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How Much Is Boba Tea

How Much Profit For Each Cup Of Boba Tea

I Made A Giant 100-Pound Boba Milk Tea ⢠Tasty

Another way to figure out your bubble tea shops profit potential is to figure out your profit for each cup that you sell. Then you can estimate your revenue and profit based on daily cup sales.

First, you need to start with your cost per cup of bubble tea and then add in your expenses. The good news is, is that a lot of your expenses will be fixed costs, meaning that they dont change every month. For example, your rent will be a fixed cost.

If your rent is $2000.00/month then it will be the same if you sell 100 cups/day or 1,000 cups/day. So once you sell enough to cover your fixed costs, then you will begin to make a lot more profit per cup of boba that you sell.

Next on the list are variable costs, these are things that change each month like how many ingredients you use. These will be directly proportional to the amount of boba that you sell. The more cups of boba you sell, the more you will need to spend on ingredients.

Bubble Tea Hot Or Cold

Bubble Tea or Boba Tea, our most popular iced beverage, originated in the tea shops of Taiwan. This delicious drink is available hot or cold and is infused with your choice freshly brewed loose-leaf tea, organic milk, optional fruit purée, and grade A chewy tapioca pearls also known as boba. Bubble Tea is popular in cafés and teahouses around the world. It is also perfect for a relaxing walk through town.

Check out this recent article from the Mail Tribune about our iced teas and bubble teas called Chilled to a Tea.

16-oz: 5.50 | 24-oz: 6.50

Cow, Rice, Coconut, Oat, Almond, Soy

When You Drink Boba Every Day This Is What Happens

There’s a reason boba or bubble tea is so popular. Even though the drink originated in Taiwan, it has recently become popular all over the United States with shops dedicated to the making of the tea popping up all over. Thrillist notes that the boom of boba tea is partly due to its popularity amongst students and the availability of the milky caffeinated beverage near college campuses.

Boba can be used to refer to both the black tapioca pearls as well as the drink as a whole . However, the drink itself goes by different names it can be called boba tea, bubble tea, or pearl milk tea depending on where you are in the world. Whatever you choose to call the tea, boba is usually made with black tea, milk, ice, and tapioca pearls.

Part of boba tea’s popularity is because you can pretty much go all out to customize it. In addition to adding syrups and toppings, the chewy tapioca pearls come in a variety of flavors. They’re also quite addictive. According to Eater, tapioca pearls start out as hard and tasteless little balls. They are then boiled and steeped into a caramelized sugar syrup until they turn black, bouncy, and delicious.

It may be a well-known fact that boba can be irresistible, but what happens when you drink it every day?

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What Makes A Good Boba Tea

Cotton Candy Smoothie

All the ingredients that goes into making a delicious boba tea are important. However, we feel two of the most important ingredients are the tea and the boba. When making boba tea, you want a tea with robust flavor, such as black tea or jasmine green tea, because other ingredients will be added in to make your drink, so you want a strong tasting tea that will continue to stand out. We prefer using jasmine green tea over just green tea because the flavor is so robust that it really is the star of the drink.

When most people think of boba tea or bubble tea, they think of those perfect little round tapioca balls that sit at the bottom of your drink. These are called boba, they are made out of tapioca starch and have a gummy-like texture. Boba takes a long time to cook and a lot of effort that goes into getting it to the right texture. We believe the perfect boba has a nice chewy texture and not too overly soft or hard. When boba has sat too long, it becomes too soft or if its too dry, itll become too hard. Boba is best consumed within about 4 hours. We dont cook boba to last all day we have small controlled batches of boba throughout the day for the best quality. Its definitely more work, but we take pride in serving only what we feel is the best.

Soak The Tapioca Pearls

Chinese Teenager With Bubble Tea Addiction Falls Into Coma

The first thing that you need to do is soak the tapioca pearls. If you bought the pearls in a bag, take out the amount that you want to use and put them in a bowl of cold water. Let them sit for about an hour.

If you are making your own tapioca pearls, put them in a pot with water and let them soak overnight. The longer they soak, the more plump they will be when you cook them.

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Things You Might Not Know About Bubble Tea And Other Unexpected Holidays This Week

When generations of people all over the world from England to Asia sit down for their daily cup of tea, most likely being able to chew it wouldn’t be considered a selling point. But over the last 25 years or so, tea that you can really sink your teeth into has become all the rage.

Tuesday, April 30, is Bubble Tea Day a time to celebrate its greatness with the millions who drink it like water and a time to teach bubble tea novices what they might be missing.

You Might Be Constipated

In 2019, Asia One reported that a 14-year-old girl in China complained of severe stomach pain and constipation. Upon running a CT scan, doctors found the cause for her ailment to be a hundred undigested tapioca pearls in her abdomen.

Upon speaking with Dr. Vladimir Kushnir, a specialist in gastroenterology, Health found that the chances of boba itself causing constipation are low.

