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99 Cent Arizona Iced Tea

How Else Do They Make Money

99-cent Arizona Iced Tea-themed sneakers cause frenzy in NYC

Unfortunately, they cant really police the price nationwide at different stores, so often they cover the cans with bright price tags. But, beyond the no advertising strategy, they also thin their cans and improve their technology to cut down on expenses.

Not to mention, they have other larger products that cost more than 99 cents. They offer hot tea, soda pop, powder mix packets, different flavors of Arnold Palmer drinks, different juice and sports drink flavors, and even energy drinks. One of their newer products is sparking flavored water too.

We are happy to say that Arizona cans will be 99 cents probably for a lifetime if they have stayed the same price for 27 years! What is your favorite Arizona drink flavor? Do you like the 99 cent cans or do you prefer to buy the larger jugs filled with delicious tea?

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The Claim: Photo Shows Two Cans Of Arizona Iced Tea One Marked 99 Cents The Other $129

As U.S. inflation reaches a 40-year high, a photo has been circulating on social media that suggests the price of AriZona iced tea has increased from 99 cents to $1.29.

The photo shows two very similar cans of AriZona iced tea. One is marked 99 cents, the same price the tea has been for decades, according to the Los Angeles Times. The other can in the photo is marked $1.29.

“It’s officially time to start worrying,” reads the caption of the photo in a

The post was shared nearly 6,000 times in a week. The photo also spread widely on .

However, the photo is misleading. The suggested price of 99 cents for the pictured AriZona iced tea has not changed, according to the company. The can marked $1.29 is from Canada, and its price is given in Canadian dollars.

USA TODAY reached out to the Facebook user who shared the post for comment. The Twitter user could not be reached.

The Man Who Didnt Invent Flamin Hot Cheetos

Richard Montañez has for years told a story of how he dreamed up Flamin Hot Cheetos while working as a Frito-Lay janitor. The archival record, former employees and Frito-Lay itself say otherwise.

The cost of aluminum has doubled in the last 18 months, from about $1,750 per metric ton to nearly $3,250 today. Shipping, taxes, and other expenses for aluminum ingots raise the price again and those premiums increased from about $420 per ton in April 2019 to more than $880 today.

With about 23 grams of aluminum per Big AZ Can, that means the price of metal alone has gone from nearly 5 cents up to 9.5 cents a pop when youre selling a billion cans a year, thats $45 million down the tubes.

The Vultaggios declined to break down exactly how much their costs have risen per can. They did say that the company typically hedged aluminum prices to offset costs, but those hedges expired. Now, its exposed to the full brunt of the global commodity price.

The prices of tea, water, high fructose corn syrup, honey, citric acid, and flavorings have remained fairly flat in recent years, but over the long term the pressure has grown. High fructose corn syrup has risen from around 15 cents per pound at the turn of the century to more than 45 cents today, according to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, amounting to something like a 3-cent cost increase per can in the last 20 years. That small change, times a billion, equals an additional $30 million eaten away.

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Costco Sam’s Club And Bj’s Rotisserie Chicken

Despite a 16.4% year-over-year increase in chicken prices, wholesale clubs and other grocers have kept rotisserie chicken prices down.

Rotisserie chickens remain $4.99 at Costco, as they have been for more than a decade, as well as at BJ’s Wholesale Club. At Sam’s Club, they have cost a penny less than that for more than five years.

There’s a strategy behind these stores’ decision to keep those prices steady.

The rotisserie chicken is a prized item for supermarkets because it pulls customers into stores. Typically, customers will shop around and buy more than just a chicken when they visit. That’s why retailers want to stay competitive on rotisserie chicken prices and are willing to lose money selling them even as production costs rise.

What’s more, shoppers know exactly how much their rotisserie chicken costs, and they’ll notice an increase. The price of a rotisserie chicken helps set consumers’ overall perception of a store’s value.

Although BJ’s production costs for rotisserie chickens have surged, the company has held prices firm because it’s “such a meaningful thing to our members,” CEO Bob Eddy said on an earnings call in May.

However, the lengths Costco has gone to keep its chickens $4.99 is under scrutiny.

The retailer is facing a lawsuit from two shareholders claiming Costco and its top executives allow for the mistreatment of chickens in violation of animal welfare laws.


First published on July 8, 2022 / 3:57 PM

General Electric Announces Its New Three Independent Entities

Why You

CEO Larry Culp unveils new logos for General Electrics historic split. GE will be divided into three independent companies, each company will be considered a leader in its industry. This will also come with a new GE logo.

According to the Get General Electric Company report, this highly revered company will be going into its first historic split in over 130 years in the business. The company is going to separate GE into three independent public companies.

Larry Culp explains the first separate public company will be GE Aerospace, which is GEs aviation unit. The CEO will operate this unit himself, along with current CEO John Slattery as the chief commercial officer. GE Aerospace is the primary foundation of the companys plan to split into three separate entities, which was announced in December of last year.

