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What Is In Matcha Green Tea Latte

Is Matcha Better Than Green Tea


While matcha comes from the same plant as green tea, it has a different nutritional profile, and the general consensus is that it comes with more health benefits.

Matcha tea contains more caffeine than regular green tea, but still less than coffee or black tea. It also appears to contain more EGCg, a powerful antioxidant. Most importantly, while matcha will boost your energy levels due to caffeine, it doesnt come with the jitters and energy slump often associated with drinking coffee or traditionally brewed tea.

Does Matcha Green Tea Help Burn Fat And Fight Cancer

By Rachael Link, MS, RD

Curious about the next it beverage? Look no further: Its called matcha green tea, and the health benefits are astounding!

Heralded by top nutritionists, researchers and health-conscious celebrities alike, matcha is not your typical green tea. This high-grade, finely ground, concentrated green tea has been traditionally used in Japanese tea ceremonies for hundreds of years.

As a fat-burner and cancer-fighter, matcha leaves other teas in its dust. In fact, numerous studies have shown that certain chemical compounds in matcha may help induce cancer cell death, neutralize harmful free radicals and enhance your bodys natural detoxification systems.

Benefits Of Matcha Green Tea

If youre not familiar with matcha, well, where have you been?

While matcha green tea has been around for centuries, often used in Japanese tea ceremonies, its recently enjoyed a huge surge in popularity.

As a matter of fact, the global matcha tea market $was 1.63 billion for 2018. In large part, the popularity of matcha is due to increased awareness of its health benefits.

Did you know that matcha is grown in shade for a few weeks to increase chlorophyll? This is what gives it its distinct bright green color.

The green tea leaves are then ground into a fine powder. Therefore, when you drink matcha you are consuming the actual leaf as opposing to just steeping it in water like other green tea.

Among matchas benefits are its high antioxidant levels.

In fact, Matcha Source calls it, an antioxidant powerhouse. Additionally, matcha increases concentration, calms the mind, boosts metabolism, prevents disease and more.

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Cultivation Of Matcha Tea Vs Green Tea

Although matcha tea and green tea are both derived from the same plant, they are cultivated and processed differently. Up to 80% of the worlds green tea comes from China, while most matcha is cultivated in Japan.

In general, green tea is grown in the sun and matcha is shade-grown during the final weeks before harvest. The shade increases chlorophyll levels in the tea leaves and turns them darker.

Green tea may be processed using either artisanal methods or modern methods . This banishes any bitter components and preserves the teas natural flavors.

Matcha green tea leaves are destemmed and deveined and then steamed shortly after harvest to halt oxidation. This gives matcha its brilliant emerald color. Finally, the leaves are stone-ground into a fine, bright green powder.

Is Matcha Good For Weight Loss

Matcha Green Tea Latte

Helps you lose weight Green tea is well known for its ability to enhance weight loss. In fact, studies show that it may help speed up metabolism to increase energy expenditure and boost fat burning. One small study showed that taking green tea extract during moderate exercise increased fat burning by 17% .

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Is It Ok To Drink Matcha Everyday

Possible side effects of matcha Matcha doesnt appear to cause significant side effects when consumed in moderation, but high doses providing large amounts of caffeine may cause headaches, diarrhea, insomnia, and irritability. While matcha tea is generally safe to consume, drinking too much in a day could be harmful.

Should You Buy Organic Tea And If So Why

Definitive. Matcha, in particular, is currently experiencing quite a stir with more and more low-cost providers offering it at low prices, but this is at the expense of quality and may mean that it contains harmful substances like pesticides or heavy metals. Marina Becker warns: Matcha from China can contain high amounts of lead, which plants absorb from the soil. These substances accumulate in the body and it can promote the development of diseases . When buying, therefore, pay attention to Japanese Matcha in organic quality. We can highly recommend the following brands:

  • Aiya

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Is There Less Caffeine In Different Types Of Matcha

Matcha is exceptionally versatile in its usage and caffeine content. For different uses, different grades of matcha are used. Organic culinary matcha, for example, can be used as;a flavoring;for cakes or as an ingredient for smoothies. This type of matcha contains less caffeine than ceremonial matcha. However, culinary matcha embodies bolder flavor tones compared to ceremonial grade matcha.

