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What Is The Best Sleep Tea

The Best Sleep Teas For Relaxing At Bedtime

10 Best Sleep Inducing Teas to Drink at Bedtime | Bedtime Drinks for Weight Loss

Sleep teas can help relax your body and mind for a better night’s rest

If youre looking for a better nights sleep, youve no doubt thought about trying out sleep teas to see if they can really be of any help.

There are a number of common reasons people don’t sleep, says sleep expert James Wilson AKA The Sleep Geek. Firstly, poor sleep can be genetic we inherit our sleep, in terms of whether we’re a good sleeper or a poor sleeper, our sleep type, our sleep needs and other aspects of our sleep from our ancestors.”

But whether we are genetically good sleepers or poor sleepers, there are other lifestyle factors that can also affect our sleep.

Things such as being too stressed and anxious, not winding down properly before bed or drinking too much caffeine or alcohol can all contribute to us not sleeping well, explains James, as well as not going to a bed that works for our sleep type, having inconsistent wake up times, being too hot during the night or lying in bed when we cant get to sleep.

So we’ve delved into the world of sleep teas to see whether they can really help us get the rest we need. Because lets face it – after downloading all the sleep apps, experimenting with the best pillows and even trying CBD for sleep, theres only so much left we can try to help us get those much-needed zzzs.

How Do Teas Help Reduce Stress

The teas recommended here contain a wealth of compounds that may lower stress and benefit your health in many other ways.

Except for green tea, all these teas are herbal. This means theyre made from water infusions of the roots, leaves, flowers, or other parts of a diverse range of plants.

Research suggests that some ingredients in a cup of herbal tea may help:

  • lift mood
  • calm your mind and body
  • lower cortisol

Herbal teas vary in their effectiveness. What calms one person down may not work for another. Or it may be too relaxing for another and make them groggy.

Its a good idea to try these teas in small amounts first, and dont drive or perform other activities that require alertness until you know for sure how the tea affects you.

Some experts say that the stress-lowering ability of tea comes partly from just stopping long enough to brew and sip a cup, especially if you share it with a friend. We second that notion! Slowing down for a tea break is a great first step to de-stressing.

We all know about our doctors recommendation to take breaks from work during the day. But how many of us take the time to do it? The thought of wrapping our hands around a warm cup of tea may provide just the motivation we need.

The Best Tea To Drink Before Bed

Obviously, you dont want to intake a lot of caffeine before you go to sleep , so if youre going to have tea before bed, youll want something with very little to no caffeine. Choose a natural tea to help you relax and de-stress before you sleep. Herbal teas that contain no caffeine like chamomile or peppermint are great choices. Many companies make teas specific for helping you fall to sleep and sleep better. Theyre often called sleepy tea or nighttime tea and have no caffeine and ingredients that help you relax and fall to sleep.

  • The 4 best bedtime teas are:
  • Chamomile tea is one of the best teas for bedtime because it is a caffeine-free and contains sleep-inducing ingredients. Its also known to help decrease anxiety.
  • Green tea contains theanine, which can help you feel calm at bedtime. However, regular green tea does contain caffeine, so be careful if youre sensitive to it.
  • Peppermint tea is another great herbal tea option for nighttime drinking. It has little to no caffeine and can help settle your stomach, too.
  • Lavender tea helps with relaxation and falling to sleep. Lavender in general can be beneficial at night, both when you ingest it and when you smell itlavender tea is great before bed to help you unwind and relax and can also improve sleep when diffused as an essential oil or sprayed in your room at night.

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Are There Any Risks Or Side Effects

In general, sipping these teas regularly before bed is safe. While chamomile is listed on the FDAs list of ingredients generally recognized as safe , some people may experience some side effects. And, there are certain teas or ingredients you may want to avoid if you are taking certain medications, so its best to check with your doctor.

There have been some reported allergies in some people to some ingredients in herbal teas, like chamomile, Schlichter says. Also, pregnant and nursing women and those suffering from low blood pressure may be more apt to risks and side effects and definitely want to check with a healthcare provider.

One ingredient in particularvalerianmay also cause some unwanted side effects. A variety of sleepy tea called Extra has valerian in it, and some studies have found that this herb can cause headaches, dizziness, and an upset stomach, Gans says.

Is It Safe To Drink Herbal Tea Everyday

Get a Better Night

Yes, it is safe to drink herbal tea everyday. Herbal tea is a natural beverage that does not have any adverse side effects. So you can drink herbal tea every day without having to worry about any negative consequences.

However, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding then it is best to consult with your doctor before drinking herbal tea as some of the herbs in herbal tea might not be safe for you.

Aside from that, drinking herbal tea everyday is a great way to improve your overall health and well-being.

