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Where To Buy Japanese Tea

Best Japanese Green Tea And Brands You Can Buy From Japan In 2021

How to Select Japanese Green Tea ð?µ The Expert Advice -Sencha? Matcha? Hojicha? Teabag or Loose Leaf?

Japanese green tea is quite a rare charm across Asia, people treasure the aromatic scent of Japanese tea, this traditional drink can be enjoyed in any whether, especially those freezing cold mornings! We know it can be complicated to choose your favourite kind of green tea, not only that they come in different forms green tea bags, powder and leaves, they also come from various places in Japan, each town has their own production of green tea, such familiar green tea can be classified as sencha, gyokuro and hojicha.

Japanese green tea has a healing scent that originated from their roasting technique, if you want to enjoy the full aroma of green tea, we highly recommend Hojicha and Genmaicha, these two are the perfect combination for an ultimate bedtime relaxation, enjoy the fragant aroma, sweetness and taste of brown rice at the same time. If you are particular about your flavour of tea, we recommend you read the rest of the blog and play close attention to the tea production area.

Tea Grown In Full Sunlight

– Sencha

Sencha has the perfect balance and harmony of refreshing aroma, mellow flavor, and bitter taste. When brewed, Sencha has a lovely golden yellow green color.The highest grade Sencha has the most mellow flavor, excellent refreshing aroma, and more balanced bitter taste.

Tea leaves of Sencha Fukamushi are steamed heavily for a longer time. This special steaming process causes the tea leaves of Sencha Fukamushi to split, so that the taste of the tea is stronger yet more mellow. When brewed, Sencha Fukamushi has a cloudy green color, because the constituents are more easily extracted in water and more of the tea dissolves into the water.

Sencha Karigane is composed of stems selected from high grade Sencha tea leaves. Karigane contains much Teanin, which gives the tea a sweet and mellow taste. Karigane stems are less expensive than tea leaves because stems are a by-product of tea leaf production, though it has an excellent flavor. When brewed, Sencha Karigane has a yellow green color. If you are looking for a unique product or a good value then this tea is perfect for you.

– Other teas

Genmaicha is a combination of Sencha tea leaves mixed with puffed brown rice, which adds a delicious popcorn and roasted grain flavor. And it contains less caffeine. When brewed, this tea has a golden yellow green color. Due to the rice, Genmaicha has the rich and hearty flavor of roasted grains or coffee. This also makes a good breakfast tea.

Itoen Oi Ocha Premium Tea Bag Genmaicha With Uji Matcha

This sencha is made from carefully selected tea leaves grown on a hill side. The main cultivar of this Sencha is Genmaicha which represents a popular type of Japanese green tea. It is a perfect blend of Genmaicha and Uji Matcha from the famous town in Kyoto. The tea leaves are picked during the best harvests of the year, to ensure that the flavour of the tea is at its maximal quality. The leaves are carefully selected and roasted for a long period of time to maintain its high-quality grade that cannot be compared with other tea. Premium-made despite its affordable price, can be enjoyed during anytime of the year.

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Japanese Green Tea Company

Operating out of Portland, Oregon, Japanese Green Tea Company is the only US-based company to source tea directly from Arahataen Green Tea Farms in Japan. The farm was founded in 1948 and uses the ancient chagusaba method to grow its tea, which sweetens the tea leaves taste. Because this Japanese tea company works directly with Arahataen Green Tea Farms, tea is shipped directly from Portland and arrives in only a few days.

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Shipping Is Not Cheap

All about Japanese tea culture and set

If youre a serious Japanese tea drinker, you probably have experience with buying tea from online shops.

Anyway, if you have bought from an online store, your tea was most likely shipped on a plane for the major part of its journey. Grocery stores, health food stores, and specialty shops usually opt to have their products shipped by cargo ship, which is a lot slower, but more cost effective.

The longer your tea is stuck in shipping, the less fresh it will be once it arrives to you, never mind the shelf life.

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Buy First Crop 2021 Loose Leaf Green Tea Online

Buy loose leaf tea online – the first crop of the season 2021

In Japan, green teas are categorized as first, second, and third based on when the tea is harvested.

  • The first harvest of the season is called Ichiban-cha
  • The second harvest is called Niban-cha
  • The third harvest is called Sanban-cha

This is also called, “New Crop” or, Shin-cha. Since it is the first harvest, this is referred to as “syun,” or seasonable. Japanese culture value the concept of “syun” , and an example of it is a famous haiku where it must use a word of season “syun” in the short poem. The characteristics of the first harvest are that the tea leaves are still “young,” and bring in a richer and clearer aroma. The first crop is considered the best loose leaf green tea that can be harvested in the year.

The Tea Centres Curation Of Premium Japanese Green Teas

Here at The Tea Centre, we have a gorgeous range of delicious Japanese green tea for you to enjoy. Explore our range of matcha, gyokuro, sencha, genmaicha, and hojicha above!