The doctor also noted that the cause of constipation and stomach pain from the drink is guar gum, an additive that is often put into tapioca pearls because it is fibrous and helps hold the tiny balls together. Since the additive expands when it comes in contact with water, it can cause constipation when consumed in high quantities and without enough water to wash it all down.

Dr. Kushnir added that if you’re drinking only one or two cups of boba every day, you should be in the green. But, if you drink more, you could notice signs of constipation.

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Bubble Tea Cost Of Production

Heres an estimate of what it will cost you to make a 16oz cup of taro bubble milk tea below. Keep in mind that bubble tea costs will vary depending on your supplier, location, and quality of raw ingredients.

  • 50g of Bubble Tea Powder/16oz Drink = $0.42 cents | Powder priced at $8.50/KG
  • 75g of Tapioca Pearls/16oz Drink = $0.14 | Based on $32.00 worth of case of 6 3 KG Bags
  • 3g of Green Tea Leaves/16oz Drink = $0.03 | Based off $75.00 for 6000 grams of Green Tea Leaves
  • Custom Logo Cup $0.04/16ozCup
  • Plastic Straw = $0.01 or Paper Straw = $0.04

Total Price for a 16oz Cup of Taro Bubble Milk Tea = $0.65

As you can see, the cost to make one cup of standard Taro bubble milk tea is right around $0.65. However, youll note that some items are purchased in bulk, so youll need to be prepared to put more down upfront. Moreover, more elaborate teas may include other toppings on top of the standard boba, including flavored jellies, puddings, and red beans.

The Best Boba Flavors You Need To Try

Perfect Boba Tea Completely from Scratch (2 Ways)

This is the ultimate review of the Best Boba Flavors.

I apologize in advance if I get you addicted to bubble tea!

Theres no denying that bubble tea has become a big part of our daily hustle.

But these days, more and more people are opting to make their own milk tea at home with different types of tea such as green tea or white tea, and their own ingredients and flavors.

Why not let me guide you through these fun and popular bubble tea flavors?

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If You Drink Bubble Tea Every Day You Might Get The Boost You’re Looking For

If you need a quick jolt of caffeine, you might consider ordering yourself a large boba tea drink. reported that high quantities of caffeine were found in traditional bubble teas sold by popular brands.

But how does the caffeine in your bubble tea give you that much-needed morning or midday boost? According to, when chemicals called adenosine bind with A1 receptors, it has a relaxing, sleep-inducing effect. But caffeine, a stimulant, prevents this binding from taking place, which, in turn, helps you feel less tired and more awake. However, it should be noted that drinking a lot of caffeine often can cause adverse effects, including headaches and anxiety when you suddenly stop consuming the same amount of caffeine your body’s become used to, as reported by Healthline.

In addition to caffeine, the sugar found in boba tea drinks is a simple carbohydrate that is broken down quickly by the body to be used as energy, according to Medline Plus. Suffice to say, bubble tea can give you a temporary energizing sugar rush to help you defeat that 4 p.m. slump.

What Does Boba Tea Taste Like

  • The flavor of bubble tea is described as being comparable to that of a well-balanced and sweet milky beverage with the addition of boba pearls.
  • It is sweet, but the sweetness is not overbearing since the teas in it offset the sweetness and creaminess of the tastes of the boba.
  • The majority of the time, boba shops will brew tea into a concentrate that will then serve as the foundation for their milk teas.

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How Long Is Tiger Milk Tea Available

If youre ready to get a taste of Baskin-Robbins spin on Tiger Milk Bubble Tea, you can purchase the sip at nationwide stores, and itll cost you $5.19 for a 16-ounce size. BTW, the sip is only available for a limited time this spring and summer, so its a good idea to act quickly before it disappears.

Tiger Milk Bubble Tea is one of Baskin-Robbins first new releases since the company rebranded in April 2022. Ditching its old logo and taking on a new motto Seize the yay! Baskin-Robbins wants customers to celebrate simple moments of joy with ice cream. TBH, the addition of ice cream to a boba tea will definitely bring some joy.

When you head Baskin-Robbins to pick up a Tiger Milk Bubble Tea this spring and summer, remember to check CDC guidelines for the most updated health rules.

Whats In Tiger Milk Tea

Boba Tea or Milkshake? (Choose)

Just like classic Taiwanese milk tea, Baskin-Robbins Tiger Milk Bubble Tea starts with brown sugar syrup drizzled like tiger stripes on the sides of your cup. Then, black tea, whole milk, and a layer of brown sugar popping bubbles are added for a combo of creamy sweetness. Its the first time that Baskin-Robbins is using the boba-inspired popping bubbles that burst with brown sugar flavor. According to Baskin-Robbins, you can expect a similar texture to Dunkins popping bubbles, but a completely new flavor. Finally, the concoction is finished off with a scoop of the chains classic vanilla ice cream which, of course, gives it that Baskin-Robbins touch.

If youre not familiar with popping bubbles, the boba-like balls made their debut in June 2021 at Dunkin. Theyre not exactly boba, and they dont contain corn starch like classic tapioca-based boba, but they do look a lot like the popular drink addition and burst open with flavor when you bite them.