Ceremonial grade matcha can contain around 34 milligrams of caffeine per gram. This type of matcha is often chosen for everyday use. If youre just whipping up a quick batch of matcha, the ceremonial grade powder is much finer for easier dissolving in water. While it may be a less vibrant green than other matcha, it still has a sweet, pleasant taste for a morning smoothie or afternoon latte.;

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Do I Need Any Special Utensils To Prepare Matcha Green Tea Latte

What IS Matcha? | How to Make a Homemade Matcha Latte

No, you can technically do it with a cup and a teaspoon. However, there are some utensils that can make preparing matcha a lot more efficient and pleasurable, and turn your matcha drinking into a proper ritual.

Sifter – recommended to get the clumps out and prepare a perfectly smooth bowl of tea.

Scoop – makes it easier to scoop out a small amount of matcha and dose it more precisely.

Bowl – you can usually prepare and drink matcha from the same bowl.

Whisk – a specialised whisk is often used to help completely dissolve the matcha powder.

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How To Make Matcha Green Tea Latte

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This refreshing, antioxidant-packed matcha green tea latte is a healthful, rejuvenating morning pick-me-up. Its also surprisingly simple to prepare in just a few minutes a dairy-free, refined sugar-free, vegan recipe to enjoy every day!

Having posted a recipe for a delicious iced matcha latte this summer, it somehow completely escaped me that I had yet to post a method for a simple, delicious hot matcha latte. If you follow me on Instagram, then youll probably notice that this matcha green tea latte has been featured in my stories over many mornings across the last three years.

Now Im finally putting fingers to keyboard to type down my method on how to make matcha lattes at home in just a few simple steps!

I love to drink matcha as a coffee alternative. Not only does it contain less caffeine, but the caffeine it does contain doesnt give you any of the nasty side-effects that caffeine can give: twitchiness, energy crash, etc. Which means its perfect for those long, busy days .

This matcha latte is light, earthy, and creamy and can be made dairy or dairy-free. Though it isnt 100% necessary, I also suggest picking up a small handheld milk frother. You can pick one up for literally just a few £/$, and they are pure genius for any at-home coffee/hot drink lovers.

Are Starbucks Refreshers Healthy

Healthiest: 6. Choose your Refresher wisely some of them are so sugary theyre basically fruity cocktails sans the booze. But this one keeps it relatively low in added sugar, only adding up to 14 grams in a grande. That might seem like a lot, but its nothing compared to Starbucks other sugary beverages.

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Why Is Matcha Good For You

Matcha is said to be the purest form of green tea. It generally comes in a powdered form and can be mixed into teas, cakes, and even chocolate recipes. It has more antioxidant properties than drinking green tea alone because you consume the whole leaf when you drink the powdered form.

Matcha offers the following benefits:

  • Burns fat by increasing metabolism
  • Increases energy
  • Powerful antioxidants
  • Can reduce blood sugar and cholesterol

If you’d like more information, the U.S. National Library of Medicine has an in-depth literature review where you can read about the health benefits of matcha.

The Top 7 Matcha Green Tea Benefits

Matcha Green Tea Latte
Need a reason to try matcha? How about 7? Fill your cup up with this green tea to experience these matcha benefits…

MATCHA BENEFIT #1 – It’s high in antioxidants.

Good things come in small packages and tea leaves are no exception!Matcha green tea has one of the highest antioxidant ratings. The Oxygen Radical Absorbence Capacity value is 1348 units per gram. Thats 13x the antioxidants in pomegranates and 15x the antioxidants in blueberries.Studies have shown the high antioxidant content in matcha tea can prevent cell damage caused by free radicals.Matcha green tea also contains a class of antioxidants known as catechins. And its particularly high in epigallocatechin gallate or EGCG 3 times more than other green teas.

