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How To Pass Ati Teas Test

What Is The Teas Test What Questions Are On It


The TEAS has four components covering science, math, reading, and English and language usage. You have about four hours to complete the entire exam, though not every component gets a full hour; for example, the English and language usage section gets 65 minutes, but science gets only 38 minutes. You can take the test as a traditional paper exam, or you can use a computer option that is graded immediately. Computer-test grades are sent right away to the schools to which you’re applying.

Grading for the TEAS is not done with typical numeric grades. Instead, a composite score is created, and schools compare this score to their standards for passing, which can change from institution to institution. This means there’s no way to fail the test, but you have to score higher than the minimum score set by the school, which is often listed on the school’s website; if you pass that threshold, then the test and the rest of your application are reviewed.

With that in mind, here are three huge study tips to prepare you for TEAS success!

What To Expect On Test Day

You may be eligible to take the TEAS Test either digitally or using a paper version. Prior to the exam date, you can visit the ATI testing website to determine eligibility for the online exam. If you are eligible to take it electronically, you will receive instructions about how to create your ATI login information prior to your scheduled exam date.

Whether taking the exam online or on paper, you will have to show up at a testing center on your scheduled testing date. Be sure you know where the testing center is located. Its always a good idea to leave early in case you need extra time to find your way.

Go Farther With Achieve

These TEAS tips will help you on your journey into the nursing field. The preparation techniques outlined here will also help you pass other nursing exams, including the NCLEX— the exam at the end of your nursing program.

Ready to apply for nursing school? Get the best score possible on the TEAS exam. Achieve Test Prep offers the flexibility of attending from anywhere and still get live, instructor-led classes! See how we can help.

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Ati Nursing Teas Practice Packs

We write hundreds of questions every year to help students prepare for academic tests. Our ATI TEAS Math & Science Pack is created with your needs in mind, containing practice science questions for all three topics.

The ATI TEAS Math & Science Pack Includes:

  • Two full-length TEAS VI Science Sections, each consisting of 53 questions
  • 32 extra questions covering TEAS science topics
  • Two full-length ATI TEAS VI Mathematics Sections, each consisting of 36 questions
  • 94 extra TEAS math questions

Register For The Exam Early

How to Pass the TEAS Test

The earlier you register for the exam, the more time you will have to study and prepare. The test creator will send a study guide once you have registered, which lets you really hone in and identify the areas you need to spend time studying. Giving yourself extra time to adequately prepare can keep your stress level low leading up to the test, meaning your head will be clear and focused.

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How Hard Is The Teas Test

The TEAS has 4 sections: Reading, Math, Science, and English. Each section has a standardized level of difficulty, and youll need to master roughly 150 different concepts. How hard the TEAS test depends on how familiar you are with the material covered and how prepared you are to pass the test.

The full test includes 4 sections, Reading, Math, Science, and English, and youll get a total of 209 minutes to take the exam, but each section has its own time limit.;

Ati Teas English And Language Usage Tips

  • The ATI TEAS English and Language Usage section is 28 minutes long and contains 28 questions. Expect questions on grammar, spelling and sentence structure.
  • In this section, certain questions will take longer to answer than others. For example, it might be quicker to resolve simple spelling mistakes, and take you longer to assemble proper grammar for a passage.
  • Review grammar rules! Make sure you know the names of the various grammar terms, and what they mean
  • Be able to identify different parts of speech
  • Context clues are your friend in this section. If you are not sure about the meaning of the word, use context clues and process of elimination.
  • Understand word structure! Learn the meaning of common prefixes and suffixes.
  • Know the rules of punctuation.
  • Bottom line, dont assume that you dont need to prepare for this section. You havent seen most of these rules since elementary school.; Check out these English language practice tests to get an idea of where you really stand.

Good luck! We hope that my test tips and pointers are helpful. Take a look at this premium preparation pack which includes full length online practice tests, extra questions for each section, detailed answers, study guides and tips. We know you will ace the test!

This article was contributed by Jennifer Feldman. She is a speech and language expert and blogger at TestPrep-online.; She specializes in writing about test preparation.

