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What Is The Best Tea For Anxiety

How Does Tea Help With Anxiety

TOP 5 Best Teas For Anxiety | Best Tea For Anxiety And Stress

While many of us turn to a cup of a tea as comforting pick-me-up, scientific research suggests theres more to it than a soothing warm temperature and calming scent. Though there is no cure for anxiety, drinking teas made from herbs with reassuring calming and sedative properties may help with symptoms associated with chronic stress, anxiety, and depression on our bodies something scientific evidence has backed up through research.

A 2009 study from the University of Pennsylvania, for instance, found that ingesting the herb chamomile may have modest benefits for some people with mild to moderate generalized anxiety disorder .

A 2010 study, meanwhile, proved that silexan an oral lavender oral reduced generalized anxiety in a manner similar to that of prescribed medications.

In addition, the simple action of incorporating a relaxing activity into your routine, such as a drinking a cup of tea, meditating, and doing deep breathing exercises, can also help to ease a troubled mind.

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Traditional Medicinals Cup Of Calm

This tea uses chamomile, catnip, lavender, and passionflower herbs to offer a host of sleep-enhancing and stress-relieving benefits.

Chamomile and lavender are better known for helping anxiety. Although catnip and passionflower are primarily used to improve sleep quality, they may also aid in anxiety relief.

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Best Relaxation Tea For A Good Nights Sleep

This is the best tea for relaxation and a good nights sleep. It is comprised of mostly organic herbal ingredients that are known to calm your nervous system, including passionflower, which is known for its ability to soothe the nervous system. This product also contains valerian, which is a popular herb that is known for its use in treating occasional sleeplessness.

Offering a pleasant, mildly bittersweet, minty, earthy taste, Nighty Night Valerian Relaxation Tea is perfect to drink before bed, as it promotes a good nights sleep. All of the ingredients in this tea are certified organic, kosher, and GMO-free. This is the best tea for overall relaxation.


  • Reduces pre-bed anxiety
  • Some have reported they discontinued sleep aids after finding this tea
  • Not only does this tea help you fall asleep, but it also helps you stay asleep as well
  • One of the best teas for anxiety and panic attacks


What Teas Are Good For Anxiety And Stress

7 Best Teas For Anxiety Relief

Tea is an ideal solution for those that are seeking to calm down, relax or reduce their overall stress levels. Black tea, green tea, oolong or white tea all contain L-theanine. This is an amino acid that is found exclusively in tea and some mushrooms.

Whereas coffee is highly stimulating because of the high caffeine content, tea has a lower amount of caffeine that when combined with L-theanine, creates a sort of “calm awareness” that coffee does not provide. The ritual of preparing tea is also in itself a calming activity.

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Soothe Anxiety And Improve Sleep With Herbal Tea

Drinking tea is one of the best ways to relax and unwind. If you suffer from anxiety or a sleep disorder like millions of Americans, tea can help treat some of those symptoms. The act of enjoying a cup of tea itself requires you to take a moment to enjoy the quiet and delicious flavor. This helps to induce relaxation.

The tea also works on a chemical level to inhibit stress hormones and receptors in the brain that cause anxiety. Drinking a bedtime tea 30 minutes before sleep can help you relax and induce sleepiness. The compounds in tea can also increase the time spent in deep sleep cycles and improve overall sleep quality. Pour yourself a cup of tea and sip your way to sweet dreams.

What Is Stress Relief Tea

As I mentioned, one of my favorite rituals for stress reduction is sipping on herbal tea. Ive been a dedicated tea drinker for as long as I can remember and this year I finally took the plunge and enrolled in herbalism school. I recently completed it and Im so thrilled to be able to start sharing some of the resources I have learned with you. From herbs for stress relief to skin-care remedies, herbal medicine can have incredible benefits for our bodies.

One of the many benefits of herbs is their ability to help with stress reduction. Can an herb be a magic bullet in reducing your stress overnight? HECK NO. But in conjunction with lifestyle factors, herbal tea can certainly impact your health stress levels included.

So what is stress relief tea? Its a blend of herbs that specifically target our nervous system to help decrease and balance our stress levels. Each herb has an individual effect helping to support the body, holistically.

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Stress Relief Tea Collection

Explore the Sips by stress relief tea collection to find teas to help reduce stress and anxiety, from soothing chamomile blends to bath teas for relaxing soaks to teas that help you sleep. Discover the best herbal tea for stress relief, like herbal relaxation teas, the best tea for relaxation, and more tea to calm you down.

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Purchasing Tea For Anxiety Or Stress

What is the Best Tea for Anxiety Relief? (I Test 20+ Different Teas in this Experiment to Find Out!)

