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Is Green Tea Good For Headaches

Tips To Drinking Green Tea For Headaches And Migraines

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Like many headaches and migraine medicines, there are ways to drink green tea for optimum and best results. So, I will advise you not to drink or prepare your tea as usual. Rather

  • Brew your green tea as usual
  • Remove the teabag after two or three minutes
  • Add one teaspoon of honey or squeeze half lemon to your brew, and stir together. The honey or lemon will add an extra antioxidant to your tea.
  • Serve or drink the green tea warm.

Can Green Tea Triggers Headache And Migraines

Green tea is good for headaches and migraines, but excessive intake can cause or aggravate migraine attacks. This is because when green tea is consumed excessively, the level of caffeine in the body will also increase.

This causes a series of problems like dehydration and insomnia which can definitely trigger headaches or migraines.

To prevent such occurrence, you must drink green tea moderately. To be more specific, you should restrict the intake of green tea to one or three 8 oz cups per day.

The maximum daily amount of caffeine in the body should not be more than 400 mg else you risk overdose.

However, one 8 oz cup of green tea contains less than 45 mg of caffeine. So, drinking one to three 8 oz cups of green tea per day can never lead to caffeine overdose.

Also, since the level of caffeine varies from type to type and brand to brand, ensure you check the quantity of caffeine in the brand of green tea you purchase.

This will give you an idea of how many cups you must take per day.

Is Green Tea Safe

While there are several side effects to watch out for, green tea is considered safe by the FDA when used in moderation. Most of these negative side effects are due to the caffeine content and only occur when the beverage is consumed in large amounts. Stick to suggested amounts and avoid green tea if you are sensitive to caffeine. If you suffer from any illnesses that predispose you to side effects, consult with your physician before drinking green tea.

Aside from that, drink green tea or take a green tea extract in moderation to reap the healthy benefits of this plant. You can choose to steep loose leaf tea or opt for the convenience of tea bags.

To read about the benefits of green tea please go here.

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How Do I Get Rid Of A Headache Naturally

There are 18 natural remedies that may be used to get rid of headaches.

  • Drink Water. Its possible that youll get a headache if you dont drink enough water.
  • Take Some Magnesium.
  • Steer clear of foods that are high in histamine.
  • Use Essential Oils.
  • Consider taking a vitamin B complex
  • Use a Cold Compress to Alleviate the Pain
  • Natural Remedies To Boost Health

    The 9 Best Tea For Headaches

    People have been turning to nature for medicinal and health benefits since ancienttimes. Health-related plant usage has been mentioned in the Bible and the Jewish Talmud, as well as in Homers The Iliad and The Odyssey. Ingredients found in the natural world have been used as home remedies to address a wide range of conditions. This includes honey for allergies and sore throats, cinnamon for blood sugar control and blood thinning, chili peppers for pain relief, and aloe vera for skin burns. Here are five popular natural remedies.

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    Can Ginger Tea Help With Headaches

    We continue looking into the best Herbal Tea for headaches and migraines with Ginger Root Tea. Like Peppermint Tea, it is a caffeine-free cuppa. This means it is already better than Black, Green, White or Oolong Tea when experiencing characteristic throbbing pains around the temples. Whats more, and perhaps more importantly, its anti-inflammatory properties have pain-relieving effects.

    One 2014 study established that 250-mg of Ginger Root extract decreased migraine symptoms as efficiently as the prescription drug sumatriptan. Meanwhile, a 2018 study found that a 400-mg dose of the spice alongside ketoprofen decreased the severity of migraines better than taking ketoprofen alone. Itll likely function in a similar way with headaches as well.

    Chamomile Tea For Headache Relief

    In the Migraine Strong Facebook group we often discuss the importance of practicing intentional stress reduction techniques. Chamomile has such a lovely, natural calming effect making it a great tea to have on hand when you need to unwind. We all know how hard it can be to rest with a migraine attack. Chamomile is great for relaxation and to aid in sleeping making it a real winner for migraine relief. Its one of the most effective teas available to depress the nervous system which relaxes your whole body and relieves anxiety too. It may be worthwhile to try chamomile tea for headache relief.

    This is another tea that is not made from tea leaves making it a good option for those that are tannin sensitive. Its made from the flowers so proceed with caution if you have an allergy to ragweed. Twinings of London makes a yummy Pure Chamomile tea with chamomile as the only ingredient.

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    The Link Between Caffeine And Headaches

    One side effect of too much caffeine is headaches, but giving it up can also lead to headaches . Since everyones headaches are different, determining whether or not caffeine helps or hurts comes down to the individual.

    For some, not having caffeine causes a headache, so utilizing coffee or a caffeinated tea could be really helpful, Hultin adds. Othersespecially those whose headaches are caused by dehydrationshould probably limit caffeine. Caffeine is a diuretic, which can be dehydrating, integrative gastroenterologist , previously told mbg.

