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Where To Buy Ginseng Tea

Side Effects Of Using Korean Red Ginseng

How to buy Korean Red Ginseng, the products available.

The short-term use of Korean Red Ginseng is recommended safe for individuals. However, the long-term use may result in adverse effects.

The most commonly experienced side effects in the human body include:

  • Increased heart rate
  • Avoid taking caffeine with Korean red ginseng as the effects get intensified.
  • It is advised not to use in children as it might be harmful.
  • Avoid using it in breastfeeding ladies or pregnant women to avoid any detrimental effects of Korean Red Ginseng.
  • Avoid using this product if you are allergic to it.
  • Avoid using Korean Red Ginseng if you have underlying medical conditions such as heart disease, mental disorders, immune system disorders and others.
  • Use it with caution if you are diabetic patient as Ginseng aids in lowering the blood sugar levels.

How Is Ginseng Oolong Tea Made How Is It Different From Regular Oolong Tea

Ginseng oolong tea requires more time and effort to make than other tea. In Taiwan, people cultivate and harvest oolong tea leaves in high mountainous areas. The tea leaves go through traditional processing methods like other types of oolong tea. Unlike fully fermented black tea, oolong tea is only partially fermented.

The most significant difference between regular oolong tea and ginseng oolong tea is the ginseng component. With the later, ginseng powder made from ginseng roots is incorporated with the oolong tea leaves before rolling it into small tea balls. This way, the flavor is well kept inside each tea leaf, provides a more pleasant taste profile even after several steeping.

Lower-grade ginseng oolong tea is made by coating the rolled and dried oolong tea with ginseng powder. After first steeping, the ginseng powder coat is easily washed off.

The process of making this tea can be different from maker to maker. Fresh osmanthus flowers or licorice can be used to give oolong tea a floral note and sweet flavor. While most places use ginseng roots, some use ginseng leaves to blend with the oolong tea.

What You Need To Know About Ginseng

Ginseng is a slow-growing herb characterized by fleshy roots of the family Araliaceae of the genus Panax. This herb grows in North America and in some Asian countries predominantly China and Korea. Ginseng is an important component of Chinese traditional medicine and Korean as well. It is known to have a number of health benefits and is generally good for overall health.

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Review: Royal King Red Panax Ginseng Extract Drink

Red Panax Ginseng Extract is regarded as the most valued herb globally, extracted from the roots of Araliaceae, grown on the Chang Pai Mountains in China. Prince of Peace Company decided to go to China and bring the super quality product to everyone. The company assures that only the highest quality ingredients are used.

Whats Inside

The product is made using a traditional minimal heat process that preserves valuable natural constituents. Other minor ingredients include purified water, honey, and 0.5% alcohol. Sodium benzoate and potassium sorbate are used as preservatives. A bottle contains the energy of 15 calories, 4g carbohydrates, 4g sugars, and 400g Paranx Ginseng Root Extract. Since its a herbal supplement, one can take 1-2 bottles daily. Shaking well before using is recommended because residues lower the effect of this product.

The product is specified for people with vitamin deficiency. Individuals who are on medical prescription or have a health condition or pregnant or nursing should seek advice from healthcare experts before using the dietary supplement.

Features and benefits of the product


  • The solution to vitamin deficiency
  • Can treat anemia, bronchitis and swine flu
  • It improves concentration, thinking, and memory
  • Can prevent cancer of the liver, ovarian cancer, lung cancer, and skin cancer


Final verdict

Preventive Effect Of Ginseng Tea For Acute Respiratory Issues

Buy Panax Ginseng Online in India

Ginseng tea has traditionally been used for treating ling-related issues. Ginseng tea has also been proved to alleviate symptoms of asthma. It improves lung function and symptoms of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease.

Ginseng tea, when taken along with antibiotics, is more effective for treating bronchitis than antibiotic treatment alone.

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Review: Nucci Panax Ginseng Extract Powder

The other day I was venting on Skype about the crazy stress at the office to my nutritionist friend. The poor husband and the kids have to endure those mood swings, not to mention the disastrous effects on my sleep cycle, memory, and cholesterol levels.

She recommended that I try out Ginseng. The ever-curious health freak that I am spared no time in looking it up online. I guess all of us do tend to cross-check things, even if an expert says them.

Apparently, out of the 3 types of Ginseng, Panax ginseng , aka oriental ginseng, is a herb traditionally used by the Chinese to restore and enhance the Yuan Qi, i.e., the life energy we receive at birth.

The effects listed were nothing short of the tag miraculous increased mental clarity , reduced cholesterol levels, and improved digestion. Panax ginseng is documented to be an effective medicine for diabetes regulation and cancer prevention.

All that was left for me to do was find an authentic manufacturer since the Panax ginseng extracts have to come from wild or at least organic ginseng roots and have to be in as undiluted/ chemically unadulterated a form as possible. Her recommendation was to go for the Panax Ginseng Extract Powder from NuSci.

Packaging and dosage

The NuSci Ginseng Powder comes in 4 sizes: 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g. I ordered a 100g pack first and have ordered a 1kg pack when I began seeing results.


