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Native Oat Milk Latte Body Wash

Body Washes That Smell So Good You Can Skip Perfume


Too often, the scent of body wash is fleeting, and you have to apply liberal spritzes of perfume before heading out the door. Personally, we think body wash should be working overtime, with the scent lingering long after weve dried off. So, weve rounded up the best-scented body washes that will transform your shower experience and keep you smelling so good that you wont even need perfume.

The inspiration behind this new launch comes from forest bathing, known as shinrin yoku in Japan. Research shows that immersing the five senses in nature through forest bathing is beneficial for lowering stress, improving concentration, boosting the immune system and more. Tatcha makes it easy by bringing the scent of hinoki wood to your shower for a mood boost.

This new limited-edition collaboration between Tula and Magnolia Bakery smells as good as you hope it will. It exfoliates and cleanses skin, all while invoking memories of your first Magnolia banana pudding.

Bath & Body Works has an overwhelming amount of deliciously scented body washes, but one of their top sellers is the Aromatherapy Eucalyptus Spearmint, which is best known for its stress-relieving properties. The fresh herbal scent is reminiscent of a day at the spa.

Native : Body Wash & Shower Gel

Make shower time super special with the perfect body wash to suit your needs. Targets wide range has just about any kind of body wash or shower gel you might be looking for. Whether its a specific formulation for your skin or a fragrance you just love, the collection has it all. Pamper your body with a moisturizing body wash that hydrates your skin as you take a bath. If youve got sensitive skin, get yourself a gentle cleanser that washes your body without irritating your skin. If youre more the cream-gel type, theres a whole lot of great options to pick from for those too. Find scents that match your vibe, or fragrance-free gels to keep things au-naturale. The range also features a wide variety of cruelty-free options, as well as paraben-free, soap-free and non-irritating ones. Browse the collection to find just the body wash for you and have your skin feeling super clean and pampered.

Who Owns Native Deodorant

While Native began as an independent, direct-to-consumer startup , it was acquired by P& G in 2017.

Ill be honest: I dont really like the fact that Native is now owned by a big corporation like P& G. Not only does P& G use toxic ingredients in their other products, but theyve also done a significant amount of greenwashing, they lack overall transparency, and more.

Will Native be able to maintain their original vision and quality sourcing of ingredients even though theyre now owned by such a huge corporation? Its tough to say. But in the meantime, Ill be looking at Native with a skeptical eye.

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Is Native Deodorant Good For Sensitive Skin

Native deodorant is generally a good option for those with sensitive skin. If you have sensitive skin, here are a few things to consider:

  • A lot of dedorants use baking soda, but this can be irritating for some people. Natives Sensitive versions are made without baking soda.
  • Some natural fragrance oils can be irritating for some people as well, so you might want to try the Unscented deodorant.
  • With the exception of the Lavender & Rose, Candy Cane, and Unscented ones, most of Natives deodorants contain fragrance in the ingredients, which means there could be more hidden allergens that arent listed on the label. Again, we suggest trying the Unscented version for this.

Natives Coffee Haus Scents Embrace Fall

is native body wash vegan

Fall is right around the corner, and Native is ready for the change in season.

The personal care brand is rolling out its new, limited-edition collection for fall Coffee Haus scents.

Although the brands beloved seasonal pumpkin spice latte fragrance is retiring, the San Francisco-based companys new scents are sure to fill the void.

Available as deodorant, plastic-free deodorant and body wash, the new fragrances include:

  • Oat Milk Latte, a comforting scent with notes of sandalwood and clove
  • Matcha and Sweet Cream, a matcha fragrance with notes of bergamot, jasmine and vanilla
  • Early Grey and Mulberry, a tea-inspired scent that is calming, floral and clean and
  • Cherry and Vanilla Macaron, a sweet and decadent fragrance.

Featuring a formula that is free of aluminum, vegan and not tested on animals, the body wash in pH balanced and made from cleansers that are derived from coconut oil, which leaves skin feeling hydrated, the company said.

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Why Is Native Deodorant So Expensive

A stick of conventional deodorant is usually around $5-8, whereas Natives deodorant is $12. If youre used to buying more conventional brands, that can be a pretty steep jump for your wallet.

Why is it more expensive? In short, conventional deodorant is less expensive because manufacturers use cheaper, often synthetic ingredients instead of higher-quality, natural, and responsibly sourced ingredients .