More calming herbal teas can be found in Mother Nature:

  • Valerian

Another possibility is to combine calming herbs with mood-lifting ones, like:

  • Lemon Verbena
  • Rosemary

No matter what you choose, we recommend loose organic tea. Those blends usually contain all parts of the plants containing active ingredients and they dont contain synthetic flavors or other additives.

Whether you prefer to use dried or fresh herbs for your calming tea is entirely up to you. As a general rule of thumb, double the amount if using fresh herbs.

You can harvest the herbs yourself, or you can buy them in a health food store or grocery store. Make sure that your tea is organically grown and labeled with the Fair Trade seal, which guarantees fair wages for workers on tea plantations.

Read more:

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The Caffeine Dichotomy : Green Tea Vs Coffee

Both green tea and coffee are packed with beneficial antioxidants that help in reducing cell damage, neutralizing harmful free radicals in the body and help in fighting inflammation, while reducing the risk of chronic diseases. Caffeine is a common ingredient in both the beverages, however the amount and kind of caffeine in both differ vastly.

A cup of coffee contains anywhere between 100-150mg of caffeine , while a cup of green tea has only 26mg of caffeine. Another big difference is the kind of caffeine present in the two beverages.

Read this detailed blog about busting some myths about caffeine in Tea.

What To Remember When Drinking Tea

You need to limit drinking your tea drinking to in between meals only. Teas contains flavonoids, a certain kind of antioxidant that may complicate the iron your body gets from the food you eat . Flavanoids can bind to the plant-based iron that you eat, decreasing your bodys ability to absorb it by up to 64%.

You also want to limit the amount of pre-brewed tea that you drink. When you brew tea and drink it plain, it does not contain sugar or calories. However, many bottled and instant teas today are overloaded with sugar and calories, which can quickly add up.

Also, drinking too much black tea per day can result in headaches, diarrhea, irregular heartbeats, and heartburn . Although black tea only contains a small amount of caffeine, if you drink it repeatedly throughout the day, you will exceed the healthy limit of caffeine that your body can handle.

Cup & Leaf reports that green tea may cause side effects such as stomachaches, sleeping problems, and bleeding disorders, especially in those suffering from gastrointestinal issues, iron deficiency, a low caffeine tolerance, anemia, anxiety, bleeding disorders, cardiovascular conditions, diabetes, liver conditions, osteoporosis, and women who are pregnant or nursing. It is best to drink tea when its freshly brewed and slightly cooled. Tea that is very hot can damage your digestive system and even promote throat cancer.

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Calamus The Powerful Herbal Tea For Anxiety

Calamus tea is known for its amazing properties of soothing the mind and thus reducing anxiety and unrest. In addition, this simple herb helps us regain lucidity and mind tonus.

Calamus makes the best herbal tea for anxiety, and also for the physical symptoms resulted to being anxious. These anxiety symptoms include digestive and gastric problems, bowel problems, cardiac arrhythmia or tachycardia, and others.

How I Prepare My Tea

What is The Best Tea for Anxiety » BeverageClass

To be fully transparent here, I am no tea connoisseur. Im sure Ill get some heat here from long-time tea lovers with more authentic tea brewing experience.

With that said, heres how Ive been preparing these teas.

I personally use this Keurig machine. Although I no longer drink coffee due to the effects of caffeine on my anxiety levels, I still find the machine useful. I fill it up with hot water and set it to run without a K-Cup inside. With my tea bag in a mug, I set the mug under the machine and let it do its thing for however long the instructions on the tea bag say .

Once the tea is ready, I use a spoon to squeeze out any extra liquid left inside the tea bag. Most of these teas instruct that its okay to use two tea bags if you prefer a stronger brew.

Finally, you can opt to add whatever flavoring youd like, if necessary. With Yogi Bedtime Tea, I actually already find the taste to be sweet I dont add anything to it at all. You may prefer adding lemon, honey, sweetener, etc. My advice is to avoid adding any sugar, especially before bed, as blood sugar spikes can cause feelings of anxiety in some people.

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Peppermint Tea For Anxiety

Peppermint is a naturally sweet, refreshing tea thats caffeine-free and ideal for anxiety. If things are getting too much, peppermint tea refreshes your mind and body during a break. Like chamomile, peppermint relaxes your muscles and reduces stress levels. It can also ease stomach cramps that are caused by anxiety and helps your mind focus better.

Its one of the simplest herbal teas and one of the most widely available. Brew 1 teaspoon of dried peppermint leaves, 1 tea bag, or 2 teaspoons of chopped fresh peppermint leaves, for 5 minutes in boiling water.

How Do Teas Help Reduce Stress

The teas recommended here contain a wealth of compounds that may lower stress and benefit your health in many other ways.

