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Does Dunkin Chai Latte Have Caffeine

Does Chai Tea Have Caffeine How Much

How To Make A Starbucks Chai Tea Latte At Home // by a barista

Masala chai is a famous Indian tea drink known for its sweet, complex, and full-bodied taste. It has become so popular that most coffee shops now have it on their menus or at least some version of it.

While the chai lattes and iced chai lattes you can order from Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts are not exactly the same as the traditional Indian version, they are delicious and energizing tea drinks full of nutrients and healthy antioxidants.

But does a chai latte or an original Indian chai contain any caffeine?

The simple answer is yes, they do!

The caffeine comes from black tea used in brewing chai, and the amount of caffeine can vary greatly depending on how the drink was prepared.

To make things a bit more complicated, there are also versions of chai that only contain herbal ingredients and are caffeine-free.

In this guide, we will discuss the different versions of chai and how much caffeine they have. I will also tell you how to make a heavenly chai or iced chai latte at home.

So buckle up, hold on to your kulhar , and get ready to learn all about chai tea and caffeine!

If you just want to quickly compare the amount of caffeine in typical chai latte and masala chai to some other popular drinks, take a look at the infographic below:

Note: the amounts in the infographic above are only estimates and can vary greatly depending on the ingredients and brewing method used.

A Vegan Chai Latte Recipe For You

It is simple to find traditional recipes for a chai latte, but vegans have an additional challenge. Since chai tea latte typically includes milk, the regular recipe will not be vegan. The following recipe provides an alternative for vegans who want to enjoy this delicious drink with serving for 2 people.


  • 2 cups of water
  • 1 tablespoon of black tea, loose leaf or 2 â 3 bags of chai or black tea
  • 2 tablespoons chai spice blend, whole
  • Sweetener of choice, such as maple syrup or cane sugar, to taste
  • 1 cup dairy-free milk, unsweetened, extra to taste
  • Coconut whipped cream, as topping
  • ½ cup of raw cashews, optional, soaked in very hot water for an hour or cool water overnight before draining


  • Mix your spices, tea and water in a saucepan, letting it boil at high heat. Bring the heat to low, letting it simmer for 10 to 15 minutes.
  • Take off heat, adding non-dairy milk and sweetener. Warm 2 to 3 minutes off heat.
  • Pour into 2 serving mugs with a strainer .
  • Taste then adjust seasonings. Add sugar for sweetness or ground cinnamon for warmth.

Optional: You can mix the chai tea with the soaked cashews in a blender until it is smooth and creamy. Reheat briefly in the microwave or on stovetop before serving. Only heat slightly as the mixture may thicken when reheated too long because of the cashews. You can water it down with water or almond milk. Top your mixture with your coconut whip and cinnamon.

Dunkin Donuts Chai Latte & Iced Chai Latte

The Dunkin Donuts chai latte left me surprised.

Getting this review of Dunkin iced and hot chai lattes done had been on my mind for a while because finding a good chai is pretty hard for most people who dont live in major cities.

I was reluctant to taste the Dunkin spin on chai because this is something that can easily go wrong.

So are the Dunkin chai lattes any good?

Lets get to it!

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So How Much Caffeine In A Chai Latte

If you drink regular chai lattes, you can expect 70.5 milligrams of caffeine per 12-ounce cup. On the other hand, if you drink dirty chai lattes, there will be 134.5 milligrams of caffeine in a single shot latte and 198.5 in a double shot dirty chai latte.

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Is Chai Tea High In Caffeine

Dunkin Donuts Frozen Vanilla Chai Recipe

Caffeine levels in a cup of standard chai tea are around one third of those found in a cup of coffee, while caffeine levels in a cup of strong chai tea are approximately one sixth of those found in regular coffee. This implies that you may drink many cups of chai tea each day without experiencing the unpleasant side effects that are typically connected with drinking multiple cups of coffee.

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How Does Dunkin Compare With Other Coffee Houses

The amount of caffeine in Dunkin Donuts range of teas and coffees used to be relatively lesser than other renowned coffee shops such as Caribou, Peets, and Starbucks. However, the brand has recently made some changes.

In the past, Dunkin Donuts used fewer grounds of coffee to make their brewed coffees. In addition, their espresso-based drinks also have less caffeine.

This was actually quite good for people who did not want that significant caffeine jolt, which brands such as Starbucks and others were pushing.

However, things have changed now, and Dunkin Donuts now also features drinks with just as much caffeine fix as Starbucks, if not more. In fact, the in a regular-sized cup. This caffeine fix in a decaf coffee is even more than you would find in a Dunkin Coolatta, despite it being a decaffeinated drink.

The majority of offerings at Dunkin Donuts are just around the range of having 400mg caffeine, which is ideally the recommended safe daily dosage of caffeine for an average grown-up. Still, the suggested single caffeine dose is only 200mg.

What Does A Iced Chai Latte Have In It

Does coffee make up any part of an iced chai latte? Most of the time, coffee is not included in iced chai lattes. Only chai concentrate and milk are used in their preparation, and they are then poured over ice. However, if you would like to add coffee, you may make a filthy chai latte by adding one or two shots of espresso to the chai mixture. This drink is pretty tasty.

