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Latter Day Saints General Conference 2021

What Is General Conference

Make Time for the Lord | Russell M. Nelson | October 2021 General Conference

General conference is a mixture of talks from religious leaders and performances of sacred, inspiring music. The speakers include modern-day apostles and prophets from The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as other men and women who provide leadership and guidance for the Church.

This year general conference falls on Easter Sunday. To honor this sacred event, the conference will have a special emphasis on Jesus Christ and His Resurrection. It will be inclusive of all who love Christ, no matter which faith they may belong to.

What April 2022 General Conference Will Include

The 192nd Annual General Conference will be Saturday and Sunday, April 2 and 3. It will include four general sessions and a Saturday evening womens session, the First Presidency announced in a letter sent to local leaders Friday, Feb. 11.

All women and young women, including those who turn 12 in 2022, are invited to the womens session.

A limited number of tickets to each session will be distributed for the conference, which will include talks from the First Presidency, members of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, and general authorities and general officers of the Church.

In-person attendance at the general conference sessions will be limited due to the extensive construction taking place on and around Temple Square however, a limited number of tickets will be distributed to stakes and districts in the United States and Canada, according to the letter. Decisions about gathering to watch general conference in meetinghouses will be left to the discretion of local leaders.

General conference messages will be published on the Gospel Library app, on, and in Church magazines for further viewing and study. The Church News will publish talk summaries, photo galleries and other articles about the conference on

Heed The Call For Unity And Reconciliation

The between-session living testimonies pieces included a compelling story about a member of the Black 14 and his reconciliation and recent partnership with the LDS church. The video explained how the Black 14 football players from the 1969 University of Wyoming football team spoke out against and planned protests about racial injustice, including restrictions on the priesthood. Leading up to their game against BYU, the U of Wyoming dismissed the 14 black trouble maker players from the team, and the whole event blew up for the U of Wyoming, BYU, and the Mormon church.

Now, years later, because of the living testimonies of church members and the willingness to take simple steps, reconciliation has been taken place between several members of the Black 14 and the LDS church Additionally, one member of the Black 14 is partnering with the LDS church to carry out humanitarian aid efforts that have resulted in tens of thousands of individuals being served.

Other highly produced segments showed the LDS church and its members working with and supporting long rejected and ridiculed Native American communities in Utah and providing food and supplies to cultures and communities worldwide. These emotional stories of unity were very compelling.

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Review Messages From The Previous General Conferences

Refresh your memory by reviewing messages from the previous general conference.

The First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles extended at least 15 invitations during the October 2021 general conference, according to the Church News.

Assigned speakers spend months preparing and revising their messages. Topics are not assigned.

To me, it is remarkable how those themes seem to fit so well with each other, President Nelson said at the end of the April 2019 conference. As you study them, seek to learn what the Lord is trying to teach you through his servants.

Members of the First Presidency and Quorum of the Twelve Apostles are seen before the Saturday morning session of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints 191st Annual General Conference on April 3, 2021.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Wives Of The General Authority Seventies

Pin on Inspiring messages

When General Authority seventies are called, The Church News always features a picture of them and their spouses. Many of them travel with their husbands and speak frequently. This is clearly an under-utilized group of women that could be part of the administrative structure of the church. General Authority Seventies have assignments directing the various departments of the Church. Surely some of these non-priesthood positions could be filled by women.

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Bishop L Todd Budge: Charitable Contributions Are Up Since The Pandemic Began

L. Todd Budge, second counselor in the Presiding Bishopric, speaks at General Conference on Sunday, Oct, 3, 2021.

L. Todd Budge, second counselor in the faiths Presiding Bishopric, said that, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, church leaders were concerned that contributions from members would decline.

After all, Budge said, our own members were not immune to the setbacks from the pandemic.

The results proved just the opposite. Humanitarian donations in 2020 turned out to be the highest ever and are trending even higher this year, he said. And because of those donations, the church has been able to realize its most extensive response since the inception of the humanitarian fund, with over 1,500 COVID relief projects in more than 150 countries. Those projects include life-sustaining food, oxygen, medical supplies and vaccinations for those who might otherwise have gone without.

In addition, the church has operated multiple refugee and immigrant welcome centers in the United States, Budge said, and has provided goods, funding and volunteers to help similar programs run by other organizations throughout the world.

The Presiding Bishopric oversees the churchs vast financial, real estate, investment and charitable operations.

General Conference October 2021

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The Temple And Your Spiritual Foundation

President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Whenever any kind of upheaval occurs in your life, the safest place to be spiritually is living inside your temple covenants!

My dear brothers and sisters, I am grateful to be with you this morning to share the feelings of my heart.