Our premium-quality Japanese tea is sourced from Japans various tea-growing regions and have been carefully selected for your enjoyment. Japanese tea is the ideal everyday green tea thanks to its low caffeine content and high levels of antioxidants. Therefore, its well worth adding it into your tea selection at home.

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How To Make Japanese Tea

Japanese green teas are, in general, more delicate than the black teas we in the UK are more used to making and drinking. As such, their flavour can vary dramatically depending on the temperature of the water while the tea is brewing, as well as how long the tea is brewed. To get the best flavour out of the different varieties of green tea, it is important to know how to prepare each type properly.

Sencha Green Tea

To get the best flavour out of sencha, it should be brewed for one minute in water with a starting temperature of 80°C. To bring freshly boiled water down to 80°C, the water is best poured into an open-topped vessel such as a jug, and left to stand for 1-2 minutes before it is poured into a teapot containing loose tea leaves or a teacup containing a sencha teabag. If a teapot is being used to make sencha, it is important that a strainer or infuser is used and the tea leaves lifted out after one minute. When sencha is brewed for too long it becomes very bitter.

Recipe For Matcha Buns

How To Brew Bancha Japanese Green Tea

Unmatchable Selection

The world’s largest selection of Japanese tea from artisanal tea farms, factories and expert merchants. See all vendors.

Learn About Tea

Extensive info on Japanese culture and Japanese tea to help you grow as a tea drinker. Checkout the Dojo Collection for samplers!

International Shipping

Delivery guaranteed or your money back. We ship via DHL Express or the Post Office to USA and major countries.

Top-notch support

Do you have questions about Japanese tea? Problems with your order? Contact us and we’ll be on it ASAP! bridges the language and cultural borders that separates Japanese tea farmers with tea enthusiasts worldwide. More than farm-to-table, we believe in people-to-peopleat, you can read about the farmers who grow your tea, while we translate your feedback into Japanese so they can learn about you! Join us in a life steeped in tea!

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Tea Companies To Seek Out

With all that in mind, here are some of my favorite online sources for tea. The list is by no means comprehensiveâthere are many, many shops out thereâand it’s certainly shaped by my personal tastes. But taken together, these 15 companies cover a wide range of tea styles and origins.

Song Tea: Peter Luong’s San Francisco tea company is pretty new. So much so that he hasn’t set up an online store yet. You have to visit his website, download a PDF tea list, and call to make an order. Is the tea worth the fuss? Absolutely. Luong’s Chinese and Taiwanese list commands high prices, but he doesn’t sell anything less than beautiful, resonant tea in styles from green to oolong to black. His 2014 Dragon Well was some of the best I’ve ever had: brilliantly green with several dimensions of nuttiness beyond the usual chestnut. A Taiwanese black tea called Twenty One suggests cherries soaked in whiskey, and a Gold Peony white tea is impressively crisp with citrus and honey notes.

Ippodo: Ippodo has been selling tea in Kyoto since the 1700s, and their selection of Japanese greens is excellent. Their matcha varies by season the current New Year matcha is intensely nutty with a prolonged sweetness. Sencha offerings are listed from “rich” to “light,” and the richest, the Kaboku, is precisely structured with a remarkable seaweed kick and subtle sweetness. And don’t miss the Kanro Gyokuro, which is astonishingly intense and sweet, a thick, soupy brew with a prolonged finish.

Buy Matcha And Green Tea Books By Kei Nishida

You love the Japanese green tea experience. Now you can read more about Japanese green tea from Kei Nishida, founder and CEO of The Japanese Green Tea Company. In Keis engaging books, learn everything you ever wanted to know about Japanese green tea. You can find Kei Nishidas published works in many periodicals. But now his enthusiastic commitment to all things Japanese green tea can be found in book form, infusing his readers with his valuable knowledge and lifelong love of Japanese green tea. Each book by Kei Nishida reveals the authors enthusiasm for his beloved Japanese green tea. Search the authors tasty matcha and green tea recipes in Cook With Matcha and Green Tea, that will leave his reader asking for more green tea, please! In addition, readers will learn all about Japanese green tea trivia and anecdotes that make these books a fun must read. Kei Nishidas books will appeal to green tea enthusiasts and green tea chefs wanting to incorporate the healthy benefits of green tea recipes into their daily ritual.

You wont find any other books quite like these wonderful reads by Kei Nishida infused with all things Japanese green tea.

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Where To Buy Japanese Tea

You can buy all kinds of tea anywhere in Japan, so its hard to recommend where the best place to buy tea is. For those of you who dont have much money to spend, go to a supermarket. Its probably the cheapest place to get some tea leaves. You can also find lots of types of bottled tea at supermarkets and convenient stores.

For those of you who have a little bit more money to spend or are looking for an especially tasty type of tea, below are some tea stores you can go shopping at. They are arranged in two groups, the first is for green tea and other types of Japanese tea. The other is for Japanese Black Tea.

