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How To Study For The Teas Test For Nursing

Our Free Teas Practice Test Pack

HOW TO STUDY FOR the TEAS! | Nursing School Entrance Exam

We are proud to say that our free TEAS practice test website and application have helped hundreds of students confidently pass their exams. You can practice directly on your browser by visiting our homepage or download to practice offline on your mobile via these links:

500+ free TEAS practice questions are available for all 4 TEAS sections combined with our TEAS Test Study Guide Series will allow you to master all the knowledge areas.

When practicing within our website, users can experience several interesting features:

  • 500+ free TEAS practice questions are mimic the questions on real tests
  • Dozens of full simulated tests: Same number of questions, same time limits, same structure as the actual test. The exam simulators let you familiarize yourself with the test format and get 100% ready for your big day!
  • Detailed explanations: Each question is followed by a detailed explanation to let you know why an option was correct and the others were not. A well understanding always helps you remember better!!!
  • Gamification: The learning process was divided into small milestones. Lets make your learning process interesting like playing games.
  • No Signup or Login Required: All your progress is saved without an account even if you close your browser. No usernames, no passwords required just training.
  • Study on any device: You can browse to study on any device from your phone to tablet and PC. Keep staying any time to get more knowledge!

Policy & General Information

Upon completion of all prerequisites, the prospective nursing student must take the Test of Essential Academic Skills at a designated testing site. The prospective nursing student who achieves a passing composite score will be considered for admission in conjunction with the required admission criteria. See grid below for passing scores. ADN/RN Program applicants are awarded points towards their application based on a passing TEAS score. The VN Program does not use a point system for admission but the TEAS score will be used to consider program admission.

Passing composite TEAS score:

  • VN Program 58% or Higher

The Nursing Department strongly recommends purchasing the TEAS study guide and two online practice exams to help you prepare for the TEAS exam. Test prep materials are available for purchase on the ATI website . Additional TEAS test prep classes and materials may also be found at local adult schools, Continuing Education sites, online classes and more.

What Is The Ati Teas Test

The TEAS exam is the TEST of Essential Academic Skills used by nursing schools around the country. Assessment Technologies Institute administers this test in conjunction with nursing schools. Nursing programs and nursing students benefit from the TEAS exam. The exam is an evaluation tool that helps nursing students identify their own strengths and weaknesses in areas related to nursing, and the exam helps nursing school strengthen their current nursing curriculum so that students do well in nursing school.

The TEAS tests students entry-level skills and abilities related to a future nursing career. Nursing programs use this exam to identify the academic abilities of each of their potential students. Many programs will not accept students who do not pass the TEAS exam while others use it as a measuring tool to offer remediation for those with weak aptitudes in the 4 tested areas, which include reading, science, math, and English and language usage.

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Ati Teas Reading Test

Being able to read and comprehend is critical in the nursing profession. Medical orders and medication labels must be understood to maintain proper care of patients. Reading written and digital records of medical procedures, patient histories, and other texts make the ability to read and understand them extremely necessary.

31% of the ATI TEAS test is comprised of reading questions. Nursing school hopefuls will need to brush up on their reading skills and strategies to do well. Twenty-two of those questions pertain to key ideas and details. When given a large amount of information, students need to be able to find the most important information related to the topic at hand.

Students will see several passages with questions about summarizing, making inferences, and drawing conclusions. Having the ability to condense written or oral communications down to the most vital pieces helps expedite patient treatment and eliminates unnecessary paperwork. Many questions deal with understanding graphic data.

Interpretation of text and being able to decipher visual data such as charts and graphs that aid in tracking patient information over time is one of the constant duties of health professionals. Picking out the most important information in a report quickly in order to render proper assistance is also essential.

Tip : Schedule Your Study Time

Pin on Health

Properly preparing for a test will lessen test anxiety. Proper preparation is best done over multiple weeks so its important that you create a schedule. Always take a TEAS practice test before creating a schedule so you know which subjects to study.

Then add up all of your free time and use it to create a study plan. Make sure you spend your study sessions in a location with no distractions.

Planning a week in advance seems to work the best with studies. Its also a good habit with everyday life, not just for acing this exam.

Finally, schedule a specific topic for each study session. Youll base this on your strengths and weaknesses. Keep in mind, it is still important to visit each subject regularly.

