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What Is Fenugreek Tea Good For

What Are The Various Names Of Fenugreek

What Is Fenugreek Capsules Good For Fenugreek Cures

As mentioned, fenugreek is known as “helba” in Moroccan. In India it is known as “methi,” and in Ethiopia it is called “abesh.” Other names for the herbal spice include Greek hay, Greek hay seed, birds foot, Greek clover, foenugreek, sicklefruit fenugreek, hu lu ba, alholva, bockhornsklöver, Bockshornklee, and fenugrec.

Surprising Health Benefits Of Fenugreek Seeds

Fenugreek is scientifically known as Trigonella foenum-graecum Linn and Methi in India. It is a type of herb native to Asia and parts of Europe. In addition, people consume different parts of the herb, including the seeds and the leaves. Also, you can use fenugreek seeds in three forms: powdered form, raw seeds, or seed extracts. The seeds have high nutritional value.

In addition, they contain minerals and bioactive compounds and are a powerhouse of benefits. They have anti-cancer, anti-diabetic, hypocholesterolemia, anti-inflammatory effects, etc.

Fenugreek seeds are an everyday household staple in India and other Asian countries. It has been used as a traditional alternative medicine to relieve pain and other ailments. They are cuboidal in shape and dark yellow-brown.

Fenugreek For Male Libido

Fenugreek has also been proven scientifically to increase libido in men, this can be explained by the huge amounts of flavonoids and antioxidants found in it.

These are going to lower inflammation levels in the body.

Which is going to free energy which in turn brings more vitality and stamina and is used by the body when needed.

Such as during intercourse.

One of the most important ideas we need to talk about right now is the role of carbohydrates.

You see, more and more men are starting to get rid of carbohydrates from their diets, thinking that they are going to make them fat, the opposite is just true.

Carbohydrates are essential to our diets, and here, Im not talking about refined ones, Im talking about whole foods such as beans, seeds, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables.

As a man, to keep your libido high, you need to give your body what it craves, lots of unprocessed carbohydrates.

My husband eats lots of carbohydrates every day, from whole wheat bread, brown rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, lots of fruits, and even snacks on dates, by the way, they are 80% pure sugar by weight!

His cholesterol level is very low and to tell you the truth, hes a beast in bed.

The main thing you need to understand here is that the less cholesterol you have in your diet, from your food, the more libido youll have.

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Antimicrobial Properties Of Fenugreek Seeds

Several studies talk about the antifungal and antimicrobial properties of fenugreek seeds. The antimicrobial property is due to phenolic compounds and scopoletin. These compounds interfere with the metabolic process of several bacterial strains found in the gut and cause their death. Similarly, antifungal effects are due to flavonoids in fenugreek extracts. Consumption of fenugreek seeds can thus promote wound healing and aid in gastrointestinal disorders.

May Help Reduce Menstrual Cramps

10 Amazing Fenugreek Tea Benefits

Fenugreek tea has been used for thousands of years to reduce menstrual cramps in women, as well as soothe some of the other side effects, such as mood swings and hormonal fluctuations. The tea is also known to help minimize hot flashes, possibly making it good for menstruation and menopausal situations.

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Heartburn And Nausea Relief

Fenugreek contains a naturally occurring anti-inflammatory that can act as a remedy for heartburn and nausea. Drinking fenugreek tea or using a fenugreek supplement can help relax your stomach and regulate your stomachs acid. A relaxed stomach means that the discomfort of nausea can decrease. A more relaxed stomach will hold acidic substances better and will not release them back into your esophagus, causing heartburn. For the best results, consider taking fenugreek alongside foods that you know will cause your heartburn, or before you feel nausea coming on.

May Boost Brain Function

A compound in fenugreek was found to have brain-boosting effects . Further research suggests that the tea may slow down the progression of age-related memory loss. It may also reduce the risk of brain ailments like Alzheimers and Parkinsons .

Fenugreek tea can also reduce aluminum toxicity, thereby preventing brain disease .

