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Hot Toddy With Tea And Whiskey

Do Hot Toddies Really Help A Cold Or Cough

Hot Toddy | How to Drink

Whiskey can act like a decongestant. By dilating your blood vessels, it allows your mucus membranes to fight the infection. Since hot toddies typically have honey and lemon which are known to help ease throat pain, hot toddies make a perfect recipe to help with cold symptoms. With the relaxing effect of the whiskey, you can get the much needed sleep to help your body rest and fight the infection.

The Best Hot Toddy Cocktail

Hot Toddys are one of my secret new favorite things. To be honest I didt try a hot toddy until more recently in my adult life and it was a game changer.

From helping relieve cold symptoms to warming me up on a windy and snowy night the Hot Toddy gets made quite frequently during the winter months in our house.

How To Make Chai Whiskey Hot Toddy

First we need to make the spiced orange honey syrup. It’s simply dumping all the ingredients into a saucepan, let it boil for five minutes. Then stir in vanilla extract and let it cool. Instead of the whole spices and fresh ginger, you can also use my homemade masala chai spice mix, about 2 tsp.

The longer you let it cool, the more the flavors will infuse. I let mine sit for 6 hours! Then strain it into a jar which can be closed tightly with a lid. Keeps in the fridge for 1 month, although it won’t as it’s only enough for 8 cocktails, so it will last you, what, a week, 3 days?

For the cocktail, brew chai tea , and let it steep for about 4-5 minutes before removing the tea bag. If you don’t like tea, you can just use warm water – no biggie. After that, stir in the rest of the ingredients and taste and adjust the seasonings as you like.

In addition, you can garnish the cocktail to make it extra special. For instance with a swirled clementine peel, half a slice of an orange, fresh rosemary sprigs, a cinnamon stick and star anise. However, traditionally, the garnish is half a slice of a lemon, studded with whole cloves, so you could also try that. Similarly, you could go for nothing, if that’s more your jam! Snuggle up and enjoy.

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More Cocktails To Love

For another warming whiskey drink, make my Irish Coffee recipe! If youre looking for more holiday-friendly whiskey drinks, dont miss my Maple New York Sour or Cinnamon-Maple Whiskey Sour.

Here are a few more of my favorite classic cocktails: Moscow Mules, French 75s, Best Red Sangria, Mimosas, and Fresh Margaritas.

Please let me know how this hot toddy recipe turns out for you in the comments! I really love hearing from you, and your feedback is so important to me.

Monkey Shoulder Malt Whiskey

Apple Hot Toddy Whisky Cocktail Recipe

The Monkey Shoulder has always been created for mixing since its launch in 2003. This malted spirit offers a mellow vanilla taste with spicy hints. Its vanilla, spiced oak, honey, and zesty orange aroma are perfect for hot toddy drinks.

Youll love its fruity and malty character, bold enough to stand out in every drink it gets mixed to. This spirit with 43% ABV also offers a perfectly balanced flavor profile for mixed drinks.

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How To Mix A Simple Hot Tea And Whiskey

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Sometimes called a hot toddy, mixing whiskey with hot tea can create a delicious and comforting drink. Tea and whiskey are both drinks common in the British Isles and other cultures, so why not mix them together? Some people also believe the drink is good for when you have a cold.

How To Make A Hot Toddy Step By Step

First, start boiling the water.

Meanwhile, in your mug, add your sweetener of choice. You can always add a little more later, but you cant take any out so err on the side of caution.

Add the boiling water to the mug, being sure to leave enough headroom to add your liquor. Vigorously stir with a spoon to dissolve the sweetener.

You can now begin steeping your tea. You can also add any hearty aromatics like cinnamon sticks or star anise.

For black teas, a good rule of thumb is to steep for about 3 minutes. Less time will yield a weaker tea but much longer than 4-5 minutes and the tea will start to become bitter and astringent. For herbals teas, you cant really over steep, so just steep it to your preferred strength.

