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Where To Buy Tea Sets

Best Tea Sets To Buy Online

the Tea Set you can only buy in Harrods

Nothing beats a nice tea set.

But nice depends on you.

Do you prefer a Japanese style set? Or one from China?

Or perhaps you like the fancy British style? Or a portable set for the road?

Whichever style you want, there are hundreds of options available online.

So whats the problem?

There are hundreds of options available. With so many choices its almost impossible to know which are any good.

Thats why Ive narrowed them all down to the best tea sets available in all common styles. Hopefully this will help you find the perfect tea service set for you.

The Tea Centres Range Of Tea Sets

Here at The Tea Centre, we have a gorgeous range of tea sets to make every tea-drinking experience an absolute delight. Tea sets are a great accompaniment to a well-stocked tea cupboard and are a practical way to serve tea to guests.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our tea sets, which are not only designed for functionality but to last a persons lifetime. You will notice that our tea sets are beautifully crafted, and made using elements of ceramic, fine bone china, and stainless steel across the range. Its all part of the ceremony and the joy of enjoying the finest tea possible.

Buy Tea Sets Online Or In

Making a cup of tea is not as hard as it sounds, thanks to our easy-to-use range of tea sets. Whether you need a moment to yourself in the evenings or are hosting a tea party in the coming weeks, were bound to have the perfect tea set for you.

To make the perfect cuppa next time you want to unwind, we’d recommend brewing one teaspoon of loose leaf tea to every cup of tea. Most of your tea sets will have teapots inbuilt with an infuser, making it easy to scoop in your tea of choice and dispose of used tea leaves afterwards.

Interested in other teawares? Look through our selection of tea cups, tea sets and tea toolsto find the right ones for you.


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What Is The Best Tea Set And Which Tea To Accompany It

Why stop at one tea set? Just like your wardrobe, your tea sets should be carefully selected to suit each and every tea drinking occasion!

Afternoon tea with Mum, Grandma or the Mother-in-law?

Dust off your best afternoon tea set. Take the ladies down memory lane with the nostalgic Happy Days tea set, or pucker up for sensational sips from our wide range including the Luscious Orchid Rose or Luscious Dahlia cup and saucer sets.

Best tea pick: A sophisticated cup of French Earl Grey or English Breakfast will go down a treat.

Making a morning cuppa for the tradesman?

The durable matte-look Hugo tea set or the made-in-Portugal Porto tea set are solid performers in the hands of any hardworking chap.

Best tea pick: For the early-bird tradesman a robust cup of Morning Sunshine or Scots Breakfast are just the thing.

High tea with the girls?

Spoilt for choice, this is the perfect occasion to show off your exclusive Adriana Picker teawares, flaunt your limited edition tea sets, or create a little pomp and ceremony by bringing out the most exclusive and inspirational T2 designs.

Cold and rainy out? Time for a mighty fine mug to warm your hands – and the cockles of your heart. Check out T2 tea mugs for big tea-licious brews straight from the pot, or choose tea mugs with infusers to streamline your tea making ritual.

Thanks To Bridgerton Fancy Tea Sets Have Become The New Home Must

Where to Buy Tea Sets Under P300 Philippines

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On December 27, I spent an entire afternoon perusing tea-related trinkets. I hovered on tea pots with frivolous names like Country House and Burleigh Calico. I scrolled through kitschy sugar bowls crafted like cabbages. And for longer than Id like to admit, I seriously and deeply pondered whether I was more of an Earl Grey or English Breakfast person.

Ive seen you drink tea, like, once, my friend muttered as she looked over my shoulder. I drink tea! I shot back defensively. Just maybe not this year or anything.

Turns out, I was far from alone.

Its not exactly a new phenomenon: pop culture has often influenced our purchases. Sex and the City made Manolo Blahnik a household name. Little Women ignited our passion for prairie dresses. Hell, even Emily in Paris led to a statistical spike in bucket hat interest. So provided it proved popular, Bridgerton was always likely to usher in the arrival of Regencycore.

So when presented with scenes of women dolled up in empire-waist dresses, enjoying themselves with soothing drinks and sweet treats in their living rooms, is there any wonder we instantly latched on?

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The Finest Tea Set Online Collection

Made from fine china and porcelain, this range of tea sets online is a thing of beauty lapped in practical functionality of todays high end lifestyle. Inspired by worldly designs and elegance in every cup, the Address home collection of tea sets is made for the magnificence that sets your home apart. Designs from delicate Meenakari motifs and hues to regal Faluknama and pomp Mughal imperial styles, the collection is all about a happy mix of glamour and elegance. Ethnic touches of royal colours, ruby reds and emerald greens dot these creations ever do beautifully. The wide range of options in colourful cups, saucers, kettles and more, along with bold touches of gold and silver makes for a breathtaking adornment for special occasions to enthral friends and family.