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Ati Teas Reading Tips

  • The ATI TEAS Reading section is 64 minutes long and contains 53 questions. The questions are often preceded by a long or short passage.
  • It is helpful to read the questions first and then read the passage. This will give you an idea of what to focus on when reading the passage.
  • You will often see questions beginning with logically conclude. This is a trap! Dont be tempted to make assumptions about the text based on your own personal understandingtry to keep to the facts in the text.
  • Many questions will focus on your ability to determine the difference between opinion and fact. These questions can be tricky if you are not used to them, so practice recognizing the difference between fact and opinion .
  • Familiarize yourself with different writing styles, such as persuasive and informational writing styles.
  • Try to improve your reading speed and comprehension in advance. You want to ensure that you can finish the section before the time is up.
  • Manage your time! Make sure you pace yourself. Practice at home with TEAS practice reading materials, and estimate how much time you need to allot to each question.
  • Pay attention to the wording in questions. The wording in the question itself will usually provide helpful hints that can lead you toward the correct answer.

How Do I Prepare For The Teas Test


Acing the TEAS exam takes preparation. If you can, try to study for the TEAS test earlyas soon as you start thinking about nursing school. Even if you’re not ready to apply to nursing school, studying in advance for the TEAS test can help you get familiar with the content.

Start studying at least 6-7 weeks before the test day using test prep resources. Achieve Test Preps ATI Tests Review gives you everything you need to ace the TEAS exam. Our test prep includes:

  • 21 hours of live, BSN instructor-led teaching
  • 100s of TEAS® exam-style practice questions
  • 10 hours of review videos
  • 50 Flashcards and a variety of additional study materials
  • Our guarantee that you’ll score 80% or better on the examor you can retake our course for free*

Register for the test at least two weeks in advance. You may have to meet registration prerequisites . You can register with your school and choose and time and date, or you can register on the ATI website .

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Use Teas Test Prep Resources

While there are plenty of reputable and helpful resources that can help to prepare individuals to take the TEAS exam, its surprising how many people choose not to take full advantage of the availability of these resources. Study guides, practice exams, flashcards, and other test prep materials can truly help you prepare better and ensure you achieve a better score on test day.

Obtain The 6th Edition Of The Ati Teas Study Manual

Head over to ATIs website or any online merchants, like Amazon, to purchase your copy of the ATI TEAS Study Manual. Preferably, you want to buy the 6th edition because its the most updated reviewer out there.This study manual is produced by the company that comes up with similar questions to that contained in most ATI TEAS exams. Furthermore, the reviewer will also help you to familiarize the type of items that are usually included in TEAS test papers.

Consequently, the study manual will also help you develop your critical thinking, which is what the exam generally assess.

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Is The Teas Difficult

If youre the type who struggles to perform well on standardized tests, you may find the TEAS challenging. Others find the sheer breadth of the subjects to be overwhelming. Many test-takers have found the Reading and English section of the test to be moderately difficult. However, many TEAS takers vouch that the Science and Math section are more complex and challenging.

The timed nature of the exam can be difficult for some. You have a set time to complete each section of the exam, and you cannot go back to change your answers. If you’ve been in the workforce and out of school for years, you may not remember a lot of the material covered.

Overall, the TEAS test is difficult because nursing school is difficult. The test allows nursing schools to select students who have the best chance of successfully practicing. Nursing school is hard. The TEAS exam is one of the first steps on the way of becoming a registered nurse, and it is one of the many challenges you’ll face to secure your place as a health care professional.

40% of students take the TEAS test more than once. Not taking the time to review the subjects properly is one of the biggest mistakes you can make.

How To Pass The Teas On The First Try

All about the ATI TEAS at NOVA

4 years ago

If you want to become a nurse youll have to take a few tests. The NCLEX is the most well-known of nursing exams, but its not the only one. If you want to get into nursing school, youll have to pass the Test of Essential Academic Skills or TEAS. The test is just under four hours and will quiz you on reading, math, science, and English. Taking it can be stressful. However, its possible to pass the TEAS on the first try. This is how you do it.

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What Is On The Teas

The TEAS exam contains four sections. There is a Reading section that contains 53 questions that are timed for 64 minutes. The Mathematics section consists of 36 questions that are timed for 54 minutes. The Science section of the TEAS exam has 53 questions and are timed for 63 minutes. Finally, the English and Language Usage section has 28 questions which are timed for 28 minutes.

Teas Test Study Guide

Welcome to the TEAS study guide page. The links below will take you through our online TEAS test review.