When the tea is done steeping, remove the teabag and discard.

Now you can add your acid , bitters if using, oat milk if desired, and more delicate aromatics like ginger peels or thyme springs.

We like to add the liquor to our hot toddies last. The reason is if we added it first, the boiling water would start to evaporate away some of the alcohol. We have no idea how much, but we paid for full-strength whiskey and were not prepared to lose any of it to the atmosphere!

With the desired amount of liquor added, you just need to give it one final stir to make sure everything is well mixed, and youre ready to start relaxing!

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Spiced Turmeric Tea And Bourbon Hot Toddy

Makes 1 drink

1 Spiced Turmeric tea bag

1 tablespoon honey

1-2 ounces Misunderstood Ginger Spiced Whiskey or other favorite Bourbon

Slice of crystalized ginger or cinnamon stick for garnish, if desired

Make tea in your favorite mug by pouring boiling water over tea bag. Let steep 5 minutes. Add honey and Bourbon and stir to combine. Garnish with crystallized ginger and cinnamon sticks, if desired. Enjoy it while it’s hot!

Hibiscus And Tequila Hot Toddy

Hot Toddy – How to Make the Classic Hot Whiskey Cocktail

Makes 1 drink

1 Red Zinger or other favorite Hibiscus tea bag

1 tablespoon honey

1-2 ounces favorite Reposado Tequila such as El Tesoro, Don Julio, Herradura

Sprig of mint, slice of lime or other citrus for garnish, if desired

Make tea in your favorite mug by pouring boiling water over tea bag. Let steep 5 minutes. Add honey and Tequila and stir to combine. Garnish with mint, lime slices or other citrus if desired. Enjoy it while it’s hot!

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Mint Tea And Dark Rum

Move over mojitos, there’s a new minty cocktail in-season. Mint and rum is a classic cocktail combo that can easily be adapted into a hot toddy. Add some lemon to your mint tea toddy for an extra layer of calming aroma to ease your nighttime tensions.

Here are my preferred mint tea and rum pairings:

Tips For Making Hot Toddies

  • If you want to reduce the amount of caffeine, steep the tea bag in hot water for 30 seconds, dump the water out, and then resume steeping. This reduces the caffeine by roughly half.
  • Everyone online photographs their hot toddies in glass mugs because they want to showcase the color of the drink, but if youre camping, you want to use an insulated mug to keep your drink warm for as long as possible.
  • Be sure to thoroughly stir in your sweeteners. Nobody wants a big glob of honey or grainy sugar at the bottom. It takes at least 10 seconds of vigorous stirring to fully dissolve most sweeteners.

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George Dickel Superior No 12 Whisky

George Dickel Superior No. 12 is a 90-proof Tennessee whiskey blended with older whiskies to acquire a deep, assertive blend of flavors with an amazingly smooth finish.

This bottle may be bold to some drinkers like bourbon, but it provides you a soothing feeling, your best bet for colds when used in making cocktails.

It is made from a corn-based mash with 84% corn, 8% malted barley, and 8% rye, giving the palate concentrated flavors of subtle vanilla and rick oak. Expect a long finish with hints of butter, smoke, and maple.

Tullamore Dew Irish Whiskey

Hot Toddy

Tullamore D.E.W. Irish whisky is an original triple blend Irish whiskey known for its gentle and smooth complexity. It offers grain whiskey with sweet flavors, pot still whiskey with the right amount of spice, and malt whiskey with fruity flavor.

Its triple blend complexity makes it perfect for a hot toddy, giving you a balanced and smooth drink to soothe your throat.

Youll definitely love its balance and depth from its 7-year triple cask maturation using ex-sherry butts and ex-bourbon barrels.

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What Are Hot Toddies Good For

A hot toddy is usually drunk at night, to relieve the symptoms of a cold and a flu. However, I drink it because it is DELICIOUS as well.