Buy Jing Teaware Online

Our selection of teaware includes our bestselling glass tea infuser the JING Tea-iere, beautiful glass teapots, cups and saucers, tea infuser mugs, all of the matcha tea accessories youll ever need, as well as less our Tea Master. This is a design piece which takes inspiration from Asian teaware and specifically teaware wed used in Taiwan and China. Our glass teaware is made from borosilicate glass, which is strong, clear and durable. Our design ethic is elegant simplicity everything in our range of teaware is designed to look beautiful and to enable you to make loose tea simply at home. Read our guide to caring for your teaware too.

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How To Select Tea Sets

Drinking tea is pleasant, allowing us to temporarily take a break in the busy time, have fun on the trip, and enjoy a quiet moment when feeling agitated … but it’s hard to drink tea anywhere and anytime. In fact, only an appropriate tea sets is needed, and this desire can be achieved.

Tea sets in the family

For tea lovers, having a tea house could not be better. The family dedicated tea room is just a place which is decorated according to their personal preferences. Green plants, small table and chairs are indispensable, and the most important is tea sets. Household appliances are simple, such as teapot, tea cup, electric teapot, fair cup, and filter. But if you want your tea world more charming, you can prepare such things: tea tray, tureen, tea towel, and tea props. These tea props placed in the right place could add some elegance to the sweet family. In the afternoon at leisure time, making a pot of tea for families, without saying much, brings affection flowing in the air.

Tea sets in the office

Office is a place foil of high pressure, and making a cup of tea is so refreshing. It could make you feel comfortable, increase spirit, and improve work efficiency. Making tea in the office mainly needs cup, and purple sand cup or glass can also be ok. Or choose a convenient cup that is beautiful and stylish, easy to operate, suitable for making a variety of tea and for using in a trip.

More supplies

About Tea Sets

Buy Tea Set Online In India

VINTAGE TEA CUP COLLECTION | Prices? Where to Buy? Shabby Chic Tea Sets | Mel in Melbourne

Picking up the right piece of decor, kitchenware china and more has never been as easy. Durable and stylish our range gives you the chance for a perfect tea set online shopping experience with every click of the cup. Pick up your favourites from our magnificent range of tea sets for the next big party. Serve your guests or have them decorating your china cabinet with pride, for our bespoke collection will never go out of style. Personify your living experience by relishing a chapter full of fun & bliss with our exclusively designed Home decor, Tableware, Wall decor, Candleware, Bed linen and Gifts. Add luxury to your lifestyle right now.

Address Home is Indias Iconic Online Luxury Home Decor Brand that creates and curates world-class premium home decorative range for the discerning. We are a powerhouse of contemporary chic, with global design sensibilities that stimulate a higher lifestyle. We bring out our own signature lines and themed collections every season, across the very best in high-end international decor from cushions, bed linen, crockery, dinner sets to vases, sculptures & more, for the online luxury home decor seekers.

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Jusalpha Fine China Tea Set

If you are looking for a complete tea service then the Fine China one from Jusalpha is the choice for you. It is made of fine bone china and has translucency along with being lightweight. It is very strong and has a feel and finish. You get a whole range of 16 pieces with this set including teacups, spoons, saucers, a glass teapot with a filter which can be removed and cleaned and a teapot warmer.


  • Complete Set: The Jusalpha Fine China offering is a complete bundle that includes four spoons, four teacups, four saucers, one teapot warmer and one teapot with a filter.
  • Translucent and lightweight: The bone China used in all the components is excellent which makes all the items very light. The finish has a translucent sheen.
  • Delicate Pattern: The pattern is delicate and lovely to see.


  • It can break easily: Since everything is made of bone china, the pieces are very delicate and can break very easily. Many reviewers online have complained that they received broken pieces.


The Jusalpha Fine China Service is a dainty and delicate option made of fine bone china. It is a complete set with sixteen items so you get value for your money. It looks great and also comes with a teapot warmer so that you dont need to constantly heat up the water.

Welcome To The English Tea Store The Source For Imported British Tea And Food

Searching for a great cup of tea? Our selection of teas includes our own store brand, as well as teas from other top brands, including PG Tips, Typhoo, Taylors of Harrogate, Barry’s Tea, Stash, and Twinings. Aside from the brands, our selection of teabags and loose leaf tea includes various blends of breakfast tea, afternoon teas like Darjeeling and Earl Grey, white, black, green, herbal, fruit, mint, vanilla, black currant, organic, Christmas, spiced, and decaffeinated teas. Our own store brand tea comes in all of these blends and is sold less than retail price. In addition, our teabags are optimal for brewing, as the bags have no strings attached. We sell bulk tea, teabags, teapots and other items wholesale.

Aside from the actual tea, we carry many products to help you prepare and serve a hot cup of brewed tea for yourself or for guests. We offer such items as teapots, tea sets in ceramic, porcelain or fine bone china, tea chests, and kettles. We make our own dishware and tea sets as well. As a gift for tea connoisseurs, our gift baskets combine our own tea blends with food and a teapot or mugs. But, for a gift for someone who has not yet enjoyed the perfect cup of kettle-brewed tea, our Electric Kettle Starter Kit would introduce him or her to the best tasting cup of tea.