    In that case, drinking water, herbal teas, or another one of these immune-supporting drinks may be more helpful. If you are drinking tea with caffeine, also keep in mind the timing and how it might affect your sleep quality later on.

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    Are Herbal Teas Good For Migraine

    Green tea to relieve headache

    Possible. There is scant scientific evidence to confirm teas prevent or stop a migraine attack. The research suggests that herbal teas are good for migraine and beneficial for people with repeated headaches. Regular consumption of herbal teas can relieve pain and shortens frequency.

    People with frequent migraine can consider incorporating herbal teas into their routine to reduce the intensity of each attack. The National Headache Institute website shows herbal teas have antioxidants that can block signals generating pain, relax tense muscles, reduce inflammation, relieve stress, and contract or expand blood vessels to smooth blood flow.

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    How To Make The Tea

    This is a recipe to make a tea of a fist of fresh ginger root:

  • Cook a piece of the root for a few minutes. Dont leave it in boiling water for more than 10 minutes, otherwise, tea will be unbearably burning.
  • Remove the root from the water and store it. You can pour water twice on the same root, as it contains a lot of ingredients and flavors.
  • Dont drink more than two jugs of such tea on a day. Its even better if you stay at one. The ginger is healing, but in excessive amounts, it can irritate the respiratory system. This means that you can expect irritated throat and respiratory tract if you drink too much of the tea.
  • Best Herbal Tea For Headaches

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    Ever dreamed of having lavenders infused with your morning tea?

    Now its a dream come true!

    Yogi Tea Herbal Stress Relief is a lavender herbal tea flavor that soothes any pain and migraines youre experiencing.

    It will definitely help you calm and ease the tension in your head as you indulge yourself in this soothing tea.

    If youre conscious about your artificial intakes, this wont stress you out because it has no artificial flavors and sweeteners.

    All in all…

    You cant go wrong with Yogi Teas. Theyre a bit pricey, but you get what you pay for!

    This is a quick headache reliever if you wish to take natural pain relievers for your migraine.


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    Migraine Prevention Medication And Green Tea Warning

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    Migraine patients taking Migraine medication and drinking green tea, may not be getting all they bargained for.

    Taking Migraine preventive medicines like the anti-hypertensive nadolol, name brand Corgard, can be helpful to many patients in their management protocols. This medication is used off-label by doctors even though it has not been FDA approved for use in Migraine prevention. Many patients find it is helpful in managing their Migraines. Some patients have found it useless.This post is important for both those groups.


    Migraine prevention depends a great deal upon keeping consistent levels of the preventive medicine in the body of the patient. This is why doctors recommend patients take their medication the same way each day, usually at the same time. Follow directions regarding the intake of food and milk products, etc as well as grapefruit and juice to be sure youre getting the appropriate amount of the medicine that you need to keep Migraine management maximized without damaging your system.

    Green tea, often consumed because of its anti-oxidant benefits as well as caffeine levels, has been found in a small study, to highly effect nadolol in patients who were consuming both. EMP reported:

    Shingen Misaka, PhD, from Fukushima Medical University in Japan, and colleagues gave 10 volunteers a single dose of 30mg of nadolol after they had consumed either water or about three cups of green tea daily for 14 days.

    Green Tea And Migraines

    Home Remedies for Migraines : Effective During Severe Pain

    There is a lack of formal, clinical research on the use of Green Tea in the treatment of migraines and headaches, though it does have a history of folk use for these conditions. Green tea has been reported as a treatment for migraine in traditional medicine systems from China and India according to the European Medicines Agency .

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    Difference Between A Headache And Migraine

    A migraine, contrary to popular belief, is a condition distinct from headaches. Indeed, those who have experienced one, when asked to pitch migraines vs headaches, almost always say that the former is much worse than the latter. While headaches mainly lead to aching pain, migraine symptoms can cause sickness, sensitivity to light and sound, digestive issues, sweating and more.

    Some people experience migraines on a frequent basis, perhaps even several times a week. Other people suffer from the so-called primary headache disorder during rare episodes. Nevertheless, for the most part, the treatment is the same. Doctors advise that migraine sufferers take painkillers and lie in a dark room until it passes. Another option appears to be the best Tea for headaches and migraines.

    Types Of Tea That Can Provide Relief From Migraines

    By Pete Lane 9 am on September 7, 2020

    When it comes to migraines, not everyone wants to turn to ibuprofen or aspirin to relieve the pain. Instead, many experts recommend drinking tea. Below are six tea blends that can offer the same pain relief for your senior loved one as some over-the-counter medications.

