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How To Start Milk Tea Business

What Is The Growth Potential For A Bubble Tea Business

How to start MILKTEA BUSINESS in 6 easy tips

As of this writing, the bubble tea business is still in its youth in America. Its particularly popular in young-adult setting such as Austin, Texas and parts of California and the Southeast, but its unknown in significant portions of the nation. As word gets around on social media, your audience will find you if youre based in a location where millennials are predominant. College campuses are among the best locations to open a bubble tea business.

Step : Choose The Right Bubble Tea Equipment And Disposables

The next and the most important step towards opening a Boba Shop is the purchase of the equipment and utensils. Buy the most essential stuff like Bubble Tea scoops, Bubble Tea Cup Sealing Machine, and Bubble Tea Cups. Also, dont forget to buy the most prominent elements of Boba Tea i.e. Boba Tapioca Pearls, Popping Pearls, Bubble Tea Jelly Toppings, and Tea Zone Syrup. You can easily get all these things online from us as your Bubble Tea Catering Supplies provider.

Pick The Perfect Location

The actual location of your store is also incredibly important. If you can choose a storefront in a high traffic area, youll improve your chances of attracting customers, especially early on. Or if you want to keep your startup costs low, you can consider a more non-traditional location like a truck, cart or kiosk at a mall or school. No matter what format you choose, youll want to make sure that your location is easy for customers to find and convenient.

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Develop Strategies To Boost Brand Awareness And Create A Corporate Identity

In promoting your brand and its corporate identity, you would need to leverage on both the electronic and print media and also make use of the internet. Nowadays, you would save cost and reach more people by using the internet and social media platforms to promote your brand.

Another strategy is to sponsor TV and radio programs and advertise your business in relevant magazines and newspapers. Here are some platforms you can use to boost your brand in order to promote and advertise your business

  • Roll out adverts in local newspapers, magazines as well as on radio and TV

Things To Consider Before Starting A Bubble Tea Business

How to Start your Bubble Milk Tea Business?

Product innovation is an essential part of running a successful bubble tea business. Identifying the toppings and ingredients that are currently in demand can help your store to appeal to a broad audience, but getting creative and trying some new, exciting, non-traditional ingredients can also set your store apart from others and bring in customers.

Quality and consistency also matters to your stores reputation. While you might design a great-tasting drink, its important to ensure that it stays that way. Always taste-test your products and make sure that staff are properly trained in how to prepare them. Then, do spot checks every so often to verify that the drinks are up to your stores quality. A bad-tasting drink can result in a lost customer and a negative review, so this is an essential part of successfully running your store.

While bubble tea can be a business in and of itself, you might want to offer other products to increase your ability to upsell and bring in higher profits. Pastries, danishes, and other snack-type foods go along well with tea and can boost your income.

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Start Milk Tea Business In Franchise

Not sure where to find a milk tea supplier and what you need to prepare this drink? Its also a good idea to franchise your business rather than build it from scratch.

There are many milk tea stores that can be franchised.One of them Sugar panda milk tea You can franchise for 180,000 pesos.

Youll have to pay around 600,000 pesos to start a business, but youll be selling a well-known branded product, giving you everything you need to start and grow your business.

Cost of starting a milk tea business in the Philippines

https://www./how-much-to-start-a-milk-tea-business-in-the-philippines-20210530/ Cost of starting a milk tea business in the Philippines

How And When To Build A Team

While youll probably start as a sole employee or with family and friends, youll see the need to hire as soon as you can. The last thing you want is for customers to warn others away because of long lines or order mixups due to understaffed operations. Begin by hiring part-time crew members and addinig hours to meet traffic flow and revenue gain.

Next Steps

Check out our How to Start a Business page.

Sign up at the Business Center to access useful tools for your business.

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S To Easily Start Tea Shop Business In India:


  • NEED OF MARKET: check out all the places in your cities. see where is more rush like a railway junction, hospital, main market, etc.
  • COMPETITON: visit the tea stall business and see how many teacups he is selling in 1 hour . It will help you in getting good knowledge about tea shop business in your area.
  • SURVEY: Ask a question to the people of the tea shop after they moved out of the tea stall. .


  • choose which products you want to sell like Tea, coffee, biscuits, etc
  • check out where to buy tea leaf, milk because you needed these regularly. Always buy from one shop it will help you in getting items on credit if you needed.