Part of the Online Stores, LLC Family — One of the top 500 internet retailers worldwide 2 years in a row!

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Vintage Tea Set Ufengke 9 Piece European Ceramic Tea Set

The Ufengke ceramic set is a nine-piece European style version. It is made of bone china and can be used as a tea or a coffee set. The Ufengke Ceramic service comes with a metal holder and is very easy to use. It has pink camellia paintings of flowers and butterflies on it.


  • It looks very good: All the Ufengke Ceramic pieces look dainty, exactly how a they should look. It has a nice European look to it.
  • Customer Service: The customer service of the Ufengke Company is very good and if any items are damaged in transit, they will replace them for you.
  • Colors: It comes in two colors of white and pink.
  • Wedding gift: It is exquisite to look at, so it can be an excellent wedding gift, especially if the bride likes pink.


  • Capacity: The capacity of the teapot is only 450 ml so you may need to refill it if you want to fill all the teacups.


The Ufengke Ceramic set is excellent if you are looking for a European style model. It comes in two colors and is very dainty. The teapot could have been a little bigger but it is perfect for brewing tea for four to five people.

Tea Cups Glass Teapots Accessories And More

Luxury Tea Sets

Make loose tea simply at home with our range of glass teaware. Choosing to buy teaware online is easy with us, each of our teapots is labelled with how many cups you can make from it and weve made a simple guide to making loose tea at home which will let you know everything you need, and even a short guide on how to choose a teapot over on our Journal. Enjoy our complete range of glass teapots, tea cups, accessories, tea infusers, matcha accessories and more.

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Tea Set Chinese Hoobar Portable Chinese Kungfu Tea Set

If you want an authentic Chinese looking pot and cups then you should go for the Hoobar Kungfu Chinese Tea Set. It is portable and easy to travel with. It is made of porcelain and you get a teapot, teacups & a tea tray. If youre not familiar with the gongfu brewing method, read this lesson.


  • High Quality: The quality of the components is very high and they has a very traditional Chinese style and look. Everything is made of Ge kiln which is a type of ceramic.
  • Portable and easy to carry: Since you also get a free portable bag, all the pieces are very easy to carry around and to store. The travel bag is very convenient and perfect for travel, for outdoor picnics or if you are going on a business trip.


  • Small Teapot: With a capacity of just 200 ml, the teapot is rather small. Also since there are only four teacups, you cant use it if there are a large number of people .


If you are interested in a high-quality, Chinese style set then the Kungfu version from Hoobar is a good choice. It is excellent if you are traveling and very authentic looking.

Best Japanese Tea Set 6 Piece Japanese Cast Iron Pot Set

This offering from Kendal is an excellent, hand-crafted set made of heavy cast iron. It is made in the Japanese style so the quality is very high. It is great for enjoying our favorite drink and as an item of home décor. It makes a great gift for any tea lover, but especially one who loves Japanese teas. The teapot can also be used as a kettle, meaning you can heat it on a stove or over an open flame.


  • High-quality: The cast iron used in crafting the pot and tea cups and the finish are excellent. Since everything is made in the traditional Japanese tetsubin style, you can be assured that it is authentic and top quality.
  • Aesthetic Look: The aesthetic look means keep it as a home décor item along with using it for drinking.
  • Functions as a kettle: Because you can heat the teapot over a flame or on the stove, you can also use it as a kettle to boil water.
  • Infuser included: The teapot contains a removable stainless steel mesh strainer.


  • Small teapot: As is the style in Japan and China, the teapot and tea cups are smaller than what we are used to in the west.


When it comes to high-quality and an excellent look, the Sebs Kitchen bundle is the one you should go for. You get 4 tea cups, one teapot , and one stainless steel filter. It is great to use and looks good in any house.

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European Red Rose Tea Set

The European Red Rose service from Yalong is a complete teapot set of 15 pieces which include tea cups and saucers, a creamer, a sugar set and a teapot. It can be used for a tea party or after dinner. You can gift it for a wedding.


  • Vintage Look: It has a vintage look with rose color on a creamy white background. It will look great in your kitchen, living or dining room.
  • Gift: The European Red Rose set is packaged well as a gift and you can gift it for a variety of occasions like birthdays, Fathers day, Mothers day, Thanksgiving, housewarming, Christmas, bridal shower, wedding, baby shower, anniversary, etc.
  • Refund: If the product is chipped, you get a full refund or a free replacement as per your choice.


  • Difficult to clean: Since the European Red Rose components are not dishwasher friendly, you need to wash them by hand which makes them a little more difficult to clean.
  • You cant heat it in a microwave: In case you want to quickly heat a cup of tea in your microwave, you cant do so as the cups are not microwavable.


The European Red Rose service is an excellent gift as it as a royal, English look of the 1800s. It is an excellent gift. The set has 15 pieces and both the teapot and the milk pot have enough capacity to fill all the cups.


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