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Is Tea Tree Oil Good For Your Hair

Tea Tree Oil For Inflammation Cutback

DIY Tea Tree Oil Spray For Hair | Well Good

Through a research study, Garshick exclaims the antimicrobial properties of infused oil aid in lessening inflammation.

Certain areas of inflammation were reduced.

It is a fact that the addition of tea tree oil might consist of anti-inflammatory properties due to its natural antioxidants.

Note: Major hair loss cause is scalp inflammation.

Prevents Hair Loss & Promotes Growth

There is some anecdotal evidence that suggests that tea tree oil can prevent hair loss. The oil is rich in antioxidants such as vitamin A, C, and E. These antioxidants also reduce inflammation. The antioxidants combined with the antibacterial terpinen-4-ol reduces your risk of hair loss.

There is not sufficient evidence to suggest that tea tree oil can promote hair growth. However, the healing properties in tea tree oil will help your scalp and hair to be healthier. When your scalp and hair is healthier, you are more likely to see growth.

Use To Clean Scalp And Hair

Over time the hair and scalp can accumulate a build-up of products. Silicone is one of the worst culprits of shampoos and conditioners that can plug your hair follicles over time. Hairstyling products, gels, and even hair sprays can also build up in your hair and on your scalp and are hard to wash out of the hair with regular shampoo. Pouring a few drops of the oil into your shampoo will increase its cleansing power so your hair will become bouncier and look thicker.

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Tea Tree Oil: Benefits For Hair And More

Medically reviewed by Kristin Hall, FNP

Choosing hair products especially when youre in front of a store shelf full of them is generally an exercise in reading and smelling.

Because it absolutely has to smell good, but you also want it to leave you with great hair consistently.

When it comes to products with tea tree oil, the smell is fresh and clean. Its a little reminiscent of peppermint or eucalyptus, and can be found in all sorts of hair care products.

But like many hair product ingredients, the effects of tea tree oil may be a mystery to you.

Should You Apply Tea Tree Oil And Castor Oil For Hair Growth Does It Work

11 Best Tea Tree Oil Shampoo That Good For Your Hair

There is not enough scientific evidence to suggest that this combination of oils will help with hair growth. A few studies have been done on tea tree oil that suggests it may be helpful in treating acne and some skin infections. However, even these studies are insufficient to say for sure that the oil is helpful.

Although there is much anecdotal evidence showing that tea tree oil and castor oil may be helpful, we cant know for sure. In the United States, essential oils are not monitored or regulated by the FDA.

What we do know is that tea tree oil and castor oil will help your hair become healthier. When your hair is healthier, it is more likely to grow. It is more likely that the oils help your hair grow by improving your hairs overall health, rather than having a direct effect on hair growth.

If you decided to use oils for your health, its important that you consult your doctor first. Also, be sure to research the brands youd like to use so that you only use top-quality products.

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Q Does Tea Tree Oil Have Any Side

A. It is important to note that while tea tree oil is safe to be used topically, it can be toxic when ingested. Also, if youre new to using tea tree oil, always test it out on a small patch of skin before using. This is because some individuals, especially those with sensitive skin, might experience irritation on using undiluted tea tree oil. Tea tree oil might also be unsafe for use on young children and pregnant women when used undiluted. If youre unsure, dilute the essential oil in water or carrier oils before using.

Side-effects of using tea tree oil range from mild to serious health implications. Application of tea tree oil to dry or damaged skin can cause burning and irritation. The oil can cause allergic reactions that can manifest in the form of skin inflammation, diarrhoea, nausea, etc. Avoid using undiluted tea tree oil on the scalp as it can irritate the scalp, making follicles swell and leading to hair loss.

How To Use Tea Tree Oil

As tea tree oil benefits hair in so many great ways, knowing how to use hair oil correctly is important to achieving optimum results. We have to remember that tea tree oil is an essential oil. Essential oils are highly concentrated ingredients, so they shouldnt be used on their own or they may risk making the skin too sensitive. The best way to use tea tree oil benefits is to mix a few drops with another carrier product that will ensure even application.

A great way to see the benefits of tea tree oil for hair is to mix it with some coconut oil and massage it on the scalp. Do this before you use shampoo or a hair treatment. When you stimulate your scalp with tea tree oil it helps improve the condition of your follicles, which is the foundation for healthy, shiny hair.

If you are trying tea tree oil benefits on your hair for the first time, the safest way is to use a product which contains it already. This way you are less likely to experience any irritation. Our Post-Biotic Calming Conditioner has been created exactly for this purpose. Within this bottle, the benefits of tea tree oil combine its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to help prevent scalp build up. It works in conjunction with our Super Slip Pre-Biotic Primer and our Wash and Scrub Detox Pro-Biotic Shampoo. The combination of these three products can help to create a healthy scalp environment. Something that is vital to see the benefits of tea tree oil for hair, and achieving luscious locks!

