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What Tea To Drink For Energy

When To Drink Tea

TRYING ENERGY DRINKS! – Liquid Ice Energy!

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Its a common question. But one that can be a bit confusing.

New tea drinkers often wonder when to drink tea. They generally mean what time of day is best.

But that question can also mean what time of year is best. Or on what occasions. Or during which type of weather. Or at what point in life.

As a result, Ive taken it upon myself to answer this question in every possible way. I also added a section on different types of teas and what types of situations call for each type.

Finally, I included some common related questions people have asked me in the past.

How We Chose The Best Energy Drinks

According to Dr. Mike Roussell, Ph.D., nutrition expert, and co-founder of Neuro coffee, it’s important to keep an eye out for high levels of caffeine in sugar in energy drinks, both of which have detrimental health effects when consumed .

Here are the things to look for in an energy drink, and how we ranked our picks for the best energy drinks on the market:

Does Tea Provide Energy

All real teas contain caffeine. Caffeine is found in 60 different plants. The most common source of caffeine are coffee beans and teas made from camellia sinensis plant. Other significant sources are guarana seeds, mostly used for making energizing drinks, powders or pills, yaupon leaves used for making tea, kola nut and cacao pods, and a popular South American plant yerba mate.

Although caffeine may provide several health benefits, the main reason why it gained so much popularity is the almost instant energy boost it may provide. Caffeine is a central nervous system stimulant that may make you feel more awake and energized even when you feel very tired. Caffeine from different sources may have a slightly different effect on your body, but it will always provide at least light energy boost. For example, when drinking green tea, you will not only be ingesting caffeine, but other compounds too. One of them, L-theanine, may provide a calming effect. Thats why green tea, compared to coffee, is less likely to cause the jitters, while providing energy, increasing focus and calmness.

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The Green Monster Juice Drink

In addition to helping with weight loss, juicing is also an effective way to meet your fruit and vegetable quota while boosting your energy naturally. Below is a recipe that is sure to give your body a healthy energy boost with this natural energy drink.


  • Rinse fruits and vegetables well.
  • Peel the lemon, if you want.
  • Put into your juicer and juice.
  • Pour over ice, and drink up!
  • Tea As A Coffee Substitute In The Morning

    Buy BANG Energy Drink Tea Series 473ml

    When we wake up in the morning we reach for that magical drink called coffee and after drinking it we feel that increase in energy and better focus. But what if we show you that you can feel the same if you replace that morning coffee with tea.

    Not just that you will get an energy boost, increased focus, and concentration but youll also get all the other benefits from tea that you cant get from coffee.

    And now you will say I need caffeine to lift me up in the morning, I cant start my day without it. Dont rush, we will show you here what are the best-caffeinated teas and caffeine-free teas.

    This post may contain affiliate links, which means we may receive a small commission, at no cost to you, if you make a purchase through a link. For more information, please see our disclosure.

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    How Many Red Bulls Can You Drink In A Day

    A single can of Red Bull contains 80mg of caffeine and 27g of sugar.

    An 8.4 fl.oz can of Red bull contains 80mg of caffeine and 27g of sugar.

    The sugar-free version of Red Bull contains 114mg of caffeine and 0g sugar.

    According to the FDA, the recommended maximum daily dosage for caffeine is 400mg. Whereas, for sugar its 37.5g for men and 25g for women according to the American Heart Association.

    Personally, I think drinking 2 cans of Red Bull a day is fine, despite consuming more sugar than what is recommended. I dont think this is going to do too much harm to your body in the short term.

    However, it does make sense that if you exceed the daily recommended sugar intake consistently over a longer period of time that you might eventually encounter some health issues associated with excessive sugar intake.

    Thats why I would recommend that you opt for the sugar-free version of Red Bull, which contains 114mg of caffeine and no sugar.

    It doesnt matter if youre a man or women, you can consume 3 of these sugar-free cans of Red Bull a day. That alone will put you close to the daily maximum dosage for caffeine.

    Do your own research and talk to your doctor before making any dietary changes, but in my opinion, it would be perfectly fine to drink 2 cans of regular Red Bull or 3 cans of sugar-free Red Bull per day.

    Best Tea For When Youre Sick: Ginger Tea

    If youre feeling the nausea, aches and chills that accompany most forms of sickness, reach for a cup of ginger tea. Most commercially available ginger teas are a blend of herbal caffeine-free tea with ginger extract or you can steep ginger in hot water for a homemade version. While it wont shorten the duration of your illness, ginger is believed to help counteract the nausea that occurs with many ailments. As a matter of fact, research suggests that ginger may reduce chemotherapy-induced and pregnancy-induced nausea.

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    Harney & Sons English Breakfast Tea

    The Harney& Sons tea company has a strong devotion to ensuring that only the richest and finest quality tea are going to various consumers of tea around the world.

