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What Teas Are Good For Your Kidneys

Black Tea And Kidney Cancer

Herbal Tea for Kidney Stones

There is some good news, however. The polyphenols in tea protect your cells from free radical damage, which can raise the risk of the tumor formation and cancerous cell growth. Increased consumption of tea can help reduce the risk of renal cell cancer, according to a 2007 article published in the “International Journal of Cancer.” This benefits the kidneys, which are part of the renal system.

Is Tea Bad For Your Kidneys

While drinking too much of iced tea may damage your kidney, there are a few healthy teas that can work as kidney cleansing teas. Here are a few best teas for kidneys:

  • Dandelion tea
  • Ginger and turmeric tea
  • Green tea.

Drinking herbal tea for kidneys is also a good idea when youre looking to detox your kidney.

Effects Of Gtm On The Uptake Transport Mediated By Hoat1 And Hoat3

CHO-hOAT1 and HEK-hOAT3 cells were cultured in a 96-well plate. 6-Carboxyfluorescein and 5-carboxyfluorescein were used as probes for evaluating the effect of GTM on the activity of hOAT1 and hOAT3, respectively,. In addition, probenecid was used as a positive control for inhibition of hOAT1 and hOAT3. After 24h or 48h incubation of CHO-hOAT1 or HEK-hOAT3, the medium was removed and washed three times with PBS buffer. Before the transport experiment, CHO-hOAT1 and HEK-hOAT3 cells were pre-incubated with test agents at 37°C. After 30min incubation, 6-CF or 5-CF was then added and incubated for another 5min and 10min, respectively. The plates were immediately placed on ice bath and the supernatants were removed and the cells were washed three times with ice-cold PBS. Subsequently, 100L of 0.1% Triton X-100 was added to lyse the cells and the fluorescence was measured with excitation at 485nm and emission at 528nm. To quantitate the content of protein in each well, 10L of cell lysate was added to 200L of diluted protein assay reagent and the optical density was measured at 570nm. The relative intracellular accumulation of 6-CF or 5-CF was calculated by comparing with that of controls after protein correction.

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Before We Start: Defining Some Basic Kidney Terms

Your kidneys are truly amazing. A healthy set of kidneys filters about ½ cup of blood every minute! They remove excess water and wastes from the blood .

Kidney infections occur when bacteria from the gut travel through the bladder and up to the kidneys . These are usually treated with antibiotics, and if you talk to your doctor, you may be able to add herbs to your treatment regimen to help ease pain and other symptoms.

Kidney stones are made up of crystal-forming substances, such as uric acid, calcium, oxalate, or cysteine. High levels of these in the urine and too little fluid to dilute them can cause stones . Drinking more fluids, changing the diet, and sometimes medication are used as preventative approaches .

Kidney disease or failure involves the loss of kidney function. Some causes include:

  • Obstructions .

Now, lets find out how your favorite beverages might play into all this.

Chamomile Tea And Kidneys

Green Tea Good For Kidney Stones

Like rooibos, chamomile tea is caffeine free and low in tannins and oxalates .

However, chamomile may have more than just a neutral effect on kidneys. In an animal study, animals with nephrotoxicity were administered chamomile and it was found to improve kidney function .

Chamomile also reduces kidney dysfunction as a result of high fat diets. Long story short, theres pretty good evidence that chamomile is good for kidneys ! That is a cup of good news.

To learn more about chamomile and its benefits, read our chamomile spotlight post!

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What Are Some Good Teas For Kidney Disease This Herbal Tea Is Your Best Bet

Herbal teas for kidney disease can yield many benefits for your kidneys. People with kidney problems can drink herbal teas as it is a good beverage choice for your kidneys. Green tea and hibiscus tea are among two herbal teas that can help support good kidney health. Robert goes over a piece of research on herbal teas for kidney disease in this video as he explains the benefits of herbal teas for your kidneys.

We have another video about good teas for kidney disease but this but green tea by far seems to be the best tea for kidney health no matter what the kidney situation may be hands down its always winning in studies and this is another piece of research showing the benefits of it. Now, that doesnt mean other herbal teas and even hibiscus tea isnt good and doesnt have benefits for kidney disease but if youre going to choose one tea, make it green tea.

The most beneficial best tea for you and if youre really trying to get some therapeutic benefits with green tea, you want to try to get like three to six cups per day. Three would be a really good amount for people with kidney issues and dont worry too much about the caffeine because its generally mild but always check your blood pressure before introducing anything new to your diet.

How To Make Parsley Juice For Kidney Cleanse

Firstly, wash parsley and coriander leaves 2 to 3 times to get rid of mud particles. Then put all the ingredients in a blender jar like, handful of parsley, coriander leaves and lemon with enough water. Juicing parsley to a fine texture and add honey or any natural sweetener. Once done drink it sip by sip and enjoy a healthy detox juice to get all the benefits. For best result, drink this juice on empty stomach.

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Benefits Of Dandelion Tea

Its anti-inflammatory effect helps to dissolve the kidney stones. It is a good source of vitamin A, B complex. C, D, E, Folate, Potassium, Magnesium, Iron and Zinc.