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How Much Caffeine Does Chai Contain

Warm milk, sweetener, spices, and black tea make tea. And, unless youre ordering a decaffeinated chai, black tea has caffeine.

The amount of caffeine in a single cup varies based on various factors. Depending on how you prepare the brew, a standard cup of chai might contain anywhere from 20 to 100 milligrammes of caffeine. You can reduce the caffeine concentration by 80 per cent by reducing the steeping time.

When you compare that to the 120mg in a typical cup of coffee, its clear that if you want to be a lively bag of beans, youll want to stick to those, well, coffee beans.

Final Thoughts On Chai Tea Caffeine Content

Dunkin Donuts Iced Chai Latte Review

Now you know all there is about chai and caffeine.

So next time you order a chai latte at a coffee shop or make one at home, you know how much caffeine it has.

This information is very useful because sometimes you just need a proper dose to wake you up in the morning or to keep you going after lunch. On the flip side, you might not want to consume a lot of caffeine late in the evening especially if you are sensitive to it.

Enjoy your chai and feel refreshed!

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How Much Caffeine Is In A Medium Iced Latte

  • About 14 milligrams of caffeine may be found in one ounce of coffee.
  • What is this, exactly?
  • On the other hand, considering that a medium iced coffee has approximately 12 ounces of coffee and a medium iced latte has two shots of espresso , a medium iced coffee is actually more potent than an iced latte .
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    Do Dunkin Coolattas Have Caffeine

    Being one of Dunkins most popular drinks, several people relish the taste of these flavored Coolattas. For your health, it is essential to know how much caffeine can be found in a Dunkin Donuts Coolatta, so you can assess its strength.

    Comprehending the sugar and caffeine content in Dunkin Coolattas is crucial to determining just how much you can have of this drink in a day and whether it is safe to drink at all in the first place.

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    Health Reasons To Try Chai Tea Latte

    Chai tea latte is typically loved for its unique flavor and fusion of herbs and spices. However, there are more reasons to love this wonder drink aside from its taste. Packed with various health benefits, Chai tea can help you stay healthy and boost your overall well-being.

    Learn more about the benefits of incorporating Chai tea latte into your daily routine by reading the list below:

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    How To Make Masala Chai Or Iced Chai Latte At Home

    Dunkin Donuts Frozen Vanilla Chai Recipe

    Now Im going to explain how you can make chai at home. Its not very difficult, but you need some time and quite a few ingredients.

    If you want to make things easier and faster, I also have a guide with the best Indian chai brands that will give you great results in minutes.

    Ready to make everything from the beginning?

    Here is my favorite chai tea recipe for six servings:

    You will need the following equipment:

    • Saucepan or tea pot
    • 5 tbsp loose leaf black tea
    • 1-inch piece of ginger
    • 1/2 tsp fennel seeds

    How to prepare it:

  • Crack the cardamom pods, cloves, and peppercorns and put them in a saucepan or teapot. Add thinly sliced ginger, cinnamon sticks, and black tea. Add star anise and fennel seeds if you want to use them. Add the water.
  • Bring to a low boil and cover. Steep on low heat for at least 10 minutes. If you want a stronger infusion, keep the chai on very low heat for an hour or two.
  • Add milk and sugar. Stir it while heating until its simmering hot again. Simmer for a few minutes to allow the milk to bring out the oil from the spices.
  • Pour into mugs or glasses through a strainer and enjoy!
  • So how about that iced chai latte?

    I recommend you try the recipe above and make six servings of masala chai but dont drink all of it!

    And voilà , there you have it an iced chai latte!

    You might also want to try out some of the following modifications the next time:

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    What Does Cafe Escapes Chai K

    The Cafe Escapes chai latte K-cup is noted for being a black tea that has been mixed with calming spices, such as cinnamon, cardamom, and clove, with a dash of black pepper added in. This end of the taste range contributes flavors of sweet milk and honey, resulting in a product that is both delectable and unusual in nature.

    What Exactly Is Chai Tea

    The word chai actually means tea in India, and when we say chai in Western countries, it usually refers to masala chai, which translates to mixed-spiced tea.

    This popular Indian beverage is typically made with the following components:

    • Black Tea: Assam black tea, known for its high caffeine content, is the traditional choice for brewing chai.
    • Herbs and Spices: Usually at least ginger, cloves, cardamom, and cinnamon are used.
    • Milk: Chai is best made with full-fat cows milk, often used in a 1:1 ratio with water. There are also many excellent plant-based options like soy, cashew, almond, or coconut milk.
    • Sweetener: This is optional, but chai is typically sweetened with sugar. You can also use honey or some other option like stevia.

    Yet, there are many versions of chai being served around the world. Some might be made with various types of black tea, green tea, or herbal ingredients like rooibos.

    One great thing is that the benefits of chai tea are many, as it can help you with controlling hunger and losing weight, improve digestion and immunity as well as boost your energy levels and brain health.

    Then what is chai latte all about?

    This trendy tea drink can be found on the menus of most coffee shops and is great both hot and iced. It simply means black tea with spices that is served with foamed milk.