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Why Make It At Home

You might be wondering why you should make bubble tea at home. After all, there are dozens of vendors in Southeast Asia, and many chains in North America and Europe. Why would you need to make it at home? Well, there are many good reasons to do so!

For one, store-bought bubble tea may contain many harmful ingredients, such as hydrogenated palm oil and dangerous chemical sweeteners. Even traces of chemicals like polychlorinated biphenyls, or PCBs, have been found in some store-bought boba tea.

Another reason is saving money! Making boba pearls and the drink as a whole at home is much cheaper than buying them from shops.

In addition, homemade tapioca pearl drinks can be more versatile in flavour and type than those bought from shops.

However, we think that the most convincing reason is that you can control the calorie count that is in your cup of boba drink. When you are your own bobarista of your bubble tea drink, then you can fine-tune the ingredients and their amounts to best fit your taste buds, but also your current diet plans!

We at Honest Food Talks think that homemade is better than store-bought, which is why we have written this ultimate guide!

What Kind Of Tapioca Pearls Do You Use For Bubble Tea Recipe

I typically use this brand of tapioca pearls, which cooks in about 5 minutes. I like that these pearls cook quickly, but the texture could be better. You can find these tapioca pearls in Asian supermarkets or on.

One important thing to note about these quick-cooking tapioca pearls is that you should only cook as many as you need. The pearls stiffen as they cool, so they do not keep well overnight. However, if you leave the pearls in their cooking water, the pearls retain their soft texture for a longer time. In other words, dont drain the hot water once you are done cooking the pearls. Instead, use a slotted spoon to remove the pearls from the saucepan, and leave any excess pearls in the saucepan.


I prefer using whole milk the most because the rich flavor makes the beverage tastier overall. I tried a version of the bubble tea with heavy cream. While the flavor of the tea was even better than the version I made with whole milk, it felt too decadent. Perhaps using half-and-half is a good compromise?

You can also make a dairy-free version with nut milks or soy milk. I tried using canned coconut milk once, and the coconut milk left a funny feeling in my mouth. It felt as if my mouth was coated with a thin layer of coconut fat.


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Could Those Tapioca Balls Get Stuck Inside You If You Drink Bubble Tea Every Day

A little constipation might not be pleasant, but it’s nothing to panic about. Unless, of course, you experience severe stomach pain and an inability to eat. According to a story published in Asia One, a 14-year-old girl in China visited the hospital after experiencing five days of digestive discomfort. A CT scan reportedly revealed what some doctors believed to be one hundred trapped undigested tapioca pearls. While the young patient claimed to drink just one cup of boba tea five days earlier, Dr. Zhang Louzhen, the treating physician, believes she must have had more. The article also warned bubble tea enthusiasts that some stores “add thickeners and preservatives to the pearls.” Asia One reported, “Continuous consumption of such ingredients can lead to gastro-intestinal dysfunction.”

Still, many medical experts are skeptical. “This seems kind of like a sensationalized story,” Dr. Ryan Marino, an emergency medicine physician at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, told Today. But there’s a lesson to be learned. “If there is anything to be taken away here it is taking things with a grain of salt and enjoying things in moderation,” Marino added.

Where Can You Get Boba Tea

BOBA 5 Ways! Favorite BOBA / BUBBLE TEA Recipes You Gotta Try

If you google boba tea, you can find boba shops near you that serve it. In addition, many Asian markets such as 99 Ranch or 168 Market have small delis or bakeries that serve boba tea. You can also find boba served as a side at some Chinese, Korean barbeque, sushi and hot pot restaurants among others.

Looking for more pieces of bubble tea inspiration? With legendary pieces like our UC Boba shirt or our Boba Daddy sweater, our streetwear meets drinkwear line is one of the hottest pieces of boba merch on the internet today. to learn more.

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Plain Tea Vs Milk Tea

Youve probably heard people refer to tea as a healthy drink. Tea by itself is calorie-free. It contains caffeine, but in smaller amounts than coffee.

Both green tea and black tea are believed to protect against heart disease. Antioxidant plant compounds in tea called could be responsible for these benefits.

While milk is healthy for most people, research on tea with milk added is mixed. Its currently not clear whether combining tea and milk improves on teas health benefits, or lessens them.

Milk tea isnt exactly the same thing as tea with milk. Its a sweetened tea drink thats offered at boba teashops. You can also find bottled versions in stores that stock Asian soft drinks. Milk tea typically contains sugar and other ingredients to enhance the flavor and texture of the drink.

Lets compare

0% of the DV 4% of the DV

Other than the caffeine and plant micronutrients discussed earlier, a serving of plain, unsweetened black tea is nutritionally similar to plain water.

On the other hand, the bottled milk tea has milk powder added to make it creamy. And added sugar increases the carbs and calories. Some salt has also been added, to help the flavors pop.

Overall, the nutritional profile of plain black tea is pretty different from a prepared milk tea.

Also, theres no evidence to say whether the tea drinks offered by a boba shop have the same antioxidant benefits offered by plain tea.


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