  • before selling tea first make the tea and get the reviews from all of your relatives and get the feedback and improve it if needed.
  • sell a different kind of tea. It will help in getting identified in a busy market. people will know you because of the availability of the different type of tea.
  • green tea
  • white tea


  • you can get it both online and offline both.


  • get all the things in your tea shop.
  • Focus on hygiene. It will help you in getting an elite customer.

Important Advice for my readers

The course is only 8.5 hr long and has everything that new players need to dive into the business world.

Step : Define Your Vision

How To Start Your Own Milk Tea Business | Ann Tristine

Another crucial factor that will define the success of a Bubble Tea shop is your vision. Undoubtedly, your dreams are big and you have already imagined your café to be up and running. But what would help in making your dreams come true is a clearly defined vision. From helping you to pick a name, choosing the perfect location, and settling on the apt décor, your vision will help in all! Are you choosing a trendy shop? Then youll need trendy decor, a trendy name, and a trendy location. Are you choosing to create a traditional shop? Your decor, name, and location should reflect more traditional values.

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Write A Business Plan

Having a well thought out bubble tea business plan can help you through several facets of building your store. This document can not only serve as a strategic roadmap for you, it can also help your brands communication with banks, sponsors, manufacturers, and the marketplace so that you can better reach your goals. Since this plays a vital role in the creation of your business, make sure that each component of your plan works well with one another.

Invest In The Right Equipment

In a typical boba tea store setting, it is common to have a gas stove or electric induction heaters to brew tea and cook tapioca pearls. Another must-have is a refrigerator to keep your ingredients fresh, as well as a water filter system to ensure that your drinks are clean and safe. Since most bubble tea drinks are served cold, dont forget about getting a commercial ice machine. Having smaller items such as tea warmers for easy access to a variety of teas, a fructose dispenser to customize sweetness for each drink, and a cup sealer to neatly seal plastic beverage cups can also greatly benefit your boba shop. Some businesses even use tea espresso machines or shaker machines to improve their beverage consistency and overall efficiency. Your commercial equipment ultimately depends on what you want for your bubble tea shop.

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How Tea Is Grown & Produced

First things first, its wise to get an idea of how tea is produced before you get involved in the market. Maybe this will inform your supplier decisions later on down the line, and might even form the foundations of your brands story. Besides, tea has an impressive history, which may inspire the copywriting for your website, your unique selling point, your product descriptions, your ads, etc.

How Much Can You Make Owning A Bubble Tea Business

How to Start your Bubble Milk Tea Business?

Many factors will affect a business profits, including its location, the size of the business, the products offered, and how many years its been in operation. You can maximize your business chances of making a decent profit by doing thorough market research to ensure youre opening up in an area with minimal competition but also with a high demand for your products.

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Starting A Tea Brand: Dropshipping Tea Products

To start your own tea brand, it might not be easy to create your own tea but there are plenty of dropshippers you can source tea products from to get started. Dropshipping enables you to start selling online without purchasing any inventory upfront. Instead, when customers buy something on your site, the order is sent to the supplier, and they ship it directly to your customers from their warehouse.

Are Tea Shops Profitable

If it were easy, everyone would do it. The good news is that these are break even percentages. In other words, a small tea store might break even at $300,000 in sales with rent at $75,000 and labor at $90,000 . Tea retail can be incredibly rewarding and very profitable, but its definitely not easy.

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Things To Keep In Mind Before Starting A Tea Business

Save yourself countless hours by getting these seven things straight before you start up


One of the oldest beverages, Tea is a highly and widely consumed beverage in the world. But before I opened my tea business, I spent countless hours speaking to lawyers, accountants, and other entrepreneurs trying to figure out next steps. Save yourself countless hours — and the possible headache of making a huge foundational mistake — by getting these seven things straight before you start up:

Understanding Camellia Sinensis- The Magical Plant

The whole of tea business depends on the magical plant called Camellia Sinensis which produces over 1000 varieties of tea. Anybody who aspires to set foot in the business needs to study about the plant. Various types of tea such as Yellow Tea, Green Tea, Black Tea, Puer Tea, Oolong & White Tea are all harvested from it. What makes them all different from each other the processing method involved in their production.The truest way of gaining knowledge about this plant is to actually visit tea estates and interacting with the farmers. Personal experience can surpass any kind of information youll come across in books or even the internet.

Realize Your Core Competency

For TDT, my father has created tea blends that set us apart from our competitors and are bound to introduce a new wave of tea drinking culture in the country.