Whiskey can, in moderation, widen your blood vessels. This will help with cold symptoms like congestion, by giving more movement of the mucus membranes in your sinuses, possibly flushing out infections. Whiskey can also help get you a better night’s sleep as it is a pain relief. However, as I mentioned, it is only in moderation. Too much and you get a hangover. Not pleasant.

Hot beverages are in general good for a sore throat. A 2008 study concluded that a hot fruit beverage can relieve cold and flu symptoms such as a runny nose, sneezing, coughing, feeling cold and tired, and a sore throat. So oomph up the citrus in this drink to make it even better for your cold.

Even though alcohol can relieve some of the symptoms, you should not mix alcohol with medicine. If you want a non-alcoholic drink to relieve the symptoms, I can highly recommend this caffeine free sore throat tea with ginger and honey.

Honey is also a common ingredient in hot toddies. Honey can help fighting infections and relieve pain, and has a natural antibacterial function. It’s good for the digestion and good for a sore throat and to fight coughing. Honey also definitely helps to make anything taste better, right?

I also add ginger which is both anti-inflammatory and antibacterial. It is also good to fight nausea. I always add ginger to my sore throat concoctions.

Hot Toddy For Coughing

If you find yourself searching Hot Toddy For CoughIm here for you. This cocktail a day keeps the doctor away. Or at least makes the time until you can see a doctor a little more enjoyable.

Cold and Flu season is such a mess and such a drain on families. This hot toddy wont cure anything , but I know it can lift some spirits while soothing your throat.

Guaranteed to help with coughs and sore throats. Whiskey is good like that! If you need a hot sip of something soothing on a cold day, this recipe is your ticket. GO AWAY Cold and Flu Season!

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Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey

Jack Daniels Tennessee Honey is a unique honey liqueur that provides hints of subtle honey and a naturally smooth finish. It is aged in American White Oak barrels covered in alligator char.

This sipping whiskey is made with real honey, blended with JDs Old No. 7, giving a naturally sweet flavor. Like bourbon, its honeyed taste is perfect for hot water, grated ginger, lemon juice, or a lemon wedge for a hot toddy whiskey.

Green Tea And Whiskey

Is Whiskey Good for a Cold? Try Hot Toddy for Colds!

Did you know? Green tea and brown liquor is a popular combination in Chinese drinking culture. I remember many karaoke nights drinking pitchers of ice green tea with Hennessy. Personally, I think green tea pairs best with sweet or floral whiskies.

Here are my preferred green tea and bourbon pairings:

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What Does Whiskey And Tea Taste Like

Whiskey and tea are both comfort foods that have a warming quality.

This makes whiskey and tea drinks particularly enjoyable when consumed on a cold winter night or rainy afternoon.

The flavors of the two ingredients tend to complement one another.

A good tea can provide herb, citrus, and fruit flavors, without getting in the way of the flavors provided by whiskey.

Whiskey can contribute many additional different flavors, depending on the type of whiskey you use.

A good Scotch whisky might add citrus, dried fruit, dark chocolate, spices, tobacco, peat smoke, and oak.

Use a bourbon whiskey and you might notice more caramel, molasses, vanilla, and honey.

Irish whiskey is particularly good choice, as it can add delicious floral, fruit, herb, and vanilla flavors to your tea. This can work really well with certain tea varieties, like Darjeeling tea and Earl Grey tea.

Although whiskey is quite flavorsome, it doesnt dominate the flavor of tea. Combining whiskey and tea is like partnering wine and cheese they both make the other ingredient taste better.

Given that there are so many different teas and whiskeys available, the challenge is finding a combination that you enjoy. Below are a few recipes to help you get started.

Angels Envy Finished Rye

Angels Envy Finished Rye comes with a perfect rum cask finish that complements the savory taste of a hot cocktail. This bottle is aged in Caribbean rum casks for 18 months, achieving an intense, complex flavor.

Even at 100 proof, it provides a blend of raw, earthy, and spicy rye with a mellowed sweet taste and smooth finish.