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The Surprising Reason Arizona Iced Tea Has Always Been 99 Cents

One buck or bust.

There are some things in lifeok, grocery storesthat are so steady, we take them for granted. For as many new Oreo flavors that come out, the good ol’ original chocolate sandwich cookie will always be on store shelves. Kids’ cereal will always be colorful . And Arizona Iced Tea cans, blessedly, will always be 99-cents.

Rather than an occasional promotion, keeping those big, 23-ounce cans cheap is a core part of the brand’s strategy, Arizona’s Chief Marketing Officer and Co-Owner Spencer Vultaggio told Thrillist. “The cans are synonymous with 99 cents now. Our fans love it,” he said. “They’ve grown up with us, and they’ll always know they can head to their local store and our drinks will be 99 cents.” I appreciate you, Spencer.

The company maintains the low price in part by keeping advertising to a bare minimumyou won’t find any random celebrities hawking Arizona Sweet Tea on a Subway ad.

Even without traditional ads, the dollar price tag has acted as a sort of marketing tactic in and of itself. Just take a look at the “Great Buy! 99 cents” printed on cans or Arizona’s funny social media posts.

You are not alone… RT if you agree!

AriZona Iced Tea

RT to remind some stores that #99centsequals99cents

AriZona Iced Tea

Just gonna leave this here….

AriZona Iced Tea

Anywho, all that’s to say the 99 cent price tag isn’t going anywhere. We’ll toast an Arnold Palmer to that.

A Limited Number Of Cruisers Will Be Available On July 13

It sounds like there should be a catch to a bike priced at 99 cents, but, according to Arizona Hard, the suspiciously low price is real. A limited number of floral-print bikes will be available for Canadians who jump on the drink companys deal on July 13.

Hard bikes

Last year, Arizona launched a hard version of its popular iced tea in Canada. The 5 per cent alcohol drink was made in partnership between Molson Coors and Arizona parent Hornell Brewing.

Although it would be hard to find the product priced for under a dollar nowadays, for many years Arizona green tea was typically sold for 99 cents. Inspired by the original Arizona Green Tea tall can, the company is selling 99 cent bikes.

Acknowledging the increase in demand for bikes caused by the pandemic, Arizona Hard says it wants to satisfy Canadians appetite for adventure by releasing limited edition stylish rides at a price no one can resist.

The cruisers are decorated in three designs: the styles of Arizona Hard Green Tea, Hard Lemon Iced Tea or the Hard Peach Iced Tea flavour.

The limited-edition 99 cent bikes will be available at www.arizonahard.castarting July 13 at 1 p.m. ET/10 a.m. PT, while supplies last. Canadians are encouraged to visit the website and act quickly as a limited number of bikes will become available throughout the day.

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Podcast: The Arizona Iced

Since AriZona iced tea launched in 1994, a can of the stuff has cost 99 cents. Its a business anomaly, yet one that has turned the company into a multibillion-dollar outfit. And the owner vows to keep his iced tea at that price even during the worst inflation the United States has seen in 40 years, which is eating into the companys revenue.

Today, we get into this odd business ideology.

Guests: L.A. Times business reporter Sam Deann

More reading:

About The Times

About this story

Two: Theyve Made Production Efficient And Streamlined

Arizona Iced Tea did not raise price from 99 cents to $1.29

There are also some behind-the-scenes things going on that keep costs low, and its stuff you probably wouldnt normally consider. Vultaggio explained that they always incorporate new technology into their process: they process cans faster, they thin out the cans using less aluminum and more recyclable materials, and they move trucks at night to cut shipping costs.

They also havent changed the cans up a million times since the 90s. Sure, AriZona as a company has released new products and made minimal changes, but the 99 cents cans still look and taste the same as they did when you were younger.

That kind of consistency keeps fans coming back for more, and probably also keeps advertising at a minimum. Were here for it!

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Arizona Keeps Production Costs Low To Keep Prices Low

Advertising is incredibly costly for companies. For example, Red Bull spent $30 million on marketing in 2018 and that was just in the United States . Keeping their cans out of the “hands of some celebrity” isn’t the only way Arizona saves money, though. The little advertising that it does do is limited to its social media presence.

Vultaggio said they’ve also found ways to squeeze some extra cash out of their production costs too. “We pack our cans at almost double the speed as we did in the late ’90s, we’ve thinned out the cans using 40 percent less aluminum, and using more recyclable materials,” he said. Even their drivers are instructed to make night deliveries to avoid wasting gas by sitting in daytime traffic.

Even with Arizona’s incredible cost-saving strategies, riding the 99-cent wave is bound to end eventually.