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Why You Should Not Drink Herbal Sleep Tea

You should not drink herbal tea if you are pregnant, breastfeeding, expecting to be pregnant, suffer from autoimmune diseases or scheduled for surgery. If you take prescription sedatives, antidepressants, anti-anxiety drugs, anti-inflammatory drugs, blood thinning medication, blood pressure medication, you shouldnt drink herbal tea.

As stated earlier, if you are taking medication, consult your doctor before you choose herbal tea as your bedtime beverage. Herbal teas can interact with medication depending on the type of medicine and your health condition.

If youre going to do any activities that require you to be alert, like driving or operating heavy machinery, dont drink herbal sleep tea. It may make you feel drowsy and you may get in a dangerous situation.

How To Brew The Perfect Cup Of Tea

There are many types of teas, and steeping times and techniques can vary greatly from tea to tea and brand to brand. Plus, different people may prefer their tea a certain way lighter or stronger, for example.

Generally speaking, to achieve a lighter brew, steep the tea for a shorter period, or if using loose leaf tea use less tea. If youre looking for a stronger brew, try the opposite.

Teas that are sold in teabags, and even some loose teas often come with instructions for steeping times and water temperature. You can use these as a guideline and then experiment with longer or shorter steeping times until you find the one that gives you the best result for your personal taste.

If you want to learn more about brewing tea like an expert, check out this article.

Most of the teas recommended here are herbal. Though natural, herbs can also be very powerful. Its always best to try a small amount first and wait to see how it affects you.

The advises you to always follow the instructions on the package and never take more than the recommended dose.

Herbs packaged and distributed in the United States are considered dietary supplements . This means they must carry a notice that the ingredients have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and arent meant to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. The notice also warns that dietary supplements may be harmful if misused.

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Best Instant: Waka Black Tea Powder

The instant tea category isnt a large one unless you include the many pre-made canned and bottled versions out there, which would be a lot but its evolving. The folks at Waka, who make a mean instant coffee as well, have a nice product here, one thats easy to make as well as tasty, no steeping required.

How To Make Chamomile Tea

3 Teas for the Best Nights Sleep Ever

The process of making chamomile tea will differ from brand to brand. However, with loose leaf chamomile tea, the process of brewing a cup is the same. You need to put one or two tablespoons of the tea in a strainer. Next, boil water, preferably to a 212 degree Fahrenheit temperature. After that, you can pour the hot water through the strainer into the cup. Lastly, you need to allow the chamomile tea to steep in hot water for a while.

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Sleep Time Is In The Tea

Does tea help you sleep better? The answer is 100% yes if you enjoy it as a ritual. The process of making and drinking the beverage to fuel and care for yourself is part of why it helps you prepare for a good nights rest.

Its that ritualization, Stevens affirms. I like the idea of doing the same set of actions in the same order every night to get ready for sleep. And if that does involve tea, that’s a great start.

Need more comfort tips? Give your bedtime routine an extra pad of comfort by drawing a bath or listening to these scientifically backed songs for sleep.

If you found this article helpful, consider sharing it on , , , or or emailing it to any friends or family members who might benefit from a better nights sleep. Sharing is caring!

The Science Of Tea For Sleep

Dr. Dasgupta says that the evidence for tea’s sleep-promoting propterties is mixed and limited.

It’s hard to get a consensus because the research has so many variables. It’s challenging to quantify dosages of tea and compare different forms , according to Dr. Dasgupta.

“The limitations of are what dose? What form?” he says. “All those things are confounders and why the evidence isn’t very robust.”

In short, the outcomes are subjective.

“It’s really hard to have objective measures when we talk about how people slept last night,” Dr. Dasgupta says.

That said, there is some information on the following types of tea.

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Best Tea For Sleep Prepare Yourself For A Restful Night

You’ve probably seen the boxes of herbal teas in the grocery store with sleepy bears and houses with one window lit. These are all herbal bedtime teas promising the same thing restful sleep. But do these teas even work? That’s the question we’ll attempt to answer in this article, followed by reviews of some bedtime teas, then zeroing in on the best tea for sleep available on the market today.


Bigelow Tea Herbal Tea Sweet Dreams

Criteria We Used To Pick

This Is the Best Tea to Put You to Sleep

Selecting our best stress-reducing teas was challenging because these herbs have different varieties, different strengths, and different effects on different people. Thats a lot of differences!

Still, calming herbs have been used for centuries. And in modern times, stress-reducing brews are still very much in demand. So, yes, there are lots of choices!

We based our picks on:

  • longtime history of use

suggests that chamomile helped reduce depression and sleep quality problems in postpartum women.

What we like

  • Chamomile tea has a long history of effective use.
  • The tea has a beautiful yellow color.
  • Its fragrance is quite delicate.
  • This tea calms gently without making you sleepy.