The good and the bad of the NuSci Panax Ginseng Extract Powder



In a nutshell

Review: Stakich American Ginseng Root Powder

This review entitles information on the Ginseng powder product, which is designed for adult men and women. The article explains how you can keep fit in your health, which lowers blood pressure and reduces stress.

Presenting the product

Diabetes affects tens of millions of people worldwide, and it is estimated that type 2 diabetes accounts for 90-95% of cases. The good news is that clinical research shows type 2 diabetes is preventable, treatable, and can even be reversed through changes in lifestyle and diet. Several herbal and natural supplements have been shown to treat and prevent diabetes.

Ginseng Powder has shown promising effects in the treatment of diabetes. Clinical studies have indicated that this form of ginseng improves blood sugar levels and a type of hemoglobin used to monitor blood sugar levels. Ginseng has also been shown to increase insulin production. Ginseng has been used in Asia for thousands of years and is considered very safe for you.

Features & Benefits

Ginseng powder possesses a wide range of properties, including antiviral characteristics that help individuals fight disease. As a stimulant, the plant works to boost the immune system and circulation. Some use the plant as an aphrodisiac to treat sexual dysfunction both in men and increase in women and ease the symptoms of impotence. When used as a tonic, the adrenal hormones also receive stimulation.

Main pros & drawbacks of Ginseng powder

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Ginseng Oolong Tea Health Benefits

How To Buying Ginseng Root And Ginseng Extract

When it comes to health benefits, ginseng oolong tea can be a real health powerhouse. The various health benefits of oolong tea combine with those of ginseng make it a prominent performer.

In many studies, researchers found out that drink oolong tea regularly can lower total cholesterol and LDL cholesterol levels. It also decreases the risk of heart disease.

This tea is also suitable for weight loss and detoxification. It helps boost digestive health, reduce the absorption of fat and carbohydrate.

In Chinese medicine studies, this tea is famous for its anti-aging ability. People believe that drink ginseng oolong tea not only restores energy but also prolong life. The ginseng health attributes improve the bodys immune system, help keep us strong and fight against diseases. That makes it a drink of choice in the imperial palace of China in the past.

These days, people seek out to buy this tea for the aroma, taste, and some added health benefits. It is also an excellent gift for business partners and the tea lover in your family. However, since the quantity of ginseng used can be quite minimal, most health benefits of this tea come from the oolong tea itself. If you want more of ginseng benefits, it is better to look out for genuine ginseng roots or ginseng health supplements.

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Health Benefits Of Arizona Green Tea With Ginseng

  • Having the Arizona Green Tea with Ginseng and Honey will give you instant energy.
  • It has a very refreshing taste.

If you need more information, be sure to read my full review of Arizona green tea with ginseng and honey.


  • You can carry the mini packs anywhere with you


  • The use of extra sugars makes it unhealthy if you are trying to lose weight

Why Should You Buy Ginseng

  • Health. Ginseng is being used for centuries as an excellent herbal remedy for many health purposes, especially in Asian countries . It is known that it can heal many diseases and ailments, also find a path to a sick place in the body. In China, Ginseng is used as an elixir of youth and an anti-aging solution .
  • Farming business. As I have already explained, Ginseng requires a lot of time and patience to grow, although at the same time not very hard. But, when you have mature Ginseng to sell, it is well worth payable.


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Korean Red Ginseng For Erectile Dysfunction

Many men experience symptoms of erectile dysfunction as they age. Also known as impotence, ED is an occasional inability to get or maintain an erection. When ED occurs frequently, you might need treatment for an underlying health issue.

In this way, ED is important to address. Lifestyle changes, medications, and natural or complementary treatments can all help restore your desired level of sexual function.

How To Brew Ginseng Tea Using Dried Ginseng Roots

Ginseng Oolong
  • Heat at least one 8 oz cup of water to about 208 °F or just before the water begins to boil. This is the best temperature to extract the ginsenosides which are the compounds responsible for the health benefits.
  • Measure about 4-5 grams of dried ginseng root per 8 oz cup of water. This is equivalent to approximately 2-3 small roots, 1-2 medium roots, 1 large root or 1/2 of a jumbo root.
  • Add the roots to the hot water and allow the roots to steep for 5-10 minutes while maintaining a temperature around 208 °F . Larger roots typically take longer to steep than smaller roots or prongs.
  • Remove the roots from the tea using a tongs or strainer and set them on a towel to dry. The roots can be reused 1-2 times depending on their size and how long they were steeped. Once the roots loose the majority of their flavor, they can be discarded.
  • Add honey to the tea to taste and enjoy!
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    Pros And Cons Of Ginseng

    Ginseng is relatively affordable and freely available for purchase. You can take it as a capsule, a powder, a tea, or in drinks infused with ginseng. Ginseng is also used as an energy supplement.

    Ginseng may not treat ED on its own. Some research suggests that ginseng only helps ED alongside healthy eating habits and exercise. Also, ginseng isnt FDA-approved.

    Like most natural supplements, ginsengs medical effectiveness isnt completely understood. Use caution when using ginseng, especially if you are on any other medications, and always talk with your doctor.

