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Is Dandelion Tea Good For Your Liver

Its A Powerhouse Of Antioxidants

Dandelion Root Tea: Liver Cleanse to Help Weight Loss

Burdock root has been shown to contain multiple types of powerful antioxidants, including quercetin, luteolin, and phenolic acids .

Antioxidants protect cells in the body from damage due to free radicals. They can help treat and prevent a number of different health conditions.

Antioxidants can also help to reduce inflammation. One study found that burdock root reduced inflammatory markers in the blood of patients with osteoarthritis (

Dandelion Root Tea Recipe

If you cant find dandelion tea at your local store, you can easily go out and make your own. For fresh dandelion tea make sure that no herbicides or pesticides have been used on the area before picking the flowers.

· Place six flowers or leaves in a cup.

· Add hot water and let steep for 15-20 minutes.

· Enjoy

The Roots

For those who enjoy a heartier coffee-like brew, skip the delicate flowers and go straight for the root.

· Wash and chop the root.

· Roast on low in the oven for 2 hours.

· Add one teaspoon to your cup.

· Pour on hot water.

· Let steep for ten minutes.

· Enjoy.

Dandelion Tea Helps To Protect The Liver

Dandelion root is an excellent source of antioxidants which help to protect the body from oxidative stress and cell damage.

Some of these antioxidants have a protective effect on the liver, helping to protect it from cellular damage caused by free radicals.14

Polysaccharides contained in dandelion help to remove stress on the liver as well as supporting the normal production of bile.15

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/6is Dandelion Tea Good For Health

Dandelion tea helps in reducing water weight as it works like a diuretic and helps in flushing out the toxins and helps in losing weight. Dandelion tea helps in improving the digestive system, improves appetite and relieves constipation.

As per a 2011 Canadian study, it has been observed that the Dandelion root extract induces cell death in melanoma cells that too without impacting the non-cancerous cells.

Another study found that it works similarly for pancreatic cancer cells. According to a Korean study, the Dandelion tea can help in weight loss, this is because the extracts of this tea inhibits pancreatic lipase, an enzyme which is released during the process of digestion to break down the fat.

Potential Risks Of Dandelion Tea


Because dandelion tea has such potent ingredients, you should consult with your doctor before taking it or any other supplement. Consider the following before preparing or drinking dandelion tea:

Daisy Allergies

If youre allergic to other plants in the daisy family like daisies, marigolds, or chrysanthemums you will also be allergic to dandelion.

Pregnancy Concerns

The effects of dandelion tea on someone who is pregnant or breast-feeding are inconclusive. If youre pregnant or breastfeeding a baby, it is best to look for an alternative.

Medication Interference

Avoid dandelion tea if youre already taking a diuretic as their actions may be compounded. Since dandelion has natural diuretic properties, it may interfere with the action of lithium and similar medications.

Dandelion tea should also be avoided if youre taking antibiotics like Cipro, Levaquin, Noroxin, and others.

Liver and Kidney Function

If youre being treated for liver or kidney issues, you should avoid consuming dandelion or dandelion tea except with their doctors permission. Dandelion could increase the risk of complications for someone who has kidney disease, in particular.

Blood Pressure and Clotting

Because the potassium in dandelion may impact blood flow and clotting, its best to avoid dandelion tea if youre taking blood-thinner medication..

For the same reason, someone who is taking blood pressure medication should avoid dandelion tea.

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Helps Lower Blood Sugar Levels

According to the World Health Organization, more than 420 million people worldwide have diabetes, and this number is expected to increase .

Diabetes is a metabolic disease characterized by high blood sugar levels. Its caused by the inability of your body to produce or use insulin effectively.

Gymnema sylvestre is considered to have anti-diabetic properties.

As a supplement, it has been used in combination with other diabetes medications to lower blood sugar. Its also called gurmar, which is Hindi for destroyer of sugar .

Similar to its effects on your taste buds, Gymnema sylvestre can also block receptors in your intestines and thus sugar absorption, lowering your post-meal blood sugar levels.