Compared to other natural and non-toxic deos, Native is pretty middle-of-the-road. Some brands are a bit cheaper, while others can cost up to $20 or more per stick/jar.

For me personally, reducing my exposure to toxic chemicals in personal care products is worth a few extra bucks each month, especially for a product I use every single day!

An Honest Review of Native Toothpaste

What If Native Deodorant Doesnt Work For You

Native Body Wash Haul Part 1 #native

Not all of the Native reviews are positive. As I said, everyones biochemistry is different. Some people need stronger deodorant than others, while others dont need to wear deodorant at all

If Native doesnt work for you, here are a few tips you can play around with:

  • Do a pit detox mask. I use this bentonite clay powder or this charcoal mask from Beautycounter. Even though I switched to natural deo a long time ago, I still do a pit mask every few months. This helps to unplug pores and get rid of andy built-up aluminum and/or bacteria . I swear it works!
  • Try a different non-toxic or natural deodorant. Different brands work for different people!
  • Try decreasing caffeine intake . I have found that on the days when I drink coffee, I get stinky faster.
  • Try to decrease stress when possible. Stress sweat actually smells different than normal sweat, and for a lot of people, its smellier!
  • Consider switching up your diet. Factors like the amount of processed food you eat as well as your veggie to meat ratio can affect your body odor.

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Native Deo Packaging: Plastic

Just like most conventional deodorant brands, Natives standard deodorants come in a regular plastic tube with a twist-up stick for an easy, mess-free application. But they also have plastic-free options available on their website, which come in a cardboard tube. Their plastic-free versions are available in a wide variety of scents and sensitive formulas. Most of these arent available in stores, though.

To apply the plastic-free deodorant, you have to push the stick up from the bottom and then hold it there with your finger while you apply it. So its not quite as easy to apply, but I personally didnt really have an issue with it especially considering it can help me decrease plastic use!

Where Can I Buy Native Body Wash Natural Body Wash For Women Men Sulfate Free Paraben Free Dye Free With Naturally Derived Clean Ingredients Leaving Skin Soft And Hydrating Coconut Vanilla Lavender Rose Cucumber Mint 11 5 Oz Pack Of 3 Online At The Best Price In The Albania

desertcart is the best online shopping platform where you can buy Native Body Wash Natural Body Wash For Women Men Sulfate Free Paraben Free Dye Free With Naturally Derived Clean Ingredients Leaving Skin Soft And Hydrating Coconut Vanilla Lavender Rose Cucumber Mint 11 5 Oz Pack Of 3 from renowned brand. desertcart delivers the most unique and largest selection of products from across the world especially from the US, UK and India at best prices and the fastest delivery time.

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What I Dont Like:

There is one glaring thing that I do not like about Natives deodorant. When it comes to the fragrances used, they are not transparent. With two exceptions being the Lavender & Rose and Unscented versions, the rest of their scents contain fragrance listed in their ingredients, which essentially means theyre hiding ingredients from their customers. For those of us who like to know what exactly is used in the products we use every day, this can be very frustrating. Well talk about this more in a minute, under the Ingredient Investigation section.

Now Lets Get To This Fragrance Issue

is native body wash vegan

I have one big bone to pick with Native, and thats the fact that they will not disclose the ingredients in their fragrances. You can read about the fragrance loophole more right here, but basically, there is a loophole in U.S. law that allows companies to hide almost 4,000 different ingredients in their products WITHOUT disclosing them to consumers. Some of these 4,000 chemicals are completely safe, while others are carcinogens, allergens, endocrine disruptors, and more. The problem is that since they arent disclosed, consumers simply have no way of knowing.

I reached out to Native and requested the list of ingredients used in their fragrance products, but they gave me the runaround, saying things like We use the term fragrance for proprietary reasons and All of our products are phthalate-free and paraben-free and Our ingredients have been reviewed by our internal regulatory & safety team, which abides by US Regulatory and FDA standards.

I went back and forth with them several times, really trying to nicely pressure them to give me their list. One, because I believe customers deserve to know whats in the products they buy and use on a daily basis. And two, because I honestly do like the way their deodorant works, and Id like to be able to recommend it to you as a great non-toxic alternative.

Wondering about other potentially toxic ingredients? Here are some specific things you might be wondering about and whether or not Native deodorant has them:

Alcohol? No.