    Which Ginseng To Buy

    In the market, there are many different forms of Ginseng available.

    Each has separate usages, but it is scientifically proven that the most healing type of Ginseng is the raw root , used to make tea or soup.

    Today we have many brands that make powerful powder extracts from Ginseng root and sell them in powder or pills .

    If you are looking to grow your own Ginseng, then Ginseng seeds are available for farming purposes.

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    How To Classify Ginseng Tea

    There are various ways to classify Ginseng tea.

    One way to classify Ginseng tea is based on its ingredients. But the most widely preferred method is to classify it according to the Ginsengs origin.

    Ginseng is grown majorly in South East Asia. Chinese people were the first to discover and use Ginseng for health benefits. Like Ginseng, Ginseng tea also has million dollar health benefits.

    Ginseng tea has a range of health benefits, including stress relief, cancer prevention, weight loss, to talk about a few.

    I will discuss the health benefits of each type of Ginseng tea in detail here for your better understanding.

    Uses & Benefits Of Korean Red Ginseng

    Korean Red Ginseng Extract Tea & Its Health Benefits.

    Bear in mind, that you should opt for mature Ginseng to enjoy all of its beneficial effects. Korean Red Ginseng has maximum potency if it is completely ripe and provides you with the optimal amount of Saponins present in it. Korean Red Ginseng has various benefits in everyday life.

    For centuries, Chinese herbalists have been using this herb in medicines and wellness supplements. The following are the uses and benefits of Korean Red Ginseng:

    • Anti-inflammatory properties

    According to a study conducted in Korea, the effects of Korean Red Ginseng were evaluated in children after the stem cell transplantation or chemotherapy for an advanced form of cancer.

    19 patients were included in this study who received around 60 mg of this herb each day for approximately one year.

    After six months, blood samples were taken, and it was found that Cytokines or small proteins which send signals towards the brain for regulating cell growth were rapidly decreased in the control group.

    The study concluded that Korean Red Ginseng provides the stabilizing effect towards the inflammatory cytokines among children dealing with cancer after having their chemotherapy.

    A study conducted in 2011 on rats, which was published in American Journal of Chinese Medicine, it measured the effects of Korean Red Ginseng over the inflammatory cytokines.

    • Serves as a boosting agent for immune system

    Korean Red Ginseng aids in boosting the immune system and promotes your body to fight against diseases and stress.

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    Different Preparations Of Ginseng

    Ginseng is prepared in many different kinds of forms, and these include:

    • Ginseng roots several herbal stores display whole ginseng roots. Usually, these roots are just chewed or steeped in water and taken orally. The advantage of this is that you are guaranteed that the ginseng is really the real thing.
    • Ginseng tea the beauty of making tea out of ginseng is that it can also be mixed with other herbs to fortify its beneficial effects. Chinese traditional medicine uses this kind of preparation as it is most efficacious.
    • Powdered ginseng this preparation can be in the form of ginseng pills or capsules. The powdered form is considered the most convenient and easiest to digest. Plus, in powdered form, ginseng can also be mixed with other herbal powders to address a variety of health concerns.

    Review: Kgc Ginseng Extract

    People have been using different types of Ginseng roots throughout the globe for a long time. Ginseng root is a well-known herb that people use throughout the globe.

    It offers a wide variety of health benefits, out of all the many kinds of Ginseng root.

    The Red Ginseng root grown in South Korea is high in demand and is one of the Ginseng root varieties. Ginseng root helps boost the immune system that provides a strong resistance to many diseases.

    This product is aimed at health-conscious people looking for a healthy natural alternative to medication to keep their health checked. Today we are going to review the Ginseng extract by KCG to see if it is any good.

    What is Red Ginseng, and how is it extracted?

    The Red Ginseng is native to the Far East and is mostly grown in South Korea. The product in question is an extract of Red Ginseng. Red Ginseng. Korean Red Ginseng contains a high concentration of Vitamins and Minerals.

    The main reason behind this products high price and rarity is the time it takes to reach its final shape. Korean Red Ginseng takes about six years to reach its final form.

    After this process, the roots are processed slowly at a low temperature to preserve the herb fully. After this process, they are steamed to remove any side effects.

    Features and Benefits

    Whether you want to reduce your stress levels or provide your body a natural boost, this product is beneficial and provides a natural solution to your problems.


    • High price.

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    Where Do You Buy Ginseng

    If youre wonderingwhere to buy ginseng, there are actually several reliable resources. As for me, I get my supplies atAbsorb Your Health.

    The ginseng at Absorb Your Health is of the Korean variety, one of the true Oriental variants. It uses a 10:1 ratio extract, considered as one of the most potent in the industry. It is not only energy boosting, but it also promotes sexual health.

    Aside from their excellent ginseng product, shipping is fast. Usually, it takes about 2 days or so. This also depends on where you live, but their service has always been satisfactory. By far, theyre the best brand Ive tried so far.

    Herbal stores are usually the most common place where you can find different preparations of ginseng fresh roots, tea, capsules and pills or ginseng seeds for sale. Grocery stores almost always have some ginseng for soup available. However, the most convenient way to buy ginseng is through online distributors.


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