Address: 1-34-15 Kamiuma, Setagaya-ku, Tokyo 154-0011

Hours: 1pm – 8 pm

Closed: Mondays

Iyemon Fukujuen Instant Green Tea

20 Scientific Health Benefits of Japanese Green Tea (Top ...

Iyemon Fukijuen is one of the most famous Japanese tea bland, and its tea leaf are carefully selected by a Fukujuen tea master. Instant green tea is a type of powdered green tea which is to infuse and let them dry, easily dissolve in hot water and cold water. Enjoy its refreshing and roasted rice flavour, making it one of the most fragrant tea leaves with a perfect blend of ingenuity to make the aroma even more remarkable. Super convenient in an instant form, enjoy a scent of Japanese green tea anywhere you want!

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Ja Kagoshima Chiran Tea

A perfect blend of JA Kagoshima tea made from finely selected, first-picked tea leaves grown in Chiran town. Enjoy the fresh fragrance of the new tea leaves, a perfect combination of astringency and umami at a reasonable price. Fully roasted in an aromatic scent with a perfect deep flavour of fresh green tea leaves. Can be enjoyed as a cold and hot beverage, however due to its premium-quality leaves, it is highly recommended to be consumed with hot water, to ensure that the fresh Chiran tea scent does not escape. Compliments well with traditional Japanese dishes.

Some People Buy Up Their Product Anyway

I know you are an educated tea drinker. I know you can tell the difference between good and bad tea. But some people cant. They will buy supermarket brand tea anyway, tell their friends how bad green tea tastes, and continue to drink it for the health benefits.

But seeing how the words green tea sell well to the average customer, the market for these low quality teas will remain.

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What They Say About Us

at our testimonial page here Iâve been waiting for this kind of tea.So pleased to be able to cold brew.And multiple times the same amount.The taste is great and as expected.Iâm very pleased that each product is described in so many details.It helps a lot as I am a beginner and need to know how to choose according to what I expect in the taste.Great job also in how you inform us about the brewing process.

Soil At The Organic Tea Farm

Matcha Cafes: The Best Green Tea in Tokyo
Soil of organic tea farm managed well

Embryo of beetle in soil at organic tea farm Soil of gyokuro tea farm managed well
Soil of sencha tea farm managed well Inspecting pH of each tea farm You can tell that a well-managed tea farmâs soil has a neutral pH. Though tea trees are generally tolerant to acidic soil, neutral soil is more desirable.

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When You Still Wonder Which Tea To Choose

Local Stores Dont Know Any Better

I dont often come to the defense of retail tea stores but lets face it, most couldnt spot quality Japanese tea if it was right under their noses.

Japanese tea is a vast subject on its own. Massive. How could someone running an all encompassing tea store have an intimate knowledge about all their teas? The fact is they cant, and they dont. The more exotic a tea is, the less they will know.

On top of that, there is a good chance they also wont know how sensitive Japanese tea is to oxygen, and how to properly store it.

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Discover More About Japanese Tea

Tea is the most commonly drunk beverage in Japan and an important part of Japanese culture. We have sourced nine exquisite Japanese teas. They really are different and will re-awaken anyone´s passion in tea.

Tea was first introduced to Japan from China in the 700s and was a luxury product available in small amounts to priests and noblemen as a medicinal beverage.

Around the beginning of the Kamakura Period , Eisai, the founder of Japanese Zen Buddhism, brought the custom of making tea from powdered leaves back from China. Subsequently, the cultivation of tea spread across Japan.

During the Muromachi Period , tea gained popularity among people of all social classes. They gathered for big tea drinking parties and played a guessing game, whereby participants, after drinking from cups of tea being passed along, guessed the names of tea and where they came from. Collecting and showing off prized tea utensils was also popular among the affluent.

At about the same time, a more refined version of tea parties, with Zen-inspired simplicity and a greater emphasis on etiquette and spirituality developed. These gatherings were attended by only a few people in a small room where the host served the guests tea, allowing greater intimacy. It is from these gatherings that the tea ceremony has its origins.

Buy Japanese Green Tea Online Or In

Buy authentic single

Here at The Tea Centre, we pride ourselves on the elite quality of our tea and work hard to make them luxurious and thoroughly enjoyable. You will notice how our Japanese green tea is beautifully fragrant and enticing, with elements of roasted rice and distinct vegetal flavours apparent in loose leaves across our range. Its all part of our plan to provide you with the finest tea possible.

Making a pot or a cup of Japanese tea with loose leaves is not as hard as it sounds with our easy-to-use infusers and strainers available. However, if you are looking for a quicker alternative, we do also offer a range of teas in pyramid tea bags, including black tea bags, green tea bags, and herbal tea bags.

Interested in other teas? Look through our selections of black teas, other green teas, and herbal teas to find the ones that are right for you.


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