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Whiskey And Tea: Does It Work

Tea and whiskey have a close relationship that stretches back several centuries.

Both are time-honored drinks, with a unique tradition and rich culture.

Carefully combining the two can create a delicious drink that is greater than the sum of its parts.

In this post, Ill explain what the combination of these two much-loved drinks tastes like and also share a few simple whiskey and tea recipes.

The Hot Toddy Is The New Nightcap

Hot Toddy with Bourbon and Honey

A classic Hot Toddy cocktail has a base of lemon, honey and whisky accented with cinnamon sticks.


I have a new nightly ritual and it is not what I ever expected to add into my routine. Its The Hot Toddy and I cant think of a more relaxing bit of self-care this time of year.

Whether it is an old wives tale or the truth, a Hot Toddy is said to alleviate a cold because it is a decongestant. In clinical terms, the alcohol in whiskey dilates the blood vessels, making it easier for your body to deal with the infection. Spirits combined with hot water honey and lemon is a beverage that helps clear up your cold symptoms and makes you feel toasty and cozy. According to folklore, by the time you finish the drink you will be breathing better, and the alcohol will start to make you drowsy so you can rest easy.

Its also a great nightcap and you dont need to be under the weather to enjoy it. I owe my new found love for The Hot Toddy to an unexpected whiskey.

A few months ago, a friend in the business sent me a bottle of whiskeyMisunderstood Ginger Spiced Whiskey. I was fully prepared to take a sip and dismiss it because while flavored spirits are not bad, they are not usually to my personal taste.

  • Traditional Scotch Hot Toddy with a Cinnamon Stick
  • Hibiscusthink Red Zinger teaand Tequila
  • Chamomile and Honey with Irish Whiskey
  • Turmeric Tea with Spiced Ginger Bourbon
  • getty

    1 ounce fresh lemon juice

    1 cup boiling water

    1-2 tablespoon honey, to taste

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    Chai Whiskey Hot Toddy With Spiced Orange Honey

    Posted on

    Nothing warms the body more than a chai whiskey hot toddy with a delicious honey syrup infused with warming spices like cinnamon, cloves and cardamom. Orange juice and zest make this an extra irresistible concoction to warm you right from the inside.

    This chai hot toddy can very well be enjoyed non-alcoholic by omitting the whiskey. And I promise it will still be a wonderfully cozy winter drink. Other non-alcholic winter drinks I can recommend are Nordic gløgg, orange drink with chilli, sore throat tea with ginger, peppermint mocha, calendula tea and grapefruit cider and of course hot chocolate.

    Adding Whiskey And Other Ingredients Into The Tea

  • 1Put the whiskey into the tea. One way you can do this is to take one or two shots of whiskey, and pour them into a one-liter teapot as the water boils.
  • Many people use Jack Daniels whiskey when making this drink, but any type of whiskey works. You could also make a mug of tea and then add a single shot of whiskey in it to taste. You could also use 60ml whiskey for 60ml water, basically an even split.
  • Some recipes call for 1 ½ ounces of whiskey for every 1 cup of hot water and 1 tea bag. How much whiskey you use, though, depends on how much of an alcohol taste you want or can tolerate.
  • Irish whiskey can be a good choice because it lacks smoke and has a sweet candy-like flavor. This will add sophistication to even the cheapest teas. This is also a great drink in winter weather or over the holidays.
  • 2Add lemon and honey. In the classic hot toddy drink, you add lemon and honey along with the tea and the whiskey. You can leave these elements out if you want, of course.
  • The honey is a sweetener that helps a sore throat. You may want to add 1 to 2 slices of lemon and 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey into the drink. Let the slices of lemon float in the top of the tea cup. If you have a sore throat or are sick, breathe in the steam.
  • Stir the drink. Some people pour the honey into the bottom of the mug and then pour the hot water on top of it.XResearch source
  • For example, you could add in a grating of nutmeg after making the tea or a 1cm piece of ginger that youve peeled or sliced.
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