    So there isnt necessarily any real difference between traditional masala chai and chai latte except for the foamed milk.

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    What Is Chai Tea Latte

    Chai latte is a concoction made of black tea, spices, and milk. Chai originated in India, where it is called masala chai.

    Its a common spiced tea drink thats widely consumed in the country.

    The addition of frothy milk creates a balance of flavors that makes the drink soothingly delicious.

    Its a popular drink during cold months since its very cozy, but I also enjoy drinking it iced during summer!

    Fun fact: the word chai means tea. So whenever you say chai tea latte, youre actually saying tea tea latte!

    Everybody Runs On Dunkin’ As Long As They’re Getting The Right Drink

    Copycat Dunkin Donuts Vanilla Chai Latte

    If youre like me, you get up before class every morning, chucking your phone across the room when the alarm goes off. You throw on clothes, grab your bag, and head out the door. But you know you cant make it through a class with out some caffeine in your system. But you should know, not all Dunkin drinks will give you the same kick.

    All of these caffeine measurements are according to a medium-sized drink. These measurements also come from the updated amounts from 2015, after Dunkin added more caffeine to keep up with other chains like Starbucks and Peets.

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    How Much Caffeine Is In A Chai Latte Compared To Coffee

    Comparatively, a cup of coffee with the same volume often has an astounding 120 milligrams of caffeine, whilst a cup of chai latte typically contains only 40 milligrams of caffeine. This indicates that you are able to have several more cups of chai for the same amount of caffeine that is found in only one cup of coffee.

    Cold Brew With Caramel Cold Foam

    This is the best cold brew drink on Dunkins menu. We already liked the regular cold foam, and the caramel flavoring in this added a flavor depth without bringing a bunch of unnecessary sweetness to the drink.

    Compared to other caramel drinks from the chain, this felt refined and restrained. There was still plenty of caramel flavor, but you could taste the coffee clearly as well. The caramel did a better job than the sweet cold foam at hiding the off-flavor of Dunkin cold brew, which was nice. The caramel itself had a pleasant vanilla and brown sugar flavor. Were not sure if Dunkin uses the same caramel in the cold foam as it does in all its other drinks, but it tasted very different in this context. We didnt feel like we just ate a whole candy bar after finishing this, and we could imagine drinking it with breakfast.

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    Is It Bad To Drink Chai Tea Everyday

    Sounds like making the choice to drink chai tea every day isnt too bad. Studies have also shown that other chai essentials, such as cinnamon and cloves as well as cardamom and black pepper, possess antibacterial properties. These properties can prevent digestive problems resulting from bacterial infections.

    Does Iced Coffee Or Iced Latte Have More Caffeine

    dunkin donuts chai tea caffeine

    Which one packs more of a punch, iced coffee or iced latte? Due to its higher concentration, espresso has a higher proportion of caffeine than traditional brewed coffee. In comparison, an ounce of brewed coffee in an iced coffee has just 8 mg of caffeine, yet an ounce of espresso in an iced latte contains 30 mg of caffeine.

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    What Is A Dirty Chai Latte

    When you order a dirty chai latte from a coffee shop, you are actually getting a clean cup of coffee. However, there are some people who believe that the drink is dirty because it contains Espresso and Tea beans which have been ground together with dirt and other particles.

    This mixture makes the cup cloudy and thick.

    I’d Order 2 Of These Iced Chai Lattes Again

    I don’t think I’d ever particularly crave any of these, but they weren’t all bad.Paige Bennett

    Honestly, none of these drinks gave me everything I wanted in an iced chai a balance of spiciness, creaminess, and sweetness.

    Starbucks was my favorite, and I’d order it again, but I still wish it tasted spicier.

    Peet’s is probably my second choice because it had some spiciness. But next time, I’d order it with extra sweetener and/or milk to balance everything.

    Dunkin’ at least had some flavor, but that flavor was mostly just plain tea.

    I wouldn’t order Panera’s iced chai latte again. I love a lot of offerings at Panera, but this lacked flavor.

    Read the original article on Insider

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    Does Dunkin Have Chai Tea

    Dunkin Donuts sells chai tea lattes. You can order this beverage either hot or iced. The Dunkin chai latte is made by combining a chai tea blend, spices, and milk. The customer gets to pick the type of milk they prefer and can also opt for a sweetener.

    The spice blend is a mixture of cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, nutmeg, and cloves. It also contains cane sugar as a sweetener. Meanwhile, the preservatives help to preserve the flavors of the various ingredients in the chai tea blend.

    Final Thoughts On The Dunkin Chai Lattes

    Starbucks Healthy Drink Swap: Dirty Iced Chai Latte

    Is the Dunkin iced chai latte worth trying?

    I honestly liked it. Its definitely on of the best Dunkin Donuts teas on the menu.

    Most people will love the flavor profile that blends just a pinch of chais earthiness with some kick from nutmeg, cinnamon, and cardamom.

    My only criticism would be that Id like to see the recipe tone down the nutmeg in order to let the cinnamon and cardamom come through a little more.

    The hot version also passes my test for being delicious, thick, and creamy.

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