As you know, we are performing major renovations on the historic Salt Lake Temple. This complex project includes major reinforcement of its original foundation, which has served well for more than a century. But this temple must stand much longer. In late May, I inspected the progress on this massive project. I thought you would appreciate seeing what my wife Wendy and I saw. I think youâll see why the hymn âHow Firm a Foundationâ1 has come to have new meaning for us.

Video from the site of the Salt Lake Temple renovation: âWe are looking at the original foundation of the Salt Lake Temple. I am standing in an area beneath what was the Garden Room. As I examine the craftsmanship of this entire building, I marvel at what the pioneers accomplished. I am totally in awe when I consider that they built this magnificent temple with only tools and techniques available to them more than a century ago.

âThese many decades later, however, if we examine the foundation closely, we can see the effects of erosion, gaps in the original stonework, and varying stages of stability in the masonry.

Ponder these three truths:


Church Of Jesus Christ Launches New Digital Features For October 2021 General Conference

The Temple and Your Spiritual Foundation | Russell M. Nelson | October 2021 General Conference

ByJenny Rollins, | Posted – Oct. 1, 2021 at 12:47 p.m.

A family in Moscow, Russia, participates in a session of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints’ 191st Annual General Conference broadcast on April 3, 2021.

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SALT LAKE CITY The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is implementing new features for watching its October 2021 general conference this weekend, on Oct. 23. The purpose of these innovations is to make viewing and participating in the conference more accessible, especially during the continued attendance limitations during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Will There Be A Priesthood Session October 2021

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints announced on June 7 that the Saturday evening sessions of General Conference will be discontinued starting October 2021. The Saturday evening sessions being discontinued include the priesthood holders session in April and the womens session in October.

Consider Promised Blessings To Covenant

I invite you to consider the blessings promised to covenant-keeping disciples of Jesus Christ. I testify that the covenant people of the Lord today indeed are armed with righteousness and with the power of God in great glory. I have witnessed faith, courage, perspective, persistence and joy that extend far beyond mortal capacity and that only God could provide.

Elder David A. Bednar, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, With the Power of God in Great Glory

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General Authority Carlos G Revillo Jr: The Gospel Has Brought Positive Changes To The Philippines

General authority Seventy Carlos G. Revillo Jr. speaks at General Conference on Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021.

Carlos G. Revillo Jr., Seventy in the spring, offered love and warm smiles from his native Philippines, where Latter-day Saint missionaries first arrived 60 years ago.

The miracle of the gospel, he said, has brought positive changes to the country and its people.

Revillo was 6 years old when his parents joined the church in 1972. There was one Latter-day Saint mission and no stakes . Today, there are 123 stakes, 23 missions and more than 800,000 members.

As we live and obey the principles and ordinances of the gospel, we are blessed, changed, and converted to becoming more like Jesus Christ, said Revillo, delivering his first General Conference address. That was how the gospel changed and blessed the Filipino saints, including my family. The gospel is truly the way to a happy, abundant life.

President Russell M Nelson: How Firm Is Your Spiritual Foundation

Key quotes from the April 2021 Latter

President Russell M. Nelson speaks at General Conference on Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021.

President Russell M. Nelson opened his Sunday morning sermon with an update on the ongoing renovation of the Salt Lake Temple, including a video presentation in which the 97-year-old president stood below what was once the Garden Room, and said into the camera, As I examine the craftsmanship of this entire building, I marvel at what the pioneers accomplished. I am totally in awe when I consider that they built this magnificent temple with only tools and techniques available to them more than a century ago.

Back at the Conference Center pulpit, Nelson said the church is sparing no effort to give this venerable temple, which had become increasingly vulnerable, a foundation that will withstand the forces of nature into the millennium. In like manner, it is now time that we each implement extraordinary measures perhaps measures we have never taken before to strengthen our personal spiritual foundations. Unprecedented times call for unprecedented measures.

He took the temple as a metaphor for a spiritual foundation.

If you and I are to withstand the forthcoming perils and pressures, it is imperative that we each have a firm spiritual foundation built upon the rock of our Redeemer, Jesus Christ, he said. So, I ask each of you, How firm is your foundation? And what reinforcement to your testimony and understanding of the gospel is needed?

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General Authority Sean Douglas: Responding To Spiritual Hurricanes

General authority Seventy Sean Douglas speaks at General Conference on Sunday, Oct. 3. 2021.

For the past six years, Seventy Sean Douglas has lived in Texas near the Gulf Coast, and has experienced some of the largest hurricanes in the United States, leaving behind death and destruction.

Many Latter-day Saints will never face a devastating physical hurricane, Douglas said. However, each of us has weathered, and will weather, spiritual hurricanes that threaten our peace and try our faith. In todays world, they seem to be increasing in frequency and intensity.

Yet God has provided us a sure way to joyfully overcome them, he said. …Just as natural laws govern physical hurricanes, divine laws govern how to feel joy during our spiritual hurricanes. The joy or misery we feel as we brave the storms of life is tied to laws that God has set.

