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Green Tea K Cups Walmart

Fgo Organic Oolong Tea Bags

Keurig Review [Walmart Exclusive]

This best-seller organic tea, honestly from my point of view, brings a similar flavor to many other organic teas on the market. However, the great thing that makes it outstanding and impressive is its eco-conscious packaging!

If you are following a green lifestyle, always looking for eco-friendly products, trying to reduce your negative impacts on the environment as much as possible, trust me, this tea will be the best choice for you.

The tea bags are made of Abaca Hemp Fiber Paper. Those bags, what is more, are put in a kraft bag, no box, no plastic, just the savory tea they want to deliver to their customers! I bet that it is the best eco-friendly tea you can find!

Key Features:

1 tea bag with 220ml boiling water in 3-5 minutes

Lipton Chamomile Mint Green Tea K

Lipton Green Tea K Cups took traditional green tea and gave it a twist by adding soothing chamomile and flavorful mint, delivering one of the finest-tasting teas you can buy. Its great hot, but on hot, humid summer days, the mint gives it a freshness that makes it an ideal iced tea. Just brew it, pour it over ice in your favorite teacup, and enjoy and relax.

An ever-present issue for K-cup drinks is that the per-cup price is always a lot more expensive than any other way to make them. Its important to note that among K-cup green teas, this one is overall a good value. You can find ones that cost less by the cup, but they also dont have the quality.

One drawback is that in adding chamomile and mint, Lipton offers a tea that is not an authentic green tea. If youre looking for one of those, youll need to find a different option.

If youre looking for an authentic green tea, the Celestial Seasonings Authentic Green Tea pod is a great way to go. It delivers everything youd expect in high-grade traditional steeping, but with the speed and efficiency of a pod coffee machine.

That imparts excellent, subtle flavor. Whats more, if youre looking for a green tea to drink iced, this is a great option, too. Theres no bitterness that requires a post-steeping sweetener.

  • Will want a little sweetener for iced tea

Stash Tea Chai Green Tea

By blending green tea with cinnamon, whole cloves, cardamom, ginger root and sarsaparilla, Stash Tea is taking a traditional beverage and creating a unique green tea drink thats ready in seconds with the aid of the Keurig brewer. The results from the K-cup are flavorful and spicy, this is a tea that goes well with milk and may be enjoyed any time of the day. This Stash Tea chai green tea blend can be both stimulating and calming.

Stash Teas have instilled quality into their teas since 1972. The company now uses that same dedication with the K-cup format, keeping green tea as fresh as ever because of that.

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Bigelow Classic Green Tea

Tried and true, the smooth flavor and very delicate green tea, made by age-old company Bigelow Teas, provides that boost of caffeine without being overwhelming. Orthodox Union Kosher and rest assured to work with Keurig brewers. Since 1945 and three generations, the Bigelow family has specialized in creating a world-class tea. Their Green tea is no different. Bigelow Classic green tea is gently processed to produce a green tea thats never grassy or features astringent of-tastes.

We hope that one of these K-cups will fit the bill. Waking you up in the morning or providing a relaxing beverage in the afternoon or evening. The wonderful thing about brewing with the Keurig is that if the beverage is too strong or has cooled down, then adding hot water is possible in a flash. Additionally, if you feel like working some other tea making gear into your daily routine, you can peruse our selection of fine wares here.

Types Of Jasmine Teas

Bigelow Green Tea Keurig K

You will find many types of jasmine teas on the market. Each tea is produced and sourced differently, which determines the quality of the tea, its scent, and its flavor. Here are a few examples that you may find during your tea search.

Traditional Jasmine Tea

Traditional jasmine tea is green tea with jasmine blossoms added for scent. As mentioned, its a blend of fresh leaves and flowers, and without any flavor or scent additives in the tea. Its completely natural and has a unique aroma different from the rest.

Jasmine Silver Needle

As mentioned in its name silver, this tea is made with a white base. The jasmine buds have white hair and are plumper to the touch, and contain fewer jasmine flowers. These are used to make scented teas, while smaller buds with more flowers are typically used for blended teas.Jasmine Dragon Pearls

This tea can come in a white or black base, and its particularity has to do with the use of younger buds. You will find the leaves rolled in a small ball, which makes this type of tea visually stand out from the two mentioned above.

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Twinings Organic Pure Green Tea

Twinings of London is another longstanding tea companies. For their green tea, a trademark flavor and refreshing taste were made from leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant, which also attributes some of the same tastes as black tea. While their green teas are processed to prevent oxidation and black teas are oxidized for additional color and flavor. The result is a delicious tea that brews to a light golden color and with a depth of flavor.

Twinings organic green tea is based on a style called Sencha, usually a loose leaf tea known for its smooth, mild characteristics. Now you can have a fresh brewed Sencha, with natural lemon and leafy aromas.