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    What Should I Eat When My Head Hurts

  • What Kinds of Foods Help Ease the Pain of a Headache? Leafy greens. The consumption of leafy greens has been linked to a reduction in the severity and frequency of headaches.
  • Nuts. Nuts contain a high concentration of magnesium, which helps relieve headache discomfort by relaxing the blood vessels.
  • Fish high in fat
  • Green Tea Side Effects

    Green tea for toothache, migraine

    While drinking tea is considered mostly safe for adults, there are a few side effects to keep in mind. Most of the side effects of green tea consumption can be avoided by consuming only moderate amounts. Many of these side effects only occur when consumed in massive amountssomething most tea drinkers don’t do. For most people, it would be a challenge to consume the amount of green tea required to trigger these side effects. However, certain individuals with sensitivities to ingredients in green tea should also avoid this beverage. The main compound in green tea that causes reactions in sensitive individuals is caffeine. It’s important to recognize that most of these side effects can be attributed to the mild amount of caffeine in green tea. In general, if you drink a cup of coffee without these symptoms, you’re unlikely to experience negative side effects from drinking green tea.

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    Best Caffeine Free Tea For Headache

    – Helps migraine headaches and sleeping issues- Comes with a slightly fruity apple and floral flavor
    Cons – One bag might not be strong enough if you like drinking strong teas

    If you click this link & purchase, we earn a commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks for your support!


    Heres our Editor’s Choice Awardee!

    If you have tension headaches, this tea is yourbest bet.

    Unlike other herbal teas in the market, this has aunique blend of floral tones with a fruity apple taste that youll surely love!

    Let me share something with you

    This Chamomile herbal tea is organic and foil-sealed so it stays fresh until it arrives on your doorstep. Steep it for 3-5 minutes for optimal flavor!

    PRO TIPIf you don’t own a tea infuser, then learn how to make loose leaf tea without a strainer!

    Actually, it tasted like freshly-picked chamomile infusion when I tasted it!

    Featuring premium Egyptian chamomile flowers, its meant to relax and calm the drinker so I found it very convenient to drink whenever I want to relax after a long day of work.

    It also helped me have a good nights sleep!

    As I’ve said, its sweet and caramel-y but not in an artificial way.

    All in all…

    I can say that for me, this is the best tea for headaches on the list.

    So if you’re looking for a great organic tea that tastes fresh and far from artificial, then this is your best bet!

    Ginger For Headaches & Migraines

    Ginger tea has a spicy, invigorating taste. Its used as a home remedy for indigestion, nausea, and to ward off colds, flu, and sore throats. Ginger, with all its anti-inflammatory properties, is a potent herb that is good for any type of pain or swelling of the tissues. Does ginger tea help with headaches and migraines? The short answer is yesginger tea for headaches and migraines has been known to be a great home remedy. For maximum effect, it is best taken at the very onset of a migraine attack.

    Ginger is known to have an effect on a variety of conditions and diseases due in part to its impact on excessive inflammation which is an underlying cause of many illnesses.Inflammation is the bodys natural healing response to illness or injury, and it subsides as the body heals. However, in some conditions, including arthritis, diverticulosis, gallbladder inflammation, and heart disease, the inflammation does not go away. It becomes chronic and leads to many other problems. Ginger has often been useful in treating chronic inflammation

    Ginger contains more than 200 substances in its oils, which is why it has so many different uses. It is believed that ginger may block prostaglandins, which stimulate some muscle contractions, control inflammation, and impact some hormones. Therefore migraines may be prevented and stopped by ginger stifling the action of prostaglandins.

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    When Is It Important To Get Professional Headache Treatment

    These excellent teas can provide considerable relief from migraines, tension headaches, and other types of headaches. In fact, National Headache Institute Houston experts often recommend tea for headaches to their patients because of the delightful properties.

    However, recurring headaches can also be a symptom of more serious health problems. If youve been experiencing migraines or other chronic headaches for two months or longer, its time to contact a headache specialist.

    Not only can we help you find relief for the pain, but we can also determine the underlying causes of your specific headaches. Our personalized treatment options can help you reduce or get rid of persistent migraines.

    To learn more, schedule an appointment right away at a location near you.

    How Can Green Tea Help With Migraines

    Pure Natural Rosemary Green Tea Chinese Herbal Tea Scented Tea Relieve ...

    L-theanine in the tea produces chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine. Thus it is a great natural solution for those who suffer from migraines because it increases serotonin amount in the body.

    What is a serotonin and how does it work?

    Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, which plays a key role in the regulation of mood, focusing attention on the central nervous system, affects learning processes, memory functions, motivation, and feelings of satisfaction.

    It also participates in the eating regulation, sleeping rhythm , sexuality and other neuroendocrine functions.

    The most common cause of migraine

    The emotional factor can be one of the causes of the attacks. The emotional factors that can trigger a migraine are stress, tension, shock, depression or excitement.

    Serotonin helps with these health conditions and you can find it in green tea.

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    Should You Visit Professionals

    Headaches are never any fun and while we have done our due diligence when it comes to researching which teas could work as a complementary therapy for you, it’s not a replacement for help from your healthcare provider. Headaches can be fleeting or they can be reoccurring and long term. If you have been dealing with consistent headaches for a couple of months you should be sure to check in with your medical professional. Home remedies can help headache symptoms but if your pain is severe or connected with other issues then a doctor should be consulted to rule out any underlying conditions.


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