Except for green tea, all these teas are herbal. This means theyre made from water infusions of the roots, leaves, flowers, or other parts of a diverse range of plants.

Research suggests that some ingredients in a cup of herbal tea may help:

  • lift mood
  • calm your mind and body
  • lower cortisol

Herbal teas vary in their effectiveness. What calms one person down may not work for another. Or it may be too relaxing for another and make them groggy.

Its a good idea to try these teas in small amounts first, and dont drive or perform other activities that require alertness until you know for sure how the tea affects you.

Some experts say that the stress-lowering ability of tea comes partly from just stopping long enough to brew and sip a cup, especially if you share it with a friend. We second that notion! Slowing down for a tea break is a great first step to de-stressing.

We all know about our doctors recommendation to take breaks from work during the day. But how many of us take the time to do it? The thought of wrapping our hands around a warm cup of tea may provide just the motivation we need.

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Diy Stress Relief Tea

If you know anything about herbalism you know there are hundreds if not thousands of herbs available for different purposes. Some help you to relax, some help you to sleep, some help with pregnancy and some can help prevent headaches. Theres pretty much an herb for everything. This DIY Stress Relief Tea is my preference for herbal tea to help reduce stress. There are some great herbs out there that I didnt include because they either a) arent the best testing b) difficult to find or c) overcomplicated the recipe .

I chose these 5 herbs because they include a variety of herbs to help with both managing and decreasing stress. Lets get into them:

Chamomile most people are familiar with chamomile, and for good reason its effective! Chamomile is a relaxing nervine that helps encourage restful sleep. Better sleep = decreased stress.

Lavender like chamomile, lavender is a relaxing nervine that helps encourage better sleep. In addition, multiple clinical trials have shown that lavender decreases anxiety and perception of pain .

Lemon balm my love for lemon balm began last year when I got shingles. I discovered the superpowers of this herb and havent looked back. As an antispasmodic carminative, lemon balm is useful when stress or anxiety affects digestion because it acts on both the digestive and nervous systems. Also Im convinced it tastes like fruit loops!

Now that we know the constituents, lets whip up this tea!

Fresh Fruit And Vegetable Juice

The BEST TEA for Anxiety, Insomnia using Chamomile, lemon and ginger!

When the body is fed with the appropriate nutrients, it responds positively to stress and pressure. This is the reason behind drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juice as a remedy for anxiety. Fresh juice is rich in minerals and vitamins which are absent in drugs and alcohol.

A study conducted by the Maryland University suggests that consumption of 3,000 mg of vitamins each day significantly reduces mental and physical reactions to anxiety.

Consumers of 1,000 mg of vitamins on a daily basis are bound to react mildly to stress as opposed to those with reduced consumption. Naturally, there are higher cortisol levels in the morning. Therefore, fresh juice rich in vitamin C from berries, cantaloupe, and mango is essential in lowering stress.

Adding in some veggies introduces vitamin B to the drink thereby giving you better stress management. Remember, vitamin deficiency increases body stress during stressful conditions.

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How To Make Calamus Herbal Tea For Anxiety

Make a combined calamus tea, as follows.

  • Add 1 tsp of calamus root powder in 1/2 cups of cold water and leave to macerate overnight.
  • Strain the macerate in the morning and leave aside.
  • Add 1/2 cup of hot water over the remaining calamus root powder to scald.
  • Leave it aside to cool off and strain again.
  • Combine the two teas, the cold macerate and the hot infusion.

This way how you make a cup of calamus root tea. Have 2 cups of this marvelous anxiety tea a day, one in the morning and the other in the evening, before bedtime. Follow a 30 days cure, pause for 10 days, and resume if necessary. This is one of the best herbal tea for anxiety you can make at home. You can find calamus root powder here:

Calming Tea: Varieties To Help With Stress And Anxiety

Calming tea has a long tradition in many cultures with good reason. Use blends to find sleep or relax, or try herbal teas for relieving anxiety and stress.

Theres a reason Asian tea ceremonies exist or that the British flick the kettle on in times of crisis: tea has many positive effects, which humans have known about for thousands of years. What makes calming tea slightly different is that its often made up of herbal components.

Calming tea may help with:

  • Inner Restlessness
  • Sleep Problems
  • Anxiety

Enhance the calming or stress-reducing effect of the herbs by taking your time to prepare them. Sit down, breathe deeply and enjoy your tea consciously. If you do this regularly, drinking tea can become a ritual for you and help you to relax more quickly.

In order to figure out which calming tea works for you, its best to try different herbs and to see how your mind, body and taste-buds react to them.

Tip: Yoga, meditation or creative activities like drawing, painting or knitting can also help you to reduce stress.

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