How To Make Oolong Tea Like A Tea Master

Being able to make a perfect cup of oolong tea depends not only on the tea you choose but also on how you make.

First of all, keep in mind that the tea masters always drink the traditional loose leaf tea to create the proper oolong flavor. Next, there are some essential steps you should follow:

  • Step 1: Choose a suitable teapot, which should be small to ensure the heat of tea while using it.
  • Step 2: Add a sufficient amount of tea leaves in the teapot, usually 1 Tsp for 8oz. of hot water.
  • Step 3: Prepare water, which is near-boiling, from 180F to 200F for the best flavor.
  • Step 4: Steep for 1-5 minutes, the longer you steep, the richer the flavor is.
  • Step 5: Enjoy your cup of tea!

That is all about making a traditional Chinese cup of tea. It is not too difficult, right?

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How To Brew Tea With A Keurig

Keurig has without any doubt transformed the way we drink coffee.

But thats not it. The way we consume tea has also been subjected to this transformation.

And did you know you can use tea bags in your Keurig as well?

When brewing tea in a Keurig, you can follow the instructions discussed below.

Just an important note before I begin. You can use reusable K-cups, just make sure the pod you buy fits your Keurig model.

All right, lets get started!

  • The first step is to ensure the water reservoir of your Keurig coffee maker is full.
  • Take your green tea bag and get rid of the paper and staple pin at the end of the thread.
  • Now its time to bring in that reusable K-cup. Before you place the tea bag inside the pod, spread out the tea bag properly. Then gently push it into the K-cup. Lay it flat and make sure its centered so that water hits most parts of the teabag. Close the pod.
  • Open your Keurig to place the K-cup inside it before closing the lid again. Since youre using a K-cup pod, the machine takes you to the coffee mode, not the hot water mode.
  • The next step is to select the water level depending on the size of your mug. At this point, you can even choose a strong setting if thats how you like your beverage!
  • Then push the magic button. Based on the size you selected, for example, at 12 ounces, the machine stops dispensing once 12 ounces of fresh tea has been poured into the mug.
  • Now all thats left to do is bring in the sugar or any other sweetener.

Original Kombucha Tea Blend

ICED COFFEE FARBERWARE Touchscreen Single Serve K Cup Coffee Maker

Maybe some of you are questioning what Kombucha is. So let me give a brief introduction to this beverage, which is becoming more and more popular due to its supposed health benefits.

Basically, Kombucha is a fermented tea made by adding yeast and a culture of bacteria to your tea. Through the fermentation process, the Kombucha drink will have the aroma of tea, slightly sour flavor and a light fragrant.

Due to the fermentation, Kombucha mixture produces potent probiotics, which are greatly beneficial to our health.

Lets come back to the best oolong tea you should use for Kombucha. Here I highly recommend Original Kombucha Tea Blend for you. This tea is designed particularly for Kombucha so that you can easily get the savory taste right the first time you brew.

Key Features:

Preparation instruction Add tea in boiling water and steep in 5-7 minutes , then remove tea residue and proceed with the next steps following the instruction of Kombucha making.

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Celestial Seasonings Authentic Green Tea

Celestial Seasonings creates quality tea, and their tea creating process speaks volumes. As green tea leaves are dried after the harvest its done hastily and with care to preserve their vibrant color and naturally occurring flavonoid antioxidants.

Celestial Seasonings green tea blend is combined with an infusion of Bai Mu Dan white tea for a refreshing taste, with fresh flavor and a smooth finish. The tea also has added antioxidant Vitamin C to support your everyday wellness. Feel refreshed and know that youre getting an immune-boosting vitamin too.

Numi Organic Tea Jasmine Green

This is an organic loose leaf tea blend by Numi and it comes in quite a few varieties to choose from. This tea is made with organic green tea leaves and jasmine flowers mixed together with only 100% organic fragrances and ingredients.

The brand is Fair Trade and Fair Labor certified so you can have the peace of mind buying tea from them. Numi tea is USDA organic and non-GMO certified as well as environmentally friendly. Enjoy the calming and uplifting effect from this premium tea made with only real, natural ingredients.


  • Certified Fair Trade/Fair Labor brand
  • An aesthetically pleasing loose leaf tea option


  • Isnt as easy to brew as bagged teas

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What Is Oolong Tea

Oolong tea is a famous tea variety made of Camellia Sinensis buds, leaves, and stems, which is produced through harvesting, withering, oxidizing, then curling and twisting.

Oxidation is the primary factor that makes green tea, black tea, vs. oolong tea distinct. Although these teas come from the same plant, oolong tea is partially oxidized , while green tea is not, and black tea is fully oxidized.

The aroma and flavor of oolong tea can vary depending on the different origins and processes. Meanwhile, the tea shapes finally are only formed into one of two types: long curly, and rolled shapes.

