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What Does Green Tea Do For Your Health

Green Tea And Longevity

7 Health Benefits of Green Tea & How to Drink it | Doctor Mike

If this isnt enough to convince you to include green tea in your diet, then we dont know what will. You can find it in many forms, from plain tea to supplements to concentrated extract. Much like avocado is considered a superfood, green tea may be a superdrink and one of the healthiest beverages you can consume.

From improved alertness and cognitive function to reduced inflammation, there are many benefits to drinking green tea regularly. Find your favourite way to consume green tea and make it an everyday staple to boost your overall health.

You Might Have A Decreased Risk Of Cancer If You Drink Green Tea Every Day

For many people, it can feel like there’s nothing that can be done to prevent cancer, as it’s one of the most common causes of death throughout the world.

However, there have been several studies that prove drinking green tea on a regular basis can help prevent cancer. As one study found, women who drank green tea had a 20 to 30 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer. Another study found that men who drank green tea had a 48 percent lower risk of developing prostate cancer. Clearly, the antioxidants in green tea have a huge role in the beverage’s health benefits. As Healthline reported, “Green tea is an excellent source of powerful antioxidants, so it makes sense that it could reduce your risk of cancer, which it appears to do.”

If you drink green tea every day, you might just decrease your risk of developing cancer, which is a pretty big deal.

Tea Drinking: Your Attention Span May Improve

The caffeine in tea can improve your attention and alertness. Theanine is an amino acid that is virtually unique to tea , explains Dr. Naidoo. It may also improve attention by relaxing the brain, but stimulating it when it is time to focus. If you ever find yourself having difficulty with focus or concentration, try steeping a warm cup of tea just before its time to work or consider these other foods that might help you focus.

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Minimal Processing Leaves Nutrients Intact

Unlike soda, another common source of caffeine, tea is relatively unprocessed. After picking the leaves, they are allowed to soften before being rolled to wring out their juices . After heat is applied to the leaves, they are dried and ready to use. This minimal amount of processing means that green tea retains many of the phytonutrients that are available in the actual tea plant.

What Do We Know About Safety

How does green tea help reduce fat?
  • Green tea, when consumed as a beverage, is believed to be safe when used in amounts up to 8 cups per day. Keep in mind that only the amount of added caffeine must be stated on product labels and not the caffeine that naturally occurs in green tea.
  • Drinking green tea may be safe during pregnancy and while breastfeeding when consumed in amounts up to 6 cups per day . Drinking more than this amount during pregnancy may be unsafe and may increase the risk of negative effects. Green tea may also increase the risk of birth defects associated with folic acid deficiency. Caffeine passes into breast milk and can affect a breastfeeding infant.
  • Although uncommon, liver problems have been reported in a number of people who took green tea products, primarily green tea extracts in pill form. People with liver disease should consult a health care provider before taking products with green tea extract. People taking green tea extracts, especially those with liver disease, should discontinue use and consult a health care provider if they develop symptoms of liver trouble .
  • Green tea is an ingredient in many over-the-counter weight loss products, some of which have been identified as the likely cause of rare cases of liver injury.
  • Green tea at high doses has been shown to reduce blood levels and therefore the effectiveness of the drug nadolol, a beta-blocker used for high blood pressure and heart problems. It may also interact with other medicines.

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Tea Drinking: Your Teeth Will Be Stronger

While sipping tea throughout the day could slightly stain your teeth, it may be worth it. According to a study in the Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology, green tea has an antibacterial effect that could reduce cavity-forming bacteria in your mouth. Drinking green tea every day could also make cavities less severe.

It May Rev Up Your Metabolism Helping You Lose Weight

The phytonutrients in green tea may also help you lose weight and keep it off. A 2009 meta-analysis of studies in this area found that drinking catechin-rich green tea significantly reduced body weight . Furthermore, people who drank green tea were more likely to maintain a healthy weight after significant weight loss.

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Does Green Tea Reduce Belly Fat

Green Tea can significantly reduce belly fat if you combine its consumption with a healthy diet and some exercise. Catechins and polyphenols seem to contribute to thermogenic chemical procedures and reactions in fat cells. That is why Green Tea can make you lose belly fat faster than any other common substance.

How Much Green Tea Should You Drink Per Day

Green Tea for Fat Loss: Health Benefits of EGCG- Thomas DeLauer

Green tea is a popular beverage consumed worldwide.

In recent years, it has also gained popularity as a health drink.

Green tea is derived from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant and comes in several varieties.

It can be enjoyed hot, cold or even in powdered form, and its recognized for its high antioxidant content and health benefits.

But how much green tea should you drink to achieve these benefits? And could drinking too much be dangerous?

This article dives into the research to find out how much green tea you should drink.

