the same ones in the previous formulation so we dont need to review those again.

The ingredients unique to this formulation are: alfalfa leaf, rose hips, orange peel and pineapple.

Alfalfa leaf is typically taken for kidney and prostate issues, and not primarily for weight loss. We havent seen any medical research proving it works as a weight loss aid.

Rose hips are typically taken for blood pressure concerns , but there are medical studies showing rose hip supplementation can increase energy expenditure and increase fat loss.

Orange peel is generally used for skin benefit. We cant find any medical studies showing its at all effective for weight loss.

Pineapple has been associated in one rodent study with anti-obesity outcomes. This is a weak standard of evidence for inclusion in our opinion.

Overall, we dont believe Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea is likely to be more effective than Dr. Ming Green Tea for weight loss.

Chia s

Dr Ming Green Tea Ingredient Review

At the time of updating this article, it appears that Dr. Ming tea has updated their Green Tea formulation. There are now four ingredients in Dr. Ming Green Tea: green tea, senna, peppermint, and citrus sinesis.

Green Tea is the first ingredient, and we consider this to be a potentially effective weight loss ingredient. A medical review on green tea use in overweight and obese patient populations, published in the Cochrane Library, analyzed data from many medical studies on the topic and concluded the following:

“Green tea preparations appear to induce a small, statistically nonsignificant weight loss in overweight or obese adults. Because the amount of weight loss is small, it is not likely to be clinically important.”

Senna is the second ingredient in Dr. Ming Green Tea, and we haven’t come across any medical research suggesting this plant causes weight loss, nor does Dr. Ming Tea cite any on their product page. We will consider this an ineffective ingredient.

We recommend avoiding senna tea unless otherwise prescribed by a doctor. A medical review from 2020 documents how long-term use of senna may cause liver injury, and is unadvisable.

Peppermint is the third ingredient in Dr. Mings Green Tea, and again we cannot identify a single clinical trial proving this ingredient to cause weight loss. We consider it ineffective.

We recommend avoiding two of the other three ingredients for health reasons.

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Is Dr Ming Pineapple Tea Better

Dr. Ming sells a Pineapple Tea which the brand claims can also cause weight loss.

We already examined senna leaf and found it to be an ineffective ingredient for weight loss, and potentially unsafe for long-term use. We recommend avoiding this ingredient.

Rose hips are typically used to naturally reduce blood pressure, but we located a clinical trial which found that rose hip supplementation increased metabolic rate and reduced body fat mass. This study had animal subjects rather than human subjects which is a weaker standard of evidence, but we’ll consider this ingredient potentially effective.

Orange peel is generally used in topical formulations to benefit skin. We can’t find any medical studies suggesting this ingredient is effective for weight loss.

Pineapple has been associated in one rodent study with weight loss. We cannot find any human studies proving this ingredient effective, so we’ll consider pineapple potentially effective for weight loss.

Overall we would consider Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea to have a superior formulation to Dr. Ming Green Tea for weight loss, because we consider two of its ingredients to be potentially effective for weight loss versus one for Dr. Ming Green Tea.

We do not recommend this formulation overall due to the inclusion of senna.

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How Does It Work

Dr, Ming is one of the few body slimming brands in the market that have gotten the attention of people whose, goal is to lose weight and attain a skinny body. Dr. Ming Tea is a brand that produces products that will help you lose weight in the most natural way without much struggle.

According to the manufacturer, Dr. Ming Tea uses a combination of all-natural ingredients that work together to help boost metabolism, reduce bloating, and promote weight loss so that you can get to your desired body skinny goal.

The Science Behind Dr Ming Pineapple Tea

From what we could gather, there is no documented clinical research behind Dr. Ming Pineapple Tea as an effective weight-loss product. For us at DietSpotlight, we have to see actual published science that supports the supplement and its ingredients. If there is no proof at all, we simply see a big red flag.

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Dr Ming Weight Loss Tea

  • Min. Order 50 Piece

We are offering dr. Ming weight loss tea. Product description: it’s made with exotic herbs which will benefit you like never before. Dr. Ming chinese tea has been manufactured with the highest quality standards. The herbs for the tea have been carefully harvested by hand and selected to give you the best results. this product doesnt contain any chemicals, artificial flavors or preservatives. effect: 1. Reduces cholesterol and accumulated fats in the body without any exercise or medication. 2. Helps people who have never managed to lose weight or who have always regained their weight that had reduced, as it prevents the formation of fats in the body again. 3. It is the fastest and easiest way to reduce your weight without any side effects. ingredients: green tea, senna, peppermint, orange peel, licorice root, lemon grass, camelia sinnensis, solanum andigenum, natural flavor. This slimming tea does not contain chemicals, artificial flavors or preservatives. suited community: a. People with repetitive failure experiences in weight loss. B. People over weight for over one year. specification: 3060 bagsbox usage & dosage: drink two cups each day after a light meal during 4 weeks. standard: gmp shelf life: 24 months storage: place in airproof, shady and dry conditions. Keep out of the reach of children. Remark: oem, private label, raw material supply, and any of the customization are welcomed.

Additional Information:

Dr Ming Tea Slimming Formula Tea Dmt2

Dr. Ming

Dr Ming tea is a slimming formula with natural extracts of Asian origin that aims to speed up metabolism and burn fat faster.