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Top 10 Student Questions About The Teas Test

Top 10 student questions about the TEAS :

  • Do I need to bring a calculator to the test? A four-function calculator will be provided. If you are taking the test on a computer, it will be a drop-down calculator embedded in the test. If you are taking a paper- pencil test, the proctor will provide you with a calculator.
  • What score do I need to get on the TEAS? Ask the schools in which you are applying. The schools are in charge of setting their own cut-score. It really varies school-by-school. For example, one school that you are applying to may have a higher required score than another one that you are applying to.
  • When will I get my TEAS test results? This depends on the permissions set by the school. Most students will get their scores immediately following the test. However, some schools have their settings at 2 business days following the test. Be sure to check with the school or the testing center where you will be taking the test.
  • How is the TEAS test graded? Your TEAS score is calculated by a system called equating, which means some questions are worth more points than other questions. You will not know which questions have more weight, but there are easier and harder questions that make up the entire test.
  • How many versions of the TEAS Test are there? ATI has several different versions of the TEAS test. You will most likely not get the same test twice. But dont worry, they all follow the same breakdown. You can learn more about the ATI TEAS Exam breakdown, here.
  • Scheduling And Retaking Exam

    Schedule Exam

    • You must schedule your test at least 72-hours in advance.
    • The RegisterBlast account is a separate account from the ATI account. You will need an ATI account to login on the day you take your exam. This account will also allow you access to study material and remediation resources provided by ATI. This account will be used if you choose to retake the exam.

    Retake Exam

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    Ati Teas 6 Math Review

    Youve dreamed of this moment for so long and now its finally here. Now you can finally apply for nursing school and make those first steps to working in your dream field! But applying to nursing school isnt quite as easy as it sounds. First, youll have to take the TEAS.

    As you already know, the ATI TEAS is an entry assessment designed to test the knowledge of nursing school applicants prior to their acceptance into their chosen program. Thanks to the ever-evolving nature of the nursing industry, as well as the medical industry as a whole, the TEAS is perpetually growing and altering its contents in order to better fit nursing curriculum as it, too, evolves to match various medical advancements and expectations toward incoming nurses.

    Like its predecessors, the TEAS 6 covers four subjects: English and Language Usage, Reading, Science, and Mathematics. In this overview, youll learn all about the Math section of the TEAS 6.

    This overview is designed to assist you in knowing all about the new TEAS 6 Math subtest. Youll learn not just how the new Math subtest has changed compared to the old, but about its concepts and formatting as well as how you can prepare for and approach featured questions.

    Get A Study Buddy Or Form A Study Group

    ATI TEAS V Test | How to Pass TEAS Exam Science, Reading, Math & English

    Studying with other test-takers is extremely beneficial. Each member of the group has strengths and weaknesses and can assist others in their weaker areas. One can also share learning techniques that may benefit others. Knowledge-sharing is so valuable in any setting, but especially in the academic realm. Putting a “shout out” or ad at the school or an online community to recruit students to a study group is an excellent idea.

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    How To Study For The Teas Test For Nursing

    How to study for the teas test for nursing? The following are study tips that may help a nursing school applicant get prepared for and succeed in passing this test:

    Is the TEAS test for nursing hard? Overall, the TEAS test is difficult because nursing school is difficult. The test allows nursing schools to select students who have the best chance of successfully practicing. Nursing school is hard. 40% of students take the TEAS test more than once.

    How many hours should you study for the TEAS test? Therefore, plan to study at least three days a week for one to three hours, rather than one or two days a week for four or more hours.

    What is a good TEAS score for nursing? Most good schools have average TEAS V test scores of above 80-85%. As the quality of the nursing program or school goes down, the average scores that it asks for also reduces.

    How To Study For The Teas Test

    Step 1: youll study. Make a general study roadmap and choose quality TEAS test study guide resources.

    Step 2: Make a specific personal study plan. As mentioned above, we recommend at least 6 weeks for total study time. Clarify and list all the topics on each subject so that you can dive deep. Give yourself enough time to review all the concepts.

    Step 3: Choose your study tools: courses, materials, TEAS test study guide, practice questions, and practice tests.

    Step 4: Choose a proper place to study. A comfortable studying environment can help so much.

    Step 5: Remember your motivation: What will you get after you pass the TEAS? Your career is more important than the TEAS.

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    When To Start Studying For The Ati Teas Exam

    Students should start studying for the ATI TEAS exam as soon as they decide that they want to apply to nursing school. Since schools require that potential nursing school students take this exam as part of the admissions process, it is very important that students are ready to take the exam when the time comes.

    Students may want to have an intensive study session one week or so before taking the TEAS exam to make sure that they are prepared. ATI has several study materials that students can use to gauge what areas they need to focus more attention. They can use the results of the online assessments to determine what to study during their intensive study sessions.

    The ATI TEAS exam is a huge part of nursing school. Students must meet success on this exam to begin many nursing programs. This ATI assessment tool is just one of the tools that nursing programs use to identify strengths and weaknesses of their potential nursing students. Students should take this exam seriously if they want to succeed in nursing school.

    How Is Pediatric Nursing Different

    Free Printable Teas Test Study Guide

    Adult nurses usually have a good understanding of disease pathophysiology, and how one body system affects another. Pediatric nursing is usually more straightforward. Children typically have fewer allergies, limited to no medical history, no surgical history, and a single medical problem with an associated etiology.

