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What Is Butterfly Pea Tea Good For

Butterfly Pea Flower Herbal Tea Information

How to make color-changing tea: Butterfly Pea tea | What does color-changing tea taste like?

Quantity This herbal tea is carefully blended and packaged by hand in a reusable tin or a resealable kraft bag. Our 1.5 oz. tin or kraft bag makes approximately 35 40 cups of tea. Our 3 oz. kraft bag makes approximately 70 80 cups. Ingredients Butterfly blue pea flower Preparation Use 1 heaping teaspoon of per 6 oz. water. Heat water to a full boil. Steep for 35 minutes or more.

It’s Filled With Anti

Butterfly pea flower is deeply rich in antioxidants, says Robinett. That means it can help your body fight back against the damage caused by free radicals, like inflammation and signs of aging in the skin. It’s particularly rich in anthocyanin, a type of antioxidant also found in blueberries and red wine that is well-known for fighting inflammation and boosting heart health.

Blue Tea Is Good For Brain Health

Blue tea has also been linked with good overall brain health. The research concluded that the antioxidants found in blue tea boost brain power, increase cognitive skill and memory, and are good for the central Nervous system .

Animal studies have shown that blue tea extract to enhance memory, cure depression, calm the nerves, and increase cognitive ability. However, much research is still needed on the subject.

One research found that blue tea extract, in a dosage of 50 to 100mg/ kg, increased memory in rats over the course of 30 days.

Another study found out that the extract from the root of the blue tea plant was more potent than the leaves or stem extract. Acetylcholine is a compound responsible for effective communication between nerve cells. With age acetylcholine levels decline, causing memory loss and other brain-related issues.

Blue tea contains Acetylcholine and regular consumption of blue tea can prevent memory loss, increase memory and cognitive skills. Grab a cup of blue tea and give your brain a boost.

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When Should You Drink Butterfly Pea Tea

As it is a herbal tea with no caffeine, you can drink it any time of day without the fear of being up all night! Many people like to drink this blue pea tea after a session of yoga, meditation, massage and spa as it helps with improving circulation to the body. It helps to soothe and relax your mind and body.

Reap The Benefits Of Butterfly Pea Flowers

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea: Are the Benefits as Good as the ...

The Republic of Tea has just released two new herbal tea blends featuring Butterfly Pea Flowers, in our Beautifying Botanicals line.

These teas are naturally caffeine-free, and combine Butterfly Pea Flowers with an infusion of fragrant herbs and other flowers, including rosehip, hibiscus, and bamboo. Add a squeeze of lemon to give our teas a beautiful pink hue.

Daily Beauty Herbal Tea and Beauty Sleep Herbal Tea offer a soothing and pampering sipping experience, while encouraging collagen production, skin hydration, relaxation, and overall wellbeing. Make Butterfly Pea Flowers a part of your daily beauty and wellness ritual!

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

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Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea: Benefits & Recipes

Blue butterfly pea tea made from the flowers of Clitoria ternatea is an amazing drink that has wonderful health benefits and medicinal uses. This blue butterfly pea tea is also called Anchan Tea, Color Changing Tea, Clitoria Tea, Thai Blue Tea, Blue Tea, Blue Chai and Aparajita Tea in different parts of the world.

How To Change Butterfly Pea Tea Colour

One of the coolest features of this tea is how suddenly it can change colour. As I mentioned, the flowers get their blue colour from anthocyanins. When steeped in water, they will turn the water a natural, vibrant blue.

However, you can easily change the colour of the tea to purple by adding some lemon juice. Anything acidic will change the pH and therefore the colour, just like hydrangeas!

You can even use these flowers to do a home soil pH test. I have a version of this test in my Garden Alchemy book, using cabbage water. Adding a spoonful of soil to the water and stirring will change the colour depending on your pH levels. Alchemy is so cool!

You can also add hibiscus leaves to turn the tea red. Many mixologists love to experiment with these fun colour-changing properties, creating all sorts of bright drinks. Try creating your own colour-changing cocktail or drink.

You can even freeze them as ice cubes and add it to lemonade to watch the colours change as the ice cube melts. This might be a fun one to do with floral ice cubes!

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The Tea Can Change Color

Interestingly, it is easy to change the color of the tea by changing the drinks PH level.

For instance, adding some lemon juice will make the PH level more acidic. As a result, the tea will suddenly transform into a deep purple color.

While this is only a visual thing, it does look impressive. You can see the color change in action below

Health Benefits Of Butterfly Pea Flowers

i drank butterfly pea flower tea for a week and heres what happened

The use of Butterfly Pea for its healing benefits dates back hundreds of years with origins in Ayurvedic medicine. Throughout history, traditional healers in Southeast Asia and China would use the plant to help with occasional stress and insomnia*.