What to look out for

  • If you drink chamomile tea to supplement your treatment for anxiety, its important to check with your doctor first.
  • Chamomile has been known to interact with some medications.
  • Doctors often advise against consuming chamomile during pregnancy.
  • People who are allergic to plants in the daisy family may react to chamomile.

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Can Herbal Teas Really Help You Sleep

Some people refrain from drinking any kind of tea at night. But the truth is that herbal teas are very different from regular caffeinated teas. They contain anti-anxiety ingredients that help your body relax and get to sleep easily. You must have heard of how valerian root can help people with sleep problems. Herbal teas contain the same ingredient as valerian root to soothe your physical and mental system and help you relax before you go to sleep.

The advantage of drinking a herbal tea instead of taking the raw supplement is that you dont have to deal with the stinky herb and bad taste. Moreover, taking raw herb with water isnt a soothing experience in itself. On the other hand, drinking tea at bedtime has an inherent relaxing effect on your brain, just like taking a hot shower helps you feel instantly relaxed.

Some sleep teas have ingredients that have a sedative effect, such as chamomile and valerian. On the other hand, some teas have ingredients that reduce stress and anxiety. Some sleep teas help ease digestion so that the body can relax and go to sleep.

Benefits Of Tea Before Bedtime

Herbal teas have a variety of benefits other than just being relaxing. Herbs have been a natural way of treating a variety of ailments for thousands of years.

For example, lemon and peppermint ease digestion, and cinnamons potent blend of antioxidants is known to help control bad cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, and even eliminate gas! I could go on about cinnamon, but Ill save it for an upcoming section.

Theres some evidence that our ability to absorb nutrients increases as we sleep, so if you opt for an herbal tea with nutritional properties, your body may get some added benefits.

If youre drinking it at night, avoid putting sugar in it. The extra calories right before bed will sabotage your weight goals, and the stimulating effect of sugar could end up keeping you up later.

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How Do You Know Youre Buying Quality Tea

You can recognize good quality tea by the shape of the tea leaves, flower buds, or herbs. Lower quality tea is often crumbled or powdered.

Good quality herbal tea, on the other hand, will more closely resemble a dried bouquet. This means youll probably see pieces of fruit, plants, or flowers in your tea.

Dried herbs and flowers should have some weight and color to them, along with a fragrance not unlike the fresh plant. Old, low-quality herbs feel lightweight, and they probably wont have as much fragrance or taste.

Your tea doesnt have to be top-tier to get the job done, of course, so dont feel bad about sticking to your favorite Stash or Celestial Seasonings blend we drink them, too!

Ginger And Turmeric Tea

6 Best BEDTIME TEAS That Good For Sleep

This is an extremely healthy blend of two of the healthiest known herbs and spices. If you love the taste of ginger as much as I do, then you will certainly enjoy a relaxing healthy cup of ginger tea spiced up with the incredibly therapeutic turmeric.

Even if it does not help you get off to sleep, you will benefit a great deal from the health properties of this tea. Add some good quality honey to taste if you find the flavor too pungent.

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Can All Herbal Teas Help Me Sleep Better

No, not all herbal teas are effective in helping you sleep better. As mentioned earlier, what might work for one person might not work for another.

You need to find the right type of herbal tea that is going to be most effective for you and your individual needs. However, the herbal teas listed above have all been known to be effective in helping people get a better nights sleep.

So, if youre looking for an herbal tea that can help improve your sleep quality, then these are the herbal tea you should try out.

Best To Gift: Fortnum & Mason Darjeeling Tea

Originally a Williams Sonoma exclusive from iconic English tea house Fornum & Mason, this tea is teeming with tremendous quality. Its made from some of the highest elevation growing areas in the world in the Himalayas and comes in a beautiful canister the recipient will want to show off atop the kitchen counter.

Editors’ Recommendations

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Do You Have To Pay A Lot For Good Tea

Fancy teas can get a little expensive, but in some cases, price can suggest a better grade of tea.

Higher quality teas and herbs tend to cost more to produce and harvest. Organic, responsibly sourced, and fair trade teas all tend to cost more than your average grocery store tea bags. But their higher price tag helps ensure sustainable production and fair wages for farmers.

You absolutely can find quality teas at reasonable prices, however, especially if you buy your tea in bulk.

Do Herbal Sleep Teas Taste Good

Best Tea For Sleep

Herbal teas may not taste pleasant. But many manufacturers produce herbal teas from a combination of two or more herbs . These combinations taste better than individual herbs. Some herbal teas

If you are committed to treating your sleep problems, then taste should not be your number one preference. If people can love the bitter taste of beer and other alcoholic drinks, you too can learn to love the okayish taste of herbal sleep teas.

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