What Is Arizona Doing To Reduce Company Costs

Of course commitment to values and consumers is great, but this by no means indicates that AriZona has done nothing at all to preserve their business and their profits. Amongst several strategies employed by AriZona and listed by Ranker, the most prominent is AriZona’s lack of marketing. Soda and drink titans like Pepsi Co, Coca-Cola, and Keurig-Doctor Pepper have, market-wise, everything but tap water practically cornered. These companies are multi-billion dollar juggernauts and spend tons of money on their marketing, but AriZona does not. They feel that their prices and products speak for themselves and this anomaly has ironically led to their own brand of mythical word-of-mouth pseudo-marketing campaign.

Vultaggio also spoke on AriZona’s attempts at reducing the costs of aluminum for the cans and improved production capabilities . By thinning out the cans and using more recyclables they have been able to both reduce the amount of material used in the cans and increase the speeds at which the cans are produced. As prices continue to rise, here’s to hoping that AriZona’s 99 cent labels are not a casualty of the market.

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Arizona Tea Cans Still Priced At 99 Cents At Least In The Us

CLAIM: A photo of two cans of AriZona green tea suggests the products price has been raised from 99 cents to $1.29.

APS ASSESSMENT: Missing context. The price printed on cans in the U.S. is still 99 cents, a spokesperson from AriZona Beverages confirmed. The photo circulating on social media shows a pair of Canadian cans of the tea beverage with prices in Canadian dollars. The can labeled 99 cents is several years old, and the company subsequently adjusted its recommended price in the country to CA $1.29 to reflect the current U.S. exchange rate.

THE FACTS: As inflation surges, social media users have been sharing everyday items that are being affected. But AriZonas famously cheap iced tea remains under $1 a can in the U.S., despite a photo of the product apparently priced at $1.29 that has been circulating online in recent days.

The image shows a hand holding two cans of the companys green tea. The left can is priced at 99 cents while the one on the right is priced 30 cents higher. If you werent panicking is the time, reads a recent tweet captioning the image that has garnered more than 99,000 likes this week.

A reverse image search shows the photo has been circulating online since at least January 2021, and AriZona Beverages has repeatedly explained on its Twitter account that the higher price is in Canadian dollars for cans sold north of the border.

Why Costco’s $150 Hot Dog Combo And 99

Arizona 99 cent Green Iced Tea

— The highest rate of inflation in decades has forced businesses to raise prices on food and other products once considered sacrosanct.

Among the list of inflation casualties: $1 prices at Dollar Tree, the $1 slice of pizza in New York City, Little Caesars’ $5 Hot-N-Ready pizza, McDonald’s dollar drink deals and more.

However, there are still a few things that cost the same as always.

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Arizona Hard Makes Bikes Available For 99 Cents

Mirroring the iconic rock-bottom price of its iced tea, the Molson Coors brand is bringing the promotion back for a new flavour.

Arizona Hard is bringing back its wildly popular, cheap bike promotion for the second straight summer alongside the launch of a new iced tea lemonade flavour.

The promotion is a refresh of last years 99-cent bike sale, which the Molson Coors brand used to tap into the power of earned media and word of mouth to market its two new flavours , peach iced tea and lemon iced tea. Now, with a new flavour to promote, the company has revisited the strategy.

While the pandemic-induced bike shortage might be over, the company is hoping that the bikes emblazoned with the beloved Arizona brand logo and colours will be equally attractive to consumers as it was last year, when it saw over 35,000 online store visitors show up promptly before 1 p.m. to purchase a bike, according to Jessica Vieira-Teixeira, manager of brand PR at Molson Coors.

Bikes will be available for purchase starting July 5 via the brands website, while supplies last. This follows the launch of the brands new Half & Half Iced Tea Lemonade flavour on July 1.


Arizona Iced Tea Will Stay 99 Cents Despite Soaring Inflation Rates Company Official Says

Savannah Mims, KPRC Channel 2 Intern

HOUSTON Don Vultaggio, Arizona Beverages chairman and co-founder wants his customers to know that he understands the value of a relationship.

According to TODAY Food, he explained why, despite recent inflation rates reaching a 40-year high, hes been selling his iced tea beverages at the same exact same price for years.

Arizona iced tea is one of those gas station classics whose costs make it a sure and sound go-to. Its most recognized for its cherry blossom appearance, massive 23-ounce container, and consistent 99-cent price tag.

In a article published last week, the LA Times asked the question, as inflation soars, how is AriZona iced tea still 99 cents?

Im committed to that 99-cent price when things go against you, you tighten your belt, Vultaggio told the publication. Even though his costs are higher, I dont want to do what the bread guys and the gas guys and everybody else are doing, Vultaggio said. Consumers dont need another price increase from a guy like me.

PSA: Our recommended selling price for AriZona in the USA is still 99c! The can on the right is from Canada, where $1.29 converts to around 99c!Dont worry fam, we still got you

AriZona Iced Tea

Do you drink this beverage? Are you happy to see that it is staying consistent in its pricing? Let us know in the comments.

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