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Tea Tree Oil Removes Flakiness

A flaky scalp is again a result of dryness. The dry scalp tends to become rough and flaky. Flakiness can also be a result of viral and bacterial infection. The antiviral and antibacterial properties of tea tree oil protect your scalp and prevent infections.

Tea tree oil also works on dry scalp, ensures proper nourishment, and helps in removing flakiness from your scalp.


  • Apply a few drops of diluted tea tree oil on your scalp.
  • Massage your scalp gently for a few minutes.
  • Keep it on for about half an hour before washing off.
  • Repeat every day.

Making Sprays With Tea Tree Oil

How to Use Tea Tree Oil For Hair

For this purpose, you may need a clean spray bottle that you can purchase from any store or you can just use an empty bottle thats available at your home.

  • Tea Tree Oil and Water

You can make a spray with just a few drops of tea tree oil and few ounces of freshwater spray it all over your hair not avoiding your scalp.

You need to leave it like this for at least 15 to 20 minutes before washing it off with a tea tree oil shampoo if possible. To make it all soaked up, drench a towel in hot water and cover your head with it while waiting.

  • Tea Tree Oil and Apple Cider Vinegar

You can also mix an equal amount of apple cider vinegar with your tea tree oil and mix some water as well and make a spray.

Apply it, keep it for sometimes and then shampoo it off. But this time, you need to keep your shampoo on your hair for more than 5 minutes before rinsing it off.

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Spraying Tea Tree Oil On Your Hair Can Set Them Giving Them A Shine Also It Improves Blood Flow Leading To Proper Distribution Of Nutrients To Follicles

The importance of oil in hair care is undisputed. Tea Tree oil is known to have cooling properties that make it ideal for hair in a humid country like India. Experts across the globe have welcomed the medicine as a cure to several hair-related concerns.

Check out some benefits of using Tea Tree oil right below:

1. Get a home spa

Add a few drops of Tea Tree oil to your favourite oil and give yourself a nice head massage. This helps in relaxing the tension knots and improving hair quality. Tea Tree oil induces a tingling, invigorating experience in the head that repairs damaged hair and soothe the senses with calming lavender and cool mint.

2. Add to your oiling routine

The good old coconut oil massage is always calming but try giving it a twist. Add a few drops of Tea Tree oil to your regular oil and follow it regularly to see the wonderful results.

3. Fight dandruff

Adding 10 to 15 drops of Tea Tree oil to your shampoo can help you fight dandruff over time. Tea Tree Special Shampoo by Paul Mitchell is an invigorating cleanser for the strands. While natural tea tree oil and peppermint soothe the scalp, the light notes of lavender leave the hair smelling fresh.

4. Hold your head

Spraying Tea Tree oil from a water bottle on your hair can set them giving them a shine. You can also use Tea Tree Firm Hold Gel to given shine, shape and fragrance to your hair for all day long.

5. Damage control

How To Use Tea Tree Oil To Soothe A Dry Scalp And Clear Up Dandruff

Thanks to its natural antibacterial and antifungal properties, Tea Tree Oil is an excellent cleanser that can help maintain a healthy, clean scalp. The punchy essential oil acts as a natural hydrating conditioner which helps alleviate any undesirable scalp complaints such as psoriasis and dandruff. A dry scalp isnt the only cause of dandruff however, it can also be caused by other fungal skin conditions too, not to worry though because Tea Tree Oil can help in both instances.

By regularly using Tea Tree Oil, you can help keep your scalp and hair follicles free of product build-up and dead skin cells. If you find you have oily hair that gets greasy quickly, Tea Tree Oil can also help rebalance your scalp’s PH level which in turn will help control the excess oil production. Pretty magical stuff right?

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Tea Tree Oil Direct Application To Hair

Surely, whatever you heard, its true!

The anti-bacterial oil is too strong to be applied to the skin or hair. It will lead to nothing but rashes and itchiness on your skin as well as your hair.

Your hair, especially curly hair, requires proper hot oil massage. Mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with 5-8 teaspoons of olive oil proportionate. 8 -9% dilution of tea tree oil with olive or jojoba oil will benefit your hair and scalp.

For the mixture to blend well, one can use tea tree oil blend on hair tips and scalp.

What Are Tea Tree Oil Benefits

Buy Good Vibes Tea Tree &  Rosemary Anti Dandruff Hair Oil (100 ml ...

Tea tree oil has quite a potent herbal smell, which is not for everyone, so its not likely to be one for putting in your oil burner!

Tea tree oil has been used throughout history for many reasons as its believed to have antibacterial properties.

Read a little about the most popular tea tree oil uses below:

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Summing Up On Tea Tree Oil For Hair

Tea tree oil has been used as an alternative medicine for centuries due to its antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties. However, tea tree oil cannot be used alone on the scalp as it may cause allergic reactions and hence is always used along with shampoo or any carrier oil. If used properly, tea tree oil can strengthen your hair and make it look smooth, shiny, and silky with a clean, infection-free scalp.