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Improve Brain Function And Mental Performance

While the stimulants in tea can keep you awake, they can also make your brain function better. The main stimulant, caffeine, is present in tea at enough of a dose to provide a lift for most people without causing the increased anxiety and jitters associated with too much coffee.

In the brain, the main method of action of caffeine is to block adenosine receptors, allowing neurons to fire for longer, increasing brain activity. Studies have shown caffeine improves concentration and memory.

Additionally, the amino aide L-theanine has a relaxing effect while simultaneously increasing alertness, which, in combination with caffeine, can increase brain function and help you be more productive.

Green Tea With Honey May Help Reduce Cold And Flu Symptoms

Both hot tea and honey are known to alleviate symptoms of a sore throat. But drinking green tea with honey may provide more benefits than just soothing your throat.

Drinking green tea with honey could help manage symptoms and possibly even reduce the risk of the common cold and flu, but its unclear how much you need to drink to experience benefits.

Research has shown a connection between tea catechins a compound found in green tea and lower rates of the flu, as well as fewer symptoms. Honey may also help with symptom management .

However, remember that green tea with honey cant cure any conditions.

Evidence is mixed on how much green tea you need to drink to see the symptom-relief benefits. Some studies suggest as few as 3 cups daily, whereas others tested levels of catechins found in 10 cups of green tea .

Adding honey to your green tea may make it more palatable by cutting some of the bitterness, leading you to drink more, which may also help with hydration when sick.

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The Benefits Of Green Tea Extend To Your Belly

Drinking too much caffeine can give you the jitters and affect your sleep, but the stimulant can also help keep you regular. If youre sensitive to the volume of caffeine in coffee, try green tea instead. It, too, has caffeine but less than coffee. According to the Mayo Clinic, 8 oz of caffeinated brewed coffee contains between 95 and 165 mg of caffeine, whereas 8 oz of brewed green tea contains between 25 and 29 mg of caffeine.

Green Tea Is A Natural Stimulant

Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea is a natural source of caffeine, making it a great way to perk yourself up when youre feeling tired. The good news is that green tea contains less caffeine than coffee, meaning that you can sip this beverage throughout the afternoon without significantly disturbing your sleep or suffering through the jittery side effects of a caffeine overdose .

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Speeds Up Weight Loss

Green tea extract is famous in the weight loss industry. These highly concentrated forms of green tea are sold as weight loss aids that help people shed pounds faster.

Green tea catechins increase energy levels, speed up metabolism, and improve liver function. By speeding up metabolic rate, your body burns fat stores faster, meaning you lose weight faster. Essentially, green tea accelerates fat oxidation. These tea catechins also support the liver in breaking down fats into energy, which may help boost athletic performance and endurance .

It’s important to note that research shows that green tea tends to work better for some ethnicities. People of Asian descent have demonstrated better results when it comes to green tea and weight loss acceleration.

The impact of green tea on metabolism can also be weakened when it is combined with caffeine. Researchers recommend consuming less than 300 milligrams of caffeine to preserve the weight loss effects of green tea. Green tea is an excellent weight loss aid when used as a replacement for sugary sodas, regardless of ethnic background.

Tea Drinking: Your Risk Of Alzheimers Disease Could Decrease

The thought of you or a loved one being diagnosed with Alzheimers disease is frightening. Its important to know the early warning signs and do what you can to prevent it. Green tea can help you develop resistance against stress, and potentially Alzheimers disease, says Dr. Naidoo. The polyphenols protect cells from damage.Olive leaf tea has similar benefits, with the added immunity-boosting properties and no caffeine.

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Can Improve Heart Health

According to a variety of studies, drinking green tea and heart health are linked. Green tea has a compound called polyphenols that lower inflammation, preventing cardiovascular disease. Since green tea has plenty of antioxidants, it prevents bad cholesterol from oxidizing in the blood. By preventing this oxidation process, your LDL cholesterol will be lowered, preventing cardiovascular disease.

May Enhance Heart Health

Drink Green Tea Every Day, See What Happens to Your Body

Research has found that both green tea and lemons are associated with several benefits for heart health.

In fact, one review reported that citrus flavonoids, including those found in lemons, may suppress inflammation, improve the function of the blood vessels, and support healthy cholesterol levels .

Another study found that people who consumed lemons daily had decreased blood pressure levels, especially when they also walked regularly .

Similarly, an analysis of nine studies showed that people who regularly consumed green tea had a lower risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke than those who didnt drink green tea .

Whats more, a recent review of 24 studies also found that drinking green tea could help lower high systolic and diastolic blood pressure, both of which are risk factors for heart disease .


Studies have found that consuming both green tea and lemons is associated with improved heart health and reductions in several risk factors for heart disease.

