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How To Make Matcha Tea With Whisk

How To Whisk A Bowl Of Matcha Green Tea

How to Make Matcha? Tips for Whisking

Matcha, a powdered form of green tea found mostly in Japan, is usually associated with intricate tea ceremonies where the tea is whisked and served in a special tatami-floored teahouse. Its a beautiful tradition but it has also kept many people from enjoying this delicious, creamy, slightly bitter/sweet beverage. It is possible to enjoy a bowl of matcha in your own kitchen using just a few key ingredients and utensils and a little less formality. Read on for instructions and a short little video I made showing how to whisk the tea.

I recently visited the kitchen of Scott McDougall, a tea teacher who has studied formal tea ceremony for over 25 years. Scott explained that we would be doing what he calls kitchen matcha which means that he has dropped most of the tea ceremonys formality while still producing a delicious bowl of tea. Here is his method.

Why Do You Need A Whisk

To make the perfect traditional cup of Match tea, you do need the whisk. Matcha tea is a power substance to add to the hot water.

The bamboo whisk is the best thing to use to break these clumps and helping the powdered substance to dissolve in the water. You have to stir the tea for long enough and with proper measure to have the powdered green tea to be completely mixed with the hot water. If it is not mixed properly the taste will not be the same, of course.

How Do I Care For My Matcha Whisk

Because the chasen is such an essential tool for making matcha, its important keep it in good shape so it lasts. Here are a few tips to do so.

Make it more flexible. Before using the chasen for the first time, dip it in warm water for 10 to 20 seconds. You can also do each time you make matcha when you are warming your bowl. This will make the prongs more flexible and also prevent them from breaking easily and ensure that your chasen lasts longer.

Use it with care. Again, be sure not to push too hard on your chasen when whisking. Do be firm, but also gentle, and avoid scratching your chawan matcha bowl.

Clean after each use. Simply use a bowl of warm water and whisk it as you would with matcha to clean your chasen. Dont use soap or put it in the dishwasher hot water will suffice.

Keep it dry. After cleaning your whisk, allow it to air dry completely to prevent mold, ideally on a matcha whisk holder. If you do not have a whisk holder, allow the chasen to dry standing upright, with its prongs facing upward. Store it in a dry area. Because the matcha whisks shape will change with each use, do not store the chasen in the container it came in when you bought it.

And thats all, folks. Happy whisking!

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Whisk Until You Reach Your Desired Result

As your froth begins to form, use the following instructions to complete the third step:

  • Continue whisking vigorously and youll soon start to notice the fresh matcha tea aroma. Be sure to whisk the water, not the bowl. The position of the whisk is important for achieving the perfect froth.
  • When your froth begins to build and you see a creamy surface, slow down your whisking speed, and break up any remaining large bubbles.
  • Twist the whisk for a finish with flair! Bring your whisk to the center and give it a gentle twist as you slowly bring it out from the bowl.
  • Once you have your desired result, pour your matcha into your cup, and enjoy!

How To Make Matcha Tea With Powder

How To Make Matcha Tea Without Whisk

As a caffeine addict, my morning routine always involves a fresh cup of coffee especially on Mondays to energize me for the week. On my occasional trips to the nearby coffee shop, though, I started to notice that my dad would order a matcha latte instead of an espresso or cold brew. When I asked him why he preferred the green tea over coffee, he told me it not only tasted better, but didn’t leave him feeling jittery. Me being a curious daughter, I looked it up to see what all the craze was about and discovered the Black- and female-owned Golde.

Co-founded by Trinity Mouzon Wofford and Issey Kobori, the small business has been on a mission to help people live their best lives through self-care. Its ultimate goal is to help others feel good about themselves with superfood-based products that seamlessly fit into your lifestyle, whether it’s through a turmeric-loaded morning smoothie or nightly papaya face mask.

According to the brand, matcha is loaded with essential amino acids, antioxidants and nutrients like potassium, calcium and magnesium. It also contains chlorophyll, which gives the green tea its color and acts as a skin detoxifier. Along with helping boost your focus while decreasing stress levels, a serving of matcha provides more caffeine than a shot of espresso. Wanting to put it to the test, I decided to try out Golde’s Make Your Matcha Kit to see if it could replace my must-have morning coffee.

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The Important Of A Matcha Whisk

Matcha can be traced back to over one thousand years when it came over from China to Japan, and it has played an important role in many different cultures and societies from monks to Samurai.

Over the centuries, the process for creating matcha has been improved and perfected, and one of the most important tools youll need to make your perfect cup of matcha is the whisk.

Bskifnn Japanese Tea Set

Are you on the hunt for a set that includes all of the essential materials but does not come with any bowls or spoons? Well, in that case, you need to take a look at what Bskifnn is offering here.

First of all, the set that you will receive will have three different materials. You will receive a ceramic holder, one whisk, and lastly, one handle. The handle will make it easier for you to properly mix the powder.

On the other hand, the whisk you are going to receive will allow you to get a lump-free drink. It has plenty of prongs on the top, which are properly spaced as well. For that reason, the drink that you will make will taste exceptionally great.