Scientific proof of Gymnemas ability to lower blood sugar is insufficient to recommend it as a stand-alone diabetes medication. However, research shows strong potential.

Studies suggest that consuming 200400 mg of gymnemic acid reduces the intestinal absorption of the sugar glucose .

In one study, Gymnema appeared to improve blood sugar control in people with type 2 diabetes by lowering blood sugar levels .

The study concluded that reducing blood sugar after a meal resulted in a decrease in average blood sugar levels over time. This could help decrease long-term complications of diabetes .


Gymnema sylvestre has anti-diabetic properties and may lower your blood sugar levels after a meal.

Dandelion For Your Liver

The plant is bitter, which stimulates your liver and helps with hepatic detoxification. It is very useful for patients with hepatitis or cirrhosis. As weve already said, its purifying properties help clean our blood and therefore protects your liver from any possible breakdown caused by chemical intoxication or diet.

Medicinally, it has been used for people with cirrhosis. The majority of cases are from abusing alcohol, causing the persons liver to break down. But fortunately, improvement has been seen after drinking dandelion tea. The recommendation is to drink dandelion tea two or three times a day.

Dandelion is often a recommendation for treating hepatic problems along with other treatment. However, it will not be effective if you do not stop smoking or drinking.

In general, the plant is used as a complement after having been treated with anti-inflammatory medications for hormonal problems or if a person is overweight. Hot dandelion tea is best, as the boiled water will help extract the properties weve mentioned above.

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The Importance Of Supporting The Liver

Our liver does so much . And fun fact about the liver: if 70% of a healthy liver is removed, it will actually regenerate itself. Yes, you read that correctly.

Some of the functions of the liver include :

  • Produces bile to help break down fats
  • Stores glucose for later use as energy
  • Stores amino acids
  • Protects the body from toxic substances by breaking them down and sending them out as waste to be excreted
  • Breaks down nutrients for the body to use
  • Regulates blood clotting

So, as you can see, it is important to keep our livers in tip-top shape. Supporting our liver health will support many facets of our overall well-being, including digestion, weight, energy levels, and skin.

Benefits Of Dandelion Root Tea For Skin Infections

Dandelion Root Liver Detox Tea & Aids Weight Loss

The milky white substance that you get on your fingers when you break a dandelion stem is actually great for your skin. The sap of a dandelion stem is highly alkaline, and it has germicidal, insecticidal and fungicidal properties. When this milky white substance brewed in dandelion tea, it can help relieve irritation or itching from eczema, psoriasis, ringworm and other skin infections.

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Improves Cholesterol And Triglyceride Levels Reducing Heart Disease Risk

Gymnema sylvestre may help lower bad LDL cholesterol levels and triglycerides.

While Gymnema gets its fame from lowering blood sugar levels and reducing sugar cravings, research shows that it may also influence fat absorption and lipid levels.

In one study in rats on a high-fat diet, Gymnema extract aided weight maintenance and suppressed the accumulation of liver fats. Also, animals fed the extract and a normal-fat diet experienced lower triglyceride levels .

Another study found that Gymnema extract had an anti-obesity effect on animals fed a high-fat diet. It also decreased blood fat and bad LDL cholesterol levels .

In addition, a study in moderately-obese people showed that Gymnema extract decreased triglycerides and bad LDL cholesterol by 20.2% and 19%, respectively. Whats more, it increased good HDL cholesterol levels by 22% .

High levels of bad LDL cholesterol and triglycerides are risk factors for heart disease.

Therefore, the positive effects of Gymnema sylvestre on LDL and triglycerides levels may contribute to a lower risk of heart conditions (

11 ).

By blocking sweet receptors on your taste buds, Gymnema sylvestre may cause you to eat fewer sweet foods and consume fewer calories.

A consistent calorie deficit can result in weight loss.


Gymnema sylvestre may play a role in weight loss and prevent weight gain. It may promote reduced calorie intake.