Teas Tea Green Tea Matcha Single Serve Cups

Bigelow Green Tea Keurig K

The chances are youve already heard or read about how healthy matcha is. It gives you that alert calmness. But only if thats what youre striving to achieve. And its full of antioxidants plus catechins. Both are useful for fighting diseases in the body. So bringing such a nutrition-packed K cup home might be one of the best decisions of your life.

Matcha is prepared by steaming tea leaves very gently. Then these leaves are rolled and dried to halt oxidation. Its an ancient process that keeps the original freshness and aroma intact. And it also makes green tea brighter and more vibrant. This adds to the already prevalent high quality of green tea.

To tell you for a fact, matcha has a more intense taste and stronger flavor than normal steeped green tea. And the fusion of the two here offers an unparalleled smooth taste that youre destined to get addicted to. No matter what model of Keurig you own!

But I wont deny the fact that this green tea tastes better with sugar.


  • Some find it weak tasting
  • Tastes better with sugar and milk

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Tea Companies Know Tea

Lots of companies market themselves as offering a wide variety of drink types. You can often find variety packs with various coffees, teas, hot chocolates, and even ciders. If youre looking for the best green tea, though, you might want to look for tea-specific brands. These are companies that made their names selling tea. As a result, theyre apt to do a really good job translating the tea from traditional bags and loose tea leaves to pods. Its probably an even better idea to look for companies that specialize in green teas, which have slightly different steeping requirements than black and other kinds of tea. When in doubt, go with the expert.

Vahdam High Mountain Oolong Tea Leaves From Himalayas

This oolong tea is made of a special ingredient, loose tea leaves from the high mountain Himalayas. Thus each cup of VAHDAM will bring you the truly freshest aroma from Darjeeling that is different from the other cups of tea.

Moreover, being known as a great detox tea, drinking 2 cups of VAHDAM every day can speed up your metabolism, additionally, reduce the fat absorption of your body, thereby effectively helping you to lose weight fast.

Although VAHDAM is the best oolong tea for weight loss, I highly recommend this for any tea lovers because this fabulous tea can be flexible in uses and still delivers the rich flavor in all brew hot, iced, or Kombucha tea.

Key Features:

1 Tsp with 220m boiling water in 2-3 minutes

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Twinnings Of London Pure Oolong Tea

Twinings is one of the most popular tea brands now due to its very long and rich history. Indeed, their hand-selected process and high standard of ingredients guarantee the finest quality of tea.

There are 4 levels of strength in Twinings teas this pure oolong tea reaches 2 out of 4, which is suitable for everyone, I believe.

Although the flavor is not really strong, I still can feel the unique taste of this warm, savory tea.

Key Features:

1 tea bag with 220ml hot water in 2-3 minutes

Avant Grub Chinese Oolong Tea

Japan K-Cup Coffee & Green Tea Pods

If you are looking for a very strong, full-flavored tea that can boost your brain function for constant hourly studying or working with a limited budget, you need to try Chinese Oolong Tea of Avant Grub immediately!

I have to say that this tea delivers the truly strong taste of typically traditional Chinese Oolong tea, which is the best for waking you up in the morning and boosting your brain function. This tea also goes well with many delectable dishes from Chinese cuisine. Try this out today!

What is more, if you used to visit a Chinese restaurant and were impressed with the tea served there and wanted to enjoy it again at home, this tea is what you need!

However, be careful to use it at night, this caffeinated tea can make you hard to sleep.

Key Features:

Prepare a Keurig and brew each single cup

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Bigelow Green Tea With Jasmine

This is a green tea with great flavor and green tea benefits. Its Kosher certified, gluten free, and calorie free. The tea is blended and packaged in the USA as well as sustainably sourced. All tea bags are sealed in foil to preserve freshness and keep the tea fragrant until use.

Bigelow Tea is 100% family owned with reliable business values. The ingredients are pure and sourced fresh from local areas before being dried into incredible teas. If you enjoy a jasmine tea with a tinge of sweetness, this Bigelow Green Tea will satisfy your taste buds.


  • A delicious mild tea for any time of day


  • The tea bags themselves arent very well made

Teas Tea Green Tea Plus Matcha

Matcha, a powdered green tea substance, was historically used in Japanese tea rituals. Matcha also is thought to have some incredible health benefits. For instance, the nootropic L-Theanine is present for an alert calm. Theres also plenty of antioxidants and disease-fighting Catechins. Bringing this typically difficult to find or expensive drink to the K-cup is a home run.

Teas Tea green tea with matcha comes from one of Japans finest tea plantations. Its made by gently steaming the tea leaves, then rolling & drying them to stop oxidation. This age-old process ensures freshness, aroma, and bright, vibrant color of the green tea leaves, aiding to a high quality and simple green tea. Teas Tea green tea with matcha is a quality green tea that will leave you satisfied and feeling great.

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