Other than that, the holder has a proper design as well. It allows the air to pass through the prongs, which will make sure that molds do not occur on them.

Lastly, the whisk and the holder are both of sturdy bamboo. So they will last for a long amount of time.


  • Comes with a ceramic holder
  • The whisk is capable of making a lump-free drink
  • Both the handle and the whisk is pretty durable


  • The top portion of the prongs are a bit sharp
  • Some of the packages might ship with broken holders

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How To Make Matcha Tea Without A Whisk: Different Methods

If youre on the search for a low-impact, long-lasting alternative to your morning cup of coffee, then matcha might just be the way to go. It provides all the great energy boost of your morning coffee but without many of the side effects like caffeine crashes and headaches, and comes with many other health benefits like an improved immune system, promoted oral health, and even support for overall emotional health.

With all these benefits of matcha, its a good thing that matcha can be made right in the comfort of your home with just a few simple tools. And Tenzo Tea is here to help.

We make it easy to find the ingredients and recipes you need to make your morning cup of matcha tea or to enjoy a tea before bed, and were here to share the best way to create your matcha without a whisk. Check out this matcha-making guide to get started.

How To Make A Matcha Latte

How to make Matcha ~ how to whisk matcha like a pro!

Three easy ways for how to make a matcha latte at home! Enjoy a steamy latte every day of the week dairy free and naturally sweetened options!

Its no secret I love a good matcha latte. I have written about my deep, deep love for this drink before. I think it is about time to shout it from the rooftops and share a Plant Basics Guide with three, yes three! easy ways to make a coffee shop worthy matcha latte at home.

Lets lay some ground rules here:

  • Each method will make one matcha latte.
  • All methods need 1 teaspoon matcha and 1 ½ cups milk.
  • All methods can use any milk youd like coconut, almond, soy, dairy, you name it, it works.
  • You can sweeten any of these methods as much or as little as youd like. Some methods limit you to liquid sweeteners like maple syrup, agave, etc. and others allow for dates.
  • Each method has a pros and cons list so you can easily see which method works for you!
  • Lets make some matcha!

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    How To Froth Milk

    Heat the milk up to just before its boil, the temperature should be 140-160°F . The temperature of the milk affects the taste so be careful not to scorch the milk. I use a coffee machine milk frother but if you dont have a machine, you could use a stick blender or handheld mixer. There are more ways to froth milk, see 8 ways to froth milk by

    Bamboomn Matcha Whisk And Bowl

    When you are looking for the whisks in the market, you might want the best bamboo matcha whisk. In that case, you should take a look at what BambooMN is offering here.

    To start with, it includes four different tools for making matcha. In the set, you will find one ceramic bowl, one ceramic rest, a Chashaku, and finally, one bamboo teaspoon.

    All of the utensils other than the bowl is of bamboo. And the manufacturer did not cheap out with the quality. The high-quality bamboo that they have utilized will enable these to achieve a high lifespan.

    Aside from the construction, the whisk that it comes with has properly spaced prongs. For such spacing, you should be able to make yourself a perfect cup that will not have any lumps inside it.

    Other than that, the bowl is pretty large in size as well. It will be able to hold a good quantity of any drink. Also, the teaspoon is going to help you measure the powder properly.


    • The whisk has properly spaced prongs
    • Comes with a pretty large bowl


    • The tip of the prongs is a bit sharp
    • Some of the packages might ship with a broken spoon

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    Included In The Sampler

    9 Classic Matchas

    -Chanoka Silver Matcha: This matcha starts off strong with a bold savory flavor and a thick mouthfeel. It gets right to the point with these strong umami flavors that evolve over time.

    -Chanoka Okumidori Matcha: because its from the Okumidori cultivar, it has a smoother, more well-rounded flavor with less bitterness.

    2g Matcha Seisui: A stronger, grassier Yabukita Matcha from the Kyoto region. This matcha works better for Matcha lattes

    1-1.5g matcha per 150ml water 70 degrees Celsius 160 degrees Fahrenheit

    2g Matcha Koiai: A bold, sweet Gokou Matcha from the region of Shizuoka

    1-1.5g matcha per 150ml water 70 degrees Celsius 160 degrees Fahrenheit

    2g Matcha Washimine: A smooth and creamy Okumidori Matcha from Kyoto. This is a great matcha for “koicha”, a thicker matcha made during the tea ceremony

    1-1.5g matcha per 150ml water 70 degrees Celsius 160 degrees Fahrenheit

    2g Matcha Kakitsubata: A fresh, vegetal Yabukita matcha from the region of Shizuoka. This matcha also works well in a latte

    1-1.5g matcha per 150ml water 70 degrees Celsius 160 degrees Fahrenheit

    2g Matcha Marufuku: A sweet and creamy matcha from southern Japan, made with a combination of the Okumidori and Saemidori cultivars

    1-1.5g matcha per 150ml water 70 degrees Celsius 160 degrees Fahrenheit

    2g Henta Matcha: A sweet and fresh matcha coming from the Kirishima region in southern Japan

    1-1.5g matcha per 150ml water 70 degrees Celsius 160 degrees Fahrenheit

    5 New Matchas

    Green Tea Powder For The Deviants

    How to Make Matcha Tea Without Whisk

    If youre looking for some creative recipes then this is the section for you. Being powdered means that matcha can be used in lots of recipes. It can be enjoyed in lattes, smoothies and in baking. For a quick and easy Matcha Latte you only need 4 ingredients: Kineta Organic Tea Powder, coconut sugar/ local honey , warm water and milk . Take a look at our blog for more healthy, powdered tea inspired recipe ideas.