How To Use It: As A Standard Shampoo

Using the Paul Mitchell Tea Tree Special Shampoo is pretty straightforward. Personally, I like to wash my hair every second night, so Ive been using the formula about three to four times weekly, massaging it into my roots before rinsing and following up with conditioner. Those who have drier hair types or want to use this product to target product buildup could use this shampoo as a weekly deep clean treatment, as well.

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What Is Tea Tree Oil For Hair

While the name ‘tea tree’ is used for several plants indigenous to Australia and New Zealand and belonging to the family Myrtaceae, related to the myrtle, tea tree oil is derived from the tea tree, Melaleuca alternifolia, that is native to Southeast Queensland and the Northeast coast of New South Wales, Australia. Also known as melaleuca oil or ti tree oil, this essential oil is pale yellow to nearly colourless and clear and has a fresh camphoraceous odour.

The Melaleuca alternifolia species remains the most important commercially, but since the 1970s and 80s, other species like the Melaleuca quinquenervia in the United States Melaleuca acuminata in Tunisia Melaleuca ericifolia in Egypt Melaleuca armillaris and Melaleuca styphelioides in Tunisia and Egypt Melaleuca leucadendra in Egypt, Malaysia, and Vietnam have also been used to extract the essential oil. Melaleuca linariifolia and Melaleuca dissitiflora are other two species that can be used to produce similar oil through water distillation.

Check out this video on the different uses of tea tree oil:

Tip: Tea tree oil is derived from Melaleuca alternifolia, a tree native to Australia.

Are Tea Tree Products Safe For Colour

How to use tea tree oil for hair growth: how to prevent itchy scalp

Tea Tree Shampoo for Color Treated Hair

My 5 year old son came home from school with head lice. We immediately treated it and seem to have gotten rid of all the lice and eggs, so now we are using a tea tree shampoo until we have to retreat in 7 days. My friend went through my hair and found one insect so I treated myself, but so far no one has found any eggs. I have used the drug-store lice treatment, but would like to use the tea tree oil shampoo now too, just to be safe because I have long, thick hair where things could hide!The only problem is that my hair is color-treated . My bottle of tea tree shampoo from Thursday Plantation says not recommended for chemically treated hair. Are tea tree products safe for colour-treated hair?Editors Comments:Gillian, thanks for the comments. Thankfully, you dont have to switch to a different shampoo if you already have a favorite! Tea Tree Oil shampoos as found on the personal care products shelves contain between 0.2% and 2.5% tea tree oilAccording to the Australian Tea Tree Industry Association The cosmetics to which tea tree oil is added and its typical concentration in the formulation are

  • shampoos and conditioners, mouth washes ,
  • face cleansing washes ,
  • post-waxing treatments and

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Does Hair Grow Back If You Pull It Out

If you pull out a hair by your root, for whatever reason, relax and know that in most cases, your hair will grow back. It may take a little longer, but you should see your hair return. If you have a condition, such as trichotillomania, and repeated hair pulling has damaged your follicle, you may have to wait longer.

Tea Tree Oil For New Hair Growth

New growth of hair follicles requires healthy scalp health.

Tea Tree oils correspondence with hair growth is not straightforward. However, maintaining overall scalp health will provide a nutritious space for the rebirth of hair follicles.

Stimulating blood circulation and extracting dirt & impurities from the hair scalp, gravel the road for refreshing hair growth.

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Tea Tree Oil & Coconut Oil For Boosting Hair Growth

Dry hair can be successfully cured with tea tree oil & coconut oil. It nourishes the scalp and clears out dirt from the hair follicles. Tea tree oil prevents hair from becoming dry and brittle by ensuring it grows with good nutrients.


Procedure To Follow

  • Combine 2 teaspoons of unrefined coconut oil with 810 drops of tea tree oil in a bowl.
  • Mix it up thoroughly.
  • Apply it to the scalp and massage gently.
  • Shampoo as usual after leaving it on for 30 to 60 minutes or overnight.
  • How Often Should You Use Tea Tree Oil Shampoo

    Tea Tree Oil for Hair Growth: 11 Best Uses for Long Hair (Edited 2019)

    It has also been reported to encourage hair growth in some circumstances by reducing buildup and increasing general scalp health. This is accomplished by removing the buildup. It is advised that you use shampoo containing tea tree oil at least twice or three times each week, depending on your preferences and the type of hair you have, in order to develop healthier and stronger strands.

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    May Clarify And Cleanse Your Scalp

    Tea tree oil can help your scalp get an extra deep clean. It is antimicrobial, which means the oil can help fight any harmful germs living on your head, such as bacteria, fungi, or viruses. Greenfield says these microorganisms can disrupt the normal function of the scalp’s skin and glands.

    Plus, Greenfield says overgrowth of certain bacteria like staphylococcus or some strains of streptococcus can cause folliculitis, impetigo, cellulitis, all of which may lead to hair loss.


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