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Benefits Of Fenugreek Powder:

Promotes Milk Production In New Mothers

Breast milk is extremely essential for newborn babies since it is enriched with essential nutrients required for the growth and wellbeing of the baby. But due to some health issues, some women cannot secrete enough breast milk to meet the daily nutrient intake of the newbie. Fenugreek powder shows strong galactagogue properties that stimulate the secretion of milk in new moms. Hence, under proper consultation, a cup of fenugreek-infused tea effectively increases the production of breast milk in new mothers.

How To Make Fenugreek Tea


Rinse the seeds gently in a bowl.

Boil water in a wide-mouthed vessel or teapot.

Transfer the soaked seeds into the boiling water.

Steep the seeds for at least 5 minutes.

Strain the seeds and put the liquid into a container.

Add honey to the tea and mix it properly.

Enjoy the tea hot or cold to promote lactation.

Good For Male Reproductive System

Methi powder is indicated for improving mens health. The powder, being a natural antioxidant improves the production of male hormones like testosterone and luteinizing hormone. It has powerful spermatogenic properties that are extremely beneficial for treating conditions like hypospermia , oligospermia , asthenozoospermia and enhances spermatogenesis . It also treats conditions like erectile dysfunction, premature ejaculation and improves sexual function and libido.

Manages Diabetes

Improves Skin Health

Relieves Hair Problems

Ensures Weight Loss

What Do We Know About Safety

Cumin and fenugreek tea for good health
  • Fenugreek is believed to be safe in the amounts commonly found in foods. Its safety in larger doses is uncertain. It should not be used by children as a supplement. Potential side effects of fenugreek include diarrhea, nausea, and other digestive tract symptoms and rarely, dizziness and headaches. Large doses may cause a harmful drop in blood sugar. Fenugreek can cause allergic reactions in some people. Cases of liver toxicity have been reported in people taking fenugreek alone or in combination with other herbs.
  • Fenugreek is not safe for use during pregnancy in amounts greater than those found in food its use has been linked to increased risks of birth defects in both animals and people. Little is known about whether itâs safe to use fenugreek in amounts greater than those found in food while breastfeeding.

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Helps In Diabetes Treatment

Diabetes is an epidemic threatening to overwhelm patients and health care providers all over the world. Fenugreek tea may help deal with this malaise by lowering blood sugar. According to a 2017 study, published in the journal AYU, its consumption leads to a reduction in blood glucose levels. It also helps in regulating insulin production and release in the body, which can give diabetic patients a better chance of surviving the disease and living a more regular life. Fenugreek tea helps prevent many of the spikes and drops in blood sugar and remains an effective complementary treatment in controlling diabetic symptoms.

How Much Fenugreek To Take To Increase Testosterone

After asking many of my male readers about their experience with fenugreek, I believe that the sweet spot is to, again, not exceed one teaspoon a day.

of course, ground fenugreek seeds, which translates to about two capsules, 610 Mg each, after breakfast, which is always the best time to take fenugreek seeds or capsules, with a large glass of water.

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Keeps Constipation At Bay

Methi tea turns out to be an incredible antacid that keeps stomach problems like ulcers and acidity at bay. The water-soluble fibre present in methi seeds adds bulk to the stool and leads to their smooth digestion. Methi tea works wonders in preventing bloating and constipation due to improved digestive system.

The Right Fenugreek Dosage For Male Breast Enlargement

Fenugreek Tea and incredible benefits

To use fenugreek to increase male breasts, you have to be aware that you need to lower testosterone levels in the body.

This is the reason why different supplements are used, such as saw palmetto, which is extremely efficient at achieving this effect on mens breasts.

Then, its up to you, you can either use ground fenugreek seeds or fenugreek capsules, but you need to be aware that it requires large quantities.

So, here is what has worked for many men at increasing their breast size:

Every day, always after breakfast, take two saw palmetto capsules and one tablespoon ground fenugreek seeds or eight capsules with a large glass of water.

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Fenugreek: Benefits Uses & Side Effects Of This Ancient Herb

By Dr. Josh Axe, DC, DNM, CN

May 7, 2020

Never heard of fenugreek? Dont worry youre not alone but that doesnt mean you should continue to be in the dark on this medicinal herb.

In fact, I recommend using it on a regular basis.