Identify Your Audience & Marketing Approach

Product Packaging

Procurement and Storage of Teas


How Do I Start A Bubble Tea Business


To start your own bubble tea business, you first need to scout locations. Find something in an upscale or touristy area with plenty of walkabilities. A popular downtown location would be ideal. Then you need to source equipment and supplies. This includes blenders, stoves, tea shakers, cups, straws, tea ingredients, and tapioca pearls. Youll also need to take care of any licensing and inspection requirements in your area.

On the business planning end, youll need a logo, branding, menu, and price list. Think about how youll market to customers and how many products you think youll be able to sell each day to eventually make a profit. Before opening, hire and train a team to make all the drinks on your menu.

If you opt for a franchise instead of starting your bubble tea business from scratch, most of these steps will be laid out for you.

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Create And Understand Your Brand

Having a solid brand identity for your bubble tea business is necessary for understanding your mission, connecting with your customers, and establishing the personality of your brand. Research your competitors and the target audience they attract, and find a way to set your brand apart from theirs. Your stores name should be meaningful and authentic as well — whether its a reflection of your stores theme, your personal story, or even the origin of your products.

What Kind Of Tea To Use

Im not going to tell you to just get any old black tea because each kind of black tea has a unique flavor. Its not like Lipton black tea is going to taste like Yunnan Puerh tea.

Boba Guys does a blend of 3 different teas Assam tea, Yunnan Puerh tea, and Ceylon tea. When you blend these 3 teas together, the result is a bold tasting, delicious milk tea unlike any other.

If youre feeling lazy, then 5 bags of English Breakfast tea will do but it wont have the same flavor.

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How To Open A Bubble Tea Business In 2021

Are you looking for a new and exciting opportunity? Have you ever heard of bubble tea? If you are an entrepreneur that is looking for a unique idea, think about starting up a bubble tea business in your area.

Bubble tea is a sweet drink that is made with iced tea, flavoring, delicious milk, and nuggets of sweetness that are chewy, usually made from tapioca. It is a tasty drink that originated in the East Asia area.

Find A Good Franchise

How to Start your Bubble Milk Tea Business?

If you dont have much time to put up your own brand, you may look for a reputable franchising company in the market. First, do research in selecting the best franchise business in the market as there are a lot of milk tea shops offering franchising in the market. Ask your family, friends, colleagues if they know some companies worth betting on.

Inquire, inquire, inquire. Compare the packages presented to you. Make sure to choose wisely and that is within your budget.

Choose the franchising company that will continue to help you and direct you. Dont settle for anything less. Make sure that the company will not only support you from the beginning but will support you endlessly. You could ask other franchisors about their experience to get an idea.

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Vital Aspects To Keep In Mind

Along with the essential details that are a must to note down while framing a tea business plan, there are certain aspects pertaining specifically to the tea business which need to be considered and mentioned in the business plan.

  • The vital aspect to consider is choose the products that the tea shop should sell- whether just different varieties of tea or sell tea and refreshments and accompaniments like biscuits, khari, cream rolls, or even hot snacks like fritters , samosas, pav vadas etc. The products to be sold at the tea shop must be decided in detail and mentioned in the business plan.
  • Further, the aspect to be considered is deciding on the pricing of the products, especially how much to charge for a cup of tea and the other eatables at the shop. Cost of the raw materials such as the water, milk, tea powder, sugar, gas connection, etc need to be calculated for each cup of tea and accordingly the pricing can be decided, keeping the profit margin in mind. Similarly for the other eatables and products at the shop. A brief note about the pricing and calculation must be mentioned in the tea shop business plan.
  • The next factor to consider and mention in the business plan is information regarding from where the raw materials will be purchased and why.

Step : Research The Bubble Tea Business

You cant start any business just out of nowhere! You will need realistic ideas and a practical business image in mind to start a Bubble Tea business. For this, you will have to seek out some existing and successful Bubble Tea Shops. Thus, the very first step on how to open a shop is, visiting various Bubble tea shops and recognizing their distinctive successes. Do they offer a local twist to bubble tea? Some shops in the south use sweet tea instead of traditional tea.

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Things To Know About Making Boba Milk Tea

  • When the boba is cooked, it must be used within 4 hours at room temperature.
  • Once you put it into the fridge, it will harden up and no longer be chewy.
  • Dont make this recipe with quick cooking or 5 minute tapioca pearls as they cook differently.

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