The root of Dandelion is often dried up and consumed as a tea but this whole plant is highly nutritious and edible loaded with vitamin, minerals, and fibers. The root of dandelion is rich in carbohydrate inulin that is a type of soluble fiber and helps in the growth and maintenance of healthy bacterial flora in the intestinal tract.

Drinking Dandelion tea will help to cleanse your kidney and maintain its healthy working.

How To Keep Your Liver Healthy

Is Tea Bad For Kidneys | Tea for Kidney Patients

Keeping your liver healthy is not so hard. The best thing you can do is follow a healthy diet and make sure you stay active. Here are some more things you can do to keep your liver healty:

    • Stay hydrated with lots of water
    • Limit alcohol
    • Reduce the amount of prescription medications you take *with the approval of your doctor
    • Dont share items for personal hygiene
    • Always wash your hands

Drinking a liver detox tea will not cure all of your problems. So when you cleanse your liver, make sure you follow it up with a healthy lifestyle so you can enjoy the benefits of a healthy liver.

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High Caffeine And Kidneys: Let’s Explore Some Popular Drinks

Unfortunately, the effect of caffeine on the kidneys isnt great. Caffeine consumption is a risk factor for kidney disease, and can cause scarring of the glomeruli – that is, the vessels in the kidneys that filter blood .

Caffeine may also lead to kidney stones, and it increases strain on the kidneys . However, some caffeinated beverages, like coffee, may be safe in small amounts due to certain plant constituents .

One review found that the data is inconclusive regarding caffeine and kidney stone risk however, the researchers pointed out that coffee and decaffeinated coffee,but not other caffeinated beverages, actually had a protective effect on the kidneys .

The bottom line, though, is that you probably shouldnt overdo it when it comes to caffeine. Let’s look at some classically high caffeine drinks: black tea and coffee:

What Do The Kidneys Do

Well-functioning kidneys are vital to excellent health. They eliminate water-soluble wastes and help to balance your electrolytes. They help to maintain the pH of your body. The kidneys help to regulate your hormones and blood pressure and get involved in making your red blood cells. These organs express over 1,548 of your genes. They filter 120 to 150 quarts of blood per day. Then, wastes and toxins get removed through urine to protect you. You simply cannot live without healthy kidneys.

Fun fact: The right kidney is usually lower and slightly smaller than the left because of the liver’s placement.

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High Caffeine And Kidneys: Lets Explore Some Popular Drinks

Unfortunately, the effect of caffeine on the kidneys isnt great. Caffeine consumption is a risk factor for kidney disease, and can cause scarring of the glomeruli that is, the vessels in the kidneys that filter blood .

Caffeine may also lead to kidney stones, and it increases strain on the kidneys . However, some caffeinated beverages, like coffee, may be safe in small amounts due to certain plant constituents .

One review found that the data is inconclusive regarding caffeine and kidney stone risk however, the researchers pointed out that coffee and decaffeinated coffee,but not other caffeinated beverages, actually had a protective effect on the kidneys .

The bottom line, though, is that you probably shouldnt overdo it when it comes to caffeine. Lets look at some classically high caffeine drinks: black tea and coffee:

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Benefits Of Ginger Tea

The Best Tea for your Kidneys

Drinking Ginger tea will not only help to fight infection or kidney diseases but is also a cure to several ailments.

How to make Ginger Tea

To make ginger tea just grate washed and unpeeled ginger into the hot water, cover the pan and allow it to step for five minutes at low flame. You can add sweetener to it. Ginger should always be used unpeeled because all its nutritious and medicinal properties lies just below its skin.

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Tea: Warm Up With A Cup

Featured PostTipsTagsblack teagreen teaherbal teaKidney Dietphosphorus in teapotassium in teatea

For people with chronic kidney disease or end stage renal disease , dietitians are frequently asked if tea is allowed, especially hot tea during cold winter months. As with many foods and drinks we are asked about, the answer is yes! In moderation, tea is a great beverage option that can be healthfully included in a kidney diet. In fact, there are many exciting health benefits that tea offers to anyone.

Teas come from the plant Camellia sinensis, of which the leaves will either turn to black tea with exposure to air or to green tea by steam or heat. Many herbal teas are created from either black or green tea leaves with additions of other herb leaves, spices, flavor extracts, or sweeteners. Some examples are mint, chamomile, or orange blossom herbal teas. You can also find herbal teas that do not contain tea leaves. Read the label to determine when selecting herbal tea. Research on herbal teas is inconsistent, but generally speaking herbal teas from major tea brands are safe for kidney patients to drink.

Tea ranks very high on the oxygen radical absorbency capacity scale, a measure of the antioxidant content of plant-based foods. High ORAC foods and beverages, such as tea, help to fight off free radicals and cancerous cells in the body.

Is Yerba Mate Tea Good Or Bad For Kidneys

Yerba mate is an herbal tea native to South America with a smooth, woody flavor. Its high in antioxidants and nutrients. We bring it up here because it has a caffeine content comparable to coffee, making it a popular coffee alternative for waking you up in the morning.