MATCHA BENEFIT #2 – It protects against some cancers.

Speaking of EGCG, multiple studies have shown this catechin is protective against many types of cancers.

According to the National Cancer Institute , EGC, ECG, and EC are also powerful cancer fighters.

MATCHA BENEFIT #3 – It’s calming.

MATCHA BENEFIT #4 – It can help improve your focus and concentration.

MATCHA BENEFIT #5 – It can help improve your heart.

Green tea is one of the best drinks for heart health and matcha, which is a kind of green tea, is no exception!Heres how green tea can benefit your heart:

MATCHA BENEFIT #6 – It can help you lose weight.

MATCHA BENEFIT #7 – It can help you improve your physical performance.

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How Is A Matcha Latte Made

A Matcha Latte is made with a base of matcha powder whisked or mixed with hot water, then topped with steamed milk , just as when pouring a traditional espresso latte. It is often sweetened with honey or agave, if it is sweetened at all.

To mix the initial matcha base for the drink, you can use a traditional method including a tea bowl, known as a chawan, and a special bamboo whisk, known as a chasen. Perfecting the balance between water temperature and whisking technique is what separates competence from mastery in preparing matcha.

Is Matcha Better For Your Teeth Than Coffee

While it is fairly well known that coffee leads to staining, some people are surprised to learn that green tea does as well. In fact, green tea may be more of a teeth whitening enemy than coffee. Green tea contains a plant compound known as tannin, which studies suggest significantly increases the staining potential.

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How Do You Make Matcha Tea

Matcha powder and hot water should be whisked together. Its recommended that you use a tea strainer to sift the matcha into a bowl to avoid clumps. Then, add warm water and whisk it. The whisking creates a foamy tea that can be poured into your cup. Some people add the powder to other hot liquids, like milk, to make a bright green latte. Heres a video of how to make traditional matcha tea.

Cheadle says she brings powders with her so she can shake it into a drink like water or a smoothie. It can also be added to other foods, like breads and pastries, for its color and flavor.

Let Me Tell You About The Inspo For This Drink


So to set the stage. MATCHA GREEN TEA IS THE BOMB.COM.

I didnt know about it until, like, two months ago. It all started with an obsession with a local tea bar in St. Paul, where Id order this thing called a Royal Tea Latte and because the Royal had to brew for a few minutes, Id sit there and watch all the other tea people ordering and navigating the scary-exciting menu of a tea bar.

And thats when I realized: whoa, matcha.

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Matcha Is A Special Form Of Green Tea

Matcha literally means powdered tea. When you order traditional green tea, components from the leaves get infused into the hot water, then the leaves are discarded. With matcha, youre drinking the actual leaves, which have been finely powdered and made into a solution, traditionally by mixing about a teaspoon of matcha powder with a third cup of hot water , which is then whisked with a bamboo brush until it froths.

Unlike traditional green tea, matcha preparation involves covering the tea plants with shade cloths before theyre harvested. This triggers the growth of leaves with better flavor and texture. The leaves are hand selected, steamed briefly to stop fermentation, then dried and aged in cold storage, which deepens the flavor. The dried leaves are then stone-ground into a fine powder.

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Should You Be Concerned About Lead In Matcha Tea

Lead in green tea has been a concern. Green tea is like a sponge for lead, says Cooperman. Its not surprising we have found over the years reasonably high levels in green tea.

But ConsumerLab.coms testing has found that even if lead is found in the leaves used in green tea bags, it doesnt appear to be absorbed into the water. Cooperman says his team was concerned about lead content in matcha, because people consume the ground green tea leaves directly rather than in bags. However, their testing showed that among the six popular matcha brands they testedDoMatcha, Encha Organic Matcha, Rishi Teahouse Matcha, Teavana Imperial Matcha, Kirkland Signature Green Tea and The Republic of Tea Double Green Matcha Teathe powders were not contaminated by lead or other metals, and also did not contain pesticides. As of now, Cooperman says he doesnt believe lead exposure is a risk in the matcha currently sold in the United States.