Risks Side Effects And Interactions

Drinking dandelion tea is considered safe. Opt for using one tablespoon of chopped stems for every 5 ounces of water.

Before making your tea more potent, speak to your doctor.

If you plan to drink dandelion tea daily, its best to talk to your doctor to rule out any possible interactions. Avoid drinking dandelion tea if you are taking antibiotics or allergic to dandelion.

If youre allergic to ragweed and related plants , youre likely to be allergic to dandelion. If you have allergies, be sure to check with your health care provider before taking dandelion.

Dandelions can cause allergic reactions when taken by mouth or applied to the skin of sensitive people.

Dandelion might decrease how much antibiotics the body absorbs. This means that taking dandelion along with antibiotics might decrease the effectiveness of some antibiotics.

Some antibiotics that might interact with dandelion include ciprofloxacin, enoxacin, norfloxacin, sparfloxacin, trovafloxacin and grepafloxacin.

Taking dandelion might decrease how well the body gets rid of lithium because of its diuretic properties. This could increase how much lithium is in the body and result in serious side effects.

There is also potassium in some diuretic pills, so be careful when taking these water pills because you dont want too much lithium or potassium in the body.

Some of these types of medications include amitriptyline, haloperidol, ondansetron, propranolol, theophylline and verapamil.

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Here Are 8 Health Benefits Of Dandelion Tea You May Not Have Known:

1. Good for DigestionDandelion tea can have many positive effects on your digestive system. It improves appetite and soothes digestive ailments, says Dr. Ritika Samaddar, Head of Dietetics at the Max Super Speciality Hospital. According to various studies, dandelions aid our digestive system by maintaining the proper flow of bile. Dandelion tea helps with mineral absorption and soothes the stomach lining, says Dr. Manoj K. Ahuja, Fortis Hospitals.

Dandelion tea can have many positive effects on your digestive system

2. Detoxifies the Liver

3. Acts as a Diuretic

7. Treats Urinary Tract Infection Dr. Gargi Sharma says, Dandelion tea can help prevent urinary tract infections, as well as bladder disorders, kidney problems and possibly even cysts on reproductive organs. A specific combination of dandelion root and leaf extracts of another herb called Uva Ursi helps treat UTIs in women. In this combination, Uva Ursi is used to kill bacteria, and dandelion tea is used because of its ability to stimulate urine production and fight infection.

8. Fights Cancer According to Dr. Sharma, dandelion tea contains anti-cancerous properties. A study conducted in 2011 by the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Windsor in Canada found that dandelion root tea was effective in killing different types of cancer as a result of its free radical-fighting abilities.

Dandelion Tea For Liver Detox Better Skin And Healthy Stomach

Dandelion tea as a medicine for the liver

By Christine Ruggeri, CHHC

Most homeowners dont realize that the yellow weeds that pop up every spring, and must be kept at bay for months, are actually plants that have a number of powerful health benefits. In fact, humans have been using dandelions in food for much of recorded history, including dandelion tea.

Dandelion root is used for the treatment of muscle aches, loss of appetite, upset stomach, intestinal gas, gallstones, joint pain, eczema and bruises. It also increases urine production and serves as a laxative to increase bowel movements.

Some people use dandelion to treat infections, especially viral infections and even cancer. Its also used as a skin toner, blood tonic and digestive tonic.

Meanwhile, dandelion greens can be chopped up and used as a garnish or an addition to a sauce, or they can be eaten raw or cooked to minimize their somewhat bitter flavor.

You can also use the dandelion root, stems and flowers to make a delicious and super-healthy dandelion tea. Either way, you reap the benefits of this unexpected nutritional plant.

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Dandelion Tea Is Good For Digestion

Dandelion tea can have a positive effect on our digestive system.