    The guiding principle of this compatibility is from thirty years ago and the promise has been fulfilled in the Harney & Son English Breakfast Tea.

    The tea has all the perfect ingredients gotten around the world to make it maintain that rich quality taste that anyone will love. The tea comes in distinct tastes that make it stand out among other tea products. It has Sinensis plant extract. This one has a soothing blend.

    The heritage of this tea goes a long way back to the 1800s when the English drank black tea on a regular basis. This tea is China Black and contains 100% Keemun. Taking this tea every morning is one of the best therapies you can ever give yourself.

    It is the best herbal tea to wake you up early in the morning and refresh you with a fantastic taste. It will also help you with heart disease. The best part of this tea is the extract of hibiscus leaves.

    What Kind Of Tea Gives You Energy

    Can You Drink Energy Drinks Every Day?

    Tea is the perfect beverage to keep you powering consistently through the busiest of days! While steaming cups of black tea, green tea, oolong or white tea all admit to keeping company with caffeine, they pack way less punch than an explosive cup of coffee. With one of these teas on the go youâll remain super productive all day long, with no three oâclock slumps in sight.

    Some loose leaf tea blends and herbal tisanes deliver a sustained energy boost from plant-powered sources. Take an aromatic cup of spicy chai for example, or a supersonic matcha brew. Bursting with beautifully-blended herbs and spice and all things nice, a cup of chai or matcha will deliver all the vim and vigour you need to deal with your to-do list in record time.

    If you need to be focused but donât want the caffeine buzz, a tea such as Wakey Wakey will keep you on track until the finish line is in sight. Wakey Wakey blends the grassy goodness of green tea with energising guarana, yerba mate and ginger â a dynamic team of healthy energy providers.

    Starting your day with a sensational black tea brew can be a little gentler on the stomach than a first-thing coffee jolt. Morning Sunshine is an invigorating black tea combo of Assam, Darjeeling and Rwanda tea leaves perfectly blended to help you hit the ground running.

    Why not delve into an energy focused state throughout the day by trying our duo pack, which includes both Wakey Wakey and Morning Sunshine.

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    Best Energy Drink For Gaming: G

    Known as the official energy drink of E-sports, Gfuel is quite popular among gamers. It’s priced well, around $36 for ~40 servings, which is on the cheap side for energy drinks in general .

    However, this powdered energy mix is packed with caffeine, coming in at 150mg per serving, nearly double that of a Red Bull.

    Although it may be good for some, those with lower caffeine consumption habits may find the drink overwhelming.

    Rather than being able to focus, you may end up tweaking out. If you’re a regular caffeine user, this supplement is for you – otherwise, I’d opt for an energy drink that won’t give you the jitters

    On the bright side, Gfuel is sugar-free, so you won’t have to worry about a blood sugar spike followed by a crash, aka a rollercoaster of energy.

    The Right Tea For The Right Time Of Year

    Weve all seen the seasonal coffee drinks that come out every fall at our favorite coffee chain. But what about seasonal teas?

    Is that even a thing? Is there a certain time of year you should be enjoying a specific type of tea?

    If you purchase fresh loose-leaf tea, then its going to make more sense to just drink it while its fresh. Many people choose this option because fresh tea tends to have more nutrients and tastes better.

    When you buy fresh green tea, itll have a shelf-life of four months, while oolong can last for six months and black can last an entire year.

    Black tea has a longer shelf life because its fully oxidized, so it will last much longer than unoxidized teas. With a post-fermented tea like pu-erh, theres no real urgency to drink it within a certain period of time, since it tends to taste better the longer it ages.

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    The 8 Best Teas For Energy To Jumpstart Your Day

    How is drinking tea for energy better than drinking a cup of coffee?

    Though both cups seem similar, its not a true apples-to-apples comparison because the caffeine in coffee is different from the caffeine in tea.

    Caffeinated tea delivers the energy boost your long days demand and provides numerous health benefits a latte cant claim. It also comes with fewer adverse side effects.

    So as youll learn in this guide, certain teas may be a better alternative to your coffee or energy drink pick-me-ups. Well explain why before sharing our top 8 picks for the best tea for energy that lasts.

    Final Thoughts On The Best Teas For Energy

    Bang Energy Drink Adds Three New Tea Flavors To Its Menu!

    There are so many advantages to choosing tea for energy over coffee. And with so many different types of tea to choose from, you can base your decisions on flavor or how much energy you need at any given time.

    If you need a quick drink to focus, skip the dusty tea bags and messy loose leaf tea varieties. Stash a pack of easy-to-use tea crystals, and youll never be more than a few minutes away from calm, clear thinking and focused productivity.

    Which best tea for energy will you reach for first? Wed love to know!