However, just as warm ocean water is the breeding ground for hurricanes, doubt is the breeding ground for spiritual hurricanes, Douglas said. Just as belief is a choice, so is doubt. When we choose to doubt, we choose to be acted upon, yielding power to the adversary, thereby leaving us weak and vulnerable.

As hurricanes weaken over land, doubt is replaced with faith as we build our foundation on Christ, he said. We are then able to see spiritual hurricanes in their proper perspective, and our capacity to overcome them is enlarged.

Identify Things Of Your Soul

I close with an invitation for each of you to consider the seven things of my soul I have shared today: Love God the Father and Jesus Christ, our Savior love your neighbor love yourself keep the commandments always be worthy of a temple recommend be joyful and cheerful and follow Gods living prophet. I invite you to identify your own eight, nine and ten.

Elder Ronald A. Rasband, Quorum of the Twelve Apostles,The Things of My Soul

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The Changing Faces & Places Of Mormonism

In addition to restructuring how their army of 18- and 19-year-old missionaries do their witnessing work, posturing mostly to online efforts, the LDS marketing gurus have integrated and intensified their print and digital in-reach and outreach communication efforts. With a new worldwide magazine, the Liahona launched in January, and extensive updates and enhancements to their websites, apps, and social media platforms, the LDS church has well-positioned itself to spread its poison to far corners of the globe for decades to come. Like, imperial colonizers, from its mecca in Salt Lake City, Mormonisms modern masterminds have their sights set on world domination.

The Growing International Influence Of The Lds Church

Personal Peace in Challenging Times | Quentin L. Cook | October 2021 General Conference

In 2020, although the LDS churchs statistical growth was down significantly both in the US and internationally, that doesnt necessarily mean that either the national or international presence of the LDS church was damaged or diminished. Even though on the surface, it might appear to be a setback year for LDS local and global expansion, they have strengthened themselves for decades to come.

2020 was for the LDS church a get-ready-for-the-future kind of year.

If LDS efforts, during Holy Week 2021, with their internal and external communications and advertisements indicate the LDS churchs direction, they will be doing even more than ever to market themselves as the better, kinder, friendly, and authentic version of Christianity.

Like so many trendy exports, will the rest of the world embrace Mormonism as the best America has to offer? What is the true church to do?

Answers are coming soon, I promise.

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Apostle Dieter F Uchtdorf: Introspection Is An Opportunity For Recalibration

Apostle Dieter F. Uchtdorf speaks at General Conference on Sunday, Oct. 3, 2021.

Without reliable landmarks, humans have trouble walking a straight line and drift off course, said apostle Dieter F. Uchtdorf. Isnt it interesting how small, seemingly insignificant factors can make a major difference in our lives?

Drawing as usual on his experience as a pilot, the popular German said, Every time I started the approach to an airport, I knew that much of my remaining work would consist of making constant minor course corrections to safely direct the aircraft to our desired landing runway.

It also applies to spirituality, he said. Most of the changes in our spiritual lives both positive and negative happen gradually, a step at a time.

Sometimes this falling away from the correct course happens in a matter of years or even months, Uchtdorf said. Sometimes it takes generations.

Everyone is susceptible, he warned. No matter how strong our spiritual experiences have been in the past, as human beings we tend to wander. That has been the pattern from the days of Adam until now.

Small steps can lead to big life changes. Do you want to change the shape of your life? the apostle asked. Change the shape of your day. Do you want to change your day? Change this hour.

Think of it as your personal, daily restoration, Uchtdorf urged his listeners. …We all drift from time to time. But we can get back on course.

Leaders Emphasize Importance Of A Christ

Leaders of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints offered instruction and counsel for lifes challenges during the weekends 191st semiannual General Conference.

President Russell M. Nelson invited Church members to listen to the conference messages through the lenses of pure truth, the pure doctrine of Jesus Christ and pure revelation.

Imagine how quickly the devastating conflicts throughout the world and those in our individual lives would be resolved if we all chose to follow Jesus Christ and heed His teachings, President Nelson said.

President Nelson compared the ongoing renovations on the Salt Lake Temple to necessary actions in life to solidify ones personal spiritual foundations in Christ amid the worlds contention today and still to come.

Please believe me when I say that when your spiritual foundation is built solidly upon Jesus Christ, you have no need to fear, President Nelson said.

For the first time since early 2020, conference sessions returned to the Conference Center at Temple Square, although in-person attendance was strictly limited because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Various general authorities in other parts of the world previously recorded their messages to be included within the broadcast.

Repentance and improvement

A number of speakers centered their remarks on the redemptive power of Christs Atonement to receive forgiveness from sin and grow to become better.

Remaining on the covenant path

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