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    Tips On How To Study For Ati Teas V Exam

    1. Prepare for this exam is advance!

    Give yourself at least 1 month to study prior to the exam date. To do this, look at when the nursing program you plan to attend administers the exam. They will have this listed on their website.

    Register in advance because spots fill-up fast, and then develop a study plan. Students who give themselves a limited amount of time to study dont perform as well as students who prepped in advance. Be sure to study every day of the week for at least 1.5 to 2 hours per day. Dont cram!

    2. Purchase the ATI Study Manual! Make sure you get the correct edition because ATI is coming out with a new version of the exam after August 31st, 2016. Here are the guidelines for what study guide you should buy:

    • If you are taking the exam prior to August 31, 2016, buy the 5th edition of the study guide:
    • If you are taking the exam on or afterAugust 31, 2016, buy the 6th edition of the study guide:

    I recommend the ATI Study Manual developed by ATI because it is made by the company who actually develops the questions for the real exam and it contains information that will be on the exam.

    3. Optional but HIGHLY recommended: Purchase the ATI Online Practice Tests sold by ATI!

    However, it is sometimes cheaper to buy the manual on and the online practice tests through ATI. Always be sure to calculate the price and make sure you are getting the best deal.

    4. How to Use the Study Guide & Online Practice Test!

    6. Additional resources students find helpful:

    Why Become A Nurse And Not A Doctor

    Also serving as the liaison between doctors and patients, nurses are easily the eyes, ears, and voice of health care, especially in a hospital setting. They not only have the ability to identify and alert doctors of critical situations, but also the holistic perspective to advocate for their patients.

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    Teas English 28 Questions In 28 Minutes

    Youll have 24 questions that are scored and 4 questions that are not scored. A TEAS English passing score is around 70%. The TEAS English section pulls questions from 3 main concepts:

    Conventions of English

    • Medical Terminology and Word Parts
    • Word Meaning and Context Clues

    The TEAS English section is the very last section youll take, so youll likely be tired by the time you get to it. Its also the fastest: you only have a minute per question. Students with higher TEAS scores in this section make sure to study compound, complex, and simple sentences pronoun-antecedent agreement, and medical terminology.

    Supplement Your Study Manual With Online Practice Test


    Aside from the Study Manual, ATI also sells Online Practice Tests, which can help you better understand the format of the TEAS exam. The online questionnaires will also help you get better at critical-thinking and comprehension.These mock exams are also crucial to help you to develop a time-allotment strategy. In turn, these adjustments will aid you in answering the questions at a manageable pace confidently. Ultimately, this practice test will ensure you do not miss any of the 170 items and finish the exam on time.

    You may also want to keep track of which subjects you find are more complicated than the others. If you find a challenging question, make sure to spend a bit of time to review it once again. You want to simulate answering all of the questions before the timer expires.

    If you want to save money, its often much cheaper to buy the ATI Online Practice Test and the Study Manual separately. For example, you can buy the Online Practice Test through ATI, while you can get the manual through Amazon.

    Dont forget to calculate the total price of both items and always seek for the more affordable deal.

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    What To Expect On Test Day

    You may be eligible to take the TEAS Test either digitally or using a paper version. Prior to the exam date, you can visit the ATI testing website to determine eligibility for the online exam. If you are eligible to take it electronically, you will receive instructions about how to create your ATI login information prior to your scheduled exam date.

    Whether taking the exam online or on paper, you will have to show up at a testing center on your scheduled testing date. Be sure you know where the testing center is located. Its always a good idea to leave early in case you need extra time to find your way.

    How To Study For The Teas Test Self Study

    Here are some proven tips that students should follow to improve their TEAS test score and prepare for this important exam.

    Tip #1: Master the Fundamentals

    Always start by reviewing the fundamentals. You may have been exposed to some of the material you will need to learn already. For some reason, students get so caught up on learning new information that they forget about the fundamentals. Some of the fundamentals include:

    • Translating fractions to other forms.
    • Basic biology.
    • Basic anatomy.
    • Grammar and punctuation rules.

    There are more but Im sure you get the point. You can learn all of the fundamentals using our TEAS prep course.

    Tip #2: Create a Study Schedule

    This study shows that students who properly prepare for a test experience far less anxiety, so creating a schedule is the way to achieve this. Start by taking a TEAS practice test to determine what areas you need to focus your studies on.

    Set aside the time to study and plan it around your everyday schedule. Make sure that you are able to strictly meet these times. There should be no distractions.

    It is recommended that you plan your daily schedule a week in advance. Perhaps dedicate some time on Sunday to planning the next week. Not only will this study tip help you ace the TEAS test, but it will also get you into the habit of planning ahead.

    Tip #3: Never Try to Cram All Studies into the Final Days

    You should not only plan a time, but the subject matter that youll be studying.

    Tip #5: Make Some Visual Aids

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