Butterfly Pea Flowers contain potent antioxidants, which are known to protect against the damaging effects of free radicals.* Antioxidants also help to slow down the aging process and protect against premature aging.* They can boost the appearance and health of your skin, hair, and nails.*

Butterfly Pea Flowers are also rich in anthocyanins, which further help to build and restore the skins collagen.* Anthocyanins are water-soluble compounds that occur naturally in certain pigmented blue, red, purple, and black foods and flowers.

Finally, Butterfly Pea Flowers may possess significant anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties*.

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Butterfly Pea Tea Side Effects

On a general basis, butterfly pea tea seems like a mirecalous product. It is packed with health benefits and looks great, but are there any side effects of butterfly pea tea?

Because the tea has no caffiene and is very mild in taste, it should not cause any negative reaction to the body. But in rare cases, dihrea and nausea is seen in some people when they consume the tea.

If you experience any discomforting symptoms after drinking the butterfly pea flower tea, you should contact your doctor.

If you are pregnant or if you are on any kind of medication, you should probably consult your doctor if you are fit to consume the color-changing tea. So far, in healthy bodies, there are no known symptoms of side effects of drinking butterfly pea tea. However, just in case to be safe, drink the tea in a moderate amount, so that you can enjoy the benefits without worrying about the side effects.

Our Butterfly Pea Flower

Our Butterfly Pea Flower herbal tea comes from Thailand. Made from the whole flowers of the clitoria ternatea plant, it brews up a beautiful cobalt blue color. Perfect for entertaining guests with, butterfly pea flower is an experiment in a cup! Butterfly pea flower has also become popular as an addition to cocktails, and can be brewed up alongside other herbal ingredients to impart a bright blue color and mellow taste. If youre in the mood for something new, our butterfly pea flower might be just the thing!

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Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Tea:

When I wrote aboutbutterfly pea planta few weeks back, I had mentioned about the butterfly pea tea in the post. One of my friends asked me to write in detail about butterfly pea tea so I thought I will give step by step instructions for making this wonderful tea along with the health benefits.

The tea made with it not only looks beautiful but it is full of antioxidants too. Though you can make the tea with fresh flowers each time, I would suggest drying the flowers during summer time so you can use it year around. To dry, collect the flowers and spread it on a plate, cover with a thin mesh and sun dry till crisp and store. Now you can make antioxidant tea all year round. In our farm, butterfly pea flowers grow in abundance so I collect it everyday till I have enough flowers, dry them and store for future use.

This tea is very easy to make and can be served as a refreshing drink and I have to add, it looks stunningly beautiful if served in transparent glasses. Another beautiful thing about this tea is when we add lemon juice to the tea, the color changes! This is the reason the tea is also called color changing tea. Though it sounds childish, I love to watch the color of the tea change from purple to beautiful pink color after adding lemon juice to it, a must try tea in my humble opinion.

Blue Butterfly Pea Flower Powder & Extract:

5 Reasons Drinking Butterfly Pea Tea Is Good For You ...

Blue butterfly pea flower powder got by grinding the dried flowers is also sold online. It can be used for both making the blue butterfly tea and also as a natural coloring for dishes. It is popularly used to make blue colored rice.

We also get butterfly pea extract, which is nothing but sugar, butterfly pea flowers and water boiled together to make a syrup. You can add little bit of the syrup to water along with lemon juice to make instant blue butterfly pea tea.

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How To Make Blue Tea

For each cup of water, use about 5-7 dried flowers. Preferably, use fresh spring water to make the blue tea. Boil the water and let it cool down to about 205°F. You have to preheat your teapot, and you can do this by pouring hot water in and out.

Add the blue flowers and steep for about five minutes. Make sure to not over steep. Even though the tea is not likely to develop bitterness like green tea, the pleasant flavor can change or reduce.

You can now strain and add sweeteners. If you want the blue tea served cold, let the tea cool down and add ice cubes. You can include other ingredients such as drops of lemon to bring out its intense purple color.

Lime brings out the greatness of the blue tea, and it comes with a delicate citrus flavor. You can begin with small drops of lime and more until you get to your preferred color. Also, you can almost use any teapot to make blue tea. If you do not have a teapot or a strainer, you can steep the flowers and take out the flowers with a spoon.

How To Make Butterfly Pea Flower Tea Step By Step

This blue tea is easy to make as you can see from the recipe below or follow along with our video in the recipe.

Just follow along and be amazed but be sure not to steep the flowers too long otherwise the taste will become strong and less pleasant just as regular tea gets strong if left in the pot too long!

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B Health Benefits Of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

The butterfly pea flower benefits are still unclear, but the Asian medical traditions regard this flower as a stress-reliever.

Watching the water changes color to blue, purple, or pinkish is visually relaxing. The teas sedative quality relaxes your muscles, perfect to drink before bed.

Butterfly flower tea may also reduce light internal inflammation. It is a great post-meal drink, especially after consuming high-fat or spicy foods.