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    How Is Matcha Made

  • Shading: Early to mid-April, tea leaves designated for matcha are completely shaded.
  • Harvesting: Around early May the tea leaves are carefully picked.
  • Steaming: As soon as the leaves are picked, they go through the steaming process to prevent them from being oxidized and retain natural green color, fragrance, and nutrition. The main difference between Japanese green tea and other teas is that Japanese tea leaves are steamed.
  • Cooling/Drying: The leaves are passed through the various stages of an air machine to cool and dry.
  • Grinding: The tea leaves are ground into a fine powder. Traditionally, its manually ground on a stone mill, but these days its done with machines.
  • Why Do You Need To Whisk Matcha

    Matcha is green tea in powder form, therefore, you can not steep it like any other tea. However, you should not confuse it with instant tea.

    Matcha technically doesnt dissolve in water. Whisking matcha helps the powder suspend in water.

    If youre not whisking matcha, then you have to find a different way to suspend the powder and make sure the hot tea isnt chalky and clumpy. Put down the fork and spoon thoughplease.

    These alternative methods to make matcha are great for people who are:

    • new to matcha and not sure where to begin or just want to try it
    • always on the go and need to get their matcha fix quick
    • rather spend their budget on great quality matcha and not all the tools

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    How To Make Matcha Tea Without Whisk

    Hey tea lovers! In search of an ideal information on learn how to make matcha tea with out whisk, proper? Its a bit totally different from conventional manner. However not tough.

    Lets see how its totally different from others. A bamboo whisk is a key to make an ideal foamy floor at prime of the tea. It provides elegant taste and aroma.

    However dont fear a lot about it, were gonna reveal the easiest way to make matcha tea with out whisk.

    You can also make a good of matcha tea with out the whisk utilizing:

  • Jar or Bottle
  • Electrical Blender
  • Cocktail Shaker
  • If youre questioning learn how to use these instruments, fear not weve mentioned them under.

    Additionally, if you wish to know extra about whats matcha tea? and the well being advantages of matcha tea then you possibly can test our matcha tea information.

    Some Well Being Advantages Of Matcha Tea

    How to Whisk a Bowl of Matcha

    Matcha Tea is an ideal selection for a wholesome way of life. A few of the well being advantages of Matcha Tea are as follows

    • A cup of matcha tea may give you many occasions the antioxidant as a standard inexperienced tea which is great in your organs as antioxidants take away dangerous toxins from the blood.
    • This tea offers you with 50 occasions extra iron than inexperienced tea, making it a superb different to common inexperienced tea. Thats how matcha tea is useful in your physique.
    • Matcha tea offers you 30 occasions extra Vitamin C than infused inexperienced tea. Getting the pure Vitamin C with this a lot quantity and fewer time is a good way to get extra vitality.
    • A cup of matcha tea has 35mg of caffeine, and in case you are actually into caffeine, this tea presents an ideal answer for you.

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    Where Can I Buy Matcha

    You can get Matcha from Japanese grocery stores and also Online easily nowadays because of its popularity. Even now you know what to look for in Matcha, it is hard to pick good quality matcha because it is usually packaged in a vacuum pack to prevent oxidation. So choose Matcha by where they are produced. Matcha from Uji, Kyoto and Nishio, Aichi Prefectures are generally speaking vivid dark green in colour and mellow bittersweet with a rich flavour.

    Alternative : A Milk Frother

    This is my favourite alternative method for making matcha, but it only works if youre planning on adding milk.

    I used my Nespresso milk frother, but you can also use an electric milk frother. If youre using the Nespresso frother, make sure to put your milk in first before adding your matcha. If you put the matcha in first, it might stick to the bottom.

    Its as easy as that, let the frother do all the work!

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    What Supplies Do You Need

    You need a few ingredients and supplies before you start whisking your matcha, including the following items:

    Using a well-textured matcha powder will give you better results. In addition, your chasen is very important when making matcha tea. This bamboo Japanese whisk is designed specifically for mixing matcha tea, which is a key factor for achieving the perfect froth. While there are other alternative whisks, a chasen will work best.

    My Matcha Life® offers three different types of matcha tea that you can easily whisk for the perfect froth, including our Ceremonial Matcha, Baristas Matcha, and Foodies Culinary Matcha. We also have a Matcha Accessories Bundle to provide you with all the supplies you need to create delicious cups of matcha.


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