Watch our TEAS study guide tutorials and brush up on any concepts you dont remember from your college classes. Pinpoint your strengths and weaknesses to get the most out of your studying for nursing school.

If you need more help or additional practice questions, upgrade with our TEAS book and flashcards.

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Whats On The Reading Teas Test

The; ATI TEAS Reading section has 53 total questions. Of these, you will be scored on only 47 questions.

47 scored questions

+ 6 unscored questions

= 53 total questions

You wont know for sure what is scored or not scored. The test mixes up all the question types.

That said, you will have a standardized breakdown of your scored questions.

The TEAS Reading section is 64 minutes long. This means that youll have just more than a minute per question. That means you have a minute to read a passage, clarify the question, and examine the answer options in order to select the right one. Your time might feel tight, and thats OK.;

When you sit down to take the TEAS reading section, stay calm and pace yourself. You are in this for the long haul.

What Does The Teas Exam Consist Of

ATI TEAS V Test | How to Pass TEAS Exam Science, Reading, Math & English

One of the most important TEAS test tips we can give is to familiarize yourself with the exam format so you know what to expect on test day. Youll be glad to hear that the format of the TEAS exam is similar to other standardized tests youve likely taken in your life. According to the;Assessment Technologies Institute;, the TEAS test consists of 170 multiple-choice questions covering a variety of subjects to be answered in 209 minutes.

The bulk of what youll need to know for the TEAS test is tied to the foundational education subjects commonly found in high school curriculums. ATI shares that the test covers material that students are expected to have acquired from their secondary education in the following areas:

  • Reading:
  • Areas assessed include conventions of Standard English, knowledge of language and vocabulary acquisition.
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    Pay Someone To Do My Ati Teas Exam

    The reason Iâm writing this article is to help you save money on your ATI TEAS exam. If youâre not familiar with it, then I suggest taking a should look at my previous articles to get a better understanding of what this online test entails.

    In short, there are several different levels of the ATI TEAS test. You can choose the level you are most comfortable with and complete the exams that you want to take. However, for those who know little about computer passing programming in general, you may find that it is a bit overwhelming to do one level or the next. It is much easier if you pay someone to do your ATI TEAS exam for you.

    I donât know about you, but I hate doing things by myself. I prefer to have someone do my work for me. This way, I can finish all review the necessary tasks and finish the test in one sitting. Then I can focus on the things I need to do and not worry about the rest of the project.

    The best part about paying someone to do your ATI TEAS is that you donât have to worry about the cost of the course. They offer a wide variety of different prices so that you can find the price that is most affordable nursing for you. They even offer discounted prices for members of certain websites. This means that you will be able to buy the test and then add it to your membership.

    Types Of Reading Teas Test Questions

    TEAS Reading Question Type #1: Questions that involve finding thekey ideas of ATI TEAS reading passages and paragraphs.

    These questions might be about passage structure, organization, or topic, summary, or main idea. You might also need to follow directions.

    These questions often require looking at the big picture of, well, a big passage. In my TEAS Prep course, we talk about how to pinpoint the right answer quickly so that you dont get overwhelmed by a big wall of text.

    TEAS Reading Question Type #2: Questions that focus on specific words and details involve analyzing the authors tone or bias, determining word meaning, or working with text features like italics.

    These questions are all about the details. Many times, you dont need to read the entire passage to find the answer. In the course, we talk about strategies you can use for specific types of detail questions.

    TEAS Reading Question Type #3: Questions that involve using sources, including looking at themes, using charts or graphs, and finding primary sources.

    Answering these questions correctly often requires memorizing specific concepts. In this course, youll get guidance on what to memorize so that you can answer these questions with confidence.

    In short, youll need to recognize if a TEAS question requires you to look at the big picture, the details, or the application.

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    Answer The Easy Questions First And Mark The Tough Questions

    ;Start the ATI TEAS test by answering the easy questions first. It is not important to answer questions in order. Start by looking for the questions you know and understand first. You are able to move ahead faster and answer the more difficult questions with more thought.

    As you progress through the test, . For example, some questions may seem unclear or for some reason difficult to answer. You can mark the question and return to it later. If you think you know the answer but are not sure, mark the question and return to it later.

    Be instinctive and listen to your gut! In nursing school, you will learn that your first guess is often your best guess. If the answer seems better than another, it most often is.


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