You can ingest without worrying, says Cooperman. We havent tested every brand out there, but the premium brands we have tested have been clean.

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Is There Caffeine In Matcha

A common question I receive regarding matcha is, Does matcha have caffeine in it? Its understandable. Many people are sensitive to caffeine and the crashes in energy levels it can cause, and are therefore curious about the caffeine content of matcha, or any other drink theyre looking to consume.The short answer is, Yes it does. Matcha has about 25-35 mg of caffeine in a 1 gram serving .

There are a lot of differences between the caffeine in matcha and that of coffee though.

Starbucks Matcha Isn’t As Healthy As You Think It Is

Matcha Green Tea Latte


When ordering matcha, be wary of your choice of milk.

Everyones heard of matcha tea, the calming, immune-boosting green powder thats said to work wonders for your body.

Matcha tea has been proven to help with many things, including relaxation, meditation, and providing essential vitamins and nutrients. In addition, it offers potassium, vitamins A and C, protein, and calcium. These nutrients give your immune system the kick it needs to fight off sickness and heal your wounds.

The benefits of matcha tea are impressive, making it worth a try for anyone interested in kicking his or her coffee habit and switching to a more soothing, less-caffeinated alternative. Starbucks offers matcha on its menu, but theres a catch: The average cup contains around 30 grams of sugar.

If youre making matcha tea at home , you dont need to be concerned with sugar. If youre using true, traditional matcha powder, there should be no added sugar.

Unfortunately, there have been many matcha-lovers out there who have expressed their sincere disappointment with Starbucks and its matcha blend because, according to these customers, its nearly 50 percent sugar.

Many are scolding Starbucks for masking this deadly drink as a purifying immune-booster, but if you look up the nutritional information on the iced green latte and hot green tea latte, theyre really not hiding anything.

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Does Matcha Tea Have Too Much Caffeine

There is growing concern regarding Matcha tea being the perfect and healthy substitute for coffee.

And with Matcha tea matching a caffeine profile not far behind that of coffee, this concern is well-founded.

So many tend to ask if Matcha tea has too much caffeine sufficient to match the overly-caffeinated effects of coffee.

Matcha Vs Coffee And Energy Drinks

A standard cup of coffee contains 96mg of caffeine and a shot of espresso contains 64mg.7 Energy drinks vary, but theyre usually more than coffee or around the same.

The biggest difference is the nutrients coffee and energy drinks lack L-Theanine for a smooth, prepared energy boost. Energy drinks often contain a lot of sugar too. This leads to a bigger energy crash than youd get with matcha.

For wellness, matcha wins hands-down even if the caffeine boost is slightly lower.

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What Is The Best Time To Drink Matcha

Its perfectly acceptable to drink matcha any time you crave it, but you will be most grateful for its invigorating properties when you enjoy it:

Before exercise – consuming green tea increases the bodys capability of burning calories dramatically, up to 35-43%, and matcha can increase your physical endurance up to 24%.

Before work – matcha helps to ease stress through its active ingredient, L-theanine. This creates alpha waves in the brain that induce a state of relaxed alertness. Plus, matcha can even improve your ability to absorb and retain new information.

As a pick me up – matcha will boost your energy due to its caffeine content, but without the crash. Because its both a stimulant and a relaxant, its perfect for consuming between lunch and dinner.;

Its best to avoid drinking matcha at these times:

  • Very early in the morning or on an empty stomach, as it can lead to stomach upset.
  • At the same time as your main meals, as it can reduce the absorption of vitamin B1 in your body.
  • After 5pm in the evening, as caffeine stays in the bloodstream for up to 5 hours.


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