Despite yerba mates benefits, there is little research on its relationship to kidney health. It does contain oxalic acid, an oxalate, so it should be avoided in excess when experiencing kidney conditions .

I have come across information that yerba mate may have properties which can help dissolve kidney stones. However, I have yet to verify this information with any reliable sources . At this time, Id recommend speaking to your physician and moderating your consumption of yerba mate if kidney health is a concern for you.

What we do know is that the antioxidants in yerba mate really make an impact in how the body responds to the high caffeine – in a good way. A much healthier way to get your high caffeine kick. To learn more about yerba mate and its benefits, check out our spotlight post!

Coffee, Black Tea and the Kidneys: The Conclusion:

For those who like cups and cups a day of coffee or black tea, the caffeine and oxalates should make you pause for thought if you care about your kidneys. BUT all is not lost, read on for…

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Is Green Tea Good Or Bad For Kidneys

Have you ever paused and thought about two bean-shaped organs in your body called the kidneys? They are important organs and help in removing the waste from the body in the form of urine.

The kidneys filter blood and send it back to the heart along with helping in maintaining the bodys fluid balance.

Not just that, they also regulate minerals and filter them away from the blood and get rid of toxins. Other important roles played by the kidneys include the assistance in the production of red blood cells, the regulation of BP along with the promotion of bone health.

Such important organs obviously deserve to be taken care of. And, if it can be easily done by adding green tea to your diet, wouldnt you be happy?

Potential Liver Detox Tea Side Effects

DETOX Your KIDNEYS in 14 Days! Most Powerful CLEANSE Tea Recipe

If your liver is particularly unhealthy, then its important to take care when approaching a liver detox. The detoxification process is taxing on your body. Often you can experience unpleasant effects such as:

    • Headaches
    • Upset stomach
    • Nausea

People performing liver detox often experience these effects because their bodies are releasing toxins that need to pass through the body to be expelled. Keep in mind that it is normal to feel worse before you feel better when performing any kind of detox.

Does Liver Detox Tea Make You Poop?

To put it simply, yes! Because a natural liver detox tea contains ingredients that help get rid of toxins, those toxins are going to be expelled in several ways. This includes urinating, sweating, and…well, pooping! Its natural, so dont fret about it.

Liver Detox is Scientifically Proven

Using herbs and homeopathic treatments are the root of medicine. Scientific studies have proven herbs to be effective for liver detox and cleansing. Before modern medicine was created, people depended on using natural methods to help treat ailments and conditions as well as everyday things. This meant hunting, cultivating, and scavenging for the necessary herbs and ingredients. Studies have shown that medicinal plants are naturally compatible with the human body, making a liver detox tea benefits a reality.

Drinking organic liver detox tea isa viable way to improve liver functions.

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What Is Bad For Your Kidneys

While there are many herbs and foods good for kidneys, certain foods and habits should be avoided in the best of kidney health. Have a look at the things that are bad for your kidneys and should be avoided in every manner.

  • Painkillers

People nowadays have developed the habit of taking a lot of medicinal drugs. But such drugs especially the painkillers like Nonsteroidal Anti-inflammatory drugs are not good for kidneys and harm them. If you are under prescription then take not more than the recommended dosage.

  • Foods high in Salt content

Food high in salt is not good for your overall health as well as the kidneys. It is known to increase the blood pressure and in turn, have a harmful effect on the kidneys. Adding salt over food should also be avoided.

Instead of using salt, flavor your food with herbs and other beneficial spices that not only lift the taste but are healthy too.

  • Processed Foods

Processed foods are known to have a high content of sodium and phosphorous which is bad for kidneys. Studies have shown that taking too much of phosphorous can develop kidney related troubles among individuals. Hence one should include more of fresh food in their diet rather than processed food.

  • Foods high in sugar content

Not only the desserts but many processed foods like white bread, breakfast cereals, etc. contain a high amount of processed sugar. Do check foods for their content before picking up any.

  • Too much meat
  • Alcohol
  • Dairy products
  • Caffeine

Green Tea And Kidney Stones Studies And Findings

A study has recently claimed that for each cup of green tea consumed daily, women reduced the risk of having kidney stone by 8 percent. For men the risk would go down by as low as 14 percent. These findings however initially confused scientists, because they discovered that the level of calcium oxalate in urine had increased due to the consumption of green tea which basically meant a higher risk of kidney stone.

Later in their studies they were able to figure out that it was not just about the oxalate level but also about how it affects the crystal formation.

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Benefits Of Stinging Nettle

Nettle has been also used as a diuretic to remove excess water from the body and to treat urinary tract infection. It is also used to flush bacteria out of the kidney and the urinary tract. Nettle is anti-inflammatory and also high in oxidants.

Make a routineto drink nettle tea, and also drink an extra glass of water along with thenettle tea as it will help the kidney to flush out all the waste and excesswater. However, nettle tea is notrecommended for pregnant women because due to its allergic reaction it mayincrease the risk of miscarriage.


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