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    Best Tea For Metabolism: Green Tea

    Green tea has received praise as the metabolism-boosting tea, and the claim has some merit. A meta-analysis suggests that drinking green tea in addition to a reduction in calories can result in weight loss. As with matcha, this breakdown of fat can be attributed to the compound EGCG. Heres the thing though supplementing with 250 milligrams of EGCG will burn about 100 calories. So for those drinking one cup of green tea per day, youre likely only burning an extra 30 calories. Adding a mug wont cause the pounds to fall off, but sipping green tea at night is a great strategy to reduce cravings and prevents you from raiding the pantry.

    Does Tea Boost Energy

    Tea is usually known for its calming effect on people. It is usually recommended as a relaxant when a person is starting to feel stressed. Sometimes people try to drink tea to get better sleep. Although it does help, tea can also provide you with enough energy.

    Tea also consists of a moderate amount of caffeine that will help and give you energy, although not in the same amount as coffee. When you start feeling a bit sluggish or lethargic, tea can help you regain a bit of energy. If you are trying to look for healthier alternatives for coffee and energy drinks, tea is the way to go.

    There are a few types of tea that will help you regain your energy. These include black tea, matcha tea, Pu-erh tea, yerba mate tea, and even peppermint tea. Remember, the mentioned teas are only a few of the kind that will help you gain energy once you drink them. However, there is a wide range of teas that will fit your palate while providing you your much-needed caffeine at the same time.

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    Drinking Black Tea At Night

    Drinking black tea at night is not a good idea, if caffeine inhibits your sleep, as it does for most of us. That said, the same is true of any tea made from the camellia sinensis plant, i.e. black tea, green tea, oolong tea, white tea, yellow tea and pu-erh tea. They all contain more or less similar amounts of caffeine.

    Stick to herbal teas before bedtime, as they contain virtually no caffeine. Another option is to cold brew your tea, since that also results in a far lower caffeine content.

    Worst: Mountain Dew Rise

    How to Make Your Own Energy Drink

    Are you surprised this one landed at the bottom? Mountain Dew may be targeting morning non-coffee drinkers with this, and it may even claim to be flavored with 5% grape juice. However, all this gives rise to what Dr. Avena says is a big warning for young Mountain Dew Rise drinkers: “Although it’s relatively low in sugar, the first ingredient aside from water is sugar white grape juice concentrate and it contains multiple artificial sweeteners and colors .” Why the yellow flag on yellow 5? Avena says: “Some research shows a potential link between artificial colors, including yellow 5, and hyperactivity in children.” In fact, she explains, if a product in the European Union contains yellow 5, among other artificial colors, it must contain a warning label.

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    What Is The Best Time To Take An Energy Drink

    If you’re about to study, work late, or take the graveyard shift, I recommend having your energy drink 5-10 minutes before starting. You’ll start to feel the effects immediately and they should last for an hour or two.

    Drinking an energy drink first thing in the morning, however, may lead to a short burst of energy followed by a crash later in the day. Instead, drinking a supplement like Early Bird is a better option first thing in the morning, as you’ll get a quick burst of fast-acting energy that lasts throughout the day, without the crash, not to mention hydration and mood enhancement!

    Are You Whole30 Approved

    Yes, we are Whole30 Approved® and loved by the community. Whole30 HQ has made an exception to the ‘no oats on the label’ rule for MUD\WTR as we use organic oats as material to culture the mushroom blend. Because oats are not present in significant amounts in the final product, Whole30 determined MUD\WTR is still Whole30 Approved and compatible during the program.

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    Tea Provides An Energy Boost To Athletic Performance

    The synergistic combination of catechins and caffeine in tea has been shown to provide a legit energy boost. Researchers say this duo speeds up the conversion of nutrients necessary for metabolism so you gain more energy.

    Plus, research has shown that teas can enhance energization, hydration, endurance, concentration, and recovery for athletes. All these reasons prove why teas are great to consume before and after your workouts.

    With all these clear advantages, now its time to dive into the best teas for energy.

    Best Tea To Drink After A Morning Workout: Matcha

    Primal Energy Drink Packaging Design on Behance

    Tea may not be on your list of post-workout beverages, but some are rich in inflammation-fighting antioxidants. Matcha is a green tea made from ground whole tea leaves mixed with water to make a brewed tea. On its own, matcha has a very earthy acquired taste. Because its made with the whole leaves of the tea plant, matcha contains more antioxidants than traditional green tea. It also has a compound called ECGC, which may contribute to fax oxidation during exercise, according to early research. And good news for morning exercisers, an eight-ounce serving of matcha tea has about 70 milligrams of caffeine. One caveat: Since it does have a strong taste, many matcha drinks contain a good amount of added sugar, so be sure to read labels carefully and stick to plain, matcha tea instead of fancy coffee shop beverages that utilize the ingredient.

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