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Native Launches Coffee Haus Collection

Native added four scents to its deodorant line with the Coffee Haus collectionOat Milk Latte, Matcha and Sweet Cream, Cherry and Vanilla Macaron and Earl Grey and Mulberry.

The Oat Milk Latte scent features notes of clove, chocolate and sandalwood.

Matcha and Sweet Cream features notes of vanilla, coconut and ylang-ylang.

Earl Grey and Mulberry blends bergamot, moss and white musk.

Cherry and Vanilla Macaron features pineapple, marshmallows and cherries.

The deodorants come in 2.65 oz canisters.

Want to know everything going on in flavor & fragrance? Sign up for P& F+’s newsletter. You can also follow along on and .

Which Native Scent Is Best

Native offers so many scents, so its really up to you to decide which one is your favorite!

For me personally, I will only be using the Lavender & Rose or Unscented from now on, since those are the only varieties where the full ingredient lists are disclosed for customers. Even though Native says their scents are free from phthalates, parabens, I personally just dont want to use products where the ingredients arent completely disclosed if I dont have to.

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Review: Does Native Deodorant Actually Work

In short, Native is the most effective non-toxic deodorant Ive tried so far. I would consider my armpits average I definitely sweat , but I dont consider myself an over-sweater. Same goes for body odor: depending on my physical activity level, how hot it is outside, etc., Ill start getting stinky after a day or so.

I should also say that Ive been using aluminum-free deodorant for a long time now, so Im used to letting my body sweat. When people first stop using aluminum antiperspirants , there can be a bit of an adjustment period. But just remember that sweat does not always equal stink, so dont be afraid to let yourself sweat.

Ive tried a LOT of natural and non-toxic deodorants. Many dont work at all, while others work great for a while. My problem is that I usually have to switch up the brand of deodorant I use every month or two because, for whatever reason, it will stop working after several weeks.

BUT! Im now several months into using Natives deodorant and its still working. Here are some of my honest thoughts:

Is Native Deodorant Good For Body Odor

New Dove Latte Biphase Self Foaming Bodywash – Caffeine boost for your skin!

Everyones body is different, and body odor can be caused by a wide range of different factors. So far, Native has been one of the most effective non-toxic deodorant Ive tried so far. Although a lot of consumers agree, Native doesnt work for everyone. We encourage you to try it out and see for yourself. If you want even extra protection against smells and stinks, you might try the charcoal version. If that still doesnt work to deal with your body odor, weve got some more tips for you below on how to successfully transition to a non-toxic deodorant.

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Is Native Deodorant Good For Excessive Sweating

As mentioned above, Native is not an antiperspirant, so it will not prevent sweating. For this reason, it might not be the best fit for excessive sweaters. If you want to use an aluminum-free deodorant, I suggest asking your doctor or dermatologist to see if they have any recommendations.

But remember: sweat does not always equal stink! Depending on your situation , you might want to just let yourself sweat on most days, and then just use an antiperspirant on the days when you really need to.

Wake Up And Smell Native’s New Coffee Haus Collection

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ –Nothing says ‘fall’ like a cozy beverage. That’s why Native has been hard at work capturing the best Coffee Haus scents for their new, limited-edition fall collection. After a four-year streak of launching their seasonal Pumpkin Spice Latte fragrance, Native ‘spiced’ things up by retiring it to make way for this freshly-brewed lineup.

The four new scents in the Coffee Haus Collection are available as deodorant, plastic free deodorant, and body wash. So let’s just say, when it comes to smelling great, your cup runneth over.

The hero fragrance taking Pumpkin Spice Latte’s place in the bathroom spotlight? Oat Milk Lattea warm, comforting scent that smells exactly like you hope it does with an added splash of sandalwood and clove.

Big matcha fan? You’ll love the delicate notes of bergamot, jasmine, and vanilla in the Matcha & Sweet Cream fragrance.

Tea lovers will give two pinkies up to the Earl Grey & Mulberry scent which is calming, floral, and clean.

And to complete the collection, Cherry & Vanilla Macaron offers a decadent, sweet way to treat yourself.

As a refresher, Native’s deodorant is aluminum free, vegan, and never tested on animals. Their body wash is pH balanced and made from cleansers derived from coconut oil that leave your skin feeling hydrated. Their plastic free deodorant packaging is made from 0% plastic.

Retail Price:

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