Why? Because fenugreek has some amazing health benefits that could transform your health and change your life for the better.

How? It all starts with inflammation.

As recent research shows, it helps reduce both internal and external inflammation in addition to improving your sex life and reproductive function, as well as enhance nutrition for babies!

And thats just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to this important herb.

Fenugreek May Help Treat Urinary Disorders

There are several types of urinary disorders, but the most common cause is bacterial or yeast infection.

Fenugreek leaves are very effective in treating diseases such as kidney infections, painful urination, and many others.

Fresh fenugreek leaves can be added to your daily diet by boiling them in water, straining them, and drinking the liquid.

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Helps Soothe Skin Inflammation And Reduces Scars

While Vitamin C acts as a powerful antioxidant, fenugreek also contains anti-inflammatory compounds that aid in the treatment of various skin problems like burns, boils and eczema. The seeds are known to help in getting rid of scars. All you need to do is apply a clean cloth soaked in methi seed paste to fight skin inflammation.

Helpful In Sore Throat


Sore throat is mostly seen during monsoons or during climatic changes. The gargle made from fenugreek seeds is the best for ordinary sore throat. Repeat this process for, twice to thrice a day if chronic. When preparing a gargle, the solution should be much stronger than a tea. 2 tablespoonfuls of fenugreek seeds should be put into a quart of cold water and allowed to simmer for 30 minutes over a low flame. After getting cool to a bearable temperature strain the entire solution and gargle with this.

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Fenugreek History And Origin

foenum graecum,

Fenugreek is native to southern Europe, the Mediterranean region and Western Asia. Its cultivated from western Europe to China for the aromatic seeds and is still grown for fodder in parts of Europe and northern Africa. Fenugreek is an indispensable ingredient in Indian curries.

Fenugreek seed is commonly used in cooking, and, historically, fenugreek was used for a variety of health conditions, including for menopause relief and digestive problems. It was also used for inducing childbirth.

Today, fenugreek is used as a folk or traditional remedy for diabetes and loss of appetite, as well as to stimulate milk production in breastfeeding women. Its also applied to the skin for inflammation among numerous other possible benefits.

Helps With Digestive Problems

Fenugreek is still largely used in many parts of the world as a digestive aid.

For example, people take fenugreek tea or fenugreek powder to stop the discomforting feeling of fullness and heartburns, fenugreek is also very effective for helping with gas and bloating.

its also very efficient at relieving diarrhea and other intestinal issues.

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What Are The Possible Health Benefits Of Fenugreek

Fenugreek has been used for medicinal purposes since ancient times. It has been ingested with the aim of inducing childbirth and easing digestive problems, as well as applied topically to help dress wounds or try to treat eczema. More recently, fenugreek has been used to help lower high cholesterol.

It is worth noting that fenugreek is a source of diosgenin, a chemical compound used in the synthesis of steroid hormones, including progesterone. But there isnt enough scientific evidence to support the use of fenugreek itself for any health condition, according to the National Center for Complementary and Integrative Health .

Fenugreek capsules and teas are used throughout the world by nursing women. A review and analysis of research into fenugreek and breast milk production noted several small studies that observed fenugreek may be mildly effective, although the evidence is largely anecdotal and more peer-reviewed studies are needed to prove its efficacy. Nevertheless, the NCCIH calls research into whether fenugreek promotes milk production in women who are breast-feeding unproven.

Are There Any Side Effects Or Health Risks For Fenugreek

Fenugreek tea benefits and side effects

Some people should exercise caution with fenugreek. People who are taking medication for diabetes may be at risk lowering their blood sugar too much if they also take fenugreek, according to an article published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology. If you have diabetes, consult with your doctor before adding this spice to your diet.

Fenugreek also contains several coumarin compounds, which can interact with blood thinners and increase the risk of bleeding. A review of clinical studies published in 2014 in the journal Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine explored interactions between herbs and the anticoagulant medication warfarin and concluded the interaction with fenugreek is minor. Still, people who are taking anticoagulants, such as Coumadin or Jantoven , should use caution when taking fenugreek.