Its natural ingredients are harmoniously combined for 100% effectiveness in weight loss:

Citrus aurantium: high in synafrin which has been shown to enhance fat burning

  • Green tea: strengthens and stimulates the metabolism
  • Citronella: fights fatigue and stress, while helping to treat headaches
  • Bitter orange leaves: increase energy levels
  • Cardamom: diuretic properties for the elimination of toxins

And in order for the ingredients to retain their properties unchanged, revolutionary methods of harvesting and extraction are used, with the result that each sachet contains high-quality natural ingredients.

Dr Ming Tea tea is free of chemical additives, artificial flavors and preservatives.


  • Boost metabolism with faster fat burning
  • Stimulation of mood and energy
  • Stress reduction
  • Body detoxification

Packaging contains 2 boxes x 30 satchets.

Recommended dose: 2 cups of tea daily in the morning and in the afternoon after each meal

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Doctor Shares Opinion On Detox Tea

Not only does Dr. Ming Tea describe their products as effective for weight loss, but the brand also describes both of their teas as “detox” teas.

One of the most popular YouTube videos explaining why “detox tea” claims are highly questionable and potentially unscientific comes from a channel called “Doctor Mike” and has over 1 million views at the time of updating this article.

We recommend that consumers considering Dr. Ming Tea check it out:

Ingredients Of Dr Ming Green Tea

Citrus sinesis, green tea, senna, peppermint, licorice root, and uva ursi are among the six constituents of Dr. Mings Green Tea.

Oranges are known botanically as Citrus Sinesis. As we mentioned in more depth in our It Works review, which is a weight reduction product that is far better designed than Dr. Mings tea, one particular variety of blood orange called Moro has been researched in some early study and showed favorable results for weight loss.

We cant tell whether this component is beneficial since Dr. Ming uses a generic botanical family name. Weight reduction may be aided by moro, but theres no reason to suppose a regular orange would. When the components arent described in a particular and botanically correct way, we believe its a symptom of poor formulation quality.

The second component is green tea, which has been shown in several studies to help with weight reduction. Its difficult to say if Dr. Mings formulation is likely to be beneficial since the dose of green tea isnt published.

Senna is the third component in the mix, and we havent seen any study that suggests it may help you lose weight. Because its often used as a herbal laxative, it may cause temporary weight reduction, but this isnt fat loss. Laxatives may cause you to lose water weight in the near term, but they have little effect on long-term fat reduction.

The fifth component, Licorice Root, has been linked to a decrease in body fat mass in medical studies.

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Health Claims That Arent True

Without providing any evidence, Dr. Mings website claims that their medications are useful for a range of health conditions, including hunger and weight loss. There is no evidence on their website that their goods are effective, thus there is no reason to believe they are.

Unfortunately, many firms promise that their teas will help you lose weight without providing any proof. Its even done by Herbalife.

We think that a corporation making health claims should either finance clinical studies to back up such claims or connect to current medical research that shows its substances are likely to work. Gorilla Mind is one such firm, which we extensively analyzed in the linked article.

Dr Ming Tea Ingredients The Evidence

Here’s Why Doctor’s NEVER Drink Detox Tea

Inulin Powder

Inulin powder is soluble fiber and though it might not be vicious, it has been found to support weight loss.

According to Nutrition and Metabolism, intake of Inulin powder can help suppress appetite and reduce food intake, which in turn promote weight loss.

Rose hip

Studies show that Rose hip contains an antioxidant known as tiliroside which contains fat-burning properties. The ingredient, therefore, can support weight loss.

*All individuals are unique. Your results can and will vary.

According to a study in Open Access to Scientific and Medical Research, supplementation of the Rose hip extract can inhibit body weight gain and also decrease visceral fat.

Green TeaGreen tea contains caffeine which acts as a stimulant and aids in fat burning. It is also a rich source of antioxidants called catechins that aid with fat burn and boost metabolism. The two processes are said to be key in weight loss.

According to research in Molecules, green tea intake can help slow down the rate of fat accumulation in the body.

Ginseng Root Extract

Ginseng root extract can help people lose body fat and weight if combined with a healthy diet and routine exercise.

According to a study in the Journal of Ginseng Research, intake of Ginseng extract can exert a weight loss effect and also have an effect on gut microbiota.

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Drming Tea Weight Loss Tea

Price :
Type: Slimming Tea
Place of Origin: China Brand Name: Dr.Ming Tea Model Number: Dr.Ming Tea 60 Bags
Type: natural slimming tea Effect: lose 15-30 kg in 3 months
Dosage form: powder
12 hours after payment confirmed

Chinese traditional tea help for defecation

Dr.Ming Tea 60 Bags

Dr. Mings Chinese Tea is a 100% natural Chinese tea, which helps to lose weight. Accept the Challenge/Acepte el RetoDrink and enjoy the benefits that the ancient oriental formula of Dr Ming’s chinese tea provides. Dr. Ming’s Tea is 100% natural. It is made with exotic herbs which will benefit you like never before.

brief description

100% Original Dr.Mings Herbral Tea

The ancient natural herb formula that has helped milion of people around the world. Drink and enjoy the benefits that the ancient oriental formula of Dr.Mings Chinese Tea provides. This is 100%natural. Its made with exotic herbs which will benefit you lke never before. Dr.Mings Chinese Tea has been manufactured with the highest quality standars. The berbs for the tea have been carefully harvested by hand and selected to give you the best results. This product doesnt contain any chemicals, artificial flavors or preservatives.


Suggested usage

Drink two cups a day after a light meal during 4 weeks.


Store in a cool, dry place, keep out of children.

  • Bussiness Type:Manufacturer Year Established:2009
  • Main Markets:Asia,Europe,North America,Oceania,South America
  • Product Focus:Weight Loss Capsule ,Slimming Tea ,


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