It helps to maintain the normal flow of bile, as well as helping with mineral absorption and soothing the stomach lining.11

Dandelion helps to stimulate digestion and aid constipation. It also contains inulin, which acts as a prebiotic, helping to promote the growth of good bacteria in the stomach.12

Dandelion has also been used historically to improve appetite. The bitter constituents which increase the flow of bile can also act as an appetite stimulant.13

Cultivation Of Dandelion Tea

Dandelions are native to Eurasia and North America the two species, T. officinale and T. erythrospermum, are found as weeds worldwide. The name dandelion comes from the French word dent-de-lion, meaning lions tooth. Dandelion plants are from the Asteraceae family and part of the Taraxacum species.

Dandelion tea has a long history of human usage. Chinese medicinal practitioners used dandelion to treat digestive disorders, appendicitis, and breast problems. The early American colonial settlers loved the common weed and taught the Native American Indians how to use it.

Over the years, dandelion tea has become a much-loved herbal tea preparation all over the world. Native to temperate regions of Europe and parts of North America, dandelions are plants that hardly need any careful cultivation to grow. They grow well in any altitude, ranging from 0 to 2000 metres. They are capable of tolerating heavy frosts and winds, and they dont need any extra rainfall for growth.

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The Health Benefits Of Dandelion Tea

In the future, before you weed and write off this route, first take a read of all the ways in which dandelion tea may be able to boost your health. Fresh with flower power, this common yellow flower comes loaded with plenty of health benefits. Packed with vitamins, sterols, flavonoids, and minerals, its no wonder that for centuries this flower has been used as a medicinal remedy in both brew and broth. Believed to help with everything from helping detox the body to reducing bloat, and even lending a helping hand when it comes to cutting out UTIs, here are all the awesome benefits of brewing up a cup of dandelion tea

Dandelion Tea Nutrition Facts

DANDELION ROOT TEA (both fresh & dried) for LIVER DETOX

Dandelions are native to Eurasia and North America the two species, T. officinale and T. erythrospermum, are found as weeds worldwide. The name dandelion comes from the French word dent-de-lion, meaning lions tooth. Dandelion plants are from the Asteraceae family and part of the Taraxacum species. They look like very small flowers that are collected together into a flower head, or floret.

Many Taraxacum species produce seeds asexually by apomixis, meaning the seeds can be produced without pollination. This is why dandelions are genetically identical to the parent plant.

The leaves of a dandelion flower are typically five to 25 centimeters long. The flower heads are a yellow to orange color they open in the daytime and stay closed at night. When you break the stem of a dandelion, it exudes a white and milky liquid. When the flowerhead matures, it becomes a white ball that contains many seeds and fine hairs.

Its safe to eat an entire dandelion. The stem or floret can be eaten raw, boiled or infused into dandelion tea. One cup of dandelion greens contains:

  • 25 calories

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Beware Interaction With Medications

Dandelion has the potential to affect your medications, although this may occur primarily with the leaf of the plant and not the root. For example, dandelion can make medications leave your body more quickly. People on blood-thinning medications may be at risk of bleeding if they take dandelion, and diabetics may find that the herb lowers their blood sugar.

Dandelion may also worsen the side effects of some drugs, such as lithium a treatment for bipolar disorder according to Glens Falls Hospital. Given dandelion’s numerous potential drug interactions, it’s wise to talk to your doctor about drinking dandelion root tea.

The Takeaway: A Liver Detox Tea Is Best Combined With Healthy Habits

Keeping the liver in top condition can be tough. A great way to help improve your liver health is by drinking liver detox tea. Along with that, you should strive to follow a healthy diet and exercise regimen. Make sure to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Choose whole grains and minimize processed foods. Drink a liver detox tea a couple of times a week to maintain proper liver function. Your liver and body will thank you!

*This article is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical advice. The information contained herein is not a substitute for and should never be relied upon for professional medical advice. Always talk to your doctor about the risks and benefits of any treatment.

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May Support Bone Health

Dandelion is rich in vitamins and minerals including calcium, vitamin A, and vitamin K, which are crucial to maintaining bone health, Moday says.

While these nutritional components are known to support bone health, there have been no human studies yet to demonstrate dandelion tea’s effects on bones.


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