Additionally, the NCCIH cautions pregnant women against taking fenugreek because it may affect uterine contractions.

Furthermore, the agency warns that fenugreek may act like estrogen in the body and therefore be unsafe for women with hormone-sensitive cancers.

Finally, side effects of fenugreek may include diarrhea a maple-like smell to urine, breast milk, and perspiration and a worsening of asthma. Also, fenugreek is a legume plant and research indicates that people who are allergic to peanuts should exercise caution with ingesting fenugreek, according to an article published in the Journal of Proteomics.

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May Aid In The Management Of Diabetes And Blood Sugar Levels

Fenugreeks significance in blood sugar regulation and the treatment of type 1 and 2 diabetes is supported by evidence.

People with type 1 diabetes were given 50 grams of fenugreek seed powder at lunch and dinner in one research .

After ten days, participants had lower blood sugar levels and lower total and bad cholesterol levels.

These advantages could be attributed to fenugreeks ability to improve insulin activity.

However, the results found in studies utilizing whole fenugreek powder or seeds could be attributed in part to the high fiber content.

Another culinary herb that can be good for managing diabetes is Sambucus. You can find out Sambucus health benefits here.

Incredible Benefits Of Fenugreek Tea

Fenugreektea has an incredible list of properties and health benefits, which may include the ability to soothe menstrual cramps, lower blood sugar, promote proper digestion, protect the heart, stimulate the sex drive, eliminate inflammation, speed the healing process, detoxify the body and increase circulation, among others. There may also be a number of potential side effects when too much tea is consumed or for those who are allergic to fenugreek or other plants in the Fabaceae family, such as soybeans. These side effects can include diarrhea, bloating, gas, nasal congestion, and facial swelling, but these are not common.

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May Help Control Diabetes And Blood Sugar Levels

Fenugreek may aid metabolic conditions, such as diabetes.

It seems to affect both types 1 and 2 diabetes, along with increasing general carb tolerance in people without these conditions .

In one study, people with type 1 diabetes took 50 grams of fenugreek seed powder at lunch and dinner. After 10 days, participants experienced better blood sugar levels and reductions in total and LDL cholesterol .

In another study, people without diabetes took fenugreek. They experienced a 13.4% reduction in blood sugar levels 4 hours after intake .

These benefits may be due to fenugreeks role in improving insulin function. That said, the effects seen in studies using whole fenugreek powder or seeds may be partly due to the high fiber content .


Evidence supports fenugreeks role in blood sugar control and the treatment of type 1 and 2 diabetes.

Fenugreek has been used to treat a variety of conditions. However, many of these uses have not been studied well enough to reach strong conclusions.

Preliminary research suggests that fenugreek may aid:

  • Appetite control. So far, 3 studies show a reduction in fat intake and appetite. One 14-day study found that participants spontaneously reduced total fat intake by 17% (

Fenugreek is an ingredient in many supplements. Since formulations differ, the recommended dose depends on the supplement. There is no single recommended dose.

Additionally, the dosage may vary depending on the benefit you seek.


How To Use Fenugreek

Fenugreek Benefits : What Is Fenugreek ?

Here are some simple ways to increase your fenugreek intake.

Soak and toast fenugreek seeds. Fenugreek seeds are extremely hard and have a very bitter taste if they are not properly prepared. Before using them, soak fenugreek seeds in water overnight. Then toast them briefly in the oven or in a pan on the stove. Now you are ready to add them to recipes.

Add whole or crushed fenugreek seeds to curries, sauces, and soups to give them a nutty, maple flavor.

Use Fenugreek leaves like you would any other leafy green. You can steam or stir fry fenugreek leaves as a side dish, just as you would kale, chard, or other bitter leafy greens.

Fenugreek leaves freeze well, so pop them in your freezer to keep on hand for adding to stir-fries, curries, stews, and more.

Dry and crush fenugreek leaves to add to sauces, marinades, and salad dressings.

Take supplements. If you want the health benefits of fenugreek but do not enjoy the taste, fenugreek supplements are available. Take them before or with a meal.

If you are interested in pursuing a career in the healing capacity of food and other natural health practices, naturopathic medicine may be a good fit for you.

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