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May Reduce The Risk Of Cancer

The maintenance of your bodys tissues and organs is characterized by cell death and regrowth. Specialized cells known as stem cells produce new cells to replace those that die. This process keeps cells active and healthy.

When this balance is disrupted, cancer can occur. This is when your body starts producing dysfunctional cells, and cells dont die when they should.

The antioxidants in green tea extract, especially EGCG, seem to have favorable effects on the balance of cell production and death (

) were very small and that the participants had no underlying health conditions. Many people with diabetes, on the other hand, take medications that affect their liver and many have NAFLD, so they would need to monitor their liver enzymes.

If you have diabetes, you should speak to your doctor before taking these supplements.

An analysis of 17 studies concluded that green tea extract is useful in decreasing fasting blood sugar levels. It can also help lower levels of hemoglobin A1C, which is an indicator of blood sugar levels over the past 23 months .


Green tea extract has been shown to increase insulin sensitivity and blood sugar tolerance, all while decreasing hemoglobin A1C and blood sugar levels.

Green Tea Keeps You Looking Youthful

Not only is green tea good for your physical health, but it could also keep you looking great! Beauty experts commonly use green tea products for their anti-inflammatory effects. For instance, a combined regimen of 10% green tea cream and green tea supplements improves the elasticity of skin, which keeps your skin looking more youthful as you age .

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If you have ever thought that Green Tea is an acquired taste or that it is too bitter to enjoy, were here to change your mind! We want everyone to experience the health benefits of Green Tea and show you that this can be an amazing, refreshing, and delicious drink when made correctly. With just a few tips on how to brew this powerful leaf we can change your mind about the taste and enjoyment of drinking Green Tea.

Dont miss out on the health benefits of tea!

  • Lower your risk of cancers
  • Reduce risk of heart disease
  • Lowers risk of diabetes

We know that you will love this tips to brewing tea and getting the most flavor and elegance out of every cup. Sign up for Free Japanese Green Tea Club and get this great informative manual on brewing green tea. You will learn what it is that makes it one of the most popular beverages in the world.

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Green Tea With Honey May Be Good For Your Teeth


It may come as a surprise that a sweetened beverage could offer benefits to your teeth, but emerging research does suggest that drinking green tea with honey may reduce the risk of tooth decay.

One small study showed that drinking green tea and honey together reduced the bacterium Streptococcus mutans a contributor to tooth decay in the mouths of young boys .

Other, older studies have suggested that honey may be better for your teeth than table sugar .

However, more up-to-date research is needed on how much is safe to drink and whether there is an actual protective effect.

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What Are Matcha Tea Benefits

Matcha, like other green teas, contains a class of antioxidants called catechins. Matcha is high in a catechin called EGCG , which is believed to have cancer-fighting effects on the body. Studies have linked green tea to a variety of health benefits, like helping to prevent heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer, and even encouraging weight loss. However, its important to note that much of this research isnt from clinical trials that show green tea causes a benefit. Instead, its largely from population-based studies, where researchers look at groups of people who drink green tea and compare their health outcomes to groups that dont drink it. Studies have shown associations between tea and better health, but causation is not yet proven. Matcha is even less studied than brewed green tea.

Still, there have been some interesting findings. A 2014 study looked at 25 randomized controlled trials on the link between tea and blood pressure and reported that when people drank teaespecially green teafor 12 weeks, their blood pressure dropped significantly. A 2011 study reported that drinking green tea appeared to be linked with lower levels of bad LDL cholesterol, but more research is needed. Because matcha is a type of green tea, they may share similar benefits, but theres not enough research to make that claim.

Best For Gut Health: Ginger Tea

Is your stomach feeling a bit topsy-turvy, like you just wobbled off a swooping and looping rollercoaster? The solution is a tea made from ginger, a time-tested spice that has been calming bellies since ancient times.

Studies show that ginger naturally combats nausea, making it a go-to remedy if youre dealing with morning sickness during pregnancy, notes Czerwony.

Ginger also offers proven digestive benefits by helping your body move food from your stomach to continue its digestive tract journey. Speeding up that process works to calm indigestion and ease stomach distress.

Ginger relaxes things in your gut, which can make you a lot more comfortable if youre having tummy trouble, Czerwony said.

If ginger isnt to your liking, peppermint tea also can serve as an aid against indigestion. Peppermint, however, is best for issues lower in your gut. It can actually aggravate higher-up issues such as acid reflux.

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Green Tea Has Fat Burning Properties

Speeding up your metabolism is a sure-fire way to feel better in general. When your bodily systems are working at top-notch capacity, its a bonus to overall health. And the fact that green tea increases fat burning means that your blood is flowing better, your heart is pumping at a rate it should, and your digestive system is humming right along.


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