You can also enjoy it to boost the immune system, especially during a stressful or busy time.

The benefits of butterfly pea tea for weight loss are still unclear. However, it may help to reduce the need of stress-eating, due to its relaxing effect.

It can also help to alleviate the effects of free radicals and to detox the body. These functions are important in a healthy weight-loss journey.

It Could Help With Cognitive Function

Butterfly Pea Flower Tea – A drink with incredible health benefits

Robinett says that butterfly pea flower is a natural nootropic, which means that it can potentially help improve cognitive function. One 2015 review found that butterfly pea flower may offer benefits in boosting learning and memory, although more clinical human trials are needed to make this conclusive.

Numerous studies have been conducted in the last twenty years to examine butterfly pea flowers and their impact on cognitive health. Several of these studies have reported benefits within animal studies. Further examination is needed to fully understand how these benefits translate in human health, but early research is promising.

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Butterfly Pea Blues: Taiwan Officials Warn Against Consumption Of Plant But Permit Colouring Use

Related tags:Taiwan, , Regulation

Earlier this month, the agency was informed of four beverage stores selling drinks using butterfly peas as a colourant, and as such launched an inspection into this.

The stores involved were: Coffee Alley, The Alley, ShareTea and Tao Cup. As a whole, the stores had been using butterfly peas as a food colouring for six different beverages.

A total of 97 food service outlets were investigated overall, covering over 4,800 products and over 14,300 ingredients before it was concluded that the use of butterfly peas as a natural food colouring was legal.

Further investigation on the plant is still pending, so as of now directly using it as a food or beverage item has been deemed illegal, and is punishable under the Act Governing Food Safety and Sanitation by a fine from NT$60,000 up to NT$200 million

The blue butterfly pea is not a traditional food item, and may be used as a natural food colouring agent, but must only be added in the minimum possible amount to reach the targeted dyeing purpose. It may not be used as a regular food ingredient, said the Department of Health in a formal statement.

In order to prevent confusion in the industry and for consumers, the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration has be requested to help perform a food safety analysis on the blue butterfly pea plant, as well as the usage limits.

Why the sudden fear of butterfly pea?

How Do You Brew Butterfly Pea Tea

For a standard cup of tea , add 3-4 pieces of butterfly pea flower in boiling water and let it steep for approx. 10 minutes. This should result in a nice deep blue hue. For lighter blue, add less flowers or add more flowers for a darker blue.

For Crystal Blue Tea, the same recipe applies. Add 1 heaped tablespoon of tea into a cup making sure there are roughly 3-4 butterfly pea flowers in there. As the lemongrass and pandan leaves are bigger and takes up more space , you may want to add more to bring out more flavour.

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Blue Tea: 10 Benefits Of Butterfly Pea Flower Tea + Recipes

This best-kept secret and trendy tea with endless health perks has been declared as this years hit by Good Housekeeping, Kitchen Theory, and Food & Wine Magazines. From tasty drinks to smoothies, blue rice, and cake pops, Butterfly Pea Flower adds a blue or purple splash to any occasion. The latest food trend is using natural ingredients to showcase bright and bold colors in food, and butterfly pea flower is leading the way.

The blue tea itself tastes slightly similar to a watered-down green tea but add 2 tablespoons honey, a dash of salt, a splash of lemon or lime, and the blue tea first turns purple than pink and is very tasty. The tea or blue ice cubes can be added to any drink such as lemonade or a favorite cocktail and used as a natural color additive for dishes such as blue rice, cakes, muffins, ice cream, and smoothies. When ground into a powder, it is known as Blue Macha.

This tea is great for unwinding in the afternoon or evening because it acts as a relaxing anxiolytic as well.

How To Make Butterfly Pea Tea

5 Reasons Drinking Butterfly Pea Tea Is Good For You ...

If you would like to have some pretty shouts for your Instagram account you need to learn how to make butterfly pea tea. The good thing here is that the process of making this blue butterfly pea tea is quite simple.

The process is quite similar to the ones you would have applied for making normal black tea or green tea. All you need is hot water and some dried-up butterfly pea flowers. You can add extra sugar according to your taste to the recipe, but its not a necessity.

And if you want to see the color-changing magic, you should try making butterfly pea tea lemonade. That is made by mixing butterfly pea tea syrup with lemonade and it is quite gorgeous as well as tasty.

Here are two simple step-by-step recipes on how to make warm and soothing butterfly pea flower tea and refreshing butterfly pea tea lemonade.

Butterfly Pea Tea Recipe

  • First, use a pot to boil some water.
  • Once the water starts boiling add the butterfly pea flower tea particles to the boiling water.
  • Let the flower sit inside the pot with boiling water for about 5 minutes.
  • After 5 minutes of boiling, your tea will be ready.
  • You can add sugar to it if you like but this step is completely optional.

Butterfly Pea Tea Lemonade Recipe

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